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Teresa Giudice's Husband Sentenced To 10 Days In Jail!

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She really married herself a winner, didn't she?

Well, we guess they're just two peas in a pod!

The husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for driving with a suspended license.


In January, Joe Giuidice had his license taken away for 12 months when he was charged with a DUI after crashing his car into a telephone pole.

Guess he just couldn't wait a whole year to get behind the wheel again!

Besides the 10 days in jail, the judge also ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine and his license will be suspended for at least one more year.

Let's hope he stays out of the driver's seat for everybody's sake!

Have fun in jail, bb!

[Image via AP Images.]

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21 comments to “Teresa Giudice's Husband Sentenced To 10 Days In Jail!”

  1. 1

    I hope big black Bubba rams his 10 inch man meat into this lowlife on a daily basis.

  2. 2

    These f-ckers ran up 11 MILLION in debt and cannot pay and KNEW they couldnt pay….all to have a lavish lifestyle they KNEW they couldnt afford. This ugly b-tch spent over 100,000 on furniture in one shopping spree and her fat loser husband makes 85,000 a YEAR in salary!
    Now they declared bankruptcy and just walk away from their debts!

  3. 3

    ROFLMAO….She's such a hag and super busted. Plus who really gives a damn!

  4. 4

    Unfortunately GREED and STUPIDITY caught up with these two. It's sad because I do believe that they are loving parents but not necessarily good role models for anyone including children. What is it that makes someone need a $15000 couch or a $20000 birthday party for a 5 year old? Even if you can afford these things - WHY? The American dream once had balance…..now it has been reduced to instability because of losers like Teresa & Joe.

  5. 5

    let her her try and deny this now…just like she does with everything else…just admit ur a broke b*itch!

  6. 6

    Has anyone seen that magazine cover with her and her daughters? I couldn't bring myself to open the pages but the girls look just like their mother. I feel so sorry for them, they are so ugly. :(

  7. 7

    I'd do him. Italian guiys are hung!

  8. 8

    I am pretty sure that he would have gotten a slap on the wrist if he weren't on the show.



  9. 9

    aye carumba

  10. 10

    I've finally figured it out. She's the missing link.

  11. 11

    i agree she isn't the most attractive and seems all the daughters look like her- that neanderthal look. i feel bad for the guy, imagine hearing her and looking at her every day. IS SHE PREGGERS AGAIN, or is this an old pic?

  12. 12

    Re: Lakshmi – As an italian woman, let me tell you that he is Ugly, Fat and Short.

    No thank you

  13. 13

    Re: JackTheRipper – They really made 85K a year during that point in time? If that IS true, that's utterly ridiculous. Why would anyone making that kind of cash think they can live as if they make 10 times that? After taxes, my husband and I bring home between 70-75k yearly, have just one child, and I couldn't imagine living that extravagantly. Our most expensive furniture purchase was right around a grand and I drive a damn Yaris! Of course, excluding our cars currently being paid off, we only have about $900 between us on credit cards and that's ONLY to maintain good debt to credit ratio…


  14. 14

    What's Teresa gonna do without her hubby's big dick in her vag for a whole 10 Days!?!? She's gonna have to go back to packin' salamis.

  15. 15

    Doesn't that bitch have fetal alcohol syndrome? Unless one of her parents is a hammerhead shark there is some splaining to do

  16. 16

    Re: killer bunny – Thats exactly the word for it, neanderthal.

  17. 17

    he's soooo hot. Id suck his dick off!
    and yes Im a guy, he's so hot, every man should look like that. with his tattoos and he fucks theresa everyday.
    man id love to get it from him in bed. i bet his cock is very thick, yum!

  18. 18

    This is the most hilarious thing I have heard all day! Thanks for the laugh!

    It won't be long before he spends more time in jail for all those lies they've told on their bankrupcy statements.

    These people are the biggest tools on the planet. And yes, their little girls are butt-ugly. Danielle's daufhters are gorgeous.

  19. 19

    Re: DaffodilMcallister – Yes, thats what he declared to the IRS when they were busted. It sounds all too suspicious. He was taking money out of the construction business. It sounds a little "mob" to me

  20. 20

    Plus on their tax thing they listed tens of thousands of dollars income also under "gifts from family". Its amazing what people and dumb bank creditors can get away with!

  21. 21

    Re: lisa_9280 – LOL!