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Hard Rock Suing TruTV!

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Things got a bit too real for them.

The owners of the Hard Rock franchise are suing TruTV over their new show Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. The lawsuit states that the Hard Rock execs are appalled by the amount of debauchery and violence showcased at their Las Vegas casino and insist that it isn't an accurate depiction of the hotel. The complaint insists that the Hard Rock establishment is one of "fun consistent with the democratic free spirit of rock music," not the crack house the show is making it out to be.

But wait? Isn't this reality? Maybe someone just does like what they see in the mirror?!

Regardless, the Hard Rock alleges in their suit that the show portrays an image that is contradictory to their business, including "unprofessional, incompetent, and/or physically and emotionally abusive" staff. The suit alleges that because of these outrageously awful people, like "Little Hilter" Matt, they've received several complaints from guests who vowed never to return to the hotel.

Yeah, we'd have a problem going to a place where "Little Hitler" was employed too!

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9 comments to “Hard Rock Suing TruTV!”

  1. 1

    Okay so tell me this, hard rock…are you saying that cameras were NOT allowed into Rehab to film a reality show? Because it seems like they WERE. and I'm sorry if your stupid hotel looks like shit now because of it, but its REALITY, so face up to it. YOU started this shit, not the show - they just showed the TRUTH. So take your guilt and shove it up your own asses, and maybe change things around so there isn't so much trashy behavior going on.

  2. db3 says – reply to this


    It's more likely Hard Rock is afraid of Sharon suing them for millions because of the blatant age discrimination by Matt! LOL. The lawyers are running scared…

  3. 3

    Seriously, I work in H/R and I love that show. But… I wonder how Matt gets away with the shit he gives people. He is a walking lawsuit. Almost every one of his employees has a harassment filing in their future, if what we see is real. I would love to fire that dick!

  4. 4

    I cannot believe Matt has not been fired for his actions they are extremely wrong.. the girls need to wise up and sue his ass… cause he has violated many of there rights… UGH drives me crazy watching that show.. Hard Rock is just being stupid by suing trutv

  5. 5

    Maybe someone just does like what they see in the mirror?

  6. Glen says – reply to this


    Well…the show is not new it has been on for like 4 season…it is all scripted..most of them are actors….Matt is the only person to manage rehab for more than one year. They make more in one day then other clubs make on new years eve…lol at the hard rock suing them..

  7. 7

    Where has the Hard Rock been last year and this year when their horrible employee Matt has discriminated against his employees. I am an attorney and would love to do a class action lawsuit with all of the employees that have been forced to work under his supervision. Sharon should get herself a lawyer and go after the Hard Rock. Matt's blatant age discrimination and calling her over the hill, telling her she is too old to do her job, what an ass. Keep the show going so that she gets more and more evidence for a future case. I like the show overall but can't watch the scenes with Sharon. Keep your chin up Sharon.

  8. 8

    Rehab pool is a breeding ground for STD's! DON'T GET IN THE WATER! Matts a douchebag and Sharon is too old for her job.

  9. 9

    Been to the HR Vegas; been to Rehab. It's scripted people. Can't say that TruTV isn't editing stories that really do not exist, but when I was there, it was a friggin party but the staff were professional, on the ball, and no fake drama.