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FAIL! Lindsay Lohan Tests Positive For Amphetamines

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If Lindsay’s life were a Bruce Willis movie, we’d call this Fail Hard 2: Fail Harder.

Lindsanity failed her second post-rehab drug test, and this time she tested positive for amphetamines.

Historically, Lindsay has been hooked on adderall, but no definitive information about which amphetamine was detected in her system has been divulged as of yet.

Within the span of a week, you’ve had both cocaine AND amphetamines in your system, Lindsay. Have you completely ceased to be self-aware at this point?

Place your bets on what substance will come up in test #3!

[Image via WENN.]

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48 comments to “FAIL! Lindsay Lohan Tests Positive For Amphetamines”

  1. 1

    battery acid. heres praying.

  2. 2

    Her days are numbered….

  3. Dr. M says – reply to this


    Well - not much 2 say
    Lindsay should just opt 4 str8 jail time (no probation) = if it's an option.
    This country really needs 2 figure out a better way 2 deal with drug addiction.
    Maybe we should just legalize them.
    Shalom Aleichem Lindsay
    Dr. M

  4. 4

    i think this DUI case ,is the best thing that happened to her,it could save her life in the long run.

  5. 5

    it was funny at first but….yeah there might not be a 3rd test. she might be dead next time.

  6. 6

    Oh lordy….In about 2 hours there is going to be a special on Lindsay on a show called "Issues" tonight. The host of Issues

  7. 7

    She needs to do some serious time. She is making a joke out of the legal system.

  8. 8

    always knew she was a meth head - look at her face!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    you know what would help…the amount of jail time any of us average joes would get & not celeb jail time"overcrowding 10 day bulls$%t…bitch needs to be taught a real lesson

  10. jbopp says – reply to this


    pledge wood finish.

  11. 11

    I wonder if you two have the same dealer…

  12. 12

    Then she is INNOCENT! Remember her prescription drugs that she went back on after she got out of rehab can cause a false positive for meth.

  13. 13

    Who cares if someone has taken some adderall.

  14. 14

    So far OFFICIALLY she has only failed one test. asshole.

  15. 15

    Amphetamines include Adderall, Perez. When Karma comes your way, you will be fucked.

  16. 16

    i can't see her upgrading to heroin, but you never know.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    This girl is a down low crack head. Someone who gets caught red handed, & still lie about them being hooked.

  19. 19

    poor Lindsay.

  20. 20

    Doesn't she have a prescription for Adderall… If that's the case and she takes it as prescribed (maybe one pill a day… possibly two) then she did nothing wrong. Yes, it would show up as a positive for Amphetamines, no, it won't count as a failed test because she has a prescription for it. Maybe you guys shouldn't jump to conclusions and automatically think she's on Meth. I really don't think they can tell what specific Amphetamine was used based on a urine test

  21. 21

    Who pays for all these drug tests, courts and jail time? Oh yeah, the American public. Jail her ass until she straightens up.

  22. 22

    She obviously WANTS to be busted. She is doing everything in her power to get busted. It's probably a cry for attention, but who? Her parents. Both of them. I think it's a scream for attention. Both of them have ridden hard on her coat-tails for such a long time, I think this behaviour is attempt to destroy THEIR mealticket. If her mother and father are serious about their daughter's welfare, they need to become private individuals and absolutely ban themselves from any interviews - FOREVER. Lindsay may be a lost cause by now, but if there is any hope for her, her parents must do ALL their talking in private and let LLL do hers in public. My humble thoughts.

  23. 23

    I thought she just did an interview where she was straightening up? Was that just b.s. being fed to us?

  24. 24

    She nothing but a common speedfreak.

  25. 25

    Hmm, well maybe if they didn't go so fucking easy on her, she would actually learn something. That's the problem with Hollywood. Just because you're a celebrity, you get special fucking treatment. It's bullshit. It's never going to stop because she KNOWS she can scheme her way out of it.

  26. 26

    those people over @ UCLA must feel like a fool right know 4 letting her go early. What was going through their mind when they said 2 weeks of rehab if fine, she's ok let her go. This is her # time going into jail/rehab.

  27. 27

    probably x or mdma?

  28. 28

    those shorts are hideous and that bruce willis hjoke was just plain lame

  29. 29

    She is going to die. She needs to take control of her life and seriously look into getting help.

  30. 30

    THIS JUST IN: Lindsay test positive for every strain of STD previously imaginable and seventy two strains just discovered IN HER TUNA-STINKY VAGINA. Of course, all of this traces back to Dina's DNA. Maury! You've got a new show.

