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Scary Spice Calls Her Business Manger An "Evil Con Man"

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Behold the power of the girl!

Mel B is taking a very powerful stand against her former talent manager, who she claims in a new multi-million dollar lawsuit, swindled her out of a lot of money. For the first time, she is actually talking to the press about the thief and she has A LOT to say!

Her lawsuit alleges that Dan Catullo, who was also a director and producer for her new reality show, backed out of a $2 million deal, defrauded Mel B forging her signature on a financial document and even used her money to buy himself a $140,000 Audi sports car. Mel B says Dan is nothing more than an "evil con man" and she is ready to put an end to it. She explains:

"He is a very evil con artist with not very good intentions. He steals peoples money, not just our money but a bunch of peoples money."

It's true. In fact, during an investigation, it was uncovered that Dan has a pretty serious criminal record, all across the country, with multiple charges of identity theft and fraud.

Mel and her hubby Stephen Belafonte are seeking the judge to make a default judgement against Dan, but the con is one step ahead of them. He is countersuing them in response to their lawsuit

But if nothing can come from this, at least Mel B has warned others about what kind of man this guy is. She explains:

"What I think is really disturbing is that this guy is walking around LA, right now you could bump into him (and) he would be the nicest guy on face value, but underneath that, he is a vampire. He takes your money, tells you a completely different story, he morphs into these different names and characters and he just ruins peoples lives. I feel stupid because knowing what I know now, why didn't we check that or see that a lot earlier, hopefully we are preventing anybody else. I just think he needs to be stopped dead in his tracks. It's like telling a little boy, you can't treat people like that."

He maybe sneaky, but you got lots of power yourself, bb! Don't let him make you lose faith! You can take him - and you will win!

[Image via WENN.]

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3 comments to “Scary Spice Calls Her Business Manger An "Evil Con Man"”

  1. 1

    Her business manger? shouldn't it say manAger???
    Check your posts!!!

  2. 2

    She has an evil con man manger?

    Funny… my manger only has sheep and donkeys in it. It's not evil, nor is it a con man. Perhaps I just got the luck of the draw…

  3. 3

    Ya know Perez, for a person that is making a living WRITING blogs one would think that you would have the common sense to take the time and proof read your posts. But I guess if you don't know how to spell in the first place you can't proof read to correct the mistakes. You or whoever is writing these blogs are making way to many mistakes and it really is unexceptable in this type of business. You are loosing respect of your fans the way it is. This is just adding fuel to the fire. Why do you want to look so stupid?