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Christine O'Donnell Was A Witch!

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Watch out Hermione! You have some competition on your hands!

Watch this clip of Bill Maher bringing out the big guns, showing an 11-year-old clip of Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell talking about how she "dabbled into witchcraft."

Bill even makes a joke that he "intends to release a new clip every week" until she agrees to come on his show. He adds, "it's like a hostage crisis."

HA! We actually hope she waits a really long time for her to appear because we want to keep seeing some more of her STOOPID sound clips!! Keep 'em coming, Bill!

P.S. Christine has canceled her upcoming appearance on Fox News this Sunday. Hmm, inneresting….

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39 comments to “Christine O'Donnell Was A Witch!”

  1. 1

    seriously? this is such old news. how long do you wait before you steal stories from other sites?

  2. 2

    WHY DON'T YOU POST ABOUT HER MARXIST DEMOCRAT PARTY OPPONENT? Two posts in a row where you're bashing the GOP?? Wow you Dems are getting really desperate! Hold on tight Perez, because the GOP is going to win big time in November! All Democrats in office right now are corrupt, so the only bet is to vote on the GOP candidates who (to varying degrees) support LIMITED GOVERNMENT. Democrats = Tyrants.

  3. 3

    Ummmmm…. Old news? Bill Maher only released the video 2 days ago. Ummmm yeah… lol!

    Looks like the brainwashed hate mongers are out in force today…. a whopping 2 people ! LOL!

  4. 4

    As a practising Wiccan, I have to say I don't even know where to BEGIN expressing my distaste at this.
    I will, however, do my best:
    …"dabbling in witchcraft," for most novices and/or ignoramus', usually means "trying spells from a book" in order to get money/love, etc., and lighting candles and drawing pentagrams on school notebooks to freak parents out.
    WITCHCRAFT - actual witchcraft - has more to do with respecting nature, acknowledging the duality in our universe of Male and Female, and studying the natural courses of life in an effort to understand ourselves and our environment better.
    … something that apparently, NO ONE in this clip UNDERSTANDS, or has even bothered to RESEARCH.
    (and "not joining a coven" apparently makes it better???) Good Goddess!
    ALSO, Please Note: — SATANISM is NOT Witchcraft.
    Stating that: "Christine O'Donnell was a Witch!" not only INSULTS her as a woman (regardless of her political views current and past) but it INSULTS an entire way of life, participated in and valued by those such as myself and hundreds of thousands of men and women across the globe.
    P.S. I should call Phyllis Curott, and see if there is a legal argument with this.
    (Look her up, douchebag.)

  5. 5

    She's like a dumber Sarah Palin–if such a thing were possible.

    I usually hate Bill Maher, but this could certainly get interesting.

  6. 6

    P.P.S. And speaking as an outsider to the US, I have to admit that THIS is what your political system looks like to me:
    When the Democrats are in, things suck, (or get worse) and all the country does is trash one another in public.
    When the Republicans are in, things suck, (or get worse) and all the country does is trash one another in public.
    …. Meanwhile, what's happening, really? Are your poor getting any richer? Are your rich helping others? Are ANY of your religions actually "free"? Are your women "liberated," or are they only considered now to be babymommas and porn stars… or cougars with face cream and Botox shoved in their faces by male doctors wanting more money??
    Is that equality? Is that freedom?
    Because from my point of view, it would seem that REGARDLESS OF WHICH MORON IS IN CHARGE, the rich just get richer, the poor get poorer, (or die in prison) and the women just buy MORE face cream and Botox in order to impress men who only want a whore to fuck up the ass on a "sex tape."
    Seriously, aren't things just falling into an EVEN BIGGER pile of filth tv, religious discrimination, orphaned children and fertility drugs?
    Listen, MY COUNTRY IS NO BETTER, but here's the question:
    WHEN are we gonna stop teaching children that in order to "win" something, you have to "trash" someone else?
    WHEN are our countries going to actually BE about "freedom & justice for all"?
    Brainiac out. (My heart hurts.)

  7. uyeah says – reply to this


    This is not a news show, it's a comedy show!! SCRIPTED comedy! He's too stupid to ad-lib! Do you guys forget that this isn't news! I doubt that she'd ever consider going on a comedy show with that clown. Let him release everything he's got! Like he's got anything over her that she'd go on his show. Hostage, yeah right.

  8. 8

    Re: VOTE4GOP – You're just bitter because there's a black man in office! How dare Dems give 40 million people affordable healthcare and not a tax cut for Bill Gates!

  9. 9

    as Bill said the other night… I also miss Bush…. He does look like a professor compared to this woman and the other right wingers running this season

  10. 10

    Scary! Is all I have to say about that! SCARY! Tea baggers are so desperate, they were about to vote in some devil worshipping satanist! Idiots are ruining the REPUBLICAN PARTY! RUINING IT! GO AWAY SARAH PALIN, CHRISTINE O'DONNELL, GLENN BECK, RUSH LIMBAUGH, AND THE REST OF FOX NEWS! PLEASE! You're not helping! Ugh! The Republican party should be about MORE FREEDOM! LESS GOVERNMENT! These people want to create MORE GOVERNMENT, LESS FREEDOM! They are the reason I left the republican party. Sad. Meghan McCain needs to take over! We need to revolt and take back OUR party!

