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Lindsay's Wild Friday Night

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On that fateful Friday night, just hours after it was discovered that she failed a random drug test, Lindsay pAArtied hard in Hollywood.

She seemed to be off to a good, healthy start, having a a low key afternoon. She went to a photo shoot and then was later spotted at an observance of Yom Kippur with Israeli military vet Eilat Anchel in Beverly Hills.

However, as we all know, night time is the right time for Lindsanity as she reportedly spent the night out at a Beverly Hills hotel, then headed over to Hollywood where she allegedly had a wild night.

Lindsay later tweeted a response to her failed drug test, saying she was ready to face the consequences and that she is "testing every single day and doing what I must do to prevent any mishaps in the future."

BUT, of course, her friends are singing a different tune, saying, "She did not work the steps inside the program, and did come not out changed whatsoever. She's exactly the same girl as before jail time and rehab."

Meanwhile, Lindsay was spotted going to her AA meetings on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Too little, too late, Lindsay.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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44 comments to “Lindsay's Wild Friday Night”

  1. 1

    While I do not support Lindsay in any way… it is an obvious fact that relapse happens sometimes multiple times throughout recovery. Still, not sticking up for her in any way, just stating that.

  2. 2

    her new hair colour axtuallly looks kinda foxy there but in the daytime. yeeeeesh. bobo the clown would be looking to sue her for enfringin on his look. it is a fucking mess. maybe she can just come out at night. how the fuck does she have any left after all shes done to it. it is really one fried, bright glowing mess. just shave it off babes or sumthing. it is DUSTED.

  3. 3

    Oh Lindsanity, what are we going to do with you?

  4. 4

    She is abusing the SYSTEM. There are serious drug addicts and alcoholics who cannot afford the treatments this little brat is given. She clearly isn't ready for sobriety, and maybe she shouldn't be sober! If she wants to party, let her party! So far, the consequences of her partying haven't been grave enough to stop her, and so be it.

  5. 5

    Girl likes her blow…WHAT a role model !

  6. 6

    Again, she will be found, 12 months from now, NUDE, and sprawled on a West HollyWood Street, a la MacKenzie Phillips in the 70s…..So doped up she won't know WHERE she is, or WHO she did….

  7. 7

    She doesn't want to change, so she won't.
    I can't be bothered to feel anything for her anymore…

  8. 8

    Relapses are one thing, but for her to do it so soon after her release from jail/rehab… and when her team has clearly been working overtime on her "comeback" is simply inexcusable. She hasn't even sat for that much-anticipated "I'm all brand new" interview! Reportedly, she has work lined up the wazoo in coming weeks… most importantly, she's due to start principal photography on "Inferno". For her to fail *multiple* drug tests at this point is, in my opinion, the end of her career… in films, anyway. Even if a director was interested, they'll never get her insured. I don't think she'll ever get her act together… unless she moves to Mongolia… far too many bad influences and a butt-load of enablers– her family, the worst of the bunch. RIP LiLo.

  9. 9

    Keep in mind it takes awhile for that stuff to leave your system, so she could have been doing drugs at any moment.
    And I am aware that relapse is part of recovery cases but damn, normally it takes longer than this. Its obvious she just did what she had to do so she could get out of her term early and continue with what she likes to do. Take this girl out of Hollywood and bring her up to Canada, i know a good number of places that will kick her ass back in order. Or better yet, lets go further to Fairbanks Alaska.
    Step one: Strip the hair dye from her hair and get back her original beauty red. Natural reds are dying breed, why would she hide that?

  10. 10

    Those are some friends she has. Always one of them saying something. lol.

  11. 11

    Her photo spread in Vanity Fair is gorgeous. Touched up or not - she looked beautiful. 24 years old - Time to get your shit together…

  12. 12

    there are many people who wants to be an actress and I include myself too and this bitch doesn't appretiate that for one bit if she wants to do drugs for the rest of her life then I think we should let her do that and see where does it take her.

  13. 13

    She was never IN recovery. This isn't a relapse… She does NOT WANT to recover. If she did..she would have stayed in rehab.

  14. 14

    Die already, you fucking WHORE!

  15. 15

    ""and did come not out changed whatsoever"" - ummmmmmmmmmmmm what????????????

  16. Kakia says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,
    Please stop posting about Lindsay and Gaga. I'm so bored of both of them, it makes my eyes burn just to see they're photos and as a contact lens wearer, the sensation is very uncomfortable.
    your fan,
    Kakia, Goddes of Vice

  17. 17

    Everything goes wrong when you celebrate Yam Kipper.

  18. 18

    Addiction, coupled with fame, is a dangerous combination. Addicts are only concerned with their addiction, with no regard for the consequences. In Lohan's case, she's either totally delusional about the consequences or feels she is never going to be held accountable. Who the heck knows what she is thinking, but she apparently is not taking her sobriety very seriously. I really hope she eventually gets with the program, and I mean "the program."

  19. 19

    Sounds like a PR person wrote her Tweet. Waiting for Dina to say how the legal system is so unfair to her daughter. No one is going to insure Lindsay for any movie work. She'll just have to see if anyone still wants to pay her big bucks for interviews.

