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Allegedly Sober Michael Lohan Famewhores In An NYC Bar!

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Well, isn't this self-proclaimed concerned father just all smiles?

While his addict daughter Lindsay's life continues to collapse around her, ex-con and allegedly 'sober' Michael Lohan was spotted famewhoring it up at a New York City bar!

We never are ceased to be amazed with this disgusting, self-righteous prick's bullshit.

He clearly has no self-control, so we wonder what he thinks he's doing in an effing BAR!

Just another reminder that his meal ticket daughter never even had a chance because of him.


[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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13 comments to “Allegedly Sober Michael Lohan Famewhores In An NYC Bar!”

  1. 1

    I swear when I first saw that pic (on another site this morning) I thought it was Ali

  2. 2

    Yes, the man is a scumbag. But if all of us blamed our scumbag parents for all of our problems, there'd be no such thing as personal accountability. She needs to own up (for realz) and he needs to shut up. Dude, that chick totally looks like Ali! Creepy.

  3. 3

    REally?? NO wonder his daughter is a mess, this fucking loser is always in a bar with half naked chicks instead of trying to get her some freaking help. Is this guy always in a bar with 21 year old girls or what? Get a life or a job!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Mr. Example allows himself to be photographed posing in a bar while his poor daughter is likely going back to jail for not being able to stay away from them. All-righty, then. This guy doesn't seem to think further than what he wants for himself that day, imo. What a leader.

  5. 5

    How did he ruin her life? He didn't force her to snort coke. Yeah he's a dirtbag but come on, saying he did this to her is just stupid.

  6. 6

    She seems so proud. This is a very good example of why you should drink responsibly.

  7. 7

    bullsh*t! both my parents are alcoholics and were cokeheads. i'm 19 and they've separated and both remarried different alcoholics. i party a fair bit but i'm not sniffing eight balls everynight and drinking constantly. you can only blame parents so much, at some point a "child" has to gain some common sense, and in most cases this happens long before the child is binge drinking and snorting cocaine. she made her own choices. bad influences don't help, but it's up to you to orchestrate your own success, celebrity or not.

  8. Ee78 says – reply to this


    Michael Lohan certainly has his problems. However, his darling daughter can not forever blame him for her troubles.  That is such a lame excuse. In fact, it has become quite old and sounding like a broken record. Lindsay has the same problem most people her age have. They like to party but don't like to pay the piper. So when consequences come they cop out and cry "boo hoo… it is not my fault the way I am.". Please … save it.  It is over for the b/s. Lindsay lost all credibility … what little she had… when she took that sort of coke and hit of speed.  She should have taken up the offer Marty Angelo made to year back in 2007.  Fool….fool…. fool.  Now button up that pie hole and get off to Lynwood Jail for your punishment and maybe this time you will get it.  Michael Lohan is still learning as well as all of us.  Now of us is perfect except Perez.  What he doesn't know yet is what goes around comes around.  So have your fun pointing your finger at everyone else but remember there a four pointing right back at you.  

  9. 9

    That bitch looks like a cross between Lindsay…and the other one….

  10. 10

    Everyone needs to realize that at the end day that is lindsay lohan father and he does love her but Lindsay Lohan is 24 years she needs to stop blameing everyone around her for being cocaine head and if she really wanted help she would stay in rehab longer

  11. 11

    Nice tits. Who was the conversation about again?

  12. Ee78 says – reply to this


    Re: othefan21 – That is so true. As soon as she stepped out of ucla she should have checked into a real program that wasn't court ordered and proved to herself that she did really need help. this type of thing happens everyday. It is not something new. However, Lohan took the road of least resistance … she thought… and just went back to het old ways and got caught again in her own trap. Only a fool will repeat the same mistake twice. Cand this crap about het being an addict is just another lame excuse to continue using and placing the blame on everyone else but herself. What a joke.

  13. 13

    give this guy a break, mario. you bust his balls when he speaks out to try to help his daughter and you bust him when he's living his own life. Maybe his methods aren't the most intelligent choices, but at least he's saying something, not like her mother who denies everything. yes, he may be a fame whore but look at where being a fame whore has gotten you ! does that make you "deplorable" as well ???? There was a time when you were lots of fun laughs. sad how quickly you're becoming just another bitter, mean- spirited old queen.
    what will you be like 20 years from now ?