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167 comments to “Kelly Osbourne Fires Back At Dannii Minogue!”

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    Ugh I used to like Sharon but this just makes her look bad. I love Danny and I think she's really sweet. I even like her old hits. And I can understand how working on the X-factor is hard. It's nothing but a battle of the ego's really. Each judge has their thing going. It's almost more competitive for the judges than the actual contestants! Simon is a bit of a douche, Cheryl likes to gloat over any and everything and Louis is always trying to snipe his co-judges. Danni gives me the feeling that she's actually the most neutral and doesn't display her ego as obvious as the other three so I can not understand how Sharon would have a problem with Danni. Maybe it's as simple as a misunderstanding that has got wayyyyy out of hand. And that's when you know you really should try to make amends or this will keep looking retarded and ugly in the public eye. Especially if it's not even necessary just talk it out and move on!

  3. 103

    Sharon is nothing more than a bully, (you can even youtube the comments sharon has belittled Dannii with every interview) and her daughter is complete trash. Kelly your not even a celebrity you critize everyone about their fame. BUT WHAT IS YOUR CAREER? Nothing. shut up you zlister.

    Team Dannii.

  4. 104

    danni is the most boring person on tv! like watching paint dry. and with all the botox and plastic surgery she has had she looks like a granny.

  5. 105

    daughter of a crim/ bully acts like a bully and sounds like a bully… maybe she IS a bully!

  6. 106

    Fuck no, former fatty. Your mother wishes she could be Dannii. I don't even want to be Dannii but she is everything Sharon Osbourne wishes she was.

  7. 107

    sharon obsbourne is fucked up,whizzened up old troll who has so much surgery that she has her ass pulled over her head and shes goin to tak about danni's botox lookin "ridiculous". she bullied the shit outta danni because of her fucking jealousy and has slagged off numberous other pple (ie callin subo -a mental unstable,very kind woman) a hairy asshole and layin into other countless pplle over their looks. sharon you used to be a big fat blimp with bad skin so how fucking dare you you dirty bitch. kelly, STAY OUT OF IT.

  8. 108

    Re: 01badgirl – DAMN STRAIGHT. this is so pathetic. she doesn't need to stand up for her sychotic, witch like mother. shes well able to do that herself.

  9. 109

    Yo know what, you may not like the osbournes but one thing you can't say about them is that they are liars.
    They are probably the most honest people in hollywood today, and that is why some people (morons) don't like them. People dont like hearing or seeing the truth…thats why some dont like the osbournes.
    It is their honesty that makes them so endearing to me, they are never hiding who they are and what they think or feel.
    I love that, and I think more people should strive to be as open and honest in their life as this family is.

    If Kelly is defending her mom, then you know that there is more to this and dannii is probably lying. Also, i know for a fact that simon and sharon are close, and they would not be had he 'taken sides' as dannii tried to claim…that claim just makes her seem as if she is trying to gain some credibility for her 'side' of the story.

    if sharon were wrong, kelly wouldnt say anything on the matter publicly…the fact that she is doing so, and attacking dannii's credibility, speaks volumes.

    dannii and her sister are vapid old slutbags without any talent…i dont know what people see in either of them. both of them produce crap music.
    people need to get a clue and get some taste in this world…they also need to start being more honest, and facing the truth/reality of life and the world around them.

  10. 110

    Re: URwhatUeat – also suggestin that something went on between simon and danni is the fucking lowest of the low but thats the osbourne family for you.complete and uter trailer trash loudmouth pricks.

  11. 111

    Team Dannii

    The book isn't even out yet, so how the hell does she know whats in it?
    There were numourus witnesses to Sharon's behaviour.
    Dannii has never spoken about it, so this 4 years of bullshit stuff is Kelly talking crap.

  12. 112

    Re: samdavid – you're callin people who have a different opinion to you on the osbournes "morons". go back to your hick town and marry ur cousin or something ya loser. what a stupid thing to say. truly shockingly stupid.

  13. 113

    Re: Ozjohn – Well said!

  14. 114

    I have no clue of Danni Minogue. Sharon Osbourne is a notable bitch. Kelly, cute as she is, is pretty much famous because she's Ozzy's spawn. I don't think Sharon needs anyone mouthing off to defend her. She's enough of a loudmouthed bitch that she can defend herself.

  15. 115

    team kelly!

