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Was Oksana Trying To Extort Money From Mel??

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That's what another former lover of Mel Gibson is saying.

Violet Kowal is alleging that Oksana Grigorieva asked her to help come up with a scheme to "extort millions" from Mel soon after that they broke up.

Violet had a five-month affair with Mel while Oksana was pregnant and says that "Oksana wanted to destroy Mel…I never thought I’d feel sorry for Mel, but I do."

On August 12, Violet says that Oksana's now former bodyguard, Kris Herzog, called her and requested a meeting "to discuss a few things."

She claims that Herzog told her, "It would be good to have Oksana on their side because soon she would be worth $200 million dollars."

According to a source, "Violet thought this to be a clear seducement from the bodyguard, intimating that Oksana would pay her if she cooperated by providing information and intelligence on Mel, from during their affair."

Oksana has since "protested her innocence and independence" from the bodyguard. Her rep says, "She (Oksana) has no knowledge of the allegations in the article and never told anyone to do anything such as is alleged of her."

Hmm, this is all kinds of shady? Who do U believe??

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20 comments to “Was Oksana Trying To Extort Money From Mel??”

  1. 1

    i wouldnt doubt it.

  2. 2

    i would bet "yes" .

  3. 3

    If I was pregnant with a mans baby and he had a 5 month affair I would want him destroyed too. What the f*ck is Mel playing at?

  4. 4

    I don't know whose trying to dig into Mel's pockets, but she's certainly one of them.

  5. 5

    Are you finally figuring this out? Oh that's right you were too busy being a self righteous douche to get the facts.

  6. 6

    The Land of the money hungry,back stabbing,celebrity cheating,lying lesbians,
    homo hustlers,and sue -me- mongruels! No I'm not talking about Disney World.I'm talking about the land of making all your dreams come true!!!

  7. 7

    The tapes are pretty incriminating and Mel has never said it wasn't him on the tapes. And while I'm not convinced she is lying, she does seem like she could be unintelligent, which indicates that maybe she put together a shoddy plan to extort Mel. She could only be "extorting" Mel to a certain extent, he was abusing her to some capacity, and he, in my opinion, demonstrated that he is probably not safe to be put in charge of a baby girl. I think the tapes should be heard by a judge, because it is a private conversation in which he is accused of physical abuse and does not deny it, which leads me to believe that he is in fact guilty of the crimes.


  8. 8

    Here's the magic question for any guy in a relationship with a woman who's 20+ years younger than him: "If I lost it all today and had to start again from zero, would she still be here for me?" If the answer is no, and it probably is, then she ain't with you for your great looks and charming personality. DUH. That said, Mel's no victim. He deserves whatever hell she's unleashing on him.

  9. 9

    ANY MAN…..ANY MAN who thinks a woman that is 20 years younger than him is in it for anything other than $$$$ is kidding himself. This also applies to these fat hollywood male stars (seth rogan, jonah hill) that have these gorgeous ladies on their arms, if they think they are with them for anything else besides money or influence are really stupid or in denial.

  10. 10

    She's pretty good…good enough to play Natasha Fatale in the next Bullwinkle movie!

  11. 11

    No shit Perez! We have been telling you this for months but I guess you couldn't hear us from up on your high horse. Congratulations for being the world's biggest idiot! Looks like you are just another dumbass who fell for Oksana's bullshit.

  12. 12

    Is she trying to extort? Well, experts have PROVEN the tapes were doctored. Now we are hearing the police feel the same about the picture of the black eye.

    I don't know any other reason to doctor tapes and pictures, do you?

  13. 13

    Re: GoToddyGo
    those tapes are also being investigated because they may have been digitally altered, so anything that was said there may have been edited and spliced. a victim of dv tends to try to get away from her abuser as far as she can, not only because she fears for her or her family's life, but so she also won't have to deal with the abuser anymore. but oksana is not only still living at mel's place with her entire family, she seems to be the one who keeps chasing after mel and his money. and why would you think mel is a danger to his daughter when he has so far provided everything for her, has not run away from his duties as a father, and has had seven children prior to lucia, none of whom have ever accused him of child abuse. his ex wife robyn has made a statement saying that he has never abused any of their children either. for you to claim that mel is a danger to his baby is ridiculous, since even the child welfare department seems to think he is a good father to lucia based on their supervision of him, and the judge has not discontinued mel's access to his child. the judge has most likely already heard the tapes and heard both sides of the argument. if the judge thinks that mel is no danger to his child based on the evidence or lack of evidence, then why should we believe oksana, who has been known to lie about a lot of things just to get her own way.

  14. 14

    Re: Juliella
    juliella, no person deserves to be extorted just because they happened to screw up and didn't think carefully about who they had a relationship with. if oksana was to be rewarded for her despicable behaviour, not only will this encourage other women like her to try to do the exact same thing to other men, it will also encourage oksana to try to do it again and again to some other unfortunate man who happened to get caught up in her charms again. since most of the men in her past seem to have hated her, and her family has slandered a few of them, including her first ex husband, it wouldn't be surprising if she fabricated some of her stories to try and destroy mel and to win public sympathy and money support from him when he refused to pay her more than what she wanted. if oksana had been truly abused, why would she need to go and get someone else to lie for her? why would she feel the need to extort him, when she claimed in those tapes that she was not interested in his money and she also claimed that she didn't want lucia to be with mel because she was scared for her life. this was inspite of the fact that instead of going to the police, she negotiated a deal with gibson first but when she didn't feel satisfied with it, backed out of it and then leaked the tapes to the public. so i guess either way, she still comes off looking like a liar and a terrible, terrible mother.

  15. 15

    That information is from Camp Mel. Neither of the two is particularly trustworthy. However, we've heard old Mel on the phone talking and it is clear that he needs medication and anger management. I would put nothing past him. I do not think she is safe without bodyguards.

  16. 16

    I smell Mel's money all over Violet's declarations. If anyone has been intimidating her and seducing her to make these statements it's Mel GIbson.
    Afterall, that's his style isn't it? Buying people and their support of him in
    whatever he does. He is the one who thinks he can buy his way out of any

  17. 17

    Re: Jack Russell Terrier – I completely agree but honestly, I think they know these women are in it for the money. They just want arm candy or someone that'll keep them youthful. Just a thought though.

  18. 18

    Re: androiddd – I agree that nobody deserves to be extorted. But seriously … if he couldn't see this coming from Day 1, then it's a testament to his own arrogance and stupidity. Here's a thought: if you don't want to be extorted by your money-hungry lying babymomma, have the character and integrity to stay loyal to your wife … ya know, the one who gave you your first seven kids.

  19. 19

    Nasty bitch. I hope she goes to jail for extortion. She's a nasty lying whore who got pregnant on purpose to take Mel to the cleaners.

  20. 20

    Re: SOOTHE
    really? so i guess oksana's bodyguard must also be getting paid by mel as well since he was the one who claimed to have spoken with oksana about allowing violet a cut in the money that oksana intends to get from mel, if she (violet) backed up oksana regarding her physical abuse claims. and how is mel buying people to get his way out of this situation when he and his camp have not even said a single word at all to the press or the media. if oksana's bodyguard is to believed, it seems more like oksana is the one who has no qualms to buy people to help her win her case against mel gibson. money and pr seems to be the only things that oksana cares about, she treats her children as nothing more than mere props to help her portray a good mage to the public.