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We implore you to reach out to your Senators today and urge demand that they pass The Dream Act today.

You can call your senator at (202) 224-3121 or CLICK HERE to find out how you can reach them online.

Do it for the future of America!!!

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  1. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Well if you want to financially support all of these immigrants and their offspring…go right ahead. But don't expect me to work my ass off while paying their bills!!! I'm sick and tired of getting behind illegals in the supermarket with hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and seeing them whip out their food stamp card while I'm holding my coupons and buying generic items. I'M PAYING THEIR WAY…AND I'M TIRED OF IT.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    ya i can agree with this bill!

    I might get attacked, but being half Mexican myself, I don't think its right for ANYONE to come to a country illegally. If your gonna live here, do it legally! My grandparents waited YEARS to become citizens, so if they can do it and have to go through the struggle, its not right for other people to do it the illegal way.

  4. 4

    fuck immigrants

  5. 5

    Thank You Perez, as an undocumented student thank you. And for those that think the Dream Act is going to give us financial help and use their money up…sorry to break the news but thats not what the Dream Act is( get informed). I am a double major in college , through so much struggle I am able to pay my classes, all I want is to become a professor and be able to teach which I wont be able to do if i do not have a status in this country. We dreamers want to give back. Thank you Perez for posting this.

  6. 6

    I'm sick of my tax dollars being wasted on people who have no business here. I will be writing my Congressman to oppose it.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    GO AWAY.

  9. 9

    I cannot, I simply do not agree with it.

    This bill will have consequences just like every other "well meaning" piece of legislation.

    When Reagon gave amnesty to illegals, more came. When we give illegals a reason to hop the border and have their children here, more will come again.

  10. 10

    Shut the fuck up Perez

  11. 11

    Here is our Dream
    That Hispanic countries start feeding, medicating and educating their own, instead of throwing them over the border for us to care for.
    I mean Really, have you people NO SHAME?

  12. 12

    I'm excited for it! I have been in this country all my life waiting for residency. It's tough to become legalized. It takes YEARS so don't assume that just because someone isn't a citizen yet, it's because they're lazy and don't want to do it "The right way". NO, it is because it is not an easy or short process.

    HOWEVER, I do get mad when people in my position take government money, commit crimes, and get married for papers.

    I have so much respect for this country. I love the U.S. I plan on enlisting if the Dream Act passes. Something I have always wanted to do but I haven't been able to because I am not even a resident yet.

  13. 13

    I am a conservative Republican who just finished writing both of my senators in support of the DREAM act. I know some absolutely outstanding students who have been raised in the poorest of situations, and yet have worked hard in school and done extremely well; and know are college bound. I also know some lazy-ass teenage moochers who I wish I could deport somewhere, except unfortunately they happen to be citizens. The kids that would benefit from the DREAM Act are what the American dream is all about; it is not their fault they entered the country illegally, and if given the chance, they will be productive and tax paying members of our society. I have a handful of kids I work with, and they deserve this opportunity, in many cases, much more so than their "legal" peers.

  14. 14

    Thank you Perez for posting this! It's sad for a bill that wishes to give young adults who have worked their asses off in college, and the many that work hard and do pay taxes even though they currently have no chance of receiving any benefits back, the ones who were brought into this country as children through no fault of their own, the ones who have never committed a crime, and the thousands who are ready and willing to enlist and proudly represent this country, it is just so sad at how many uninformed, closed-minded citizens there are who do not take the time to educate themselves and look beyond race and political sensationalism….

  15. 15

    The "DREAM" Act is a NIGHTMARE! It allows "students" up to 35 years old to apply for amnesty, even if they never graduate. It doesn't include any fraud prevention measures, so you can bet there will be a lot of "students" out there applying. Once a "student" becomes a citizen, he/she can bring in entire villages thanks to our lethally generous "chain migration" policy. Call your senator and tell them to OPPOSE adding this give-away to the Defense Bill– it's dirty politics as usual. They'll try to shove these "mini amnesties" down our throats until they've amnestied all 20+ million illegals and the middle class is completely sucked under supporting and subsidizing them. Over 80% of Americans are against amnesty no matter how the pols spin it– we're sick and tired of supporting these uneducated masses that are overpopulating our once great country.

