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Friends Urge Lindsanity To Seek Help!

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We think she needs a lot MORE time in treatment than just nine months, but we suppose it's a start!

Sources close to La Loca Lohan are reportedly very concerned that the hard-pAArtying wacktress is not taking her failed drug tests seriously enough, and instead is more concerned about filming her porn star movie, Inferno!

Insiders say:

"Lindsay has been told that she needs intensive inpatient rehab for at least nine months. The last thing Lindsay should be doing right now is working. What is abundantly clear to everyone is that the last thing Lindsay should be doing right now is work. Lindsay wants to work, and is resisting the idea of not working. She knows she needs help, but she has contractual obligations, and she needs the money. Lindsay wants and plans on beginning filming as planned, even though she has been advised to seek intensive treatment, which would consist of inpatient rehab treatment for at least nine months. Lindsay needs to get help, period. She has to focus on her disease and begin the recovery process. She needs to get out of Hollywood, and away from the people that enable her. She (Lindsay) needs to focus on herself, and hopefully if she takes the appropriate steps Lindsay can have success in her personal and professional life."

Well, none of these plans will really matter when the judge throws her ass back in jail, but we agree that Lindsay needs to get out of El Lay and focus on her very serious problems - away from the limelight!

If she does, and gets some serious therapy and rehab without any press, then MAYBE she'll be ready to work again in a few years.

But we doubt that will happen! La Loca just loves the attention way too much to let it go and focus on her REAL issues!

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Friends Urge Lindsanity To Seek Help!”

  1. 1

    No, it's not sad, Mario. I could see if she was really trying to get better. She's not. She's snorting coke and still partying. When she was in rehab, she should've insisted on staying to help HERSELF. If she knows she has a problem, she should know she can't get better on her own. She had the resources right there to help her kick her drug habit. This bitch doesn't want help. She wants to do what she wants. If I ever hear of her OD'ing, I won't be the least bit surprised or sympathetic.

  2. 2

    Will someone please explain to me why the doctors at Cedars Sinai said she had no addictions and yet she's having all these further problems? If I were the judge, I'd want answers to that.

  3. 3

    Look she needs to go to jail, not that I believe jail is the answer. Actually I think drugs should be legal let each person be responsible. I would smoke weed & that is it. I would be a much calmer girl. LOL Lindsay really needs to get a doctor who ignores what comes out of her mouth as it is all BS.

  4. 4

    FAKE! "She needs the money" Not a single 'friend' of her's would lie and say she is in need of money. The girl is rich! Only haters like to think otherwise.

  5. 5

    her motrher is very guilty she should have let me have her time in rehab

  6. 6

    CLEARLY she sucked a ton of dick and took it deep in the bum to get out of the hospital early. Seriously, drop dead Lindsay. You're a huge waste of an opportunity. You are a waste of air, skin and food. Take your loser parents with you. Thank you.

  7. 7

    The 12-Step Religious Cult Treatment has already FAILED 5 TIMES; let me guess what they want……..MORE 12-Step Religious Cult…….


  8. 8

    She can collect about $10 an hour on unemployment. About 10% of US citizens are expected to get by on that, and most of them haven't even violated some type of probation.

    @HARRYCONTESTS - I wonder the same thing. I thought it was UCLA, but whoever it was, their credibility must be shot. Looks like they took a payoff or something. That was definately one diagnosis that has come back to bite them in butt that Lindsay kissed so hard to get released.

  9. 9

    We're getting closer to the headline: "Lindsay Lohan, Dead at 24". Get the help you obviously need!

  10. 10

    I'd be quite surprised if the judge sends Lindsay to jail. I bet anything he'll see that she's going to AA and admited to her drug addition and let her go. If that's what happens, then that judge needs to step down because this is not the way to help Lindsay. She needs serious help away from her family, friends, and Hollywood. Since nothing like that will ever happen, I don't give this girl long to live. Like Meeko97 said, we're getting closer to the headline, "Lindsay Lohan, dead at 24."

  11. 11

    I know this is a reach, but what if Dina and Michael, I don't know - went and got a job or something?

  12. 12

    If you care for this girl and truly wish her well, then STOP calling her Lindsanity!

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    She needs inpatient? Nah. She needs jail, and latrine and shower detail for twelve months. I almost garantee you she'll never snort another line again. This is just her people pitching for the rehab refab hotel. She needs motivation. : )

  14. 14

    I wish the press would leave her alone. In my opinion, she is a talented actress. There are many people with addictions problems. The press is picking on her and I feel it is not right. Let us look onto ourselves instead of passing judgment on complete strangers. I am tired of hearing about her problems and I chose to ignore anything written about her unless it is related to her work which I actually like. People tend to forget the art and only chose to pay attention to the smut which is a shame.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: karbarr – Yeah, you're a saint. So why are you here?

  16. 16

    No one cares any more…If you disagree..look at the comments on this post. I urge all of you to never comment on a Linday or Spencer/Heidi post again. Yes…Let her not have attention for her own good..and just plain get rid of them.

  17. 17

    If she doesn't wake up and get herself into intensive rehab, pretty soon the only work she'll be able to get is REAL porn, not movies ABOUT porn. No studio exec with a brain is going to touch her with a 1000 foot pole.

    What a waste!

  18. 18

    When it looks really bad and there's no alternative than jail- that's when the system cuts people loose. LA only wants to put poor people in jail. That's why all of these celebrities have such long rap sheets. CS (in Colorado) held a knife to his wife de jour's neck and spit and beat on her for over twenty minutes and he's out on bail and getting most of the evidence suppressed as we read here.
    The legal system isn't going to do anything…yeah, they will give her thirty days but she won't do "time"- she will cut herself or something and will go again to UCLA psych-ward for a week or two…

  19. 19

    Wait, wtf? Didnt she convince the Doctors at UCLA that she wasn't an addict? What the hell!??!?! She is a psychopath!

  20. 20

    This girl has been given too many chances. She's snubbed her nose at all of them. She cried like a baby in court when she heard she was going to jail. That didn't help either as she was let out after 2 weeks. Then she was suppose to be in rehab for 3 months and left after 21 days. What's sad is the court keeps giving her chances. Now they need to force that girl into some real rehab center. The kind with people who have big time drug problems. Not some babysitting spa like she's been in in the past. Put her there and I don't want to hear one damn word about her for an entire year. Then when she's realeased we'll see if she's changed her ways. If she hasn't then she'll be dead soon enough.