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‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Still Ruining People’s Lives

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It’s both baffling and a disgusting stain on America’s reputation that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is still around.

A decorated Air Force Reserve flight nurse, Margaret Witt, who was discharged for being gay took the witness stand at her federal trial on Monday. She talked about how difficult it was for her to not be out there caring for her fellow soldiers, and how her sexual orientation had nothing to do with her ability to perform her job.

"It's what I've spent over half my life training to do," said Witt, her voice breaking. "I miss being able to be the one that that soldier looks at and I can do something for him. I'm not complete, and it kills me to not be there."

She is suing the Air Force in hopes of being reinstated. If she wins, her case could act as a precedent to help overturn the law.

Witt, who joined the Air Force in 1987, was suspended in 2004 when the Air Force investigated her for violating "don't ask, don't tell." Three years later she was discharged and fell just short of becoming eligible for a full pension.

WTF. That’s a great way to honor someone who dedicated 17 years of her life to protecting Americans — embarrass them and deprive them of their pension.

The judge overseeing the case heard testimonies last week from several of Witt's former colleagues, who all said they didn't care about her orientation and added that her firing actually hurt morale in their squadron.

This makes us sick. This needs to change. Call your congressman, tell your friends, go to a rally. Just don’t sit around while these injustices continue!

[Image via AP Images.]

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46 comments to “‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Still Ruining People’s Lives”

  1. 1

    I love how under you definition everyone who is gay is labeled a "hero." Kind of like how you overuse the word "epic" to describe everything. Silly f-a-g-g-ot

  2. 2

    She knew when she joined there was a dont ask dont tell policy. She knew better and knew the consequences if she told and you are supposed to report those kinds of things when heard. Im not saying it was the right thing for them to do but she knew the rules and regulations when she went into the military.

  3. 3

    Why should queers have special rights?

  4. 4

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – She's a hero because she was a nurse you moron, not because she's gay. And Perez, the military was unhappy with her because she was committing adultery with another service members wife, gay or not that behavior is not tolerated in the military.

  5. 5

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – shut the fuck up asshole

  6. 6

    Re: SD_Stunner – …and yet she was discharged under the dont ask/dont tell law, instead of another law for that type of behavior. Why is that? you think that adultery should be punishable by forcing someone out of the military? really? I don't think that's what happened here. If there was a law to get her kicked out for her inappropriate behavior, then they should have done it through that supposed law, not through DADT. seriously SD.

  7. 7

    Bigoted people who have hatred for their fellow gay Americans should be thrown out of the army.

  8. 8

    I've contacted my senators, for what it's worth. They'll probably vote against it, but at least I made my voice heard. It's BULLSHIT that these people are discrimated against!!! I thought that was illegal when employing someone, but I suppose the US government can do what they want.

  9. 6one9 says – reply to this


    SO ????????? Who has a problem with gays in the Military? The straight soldiers or the GD government?? I'm straight and I have NO probs what so ever with gays serving in the Military. WTF is wrong with this country?? Nothing but a bunch of fucking hypocrites out there!! YO!!

  10. 10

    Hey, this is in Tacoma, WA! One of the best cities in the state. Everyone should go visit Seattle, Tacoma, and Margaret Witt :)

  11. 11

    Don't ask, don't tell.

    The continuing legacy of the Clintons.

  12. 12

    Boo hoo. She knew the deal and she paid the price and lost. Any intelligent person who serves and is gay should keep it to themselves. Nobody gives a damn about who you are screwing. Wow and only 3 more years, she could have retired. Sucks for her….

    BTW, She has "man hands" lol

  13. 13

    OMG that is sooooooo vile!!! So the government is contributing to our economic downturn–nice. Additionally, I thought that there were federal laws for civilian jobs that state someone cannot be fired for race, creed, sexual orientation, etc… so W T F is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FIRING ITS EMPLOYEES FOR?????! JESUS TAP DANCING CHRIST.

  14. 14

    I've seen a lot of stories about this kind of thing and I am always suspicious of them because someone in the Air Force would not call themselves a soldier, I am an Airman!

  15. 15

    Re: estebanito – - She was a commissioned officer and they are held to a higher standard. She is supposed to set an example to the enlisted men and women she worked for so, yes I do think she deserved to be thrown out for having an affair with a fellow serviceman's wife. I think "don't ask don't tell" should be done away with so, don't confuse the issues. And I spent 4 years in the Navy and people have been thrown out for a lot less, the don't ask don't tell wasn't the only reason she was asked to leave.

  16. freak says – reply to this





  17. 17

    Re: SD_Stunner

    just love your post. it's just messed up when folks in authority miss-use their power - period!

  18. 18

    What this woman does in the bedroom, is not your business, nor mine… So why do you feel as though you can judge someones ability to work- in this case, for their country, based on their sexuality. Its NOT ABOUT RECIEVING SPECIAL RIGHTS… ITS ABOUT RECIEVING EQUAL RIGHTS!!!!!!
    Do I judge you on your poor performance in the bedroom in the workplace.. No… and if I did… IT WOULD BE CALLED SEXUAL HARRASSMENT!!
    Now TELL ME, Who has special rights in this situation!!!! It certainly isn't me. I'm left hung out to dry while you can all prance around and have straight sex in freedom without judgement and be given a high five once your complete after 5 minutes.. please.. the majority of you people who have left a comment make me sick with your small unopened minds! look through my eyes for once.