  16. 16

    Amnesty…..that is all this is. In the end, it just makes everyone legal. I say no, do everything the RIGHT way if you want to come in this country. No free rides just for being a "student", besides those people have already cost me tax dollars and I don't want to pay for more.

  17. 17

    Re: thesoniag – You're an "undocumented student?" So basically you're a fucking criminal illegal alien who is jobless and milking the hardworking American citizen while you go to college on our dime. Well, fuck you! And you're pissed that you might not be able to be a professor in this country if your immigration status doesn't change in your favor? I fucking hate every single one of you illegals. Just an fyi for all the supporters of illegal immigrants, the Republicans will win the House and the Senate this November and they won't pass ANY bill or legislation that helps illegal cockroaches.

  18. 18

    This bill isnt even Amnesty!People are so racist that they cant evn see we can Invest from this!!If these kids want papers they must finish school and 2 years of college!!What is so bad about that???So dont worry about the ganbangers getting legal citizenship….Really its a Win Win Situation.

  19. Sgirl says – reply to this


    Dream Act my ass. We have enough wetbacks in this country. More like the Nightmare Act. A dream would be to ship all these dirty illegals out of this country! Good riddance.

  20. 20

    there a reason why a lot of immigrants come to the us is cause of the act that was put on in the late 90's which completelty ruin the economy for many countries and force immigrants to come to the u.s. for a better life. but this billis actually good it make immigrants get documents for living in the country for more than 5 years and they must gradutate from high school and even attend at least 2 years of college which is good that means they get a education. at least this country is thinking about the education again. btw there nothing wrong with people getting food stamps atht ehgrocery store people it's not just immigrants during these tough times everybody seems to taking out there food stamps and coupons. it's obvouse they get them cause they don't get paid enough to buy there grocery or even have a job. and you say there nothing wrong with them not having a job it's complete bs everybody in this country has the right to work. it's obviuose they do work hard since they are busy picking up fruits and vegetables for us on the fields and busy making us products on factories for us.

  21. 21

    Re: bruzzie – The recession has been over for months!

  22. 22

    Good for you Perez, putting something up that would affect so many people's lives for the better.

    I hate when ignorant people start commenting on how they are sick and tired of "illegals taking their money." Don't they realize that in order to get food stamps they have to provide a social security number, that the only education they are allowed is K-12, and that because most illegals can only live in apartments they do indeed pay taxes through the property tax already included in their monthly rent? The list goes on and on and on. Instead of focusing on the negative that "these people" place we should start focusing on the positive.

    The Dream Act only includes individuals who have lived in the U.S. for more than 5 years. They would have to commit to two years of military service or go to a 4 year accredited university. These are just SOME of the requirements imposed on these individuals and honestly, they would be doing A LOT more with their lives than a lot of American's now a days.

    I encourage everybody to educate themselves more on this matter than simply assuming the Mexican in front of them in the grocery line who is paying with food stamps MUST BE illegal.

    Another thing, it is spelled REAGAN.

  23. 23

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – it's funny all the repunlicans do is sit in a chair complain about obama and his administartion and they do nothing. will republicans if you don't like how democrats doing the work then do something not just sit on a chair all day and complain about it. you don't have to be elected of something to do work since the republican senators and rep are out there working why have we not sen the republicans do something about it instead of just complaining.

  24. 24

    Are you drunk? There is no way this is good for America. It's insane.

  25. 25

    Re: lenmom – Educate yourself before you come up with and idiotic comment.

  26. 26

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Again.Educate yourself before making such a stupid comment.What do you think?That you pay for every fucking thing here?Most illegal immigrants have to get jobs,raise money and pay tuition.So shut the fuck up!

  27. 27

    Re: Maria Garza – i know what you mean it took my mom 10 years to be a citizen a single parent working 16 hours a day to provide for her 3 children. so don't say that all immigrants are lazy and they steal everything from americans. thats complete bs.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – No fuck you! leave thesoniag alone! Did you not read their entire comment?? No I didn't think so. You fucking bitch for ever person that you hate double of that hate you.

  30. 30

    Re: Wrenn – first of all there offspring are going to be documented ok there citizen automatically when they are born so wha the fuck are you talking about there kids?

