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Cut Us A Piece Of That!!

| Filed under: Wacky, Tacky & TrueSilly!Katy PerryRussell Brand

O M G !

THIS is a pic of Katy Perry's penis cake from her bachelorette party in Las Vegas over the weekend.

We don't know what's more amazing - "Cunt Gratulations," the hairy balls, or the spluge dripping down the cake topper.

Could this be modeled after Russell?? If so, very impressive!

Check out the photo…. after the jump.

Who wants a bite??

[Image via GSI Media.]


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67 comments to “Cut Us A Piece Of That!!”

  1. 1

    I wonder if they used rice crispy treats to make stand like that??

  2. 2

    that's raunchy and shows how classless these two dimwit bimbos are……

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Is that Russell? Where are the blisters and sores?

  5. 5


  6. 6


  7. 7

    how about you go choke on it Mario. After seeing that I don't ever want to hear that Classless little pig complain about the paps again!! There's a reason Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties stay discrete you stupid whore!!

  8. 8

    hahhahaa ewww that's so disgusting but soo funny

  9. 9

    Are these girls trying to out do each other with vulgarities? I'm getting real sick of the 'shock me' crowd.

  10. 10

    Wow her parents must be so embarrassed!!

  11. 11

    isn't she to old for this kind of stuff she does acne ad's lolol

  12. 12

    L O L

  13. 13

    Hi Perez, do you know what a "bite" is in French ?? lol

    Sure, you want a bite !

  14. 14

    WOW that's so trashy.

  15. 15

    Love this so much! LOL

  16. 16

    why did you move the picture? too many people offended? or did you figure you get more clicks this way? the clicks right?

  17. 17

    it's clearly not modeled after russell. russell is from the UK and most men in the UK aren't circumcised.

  18. 18

    KLASSY with a capital K.

  19. 19

    stupid — and prob not Russell, doubt he's circumcised

  20. 20

    post the comments dumbass

  21. 21

    HOW INTERESTING? Over the weekend a comment made did not make it to public view. When I attempted to repost, I received the duplicate comment. When I changed the word "Peni_" to the word "Dick" the comment was accepted.

  22. 22

    Is this bitch still a Christian? Not so Christ like

  23. 23

    That's fucking gross.

  24. 24

    um HOT.

  25. 25

    Re: vanhelsing bride – Seems "Christians" are becoming less Christ-like. Invoking the 'golden rule' — the adage of "do unto others" — has no effect on Christians' attitudes, according to a new study.

    Reminders of the 'golden rule' are utterly ineffective at changing minds or hearts. And if you emphasize the universality of this message of tolerance by quoting the leader of a different religion, social attitudes actually harden.

  26. 26

    Kinda small isn't it

  27. 27

    People STFU! everyone gets them for their Bachelorette Parties I also Am getting one Gosh You guys act like u never saw A dick before Stfu everyone does it

  28. NDDD says – reply to this


    Wow..is that gods Dick? Didn't think so… Hypocrite I have no respect for her she is a trashy Christian god must be so proud….

  29. 29

    she is disgusting. What kind of pop icon does that?

  30. Kate! says – reply to this


    All those people that find that cake disgusting, offensive, blah blah blah…must be either 80 years old or have never been invited to bachelorette parties!!
    Those cakes are like a tradition! My friend who had her bachelorette party one month ago, had a very similar cake! DUHHH!

  31. 31

    thats cute, i want one for my birthday. Lighten up people.

  32. 32

    This trick tries to hard all the time, she comes off desperate.

  33. 33

    Re: Kate! – doesn't make me prude, makes you as trashy as them.

  34. 34

    These are the stars of our music industry?What are these two,children or what?This is about as original as their shitty fucking music.

  35. n. says – reply to this


    I think it's hilarious. These offended people are such sheltered little precious snowflakes.

  36. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Nice!! Wish my GF's would have done one of these at my B party. I did have strippesr though“ THE REAL DEAL!! :)

  37. 37

    There is always a certain segment of people who go for vulgar cakes, party games, gag gifts. Thankfully, many opt for a more tasteful celebration.

  38. baby says – reply to this


    this is about the trashiest thing, i cant stand neither one of them. goes to show YOU $$$$$ dont buy you class

  39. 39

    Rihanna is soooo damn trashy, I bet this was her idea…. clASSy…..

  40. kpb says – reply to this


    According to Russell Brand's book he's not circumsized.. so.. probs not him.

  41. 41

    Re: Kate! – Look moron, what happens at your Bachelorette party stays in your bachelorette party. Would you like it if some guy showed you clips from some Latina anal porn flick he saw at his bachelor party? I didn't think so. That did not need to be seen by anyone else.

  42. 42

    Re: diAMONd773 – So what?! Everyone takes a shit too, doesn't mean we need to see it!

  43. 43

    amazing i want to taste it sooo badly lol

  44. 44

    wow… i take it a lot of people here never been to a real bachelorette party… or hell even been in a sex shop and see the traditional bachelorette section decorations. If your complaining about how unclassy this is, then get offline and sleep with your husband in the same boring missionary position you guys do once a week you prudes.

  45. 45

    Ummmm…RIHANNA is her maid of honor so she would be in charge of throwing the party.

    You all act like Katy threw herself the party and picked out the cake. But she probably enjoyed in anyway.

  46. 46

    its a hen night, they always do stuff like this, some people are such puritans

  47. 47

    Love it ladies.

  48. macm says – reply to this


    come on ppl lighten up!! this is soooo funny!!! its just girls fun, it has nothing to do with religious or class, it has to be with having fun in a very aproppiate way, its a Bachelortte party not a church meeting!!! i found it hilarious!!!

  49. 49


  50. 50

    wow people relax its a bachelorette partyyy cake calm down havent you seen any before jeez!

  51. 51

    Is she 12 or what?

  52. 52

    at least this cake will teach all the people on this site how to spell congratulations correctly

  53. 53

    You know what kills me is that all these idiots sitting here bashing it and saying that they don't wanna see it are sch hypocrites. YOU had to click on the link to see it after the jump. You guys are stupid. Go find something else to do. Like play in traffic.

  54. 54

    I wonder who made the cake for her? I need a cake made like that I have a bachlorette party coming up soon! That would be perfect!

  55. Pseud says – reply to this


    This is what a repressed religious upbringing will do to you.

  56. 56

    Re: M.t. Dickinson – Did You have to click the picture & see it ? No I do not think so it was your choice to see so haha!

  57. 57

    omg its her bachelorette party.. shes aloud to let loose and have some fun. after all shes a grown women .

  58. 58

    OMG I think it is a supa cute cake!!!! Its a Bachelorette party its supp to be Raunchy!!!

  59. 59

    Everyone that is saying how classless and disgusting it is odes not realise that it is a BACHELORETTE party not a NUNNERY.

  60. 60

    Just gross. With one that big, the balls should be BIGGER.

  61. 61

    Oh, goodness….

  62. 62

    how dumb for them to even show this to the public. Sorry Rihanna this is very childish. If this is what you wanted for Katy then us should have kept it among you people not the public. All you showing the public that you guys a sluts. Never in life have that been posted to the public before or mayb that's what devil woshiper do. Anything goes for Master SATAN

  63. 63

    Re: April 20th – Refuckinglax, Jesus

  64. 64

    Ugh, revolting, just like her stupid fiance.

  65. 65

    Haha disgusting but funny.

  66. na987 says – reply to this


    lady gaga wouldnt even do this. what kind of a role model is this?!

  67. 67

    i love how everyone is so disgusted with the cake yet you're willing to click on the "after the jump" link..