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Rihanna Slams Product Placement! Rihanna Signs Up For Doritos Endorsement!

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Now that we know that the latest Rihanna leaked track - and video - is merely part of an endorsement deal with Doritos (we know, RANDOM, right?!), we were reminded of this little quotable the pop star gave back in April regarding her feelings on product placement!

She said:

"I hate doing product placement in my videos. I hate it. I think videos should just tell the story of the song. And then with product placement it all just becomes this big ad campaign. Sometimes we have to do it, for whatever political reason, but it's never my first choice. I don't like things to be so commercial."

So then, tell us, bb! For what political reason are you forced to sell Doritos?!

The world is dying to know! LOLs!

Check out (above) a preview for the Doritos-inspired Who's That Chick, even though the finished version has already made its way around the internet.


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22 comments to “Rihanna Slams Product Placement! Rihanna Signs Up For Doritos Endorsement!”

  1. 1

    now I'm no genius when it comes to these things but that video that was leaked and the above video have nothing to do with one another - maybe I'm missing something……..
    on the other hand, rihanna's a manufactured dumbass who says how high when specific people tell her to jump - her contradiction doesn't surprise me………based on the things I've heard her say, she doesn't have much control of the English language so she probably has no idea what she's talking about anyway -simply memorized lines……….

  2. 2

    A man with ads all over his site has a problem with someone else's product placement in a video?

  3. 3

    her music and tour didnt do shit….product endorsments are must for her now

  4. 4


  5. 5

    so funny. Lady Gaga vids are the biggest and longest ads! LOL

  6. 6

    Rhianna putting product placement in her videos would be like you having to draw out company logos on your pictures with your signature white graffiti. This is how RiRi expresses herself and for whatever stupid, capitalistic reasons she has to toss things she doesn't give a shit about into her videos. I know GAGS loves to pimp herself out under some delusion that it's some high form of pop art like Andy Warhol but Rhianna actually hasn't forfeited her soul quite yet.

    That being said, I'm so fuggin sick of her and Gags and everyone else trying to be some amalgam of Bowie and Micheal Jackson. Can we NEVER fucking let GEN - X go? How bout referencing the 90's a bit? Let's cut the bullshit homages, MJ lost it by the time we were young, he wasn't the idol the older generations think he was to us.

  7. 7

    Breaking News!! Sing-talking skank Rihanna still a poser.

    Thanks for the update Mario

  8. 8

    I'm not even a Rhianna fan - far from it - but…

    You know, everytime I come here, I just leave really depressed about how stupid some people are - and how such stupid people can somehow get a platform in today's world. English lesson for the day… the word "politics" does not only refer to politics as in "government". She is referring to corporate politics, and the fact that most musicians - certainly pop culture one s- do not get control over their material, and certainly not in light of cross-branding deals. So rather than her statement suggesting what you spin it as, she's actually admitting that it's beyond her control and she is forced to do it. I don't think anybody would want to do an ad for Doritos - it doesn't say much about your career - but it's not like it was her idea. All these pop stars are run by marketing boards (Gaga more than any of them) and it's ridiculous how the mainstream attributes their products to these stars themselves. They are the work of the faceless men of the music machine that you don't ever see. Diss her record company, not her. And start dissing Gaga, who claims to be "art", at the same time as she advertises anyone who'll give her more cash (which she also claims to hate).

  9. 9

    um… Mario look up the word "Product Placement" you obviously don't understand the meaning…

  10. 10

    Re: CatAttack – @ 6 - i totally agree with the 2nd paragraph - only thing about the first I'd have to disagree with is that rihanna hasn't quite forfeited her soul yet……….

  11. 11

    its a promo idiot…not a music video…. WOW your dumb

  12. 12

    lol ;)

  13. 13

    Perez sometimes you sound so dumb…even for a fat, uneducated, bitter queen.
    an AD CAMPAIGN and PRODUCT PLACEMENT are 2 totally different things. product placement would be if there was a bag of Doritos in Rihanna's hand while she was dancing in the video for 'Who's that Chic'. this sounds more like an ad campaign, something SPONSORED by Doritos, NOT product placement.

    BTW, the song, the video and the chick are a million times better than that ugly, meat wearing tranny you worship. :-)

  14. 14

    not even close to product placement. product placement would be if it never said sponsored by doritos, but she was conveniently eating doritos while getting her makeup done. the product-doritos-never appears anywhere in this video. product placement in music videos is when britney spears pulls up in a mazda (me against the music), sprays her fragrance (3, circus) or uses a nokia phone (womanizer)

  15. 15


  16. 16

    haha i love how ur such a idiot perez

  17. 17

    there's a difference between product placement in videos and endorsing a product.

  18. 18

    Re: Blotto – chill out dude

  19. 19

    watta dumb bitch

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe she got stock options.

  21. 21

    I know one thing I would never buy another bag of Doritos or any product with them. Rihanna is nothing but a puppet she is a horrible singer with not talent that people or I should say young teens love. These kids 12-15 years old have not idea what she is trying to do. BRAINWASH them just like they did her. Doritos is part of that devil worshiping shit also this is why they got her because she is one of them. She needs to be gone already and I hope Doritos numbers drop by using her

  22. 22

    LMFAO! PEREZ ur such an idiot!!! *dies*