  31. 31

    I think there are too many Illegal immigrants. If there was a boat to send all the illegal mexicans back to Mexico, I'd be the 1st person to put money down for it !!

  32. 32

    You suck Perez, I would never support this. I support Arizona.

  33. 33

    I come from a city with many many many illegal immigrants. But it's not uncommon for an illegal to obtain a social security number from a dead person or a duplicate of a citizen. Sad but true. I've seen it many times. There are people who go around the immigrant workers jobs offering illegal cards. I would be ALL for this, if only people wouldn't take advantage of the system and hard working people. I'm sick and tired of paying for someone to have 9 kids, in housing, on food stamps, while they drive a better car than me. Seriously? Come on.

  34. 34

    Re: queen britney – First off, your post would make an editor weep. Secondly, the Republicans don't just sit on their asses and complain. We say small government and we want a strong private sector. Also, the Dems were the ones complaining without providing any ideas during W's 8 years. At the least, come November the Republicans will shut down most of Obama's psychotic policies and bills and replace them will ones that aren't so crippling to our economy.

  35. 35

    Perez, Havana called, Cuba wants you back…

  36. 36

    What about the legals here? I can't even afford schooling… I'm screwed. I'm living at home because I can't afford to even eat on my own. Yes I do work, but $200 out of my $400 check gets taken out for taxes… and guess who that's paying for? The disrespectful illegals I seem to run across in stores. They aren't nice, they're very rude and inconvenient. And they have carts FULL of food, and yep, it's fucking free.

    I'm tired of the bullshit, go fuck yourselves. I will be calling to NOT let this happen.

  37. 37

    Re: Maria Garza – Right, it does take forever. JUST like it did for everyone else before YOU.
    You're a sorry bitch if you think anyone feels sorry for you having to wait years for residency. Shouldn't be here living anyways unless you are legally allowed to.

  38. 38

    Re: thesoniag – Undocumented student?? Correction- it would be more accurate to state that you are an Illegal immigrant who attends school in the U.S. I would be interested to see if you could be as you say an undocumented student in France,England,Russia, Mexico,Canada etc….-I don't think so.

  39. 39

    Re: bich45 – Actually, I won't shut the fuck up. I don't care if most illegals have jobs and pay their tuition as you claim. THEY ARE FOREIGN CRIMINALS AND SHOULDN'T BE HERE. Way too much free shit is offered to the pathetic illegal (like this Dream Act shit) and I'm fucking sick of it. Meanwhile, your heart bleeds for criminals. You should consider changing your moniker. Bich? You don't seem like a bich, you seem like an illegal alien asslicker.

  40. 40

    Oh shuttup !!!

  41. 41

    More idiotic repubelican bullshit being spewed on this thread. But it's okay. Democrats have the his Hispanic vote locked.

  42. 42

    Re: iced89 – LOL I'll see your hatred towards me and raise you one more hate. LOL You sound like you are in your early twenties at best, probably mid to late teens. Yes, I read the entire comment. Yes, I hate foreign criminals. Yes, you like foreign criminals. Yes, you are upset with me. No, I don't care. Let thesoniag stick up for herself. This ain't your battle, baby doll.

  43. 43

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – first of if what you say they are doing something why do i not see anything being down if they are doing something to small communites or whatever i have not sen anything being done at all by the republicans at all what so ever other than talk shit. if they are doing something why don't you tell me a list of accomplishments the ahve done in the past year to help americans in this country?

  44. 44

    first off immigrants make the united states 75 billion dollers every year on here hard work. and they take 45 billion a year that leaves. 30 billion for the other americans to waste money on and the tax are not for just immigrants you know. they use it on schools etc. they do pay taxes by the way since they pay sales tax and property tax.

  45. 45

    Re: mustbenargles – will why cant you afford school did you even bother applying for scholarships or for finicial aid? if did not get scholar ships omg it was the immigrants thas why i did not get a cholarship wah wah wah more like you don't shit.