  16. 116

    Re: La Vie En Rose – finally someone with some sense.

  17. 117

    Srry. I love sharon as a tv personality as much as the next person but two ppl have come out to tell how much of a bitch she is and i totally believe it. Sure kelly shud defend her mom but she is biased she's not going to come out and say her mom is a bitch

  18. 118

    BOTH of Sharon Osbourne's kids were MAJOR drug addicts. Does that not speak VOLUMES …. ?

  19. 119

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – Hahaha! You talk shit about Kelly being famous thanks to her dad and then say Dannii did it all on her own? The only reason Dannii caught a break was thanks to her sister, you dumb twat! Dannii and Kelly are exactly alike: both never really had a career and became famous thanks to a family member.

  20. 120

    The whole Osbourne family IS trash. And, Sharon couldn't carry that talk show a few years back - she just is not that popular. All in all, sounds like she is a first-class BE-ATCH. BEING ONE, I KNOW HOW awful WE/THEY CAN BE. I AM WITH DANII ON THIS ONE, THO; Ii should BE SUPPORTING A FELLOW be-atch ! BUT, THAT SHOWS what A be-atch I AM ! no loyalty - THE TRUE SIGN OF A be-atch ! Sorry, Sharon, dear….

  21. Suusi says – reply to this


    How old are these people to take stuff like that to heart? 13?
    This just proves that some celebrities are just people with serious, huge huge huge self-confidence issues.

  22. 122

    Re: mikeyireland – Sharon isn't ( and doesn't have to be) jealous of anyone. You should STFU!!!!!!!!

  23. 123

    hang on there kelly "o", bit rich comin from a brat who was either off her face or in rehab plus she only a "celeb" because of her dad. as for danni shuttin up and start bein a mum….. look at the great job your own did… danni couldn't do much worse eh???

  24. 124

    Re: Jazz-Hands Chaz – You're an ignorant little shit, aren't you?

  25. 125

    Re: Losing my Shit – Could you be any more disgusting? No wonder people think so badly of American tourists if they're ANYTHING like you.

    And, for the record, douchebag, I'm not British. Go ahead and guess where I'm from you ignorant sack of shit.

  26. 126

    Dannii has always been a no-talent who has ridden her sister's coat tails.

  27. 127

    Of course kelly's gonna defend her mom…DUH!
    Team Osborne's all the way.

  28. 128

    Danni is clearly jealous of Sharon. Sharon is a heavy hitter in the game. She is trusted and respected in anything she does. Who is Danni again??????? ( lol )

  29. 129

    Sharon is a vicious bitter old woman. If you read the extract from Dannii you'll see she had witnesses to what Sharon said to her and her behaviour towards her. I don't know why Dannii gets such a hard time from people, she has done nothing to deserve it. Whereas Sharon throughout her time in the public eye has proved she is a complete bitch.

  30. 130

    The one truly standout thing about Sharon Osbourne for me is an episode of their old reality show where she hauls off and smacks her kid Jack square in the face, then immediately realizes the cameras are rolling and acts all shocked, saying she didn't mean to do that. That's Sharon Osbourne for you.

  31. 131

    Sharon Osbourne doesn't fool most people with that sweet act she puts on! I mean, seriously people, look who's she's married to?!?!? There is nothing sweet and innocent about that cow. So Kelly has cleaned up her outward appearance. She's a cow like her mother, inside.

    I don't know Dannii, but TEAM DANNII!!!! I don't have to know her to know that she's a more liveable human being than an Osbourne!

  32. 132

    Kellly! that daniiiii is a bitch. i hate her music and stuff. Kelly is girl with right kind of attitude!

  33. 133

    Re: daylor tayne – what? i live in finland and here we know who is Osbournes. Really? Same thing in Europe? I wonder do you have own kind of europe?

  34. 134

    Ow that square Frankenstein head did open her filthy mouth again.
    Kelly you are an ugly peace of thrash and you should STFU.
    So very childish I so get why your ex cheated on you.
    Fat or thin it never chance the fact that you are ugly inside out.
    You're just like your mom
    Danni has 10 thousand times more class then you will ever have.

  35. 135

    Re: Moogle80 – There was a point when Danni was even more famous than Kylie. Know what you're talking about before you open your mouth.

