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Kim Zolciak Describes Too Many Details Of Boob Job Revision

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak feels REAL comfortable discussing her very personal surgical procedure.

Here's what Kim Z had to say about her boob job revision. Be forewarned - she gives graphic details:

"I had my nipple moved up half an inch, so my boobs were lifted without having a scar from the nipple to underneath the breast."

The week after the procedure, Kim tore her nipple stitches on a water slide in the Bahamas. Here's what she had to say about it:

"I felt a sharp pain in my left breast but didn't realize how serious it was until the bandages came off and there was a tear around my nipple."

Kim returned to the doctor to have her nipple properly sewn back on.

The new issue of In Touch Weekly will have even more details on Kim Z's boob/nipple situation, for those of you who didn't feel like you got way more than enough details here!

Would U go on a water slide a week after having a boob job revision?

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15 comments to “Kim Zolciak Describes Too Many Details Of Boob Job Revision”

  1. 1

    Forget the boobs girl, start working on the the tree stumps you have for legs!!! Time to get on the treadmill and stop being lazy thinking plastic parts are going to make you look better……gross! I hate kankles!

  2. 2

    Looks like spiedi to me!!!

  3. 3

    That's disgusting! I would never understand why small breasted women would put those hard things in their breasts. Luckily I'm blessed in that department. Fake ladies.

  4. 4

    Ew gross. Why do people do shit like that to themselves?

  5. 5

    1-that was disgusting 2-I think there is a medical term for the weird inflated look in the middle of her boobs she went from one bad surgery to another.

  6. 6

    she is so gross

  7. 7

    is there anything on this blog about actual stars anymore, or just these reality nobodies?

  8. 8

    Why the hell would you go on a waterslide a week after surgery? Her thighs have to be next. Thunder thighs…

  9. 9

    huh… Why would she be on a water slide one week after surgery while her boobs are still in bandages?

  10. 10

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, now you know why there are blonde jokes!!!! What an idiot!!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    or she could really love herself and not alter her body in the first place to conform to what society says is beautiful. i love my B cups. they'll never get saggy like the big ones.

  13. 13

    She also had vagina reconstruction so that her dog can fit his whole face up there.

  14. 14

    They look the same in all those pics…. And as far as the water slide - holy cow how STUPID are you!?!! I'm chronically ill with no kidneys and I have had 30 surgeries to correct that in my life and I can tell you first hand it would be a good MONTH or so before it's wise/safe to do something that physical. Dumb bitch.

  15. 15

    You know, as I was submitting my last comment, it dawned on me: I'd be willing to put money on the water slide story being fake. I mean, you're not in any shape after surgery to go to the Bahamas…. AND… what better way to get a huge story about yourself in the tabloids? I mean it is sensational. False, most likely, but sensational.