  19. 19


  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Most Western military forces have now removed policies excluding non-heterosexual individuals (with strict policies on sexual harassment). Of the 26 countries that participate militarily in NATO, more than 22 permit gay people to serve; of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, three (Britain, France, Russia) permit gay people to serve openly, and two (United States, China) do not. All members of EU except Greece permit gay people to serve openly. The Greek ban on homosexuals is the object of criticism by the European Union, as EU law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.] The Canadian Forces lifted the ban on gay members in 1992. In 2009, Argentina, Uruguay and the Philippines allowed gay men to serve openly in the military. Israel Defense Forces policies, including those for special units, allow gay men and lesbians to serve openly and without discrimination or harassment due to actual or perceived sexual orientation. -Wiki

  21. 21

    Actually, for you ignorant folks here, there was no "Don't Ask Don't Tell" when she joined. That didn't come until five years later. Things were a lot more nebulous before then. And do you think irrelevant so-called "rules" that are nothing more than empty prejudices really benefit the military — because they really don't need more dedicated flight nurses, right?

  22. 22

    I don't agree with DADT!! I know its new for me to support something usually I'm critical of what the U.S does but gay people shouldn't have to hide who they are. At the same time I can see some of the reasons for that policy, I'm a hetero male who has no problem with homosexuality I work with gays and enjoy their company, however I would definitely draw the line at showering or changing in front of them which they would understand. In the military you have to shower and change together (as far as I'm aware) and I can see where issues might arise with things like that. However the U.S military expenditure is more than the rest of the worlds combined so I'm sure they can spare a few dollars for a third set of showers n s***, one for the men one for the women and one for the gays. Btw I'm still dirty on Americans I won't back down, its cause you are capable of so much more but you guys let things go to s****!!! I miss the old U.S.A……

  23. 23

    WTF do any of y'all know about the military? Unless you know what is going on, you have NO RIGHT to speak. I was married to a Marine for two years and I'm a sailor. Do you know why DADT is a law? Not because its hatred of gays. So stop playing the fucking poor oppressed card!! Its because certain members of the military are not gay friendly. It has led to MURDER. So why in the HELL would you WANT to subject yourself to that? Not only that, but a large number of our military are from the south. Are they gay friendly there? NO! Its the inherent attitude of those serving in our military. So suck it the fuck up. When you enlist you know what you are signing. So Any fucking person who thinks it is going to go differently when they enlist has another thing coming.

  24. 24

    She served her country for 17 years. Not cool what they are doing to her. Hey she could have bedded the man himself. She deserves her full pension. Being only 3 years away from it. I think it's more behind this. Wonder who the wife was married to.

    Peace Out,

  25. 25

    And how is this 'celebrity news'?

  26. 26

    Isee how people are offended by this law. But still you must remember that America is still a country that mostly is bound by very strivt traditions.
    Personally i don't care if people are different and if they're gay.
    But you must still remember that most of americans do not accept them as equals wich is very sad.
    But the gays should give Campaign, but they must understand that to break down prejuidice walls takes a long time, and they have to let the American people make up their mind.
    Because it would be a problem if you rushed this upon the military. If 70% of your battalion get's offended by the way you act it is just to compare it to someone else who offends them for an entirely different reason, he would also be told to stop. It's just the country you live in works like this for the time being. And i bet it will change, but you must give people time to addapt. Personally i am a fan of gay rights and think you should have the same rights as everybody, but i am an atheist and don't get troubled by the things my belief say about equality for all.
    America is a very christian country, and this makes it difficult for many people who allready think the rights of the gay's are rushed upon them.

    But yeah everyone should be equal, but it will most certainly not help by shouting slogans and mean stuff about your government. They are just listening to the way most Americans would like their country.

  27. 27

    My husband served 5 1/2 years in the Marines. He's said a million times he could care less rather the man/woman serving next to him is gay or straight. As long as they know their job it makes no difference whom the prefer to sleep with. Come on already. This is the UNITED STATES after all. Let everyone be free finally. Nobody should care nor is it their business who ppl marry or sleep with. Everyone in our military should be treated equal regardless of sexuality.

  28. 28

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – She's a "hero" because she's standing up for what she believes in. Not because she's gay.

  29. 29

    Re: Mr. Strat – How is serving in the military openly a "special right?" Straight people in the military don't have to hide their sexuality. This is about equal rights for all, not special rights for gays asshole.

  30. 30

    Re: ThisIsMeSoSTFU – Then the military has to change. It makes no difference if one is from the south or not. When one enlists in the military, they are owned by the military. The military rules do no allow discrimination against gays or lesbians, just like they do not allow discrimination against black men and women. Racists and homophobes need not apply to enlist to solve this problem.