  46. 46

    It's sad how people post hate filled comments without informing theme selves on the issue first. Again most of it is just stereotyping the latinos and not all latinos are like the ones you've come'd across there are hard working people who deserve this, also this is just focusing on students not on the over all illegal population. That is something that still needs to be taken care of, but my stance on this is that those who deserve it get it. There are some brilliant students out there but just because of their undocumented status they cannot go forward. I will not go on on the issue since there are many pros and cons, but i think the pros beat out the cons in this one. Again it's just my opinion. Let the senators decide what is best for these young individuals.

  47. 47

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – How much of an education have you had? Although I was born here and have papers, I have very good friends that don't and work their butts off in high school and now, unfortunately, cannot go to college because of their financial situation. Unfortunately it's people like you sitting in our government (Not all of them) hating people for no apparent reason, but for the color of their skin or country of origin. How about the welfare statistics that show 38.8% of Welfare recipients are Caucasian, as of 2007. I'm sure some people have very bad situations and are in need of this help from the government, but I've seen and known people living off of welfare for no reason but because they can. I'm not saying this offend anyone or to be racist towards anyone, but it's some people that do have documentation, of every race, that give some people who don't a bad name. Educate yourself and learn about the world before you go of spewing close-minded opinions like that because that mentality gets you no where.

  48. 48

    Bich45–no YOU should read the NIGHTMARE Act! It allows "students" up to the age 0f 35 to apply, has no measures in it to prevent fraud, and there's no requirement for the applicants to graduate. If they become citizens they can then bring in all of their extended family. This, combined with the high rate of reproduction in most hispanics will be the overpopulation and demise of our country. I've read the actual bill–have you??? Or is your only source the left-wing liberal news that makes this act seem like a dream? It's a dream for illegals, but a nightmare for tax paying citizens who already foot the bill for illegals' K - 12 education. So you want me to spend MY tax money to lessen the chance that MY kid will get one of the now fewer seats available at universities? Go dream somewhere else— preferably your native country.

  49. 49

    Re: Mshooter – LOL The Hispanic vote. That's why Democrats and liberals care about illegals and Hispanics/Latinos: for their votes. Funny thing is that Hispanics don't vote in large numbers. Hell, they don't even vote in small numbers. The only group within the Hispanic/Latino community that votes is the Cubans. And the Cubans vote Republican. Face it, buddy, all the pandering for the "Hispanic vote" is a waste.

  50. 50

    Re: luckymom22 – I always thought conservative Republicans were fiscally conservative. The U.S.A. is broke, we are in the red! We do not have the money to support this effort!Any extra money we have needs to pay for the $Trillions of dollars we are in debt to China. Reagan made a huge mistake offering amnesty in the 80's without taking steps to secure the border. If the U.S.A is even going to talk about any type of path to citizenship, the borders need to be secured first! That would be the responsible and strategic thing to do. Our government and president, I thought, were suppose to uphold the laws and to protect and care for the citizens of the U.S.A first and foremost. Since the U.S. government doesn't have the money to support and protect its citizens now…..I am assuming you would like the U.S. to borrow more money from China to support the world's citizens who decide one day to cross a border and setup house in the U.S.???????? I don't think so!

  51. 51

    The Democratic party is trying to stay in power by giving away hard-working Americans' tax money to gain votes from: welfare recipients (check), to hispanics for their hopeful votes or falsified votes (check), to unions who want hispanic union dues (check), to corporations who want cheap illegal labor (check). They can't see beyond their noses that overpopulation due to unchecked immigration (legal and illegal) will be the ruin of the U.S. Funny, isn't it, that more than 75% of these comments are vehemently against the Nightmare Act? Funny too that the same (actually higher) percentage of Americans are utterly against amnesty in any form. The NIGHTMARE Act is the first of many mini-amnesties they plan to try to ram down our throats. Let those of you in support of this and all bills favoring, aiding, and abetting illegals be the ones to pay for their education, housing, medication, and welfare, but do in it Mexico, not here. We don't need another 20 million people.

  52. 52

    Re: klara9038 – First off, educate yourself. Not every "illegal" is from Mexico. Second of all, since when does someone need a boat to get to Mexico? Third of all, you're ancestors are "illegals" as you call it. Why is it that you support Arizona, if I may ask? You don't have to answer me, it's just a simple question that you should be able to answer if you really knew what you were supporting.