  36. 136

    This business is all about people responding to "he said, she said". WHO CARES? Don't they have a life OTHER than responding to ppls comments… geeeezzzz

  37. 137

    Word to Kelly: you sound like a spoiled, egomaniacal brat. Grow up! And your "middle-aged" and "motherhood" putdowns defy logic. You just insulted every middle-aged woman/mother trying to insult one woman. well done you moron!

  38. 138

    Re: La Vie En Rose – oooohhhhhh yyyeeeaaahhhhhhh.
    the truth? that kelly has no career,had no career in the first place other than being pimped out by her parents on reality tv- and SO SO sharon prolly has dementia temper after all that hard drinking, punching her husband in the face "classy behaviour 101 shazza style"and cannot control herself. the truth? all that bad karma resulted in arse cancer.couldn't happen to a nicer person.sharon-GET A DOG UP YA.

  39. 139

    Re: La Vie En Rose – Excuse me? And when and where was this? Oh and what does your comment have to do with mine exactly? Being famous and actually having a career are not the same thing. Dannii is and always will be 'Kylie's little sister'.

  40. 140

    Re: Moogle80 – Dannii started acting and singing in AUS tv before Kylie did. She is now less successful than Kylie, that's true, But she and that fat bitch Kelly are NOT IN THE SAME BOAT in terms of being famous because of a family member. Kelly is just a cock-whore who's famous because of her washed-up father, While Dannii is a Pop singer acted when young, a fashion designer and STILL is judge in the biggest TV show in the UK! How are they again the same?

  41. 141

    dannii should have left x factor an then cheryl should have come! would have been so much better, too bad they can't fire dannii this year because she got preggers :/

  42. 142

    both these coonts can go to hell

  43. 143

  44. 144

    Sharon won't take shit from anyone. Alot of people can't handle it, that's their problem not hers

  45. 145


  46. 146


    nobody cares about that silly desperate surgical mishap, she's obviously a stupid twat.

  47. 147

    please, Kelly doesn't hae anything to be famous for. Dannii became famous through herself, she was actually famous before Kylie was.

  48. 148

    Ummm….Has anyone seen Kelly's dog? Did she forget to feed that one too?

  49. 149

    Kelly has Anal Cancer of the Mouth!

  50. 150

    Who the fuck is Dannii Minogue??? I mean… has she EVER done anything else than being Kylie's sister?

  51. 151

    team osbourne!!!!! wtf is dannii doing as a judge on x factor? no talent no voice so she shud just fuggkk off! how sweet of kelly to defend her mother :) :D xx

  52. 152

    So Kelly's "TALENT" is drug addiction & rehab, gaining & losing weight, and having a potty-mouth like her mother…She should have a STAR on Hollywood Blvd.

  53. 153

    No matter what that skank does …SHE IS ONE UGLY SKANK!

  54. 154

    God, I'm soooooooo sick of the Osbourne's flipping out anytime someone says the least critical thing!!! Sharon is a very opinionated person, so of course she's going to be disliked by some people. I just don't get why she cares so much what everyone thinks of her. She is who she is, so just deal with it. And why is it that she can say whatever she wants about people but not vice versa?? I read ages ago about many of the ugly and mean things she said about Dannii but now she says one thing about her that wasn't even that bad and it's "Dannii is the Devil" time!! what a hypocrite.

  55. ONIT says – reply to this


    Re: Jazz-Hands Chaz – Where have you been the last 30 years? The world kept on moving and both Minogue sisters had their chart successes in the US and are constantly talked of in Europe since Kylie is one of teh few artists that are named with Madonna to be artists that were constantly successful from the 1980s till today and defined the music industry in their own way. Just look at Gaga. She's perfecting what the others started. Sharon and Kelly are known 'cos of the Osbourne show. That's it, at least in Europe.

  56. 156

    No one is perfect, and I would be mad if someone was silent about the feud too, saying nothing means there is an issue. Danni gave one side of the story, of course Dannii will view herself as the victim and not own up to anything she may have done. I don't think either side is innocent and Sharon sure isn't the devil who just decided to be mean to Dannii. No one wants workplace drama. Sharon was the one who left, so if Sharon was doing all the attacking then why would she leave? This makes no sense. Also, everyone is right, you absolutely cannot remember dialogue from heated arguments like that, I studied Victimology and it is well known that your memory of situations changes over time. Someone telling the same story the same way or reciting dialogue like that after a long time is lying and scripted it. Dannii should be the bigger person if she is really the Victim, but after reading this I don't think she is at all, she has as much guilt as Sharon in this feud.