  31. 31

    I was researching military policies such as DADT for a paper-and I came upon a number saying this effects roughly 2000 people. While I do feel for those 2000 people and I have a good idea of whats going on (my husband is active duty, we live on a military post and hear about this daily), I think that this is getting far too much attention being that we are in the middle of a war with a failing economy. I understand Mr. perez is gay, but you dont see any mention on this site of ONE of the over 5000 americans we have lost in these 2 wars, but this DADT stuff is mentioned at least once a day. I guess since Gaga isn't talking about it, its not worth mentioning. I've never really heard my husband's opinion on DADT and being that I am a spouse and not in the military myself, its not my business, but I do think we have bigger issues.

  32. 32

    Re: Mr. Strat – we don't want special rights. It's equal rights we want.

  33. 33

    So if this goes into effect..are all these people that are pro-repealing going to enlist??

  34. 34

    Tell me HOW this is ruining people's lives when they KNEW what the rules were before they signed on the dotted line? Perez, STFU!! You and your fucking whore Gaga need to shut the fuck up about what you have no fucking clue about. You don't understand how this law protects the lives of gay men and women in the military. You are so fucking full of yourself and your "cause" that you can't see the whole picture. The lawmakers are making all kinds of promises and saying what the gays want to hear, but the majority of the military members DO NOT want this to be overturned. You don't understand what a disaster this will create. Grow the fuck up and get over this.

  35. 35

    Re: married2amarine – Your husband may say that, but if he's never been in a unit with a gay person he has no right to say that he doesn't mind. What happens if he is deployed and his roommate starts hitting on him or he gets drunk with a gay service member and the gay guy hits on him? I bet he would feel differently. My husband has been in the military for 20 years. trust me, the majority don't want it and those who say they don't care, put them in the above mentioned situations and they will change their feelings quickly.

  36. 36

    at the time it was progressive legislation, and eventually it will be viewed as a bridge between not being able to be a member of the armed services at all, and being able to be open — quite honestly, we'd be a bit better off if people incorporated a bit of voluntary DADT in their daily lives — all people — i don't give a shit who or what other people have sex with and really don't see the purpose of it being broadcast, declared, announced or admitted

  37. 37

    I could care less about the sexuality of the person working next to me. As long as it doesn't affect their ability to do their job, so be it. I can see where it would cause a problem in sleeping quarters, though. Men and women are separated not only to discourage sexual harassment (I'm not saying it's successful) and sexual relations, but also for privacy. I voiced my opinion to my husband and he said, "I didn't care either. It doesn't affect your job, I don't need to know about it then. Don't ask, don't tell. I don't tell everyone I know I'm straight. It doesn't need to come up." He has a point. However, there is one thing about the military that most civilian worker's don't have to deal with: living together. I'm not saying it's not possible to find a solution, but it opens up a whole new discussion that should happen within the military community. I don't need to know if you're gay, straight, have six toes or enjoy eating a turkey sandwich to work with you. I do think it's wrong to punish people for it.

  38. 38

    I resent that homosexuals seem to throw what should be private sexual behavior in everyone's faces at every turn. Why are they so obsessed with sex? Why do they feel the need to make their deviant habits everyone's business, whether people want to hear it or not? That reflects a lack of sensitivity and common sense on their part. Part of the homosexuality brain chip, I suppose.

  39. 39

    what rally have you attended cum bucket?

  40. 40

    Again Mario, who is the "Us" that you always mention in your posts. "This makes US sick" Who are you speaking for?

  41. 41

    Oh please. You live in the United States, where you can do or be anything you want. LEAVE THINGS ALONE! Maybe you're pushing yourselves and getting obnoxious! It's not like we're letting you die on the streets or something. Relax and live an honorable life, already!

  42. 42

    GAYS ARE ALREADY IN THE MILITARY….WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Why do they have to be "open"????????? Give someone an inch and they will take a mile EVERY TIME!

  43. 43

    i am 100% against DADT…BUT this woman's case isn't about being gay.

    she had an adulterous affair with the wife of a male officer she worked with and she also has sex with 2 of her female subordinates. all of these were big violations of the military code of conduct. she wasn't drummed out for being gay, she was drummed out for having sex with her subordinates and disgracing the uniform with her conduct.

    in the private sector she wouldn't have lost her job b/c of her sex life probably, but the military si very uptight about this shit and will drum out heteros who slut around and fraternize with their subordinates or commit adultery. that's the military for you, which she knew going in. if she hadn't done all the whoring around with people under her command or touching that other officer's wife i bet she'd still be in the military.

    i don't think THIS particular case will help DADT…we need someone who's not a whore to be the real test case for overturning DADT.

  44. 44

    YESS!!!! DADT is still in! So sorry Perez - NOT!

  45. 45

    Let me tell all the gay males in here something. There's nothing cool about sucking dick, ask my wife. Second! Almost every gate you pass through in the military has selective criteria. It's how we have quality control over every other military. Take Special Forces Selection for example ( Green Berets). Before being selected they are screened for every impurity known to be. It's that way for a reason. So we can be the best. THAT MEANS NO MATTER WHAT YOU VOTE WE WILL STILL CONTROL WHO GETS IN!

  46. 46

    Obviously your wife doesn't do it well, or you just suck in bed.