  53. 53

    Re: queen britney – Re post #43 Are you kidding me? You want me to provide you with a list of accomplishments of Republican politicians? You have access to a computer, look it up yourself. You do realize that the Dems are currently in charge of the Senate, the House and the Presidency? All they've done with their power is to fuck up the country. The healthcare bill and doing jackshit fixing the economy/creating jobs will be what the Dems will be remembered for. Oh, and their traitorous standing ovation for Calderon earlier this year.

  54. Rasta says – reply to this


    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck NO!
    Eldridge Cleaver is RIGHT. Queen Britney - for fucks sake - learn to spell before trying to argue something so one-sided and wrong.

    The TRUTH of the matter is only 50% of illegals who come to the USA are working. The rest mooch off the US taxpayers.


    ADIOS moochers.

  55. 55

    THANKS PEREZ….the DREAM ACT is a good bill that would help many young people who simply trying to make their way through the world…

  56. 56

    I'm confused… so this bill will provide amnesty for illegal immigrants who are "successful" in life? I would like illegals to pay taxes, a fine, and kick out any who have a criminal record. I don't think I'm asking too much. I would also like the corporations who are employing them to pay LARGE fines. I don't believe in giving a waiver just because they decide to become respectable people. Shouldn't that just be something they want in life on their own, without dangling the amnesty carrot in front of them?

  57. 57

    first of all tell me people just tell me what so bad about illegal immigrants? they seem to work on jobs that no american wants? like working in the fields for example they work about 12 hours day getting paid minimum wage. yes they do get food stamps but because they are very poor. as for the arizona law it becomes a crime when they ask for the papers of a mexican american citizen who knows nothing about mexico or even been there gets deported just cause he did not have his birth certificate with him on his car or walking in th street. who the fuck carries there birth certificate or social security in the street?

  58. 58

    Re: Rini Maureen – I have college degrees. I know that whites are on welfare. What does that have to do with illegal immigration? Zero, asshole! Don't change the subject. Illegal immigrants are foreign criminals. Most of Hollywood, most of the media and apparently you have romanticized the illegals plight. "Oh, they are humble people just trying to feed their families and realize the American dream." But what about American citizens trying to do that? Americans should come before foreign criminals.

  59. 59

    Re: Rasta – Where are you from? Why didn't your parents or ancestors protest in their own country? I agree, this argument has more than one side. So try taking your own advice before you start "to argue something so one-sided and wrong."

  60. 60

    first of all most immigrants have low crime rate then any other citizen in this country. why you ask because they don't want to get deported or bring problems to themselves. the crime right from immigrants is actually very low and to you saying that they are criminals is just so stupid of you to say that.

  61. 61

    Absolutely not. We are trying to cut down on immigration, not open yet another avenue for illegals to live here.

  62. 62

    Re: Mshooter – Good thing Mexicans dont like to vote!

  63. 63

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – It might not have anything to do with illegal immigration, but it seems to me that most people here are complaining that " The illegals have taken the money." (You should re-read your first comment where you say he's "milking the hardworking American citizen while you go to college on our dime") We can talk about illegal immigration, all I hear from you is "foreign criminals" this and that, but why do you feel they shouldn't be in the United States? I agree, some are real criminals, but not all of them. It seems you've put them all into the same category. I'm happy for citizens trying to achieve the American dream but you have to agree that some are just lazy and don't really care about the American dream, so why not give people that actually care and are willing to work the chance to achieve such a dream.

  64. 64

    All immigrants are welcome here as long as they do it LEGALLY. If not, they are criminals and should be treated as such. Time to put troops on the border to help control the invasion.

    Now if we can find a way to deport Mario

  65. 65

    Re: dixi345 – You are right, their parents broke the law. Time to do away with the anchor baby crap too

  66. 66

    Latinos?? no dumbass real latinos are Europeans such as the Spanish,Italians,French,Portuguese, and Romanians. You need to come up with a better name to describe yourself , undeducated bastard.Illegal Immigrants should get the fuck out of here , the same way they game here, cross the fucking border back to Mexico. Adios!

  67. 67

    Re: queen britney – The crime rate for illegal immigrants is low ? did you miss the part where they are called "illegal" ? already a crime right there.