  57. 157

    Re: MalibuMands ummm dumbass, read a few posts back, Perez posted barts of the book. Wow you are dumb

  58. 158

    Maybe Kelly is right about Danni being a bitch. but this is probably the most immature and pathetic thing to do. Stupid bitchy girls. Grow the fuck up

  59. 159

    Sharon's fame comes from the fact that she's a tough, outspoken bully. Don't get me wrong, I kind of love her for it, but she's a bully, absolutely. Dannii's not the first person to say this by a long shot. Perhaps Kelly should have just left this alone, but I don't blame her for wanting to bat for her mother. But Sharon's a ballsy old cow and since she likes dishing it out it would have been better for her if she'd shown that she can take it too.

  60. 160

    I think its funny that people are picking absolute sides in a fight they know nothing about. They think hey Sharon speaks her mind so she must be at fault here and Dannii is sweet and innocent. I can't tell you how many celebrities and even regular people that I have known and worked with that there are out there that put on fake faces and facades in front of some people and are complete psychos and jerks behind closed doors. Dannii could be putting on the sweet girl facade in front of the camera and be a complete bitch to Sharon in private and we would be none the wiser. I am "team no-one" because i don't have enough details yet. Just Kelly's word that Dannii's crazy and Dannii's word that Sharon is crazy. Don't judge a book by its cover.

  61. 161

    A resounding Team Dannii!!! Dannii is the most gracious of all judges on the X factor… UK show for all you guys who don't know her. This website isn't just restricted to people in the States!!! Dannii is the most supportive person on that show: real Lady with style and class. Sharon Osbourne is a tramp who contemplates liposuction after every bit of grease she ingests. Her daughter… fat faced bitch who would need to shut the f up!!! The osbournes are a pandemic. I really think the United States should get together with the UK government in order to address this family Yawn.com… the Osbournes are so last decade. WHOOP can't wait to see Dannii back in action in a few weeks bring it on :)

  62. 162

    It's funny how people are yelling "Team This Person" when they know nothing about what really went on except for one person's word over the other, and their only basis for claiming a team is simply they dislike the other person. It's another thing to dismiss someone's claims just because you think, "oh, she's just a bitch" or "Who is she anyway? I never heard of her….she's a nobody." I would hope if any of you were treated unfairly in your work environment, that the powers at be at your worksite wouldn't use the same rules as you do if you file a complaint..you know, "why should we listen to you…you're a nobody."

  63. 163

    Seriously for Kelly to be blindly defending her mother at the age of 25 is pretty pathetic. It's widely reported that Sharon is a bully and a loud mouthed bitch- it's not like this is a revelation! Dannii is a judge on X Factor cause she's been performing since the age of 7- seriously she's been in the public eye for over 30 yrs. She's had 12 consecutive no 1 dance hits and has always been polite and nice. Dannii had never said a bad word about Sharon in public and then out of the blue sharon is saying all sorts of horrible things about her- why? Sharon's only famous cause of her husband. U might not like dannii's music at least she's a real performer. Kelly is a pathetic, ugly loser who is only a celeb cause of her dad- what does she actually do? So kelly shut the fuck up bout Dannii u have probably never even met her.

  64. 164

    …and another thing, for all the people saying that Dannii is only riding Kylie's coat tails, seriously get the facts straight before you open your mouths. Dannii was famous in Australia way before Kylie was- she was absolutely huge and for her to still be in the public eye is a huge achievement. Seriously if vicious bitch Sharon Osbourne and her ugly, trollop of a daughter are still around in 30 yrs i'll be very surprised. And as for riding people's coat tails? uh, what do you think Sharon and kelly are doing? RIDING OZZY's COAT TAILS!!! TEAM MINOGUE ALL THE WAY!

  65. 165

    Re: Mad Dog – Brilliant comment

  66. 166

    team osbourne

  67. 167

    Ha! Kelly get a life. She says its all about her mother's respect and then decides to 'respect simon enough to not tell the truth about what really happened'. Bull SHIT. WTF so its not really about her mothers respect then eh? Sharon was a bully and that is that. deal with it Kelly and dont turn into one yourself.

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