  11. 11

    Here comes the loving, accepting, open-minded (liberal) character assassination. What else is new??

  12. 12

    Since this is not a national election, the only people that have a say in this are the voters of Delaware. If they are comfortable sending her to Washington then so be it. Bill Maher should be careful as this could easily back-fire. The people of Delaware know exactly who she is and none of this is new information.

  13. 13

    Re: VOTE4GOP – Your problem is you can't handle TRUTH!
    Instead of facing FACTS, you'd rather elect BAT SHIT to "take your country back" lol-
    From what, who or where-IDK!?
    Obama ain't perfect but at least his administration wants to take this country FORWARD!
    Re: queen_0f_p0p – Right on!

  14. 14

    First off, Maher and the others aren't bashing witchcraft or satanism, O'Donnell is. I remember watching the entire show and in the show the crazy chick went on about how Halloween was satanic evil, she said she knew this because she used to dabble in withcraft and that it was this big satanic thing. So the guests on the show are like wait a minute, "you're claiming to be a halloween hating christian yet you dabbled in witchcraft and dated a witch?" Then she went all hyper like she always does and went on about blood and ritual tables.

    In short, it was O'Donnell who said witchcraft was satanic, not Maher.

    And democrats aren't bashing wiccans or satanists, they're pointing out that this super christian virgin who is against halloween and masturbation is a bloody hypocrite. If the pee baggers can make up stuff about Obama being a muslim, or a loud tribesman, then the left can point out facts that show how these pee baggers are hypocrites. It isn't attacking, it's just error correcting.

  15. 15

    Typical Christian liar. In the 90s, Satanists were the big boogeyman, not Muslims yet. So she "confesses" to having her first date on a Satanic altar (yeah right) and being exposed to witchcraft by her sinner friends.
    And this is the type of nutcase the GOP wants controlling the nuclear arsenal!

  16. 16

    Re: Brainiac – I doubt she differentiates between Wiccan and Satanism.

  17. 17

    she is a witch. will she float or sink?

  18. 18

    Re: PrincessLisaEmma – yeah and CNN and every other news station were reporting on it, two days ago…that's why it's old news….not to mention that some of us actually watched this when it originally aired on ABC back when Politically Incorrect was on the air

    if this asshole Perez is going to act like he is some sort of legitimate news source then he could at least be more timely with the information. he's gone from waiting days to steal gossip stories from other sites to stealing news stories from other sites, so fuck him and fuck you. don't mistake my ability to keep myself educated and up to date on what is going on, for being brainwashed

  19. 19

    Re: Devianza
    Perez himself is bashing witchcraft, and not just with the headline, "She's A Witch!" but with the comments that follow, implying that being a witch is a bad thing, or something to be laughed at, or *something to be associated with this naive and misinformed political candidate, and therefore be derided.*
    For all of his "anti-gay!" cries of outrage, I find it incredibly sad that Perez is using a religious 'term' as a derogatory label. I'm surprised that within his crowd of friends, he has not met any Wiccans… I guess only gay and anti-Gaga battles get his attention…?
    And YES, Bill Maher IS bashing witchcraft, by highlighting this particular quote of Christine's, and singling it out as something we should all laugh at, or find offensive. In his attempt to poke fun at Christine, he is using a "clip" which HE thinks is funny, but I ask you this:
    How is insulting a religion, or - as in this case - sending out false information about a religion, and using it to make someone look stupid, "funny"?)
    With this particular "joke," Bill Maher is letting us know in no uncertain terms that BILL MAHER thinks witchcraft is a "joke," and that anyone associated with such a thing should be considered the same.
    Christine may not know what she was talking about, but BILL and PEREZ?

  20. 20

    If the headline shouted out she was a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Catholic, would anyone batter an eyelid? Nope..but because she's a Witch it's a HUGE issue. Perez, you like to suggest that you're open-minded via your blog, so may I suggest that you become open-minded about Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidry, Asatru and the many other forms of Pagan worship that people undertake? You know, there's a fabulous Gay Witch author called Christopher Penczak..why don't you look him up and become illuminated in a spiritual, rather than Celebrity sense?

  21. MP says – reply to this


    Perez, you should at least be truthful in your reporting. Ms. O'Donnell had two interviews scheduled for Sunday and she canceled both of them, not only her Fox News interview.

  22. 22

    I played with crystals when I was younger too. Doesn't mean I can run a company or be elected. Heck, the bible-hating, gay loving, political correct libs oughta love this gal!

  23. 23

    Bill Maher–you used her for entertainment purposes 11 years ago, and now, doing the same. People change over time, as I understand you have (reflecting on your life????) Really–glass houses….cheap shots…don't necessarily agree with her, but think if she had transformed into a liberal politician, this would be a different story…or a story you wouldn't showcase! Be real. You are getting too old to play these media games!

  24. 24

    So? I'd be more comfortable with a candidate being a witch than a christian. You usually don't see wiccans pushing for laws to be based solely on their own beliefs.