  68. pina says – reply to this


    Educate yourself ppl!!!!!! PLEASE….

  69. 69

    Re: Rini Maureen – Jesus, I think all illegal immigrants are criminals because they are. They broke the law getting here and anchor babies' parents broke the law. We shouldn't reward criminals. Further, I care more about fellow Americans (the good ones and the bad ones) than I care about people whose only crime is sneaking across the border. Americans are and should be a team. Illegals don't want to be part of that team.

  70. 70

    Re: mustbenargles – I don't understand why you're calling me a sorry bitch. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me. People love to run their mouths saying that illegal immigrants just sit here and take everyone's money. FYI, my family and I have never used government money. We work hard and do things as legally possible. I had to pay for my college too, so quit complaining.
    By the way, did I say anything about the people before me? Did I say "woah is me"? no, sweetie, I didn't. Shove your nasty hateful comments somewhere else. You're a sad person.

  71. 71


  72. 72

    Get back to doing your own writing and posting without the staff filling in for you while you sell girls' clothes and promote unknowns around the usa.Stay in town,and take the mentalist's advice since you were in nyc,broke,and in trouble with devil magic..Think about it.. So do not advocate giving your tax money for slobs to ruin los angeles and commit more crimes..look at the fool who posted below,illegal in college who still cannot spell.Go home and go to college in mexico,not begging free and taking tax money here.

  73. 73

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – haha, haven't seen you in a while

  74. 74

    Those of you with the nasty, rude, baleful comments are just mad. Save your anger for when we DO become citizens. When the Dream Act DOES PASS. This isn't my country of origin, but it is MY country. Your ancestors are not from here either. Unless you're a Native American, not that 25% B.S., I mean a full blooded Native American, then please shut up. They're the ones who had this country first, before it was taken from them. We're going to rub it in your faces when we become citizens! I hope you don't like it. We're going to take advantage of everything this country has to offer because we will be legal one day. God bless you all. It must suck to have so much hate in your hearts. I'm all smiles. =)

  75. 75

    Re: rinzler – Dumbass!!! ANYONE born in LATIN america is a latino.

  76. 76

    Re: rinzler – Dumbass!!! ANYONE born in LATIN america is a latino.

  77. 77

    To all you shitbags whining about "Illegal Immigrants" Are you going to go work the fields for 35 cents an hour? Are you willing to go clean someone's house or pool or hotel room? Are you willing to pay high prices for basic products? If the answer is no, then fuck you and shut up because like it or not you need these migrants more than they need you.

  78. 78

    This bill is a slap in the face for my dad who came here LEGALLY and became a citizen LEGALLY.

    These people need to leave. They broke the law. They are criminals. I don't care to hear your sob story about how you want to become a citizen and be a damn teacher. Get the FVCK out of my country!!! You do not belong here.

  79. 79

    Re: queen britney
    This "illegals do jobs americans won't" line is just bs, really. The reasons why Americans won't do this job is the pitiful conditions and pay which are illegal. An American citizen or at least a legal residence of the US has a right to better pay and better conditions which these illegals do not and the employers take advantage of that.
    I'm not saying illegals are lazy, but I am saying that amnesty in any way and for any reason isn't the best solution. My boyfriend is Venezuelan and is thinking about a move to the US in the next year and he's doing it the right way. He knows it will be hard but not impossible. If he knows that and he's still doing it, why can't others?
    I just have absolutely no sympathy and no respect for the people who come on here and whine about how long citizenship takes. Why should that stop them if they really want it?

  80. 80

    I HATE when people try to make this a "Latin" issue. Enough already, if you come here illegally or your parents come here illegally - you are by DEFINITION an Illegal immigrant and there are consequences for jumping ahead of everyone else in line, regardless of your reasons; we either live in a country of laws or we don't. It's NOT A LATIN ISSUE _ ITS A LEGAL ISSUE!!!!! If you want the "dream" - get in line and try and get that dream legally like the law requires.

  81. 81

    He links us to a page on wikipedia..WHAT THE HELL

  82. 82


    This has to be the last time I visit this site. You are completely off base as usual and seem to not even understand who your audience consist of. Read some of the comments from this post. Per usual you have misinterpreted what are the mainstream views of your audience and continue to push your extremist progressive /pseudo-communist views.

