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Raising Hell In Front Of The Sextuplets! Inside Story Behind Bryan Masche's Domestic Violence Charges!

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We're getting Gosselin flashbacks! This is so not good!

More information has been released concerning the domestic violence charges brought up against Bryan Masche, father figure of sextuplets and star of Raising Sextuplets. According to the police report, a fight broke out between Bryan and his wife, Jenny Masche, over a disagreement for plans for the weekend. Things got fairly brutal and it all played out right in front of the six kids!

Supposedly, papa Bryan wanted to take the kids on a little trip to Lake Havasu, which is about 200 miles away from their home in Arizona. According to the report, Jenny had other plans for the day and she was afraid to leave her children in her husbands care. She said she was concerned he wouldn't "return with the children." This turned into a very heated verbal exchange and when the police dispatch was alerted, they were advised that Bryan had become "more aggressive" and that there were "firearms in a vehicle" nearby.

Thankfully, the police got there in time before anything physical could go down, but Bryan wasn't pleased having the cops drag him off. The officer on the scene reports that the father of six was "hesitant and refused" to be handcuffed, securing his arms in front of him to prevent the cops from getting to him, all the while screaming and being "belligerent." It wasn't until the officer asked his partner to deploy a Taser that Bryan finally allow himself to be handcuffed, but he continued to yell and back talk once in the squad car.

Ugh! This guy sounds like a real douchey piece of work. Maybe a few weeks in jail with straighten his ass out!

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25 comments to “Raising Hell In Front Of The Sextuplets! Inside Story Behind Bryan Masche's Domestic Violence Charges!”

  1. NDmom says – reply to this


    Never watched this show, but saw clips of it on The Soup and a few other shows-this guy has DOUCHEBAG written across his forehead!! He acts like he is 12 years old and is jealous of all the attention the kids get from the wife. She is right to be nervous about him alone with the kids!!

  2. 2

    So .. this guy looks EXACTLY like the molester who resembles Fat Dennis in the Always Sunny episode, "Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender."

  3. 3

    Looks like a serial killer

  4. 4

    this guy is an abuser, only an abuser would move his wife with SIX young children from AZ to Florida…. I don't find this show entertaining at all, it's glorifying abusive behavior. those poor kids

  5. 5

    What is up with all of these morons who smile in their mug shots???

  6. 6

    I watched this show twice and could automatically see that he was not right. Like a big baby. I feel bad for his wife because she states "when there is no way out of a marriage" you have to work it out. There are plenty of ways to get out of her marriage. That is a statement from someone who is being forced to stay, I am guessing this is not the first case and I bet he is abusive.

  7. 7

    He is closeted and has a whole lotta rage about it because he is supressing it. He is probably not even aware. In 3 years he will be "out" and they will be divorced, if not sooner.

  8. 8

    publicity stunt

  9. 9

    Jon looks like Mary Poppins compared to this nutcase.

  10. 10

    yea the clips on the soup show him pretending to hurt children, sometimes funny but disturbing

  11. 11

    He needs to be monitored around his wife and children. She needs to divorce him and file a restraining order on his a$$ . He needs meds to calm himself down. Then he needs to go to a shrink and determine which team he plays for.

  12. 12

    That mugshot makes him look like a psychopath

  13. 13

    what you wanna bet their ratings go up after the next airing. People are sad. They'll stare at any trainwreck.

  14. 14

    This guy is very mentally abusive, saying things that are down right mean to his wife while recording the show…Major douchebag!

  15. 15

    if you seen the show this fat ass is definitely a closet case HOMO.

  16. 16

    Nothing will "straigten his ass out" because he is gay.

  17. Alsi says – reply to this


    i don't feel bad for the wife. the children yes, the wife no. she knew what kinda of guy he was. this behavior didn't just come out of no where. she has issues she needs to resolve so she can grow a backbone and leave.

  18. MP says – reply to this


    What kind of douchebag smiles in his mugshot? I already can't stand the guy. I can't wait for this phase of reality TV to end, giving these people a platform for doing nothing other than having a litter of children.

  19. 19

    He is so mean to Jenny. He is like Kate Gosselin. Mean and bitchy. Acts like a kid. BIg baby needs a time out. Jenny needs to get those kids and get away from him for good. He is ready to explode at any minute.

  20. 20

    I can't stand you people that sit there behind your computer saying " he is a douchbag, jealous, molester, and a abuser"..you guys don't know what really happen in the disagreement..perez hilton and the media can tell you anything so that they can get your attention and ratings. you guy are like little sheep that go along with the propaganda. so take your head out of your a$$ and shut up..and stop bring men down because all you WOMEN know there are two sides of the story..and you know she is not innocent either, she did something too to provoke him, by being a bit#h and nagging him all the time..just like Kate did to Jon..and thank god that jon left her. But I do feel sorry for the poor childrens.

  21. 21

    He looks horrrrrible

  22. 22

  23. 23

    I really like this show.

    This guy does have anger problems. I think it's just too stressful for him to have all those kids.

  24. 24

    Once Again,,,Saint Perez…passing judgement…..

  25. 25

    People need to step the ef away from fertility pills. If a couple can't get pregnant, maybe it's for good reason. And those who are convinced their marriage is solid, their personality is nurturing, their health is excellent, and they have the resources needed should adopt instead of popping out a litter. You mess with mother nature, she'll kick you in the head.