  25. 25

    She 's a crazy fruitcake just like Palin but since this country is filled with these loony tea baggers what do you expect. They hate Obama for being a "Muslim" but have no problem electing broom hilda Don't those people hate any sort of witchcraft i think they wanted to ban harry potter for his sorcery.

  26. 26

    I heard she dabbled in lesbianism with Sara Palin and then they did meth. That's why they're both so fucking dull and stupid.

  27. 27

    What happened to the separation of Church and State and Freedom of Religion? Praise the Goddess, Blessed Be, All is one—So mote it be!!! ♥♥♥

  28. 28

    This homophobic ,anti-choice christo/fascist bitch used to be part of satanic witch cult you have to laugh if this moron wasn't the republican winner for the Senate in Delaware. Another example of why the moral police in the REpublican-tea bagger party is filled with the most dis-honest hateful radical people. Remember now she has really moved on with her life ,now her big thing is putting an end to masterbation. These people scare the shit out of me because the republican party is filled with them.

  29. 29

    Re: supersongbird – Yeah forward…right over a cliff.

    Bush may have started this ridiculous spending spree by the US Gov, but the present administration has taken it off the charts. It has to stop and I'll vote for whoever is willing to do it.

  30. 30

    Re: supersongbird
    FORWARD TO WHERE RETARD, depression? You sound so stupid, i see you couldn't put an actual fact in your statement to any forward he has done. We went backwards on unemployment and he spent BILLIONS!! GTFOH! NICE TRY DUMB ARSE!

  31. 31

    Re: Laxer87 – "Right off a cliff"? Care to elaborate or is that misinformation you just picked up um "somewhere"?
    Under what rock do you live?
    Haven't you heard that most of the bail out $ has been paid back with interest? The government has profited about $400 million in interest so far from the loans given to banks and auto industry.
    Fox doesn't report that kind of (factual) information obviously!

  32. 32

    Re: Laxer87 – Obama has made good on some of the issues every presidential candidate promises-like health care.
    In reality though, the progress the President has made in solving problems and fixing Bush's mess should have been way more progressive!
    And would have been if he did not try go the bipartisan route early on wasting a whole year when he had a large majority.
    The GOP fuck no party has no solutions, no plans (other than tax cuts for the rich-you support THAT) they just keep blocking our country's progress by voting NO!
    Their idea of tax cuts will only make the deficit larger!
    Have you noticed these nutty NRA loving teabaggers won't even do interviews?
    Don't you wonder why? I do- They have no answers or solutions.
    All they need to do is rely on Fox and the sad horribly misinformed blind sheep- like you!
    Obama is far from perfect but at least we have been moving slowly in the right direction-toward progress!
    So, yeah, right- you go ahead and vote these crazy, religious right, backward hillbilly hate mongers in and see where we are in a year or 2 lol.
    You'll be sorry… :)

  33. 33

    Re: big_momma – There are your facts you dopey misinformed dumb kunt.
    Where are YOUR facts you racist sore loser?
    Eat shit you brain dead Fox watching fucker. SHEEP!

  34. 34

    Whatta ya mean WAS??

  35. 35

    Re: supersongbird – The US debt currenty stands at approximately $13.5 TRILLION dollars (and growing). That is roughly $45,000 per person in the US. The US debt has grown by roughly 35% in the 18 months since the present adminstration took over. Bush may have been a pro at running up a defecit, but Obama/Pelosi et al are making him look like a rank amateur.

    While a profit of $400M is better than a loss of $400M, it pays back only .00297% of the outstanding debt.

    We need a REAL commitment from someone to make meaningful steps to shrink the debt.

  36. 36

    Ok so is she a christian against masturbation (the whole god says lust is adultery thing), or is she a witch? A christian witch, perhaps? Funny.

  37. 37

    Re: Laxer87 – Our country was on the brink of a depression when Obama took office 100% thanks to Bush-all Republican policies such as deregulation, tax cuts for the wealthy and big businesses and 2 wars (one of them completely unnecessary btw) caused our economy to collapse!
    If Obama did not launch the stimulus, this country would have went into a depression -that's a fact!
    I shudder to think what things would be like had McCain and PALIN won- OMG!
    Are you saying they had a better plan? Or just more of Bush's same-same?
    Obama has made a commitment and things will turn around if we continue moving forward-that's according to Bill Clinton as well as many economists.

    Clinton oughta know he turned Republican deficits into a thriving economy with a surplus of over $80 billion until another Republican came in and fucked it all up again due to excess SPENDING!

  38. 38

    Re: Laxer87 – Well, I guess the rest will just never post.
    This site is so messed up-tried once this morning and again this evening.
    You and I will never agree anyway so fuck it!

  39. 39

    Christine O'Donnell lied repeatedly, but O'Donnell isn't the problem. Rove warned voters. Rove is the architect behind Bush's success. Yet, he was ignored over Sarah Palin. She supported O'Donnell. Why doesn't anybody point the finger at the voters who believed her? They are the fools thinking O'Donnell is going to manage their money, health, and decisions facing their state.

    Thomas Chi
    Selling Sex with Sarah Palin