    Question, why is our Congress wasting its resources with all the problems this Country is facing creating laws to protect non-citizens in this nation while at the same time demonizing the actual citizens who oppose such actions?

    Answer, the Democrats need support via voters in the upcoming election because it is clear the American public us more than unhappy with what is going on in the nation’s Capital, this is a way to gain support from the Hispanic population to ensure they have their support. It’s all politics, it’s not because the Dems actually care about this minority group, its being exploited for its votes. To top it off, the Dream Act is folded into a Defense budget bill as a way to entrap the Republicans who do not support the Dream Act. The Democrats are using the American Troops and the illegal population, not helping them.

    So as I have turned off Lady Gaga I now turn away from you. I came to this page for entertainment, not to be fed propaganda from some moron with half a brain.

  83. 83

    Hahaha! No way!!

  84. 84

    Perez is an illegal immigrant.

  85. 85

    It pisses me OFF that this DREAM act is tied to other important legislation so that it has to get passed.
    We have given illegals enough of a free ride.

  86. 86

    Nope - thanks for the number so I can call to object to this bill.

  87. 87

    Perez is as big of a racist as those he accuses. Last week he ended one of his posts with "Vote Latino!". Can you imagine if a white blogger had written "Vote White!". All the usual suspects would be up in arms and marching in protest. But because we are white we are expected to TAKE IT over and over, non stop.

  88. 88

    Re: luckymom22 – You may like to discribe yourself as a Conservative Republican but if you are for this bill you are only a Republican. No Conservative could support this.

  89. 89

    Re: Wrenn – I work for welfare, you cannot collect if you are an illegal immigrant. Only citizens and legal immigrants can collect.

  90. 90

    Re: bich45 – Since when is it racist to want what you believe is best for your country??? I do not want Illegal aliens from any country, be it Mexico, Canada, England, France, Russia, or Isreal, in the USA. People need to follow the law to come live and work here. If they do that I could care less where they came from.

  91. 91

    Re: MshooterRe: bich45 – Since when is it racist to want what you believe is best for your country??? I do not want Illegal aliens from any country, be it Mexico, Canada, England, France, Russia, or Isreal, in the USA. People need to follow the law to come live and work here. If they do that I could care less where they came from.

  92. 92

    Yea, go ahead, pass it. Slip immigration reform in a defense bill, right? Once again, Washington ignoring the will of the people and Dems trying to sign up new voters so they don't lose the election. Perez, you are shameful.

  93. 93

    Re: mustbenargles – Oh yeah…? 50% of your income is going to taxes? I smell embellishment. Might want to check your W4 and get with your boss. Tax brackets exist for a reason.

  94. 94

    It's odd reading some of the comments here. Don't you see that actually legalising immigrants is a 'good' idea, allowing them to work 'legally', pay taxes 'legally' and contribute to society and we're talking about kids here. Kids who wound up in this country without much of a choice but who should have the right to be naturalised and stay. Are people just nuts in america these days? 'This bill would provide certain undocumented immigrant students who graduate from US high schools, who are of good moral character, arrived in the U.S. as minors, and have been in the country continuously for at least five years prior to the bill's enactment, the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency.' Ummm, anybody see a problem with that?

  95. 95


  96. WTF35 says – reply to this


    Sorry P, I can't support this bill, come here legally like many immigrants have throughout history. Our tax dollars should be supporting education reform, not illegal immigrants education.

  97. 97

    Re: queen britney
    Wow, where did you pull those figures from? Your ass? Most illegal immigrants send a lot of the money they make back to where they came from to their families. So how do you figure they help stimulate our economy?

  98. 98

    Re: Rini Maureen
    I never saw them complain about the color of their skin. Why can't you people understand that Latino doesn't equal Illegal Immigrants?

    Just because they sometimes pay Property tax and Sales tax doesn't make up for the fact they don't pay Federal or State taxes. If you are not a citizen you shouldn't be receiving any financial of any type. For every hard working illegal getting help there is also a hard working citizen getting stiffed.

  99. 99

    God, no way. This crap is horrible.

  100. 100

    Re: JackTheRipper
    Thanks, you are my hero.

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