  20. 20

    The Dumb Bitch has been given more chances than is reasonable. She needs tough love. Throw the book at her bo-toxed face. Case Closed.

  21. 21

    I know people who know people who know her, and she is strung out all the time…..

  22. 22

    I could care less about what she does in her free time. Snort all the blow you want. However, it's not fair for her to be on probation and to get away with failing drug tests. If it were any one of us (non-celebrities), we'd go straight to jail, and we'd have to serve our ENTIRE sentence. Lock that little bitch up, put her in general population, and let her get her ass beat a few times by the other inmates. Let her get a taste of real life.

  23. 23

    Re: Chooch – '…or feels she is never going to be held accountable' exactly chooch plus an oscar worthy performance to con the ucla med centre staff makes for one 'fuck you i can do whatever i want i'm a celebrity' attitude. the legal system will not get tough with her. probation is an alternative to a custodial sentence. if she breaches, she should be sentenced for the remaining period of her probation. won't happen. hey dina…you out there? what's going on now? who's conspiring to get the propaganda out now? did this blow your big payday and cancel all the sit downs and articles? don't worry ali is almost old enough to slut around like her big sis. oops she has already done that. maybe she can take the older one's place in inferno

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    How many posts are you going to squeeze out here about Lindsay failing her drug test? Lol - people are searching for ruddy comments to make at this point.

  25. 25

    These people are NOT your friends.. to even put the temptation in front of you shows how disgusting these people are. I'm not even a fan of yours, but whomever provided you the drugs is f-ing PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26

    And whatever team you have hired… everyone.. needs to be FIRED right NOW.. Security, publicists, EVERYONE.. cause they did a shitty job with you…

  27. 27

    I like this picture.

  28. 28

    I'm sick of this bitch, but I'm sicker of Paris Hilton. I'm so sick of Paris Hilton that I bought the domain name for her cocaine and have been owning it on the internets ever since, but I am sick of bogarting it all for myself, so now you can publish whatever you want about Paris Hilton and her cocaine. Join me in taking your computer back from annoying bitches.

  29. 29

    This is typical AA bullshit. When someone falls off the wagon, AA blames the person - not AA - for its failures. AA is a worthless treatment modality and it is long past time that the addiction industry owes up to this failure. Of course, if they do, it will end the addiction industry and its outrageous fees for three weeks of worthless treatment. AA fails 95% of the time (their own statistics) and you get some nice cult religion along with the deal. The LAST thing anybody who is having drug problems needs is to be brainwashed with a proven worthless 12-step "treatment" program. This is the addiction industries' dirty little secret: It doesn't work. Not only that, but it is associated with a 9-fold (900%) increase in binge drinking and a tripling of the death rate. Look it up. I did. Lindsay will fail if she uses AA. Run like the wind from this, Lindsay! You're statistically better off if you get NO treatment. Look it up, people…

  30. 30

    Re: bumpper – yeah, she probably did her best acting at UCLA. and Ali should take lindseys place in inferno. she certainly looks old enough.

  31. 31

    Invent something new, again, eh Perez?
    What will you say when you bring her to suicide?

  32. 32

    I predict she OD's within the next 12 months in the Chateau Marmont, like John Belushi.

  33. 33

    She's tested everyday failed only once. Which means still 90% of these late night party stories are complete bull.

  34. 34

    love Lindsay.

  35. 35

    Perez, find out the costs of all her rehab stays. That'd make an interesting post.

  36. 36

    why is no one talking about the doctors and the UCLA medical center that said she's fine? they cleared her and obviously, they were wrong….report on them too….want to make it clear, i can't stand LL, she's almost as annoying as spencer and heidi, and LL's parents

  37. 37

    The 'Parent Trap' seems soooo long ago. I wonder when she had her first 'hit'? At 11, 12, 15 ? And, I wonder who gave it to her…? Her hairdresser, agent, friend…mom ? WoW. And look where she is now.

  38. 38

    You would think Drew Barrymore would do an 'intervention'…or at least send her a signed copy of her autobiography ! (with an encouraging note).

  39. 39

    Not true - "too little too late". Anyone knowing anything about addiction knows that when you fall off the wagon you get right back on, go to meetings and work your steps. This girl has alot of work to do on herself and sniping and mean comments won't help at all. As someone sober since 1998 a day at a time, I fully support Lindsay's efforts and wish her well in her battle, and it is a battle every day. I can't imagine having to live it out in front of the cameras either…very difficult. She deserves credit for being honest and will succeed a day at a time. Hang in there Lindsay. If I can do it anyone can.

  40. 40

    She's nothing but a liar. That's her biggest problem. No one will hire her after this.

  41. 41

    The problem here is that she was never in recovery to begin with. Her jail and "rehab" time was not near enough time to recover. She did it because she had to.

  42. 42

    She thinks she is above the law and why shouldn't she? She keeps getting off easy over and over again. She needs to go to jail for a full 30 days, and then go to rehab for a year, regardless if anyone says she is "cured" early or not. Her only other option is death. She obviously has no intention of trying to change her life.

  43. 43

    yayyy !! o.d. this time….please ?

  44. 44

    Interesting that she was released early because she was doing so well… hope someone is looking into that!