  31. 31

    Re: Bellagio – ha haha ha

  32. 32

    Oh Lilo

    Hey everyone check out my site and NO spaceses w w w . jorge arreola . weebly . com

  33. 33

    my bet is on cocaine again!

  34. 34

    I'm not surprised this happened really. They let her out early and then throw her back to the vultures that will get her hooked again.

    When she's back in the poisonous environment she WILL relapse.

  35. 35

    Perez, you fucking asshole! She has a DISEASE! An addiction! Don't you think she and every alcoholic and drug addict would stop if he or she could? She is in emotional pain, severe pain and needs massive support and rehab. I hope no one close to you ever has an addiction because God knows he won't get support from you. Your treatment of mental health and addiction issues is so damn irresponsible. How do you feel when people say gays choose their sexual orientation? There are scientifically proven studies that addiction is partially attributed to your genetics and brain chemistry!

  36. 36

    Oh what ever happened to our little Lilo???? I really think Dina needs to Baker Act Lindsay. She is not well and if everyone continues overlooking what is really happening, this girl will be found dead. I'd hate to see such a young life meet death so soon. I hope that whatever it is she believes in, that she puts all her energy towards that and saves herself. She needs to detach from those demons that torture her soul. Save yourself Lilo!

  37. 37

    Ha ha- "Fail Hard 2: Fail Harder" ….That's funny.

  38. 38

    That is shocking if she is doing meth!!! wow. hope it isnt and its just adderall. I did wonder whther cocaine was enough and she would move on to a harder drug because it wasnt working anymore. its so sad :( I agree with michael lohan I think she needs a proper rehab not jail.

  39. 39

    I don't like her, or any of her movies. But honestly, the person I'd blame all this for is her mom. She never tried to help, and I'm SURE she knew 100 percent her daughter was doing drugs and most likely was even doing it herself. Being addicted to drugs is a real physical disease, and you need support from your friends/family to get over it. Dina ignoring it is making this crazier then it needs to be. The poor girl has no family, no friends minus those who use her and lie to her, and is losing everything around her. Her obsession with Marlyn monroe and how she was a 'tragic beauty' and how she thinks she's oh-so like that makes me think that she's most likely going to end up killing herself.

    Annd with that, my vote goes for any sort of sleeping pill. I'll probably win.

  40. 40

    I've tested positive for amphetamines and it was from taking Sudafed. So you can't say for positive it was anything illegal or abusive. I really want to believe this is rock bottom for her but unfortunately I don't think it is. Her spirit is diseased, and until she realizes that and does some heavy duty work on it, she'll continue to mess up. Her horrible childhood, what with her crazy Dad and her crackhead Mom trying to push her into fame at an early age, has got to have a large role in all of this. She needs SERIOUS life or death help, not just a fancy rehab center. Jail won't do it for her. I just hope she figures it out before she's dead.

  41. WTFEV says – reply to this


    Crackhead….plain and simple

  42. 42

    as somone once addicted to amphetamines, I can tell you right now that Lindsay is not supposed to be taking ANYTHING ampehtamine-related, even Adderall which is a legal amphetamine. We all know she is snorting it/taking it to simulate the effects of meth, and I can tell you no doctor other than a Michael-Jackson type doc would give it to her. She is such a junkie you can tell by looking at her face, her problems handling reality, her untoned body.

  43. 43

    If I was Lindsay I'd be taking drugs too,maybe different ones,I blame the parents!

  44. 44

    WHY should anyone feel sorry for Lindsey????????????? She has more money than many other people in this world and chooses to spend it on drugs and shopping. While there are many other people out there that are homeless and have to fight everyday to get food and come from a background and homelife much worse than anything she has probably ever come from. It is people that feel sorry for her that are keeping her sick and enabling her bc she feels entitled to as she pleases and say f u to the courts and carry on as she has in the past. she is a poor role model, fake, and deplorable. If she was in rehab for amphetamines she is not allowed to even take adderall even if its prescribed. you can't go for treatment for drugs and be taking a drug like that, it don't work. She has family, friends, and lawyers so the girl isn't alone so everyone needs to stop feeling sorry for her!!!!

  45. 45


  46. 46

    I think its funny that she couldnt even wait a few days to start partying. I mean- COME ON!? Why not get a detox cleanse before your test, or do drugs as you leave the testing building, NOT when there is a possibility of getting callled in. Fuck this bitch is dumb as a box of rocks

  47. 47

    adderall is "mixed amphetamine salts", the generic version is just a slightly different chemical. and why wouldn't she be on it? it's fucking awesome. drugs are great. do drugs, kids.

  48. 48

    adderall is great…especially when u have some menial tasks to get done