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Ashton's Mistress Is Also A Stalker!

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Bitch is CRAYZAY!!!!

The rumor mill is still churning out stories about Ashton Kutcher and this homewrecker half Demi Moore's age. Now, sources are focusing more on the background of Brittney Jones, the 21-year-old skank who claims to have done the nasty with Ashton in the house he shares with Demi.

According to sources, Britteny has had her eye on Ashton for a long time, with friends close to her claiming she was "obsessed" with sleeping with the actor before she even met him. According to an insider, Britteny had once said that Ashton wsa the "number one celebrity she'd like to have sex with" and the insider concedes that she is just the "type" of girl to let a married man twitter her twatter.

Ugh! Gross!

The source claims they have no doubt that Brittany is telling the truth, pegging her as a "gold digger" and citing that her family is the same way. Funny, we would have thought they would have come out of the wood work by now too, if that be the case.

For what it's worth Ashton, if this were two years ago, we would have given you the benefit of the doubt.

Now - not so much! You better hope Demi is forgiving!

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22 comments to “Ashton's Mistress Is Also A Stalker!”

  1. 1

    No surprise here. Wouldn't a person desire to have sex with someone approximately his own age? Nothing again Demi Moore….She's hot….But, it has to get old after a while. She's old enough to be his mother.

  2. jkf says – reply to this


    She's a single woman who had the hots for a guy and slept with him. He's a married man who cheated on his wife while she was out of town working. Why is SHE the skank?

  3. 3

    I feel really sorry here for Demi. Not that AK couldn't stop himself cheating but the age of the girl he cheated with! So he is into girls around some of his step daughter's ages - that's the gross part. Demi should kick him out of her home and well out of her life. This is the start of a downward spiral for this pair.

  4. 4

    This girl looks like mrs potato head! A huge head and a little short ass body!

  5. 5

    Re: jkf – because woman that sleep with men they know are married are skanks.

  6. 6

    just because you think it really happened mario doesn't mean his wife will……..whether it happened or not isn't' really anyone's business. how would you like it if your marital problems were put on blast???

  7. 7

    Stalker or not, I read this story and DEFINITELY YES, Ashon cheated on Demi with this girl. The funny feeling I got while reading the story, it's like he wanted to get caught. Not careful at all. Even after Demi posted her number to embarrass her, HE STILL CALLED HER for a hook-up. Have you noticed that things have been quiet on the Demi-Ashton front, no talk of calling lawyers! DEMI, go back to BRUCE, that guy adored and loved you. And I saw him two weeks ago in Toronto, he was looking HOT.

  8. 8

    Ashton's mistress ?
    Did I read correctly ?
    Where are the proofs ?
    In a rag like Star ?

  9. 9

    Ashton is a spoiled brat, it wouldn't surprise me if the story was true.
    I'm waiting for the jealous gals to spill their venom at their age difference.

  10. 10

    Oh please these people…they;'re like ok whatever…why did you let it get public…ok im off to shoot my next film…fly out to Europe etc. they have the life to do whatever!!!
    even fuck dimestore sluts!!!

  11. 11

    Men age like wine, women age like milk.

  12. 12

    I still don't buy it.

  13. 13

    Here we go again with calling the woman names. Both involved are at fault but the married party is ALWAYS the bigger scum b/c they're the ones in a "committec" relationship. I don't enjoy seeing anybody have to deal with this stuff in the public eye but there's a few hollywood couples out there that bring it on themselves. Demi & Ashton, Kendra & Hank (more Kendra). Eva Longoria used to always shoot off her big mouth too but she seems better now. Lesson #1 to all hollywood couples…keep your love lives as private as possible.

  14. 14

    Their marriage was a scam to begin with; it's all about making as much money as you can in Hollywood; you people will fork over your money to these con artist FOR NOTHING IN RETURN!….what FOOLS!

  15. 15

    Demi's plastic surgery is starting to sag and her skin texture is blotchy.

  16. jkf says – reply to this


    Re: April 20th – I'm a married man, I wish that you could convince my wife that if I cheated with a younger woman it would be her fault and not mine.

  17. mayi says – reply to this


    I think that's bull but I don't think I care either way. It's funny how they try to make it sound dramatic. "He cheated on Demi with a women half her age!!" Duh, Ashton is half Demi's age!!

  18. mw says – reply to this


    why what was 2 years ago?

  19. 19

    Re: April 20th – oh please, you're just another scorned insecure woman. Pray that no other woman will ever go after your husband/bf because if she does … apparently she's to be blamed not him !! A naive 21year old who's starstruck by a celeb has very little responsibility over the affair. It's the married person who should stay true to his/hers vows not a complete stranger.

  20. 20

    The great thing is that the girl gave enough details in the article about the Demi/Ashton home that Demi will know if the girl was telling the truth.

  21. 21

    It's obvious that this bitch is INSANE and wants to make this story up for fame and maybe even break the couple up so she can pretend like she has a chance. Pleeeeease, if Ashton was going to cheat on Demi-fucking-Moore, don't you think he'd pick someone less, I don't know, PATHETIC.

  22. 22

    either way, she's hideous