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Meet The Unsettling Sister Wives

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We feel like we've been transported into Stepford! This is really very strange!

The stars of the new reality show Sister Wives, TLC's new show about polygamy, were on The Today Show this morning. They were grilled about their choice of lifestyle and how they all cope in a plural marriage.

Their answers are as unsettling as the whole concept!

Check out their appearance above!


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74 comments to “Meet The Unsettling Sister Wives

  1. 1

    What goes on between consenting adults is their business. The problem with 'faith based' polygamy is that it can involve the coercion of underage girls. That is criminal. But, even when it is a grown woman consenting to this lifestyle, she is accepting that the role of 'woman' is secondary, and that the man is in charge. No equality. A giant step backwards for women and a poor model of women to the children they raise.

  2. 2

    Mmmmm since when was hair like the hansons in style i mean we have the BIEB hair cut but i mean come one these wemen have bad clothing and if you take a closer look the thick chick there looks lke she about ready to bead all 3 of them hoes mmmmmmm i guess to each his own but i say girls that dick aint that good im sure of it lmfao… thank you thats all

  3. 3

    * sound of wind blowing*

  4. 4

    what the…..?i thought this was illegal?how can they be out in the open about it?

  5. 5

    thats fucking sick, what a bunch of psychos

  6. Draax says – reply to this


    Just a tad hypocritical to criticise their relationship … isn't it?

  7. 7


  8. Wens says – reply to this


    I agree with fulana - it's illegal! I cannot believe they're on the air and not getting arrested. They should be!

  9. 9

    so basically real life Big Love….I'll check it out

  10. 10

    hey freaks. it's called "open marriage" or swinging. don't slap jesus on it and call it religion. k?

  11. 11

    I think the government needs to get out of people's bedrooms if they are all consenting adults. Much like gay marriage, polygamy involves adults who are making their own personal life choices. Personally, I think they all seem like sane, normal, happy adults. If they want to live this way - that's perfectly fine. I think our government has a choke hold on our personal lives, and it's a shame.

    The reason why polygamy was outlawed in the first place was because of extremist that came from the LDS church (who are not AT ALL associated with the regular LDS church anymore and who are not in any way recognized by the church, much like this family). Those people were marrying off kids and cousins to cousins. This situation is MUCH different.

    Live and let live.

  12. 12

    Re: Wens

    it's not illegal because he's only legally married to the first "wife."

    and it's not just their business, its TAXPAYERS business, as all those stupid self-esteem bereft whores get welfare/food stamps to take care of their scary children.

  13. 13

    Hey…I'm all for Polygamy. Where are MY 4 husbands?

  14. 14

    Equality for all, right Perez? Why is gay marriage ok but this isn't? If consenting adults want to live that lifestyle, who cares?

  15. 15

    i think the reason why they dont get arrested is that in utah, where i live, polygamists have made places for themselves in the government, very high up. they are part of the decision makers, part of the police men, and all that, and thats why, even though its illegal, nothing is done. i think something should be done about it though, if for anything just because it gives utah a bad name.

  16. 16

    I look at it as the same concept as gay marriage. I do not support it. but its not my business what people do I am not for it or against it. I live my life the way I should and uphold to the morals that I have. I do not care about the world.

  17. 17

    I think what people do and who they love is thier own business. I've been in a plural relationship for 4 years now, not religious, just a lifestyle choice we all made. I consider him my husband even though legally he can't marry me. His wife is my best friend. I don't think of our relationship as illegal. Why should anyone care about what we do? We are not hurting anyone and we are all consenting adults so it really shouldn't matter to anyone else.

  18. 18

    What people will do for "religion" Insane.

  19. 19

    Some of you have commented that it is illegal to be a participating polygamist, and as much as that might be true, so is same-sex marriage in California and in many other states, does that mean we should shun those consenting adults as well for making their own adult life decisions?? No. Polygamy is just as UN-TRADITIONAL, as many of the other civil rights we find ourselves fighting for today so it's unethical for you to call them out on legalities. Especially when there billions of men and women who have more than one partner, this family just put a label on it and allowed TLC to pay them for it. You can't pick and choose civil discourse, that's hypocritical.

  20. 20

    Wow. This is just so odd. I mean is the man just super horny? I know that sounds so ignorant to say, but I mean if my husband came home to me and said "Oh, by the way I'm dating this other woman and (as the guy on the show puts it) I fell in love again…" I'd be broken. The women all strike me as the type who have "drank the kool-aid." Yes, they talk like they are all for this but they are blank and dead in the eyes. It's unfortunate. And I worry about the kids in public school. School kids are mean enough to children in the spotlight, let alone kids in the spotlight bc their dad has 4 wives.

  21. 21

    I love that when the host is asking them why they live like that they just say "it's faith based", without actually explaining it. It sounds like they have no clue what they're talking about.
    And why is it always the man having multiple wives, and not a woman with multiple husbands?
    In the end the truth is all monotheists religions have treated and continue to treat women unfairly.

  22. 22

    They say they aren't jealous because they're confident. They must be very insecure to feel like they only deserve 1/4 of a husband.

  23. 23

    Re: Elilan – Amen!

  24. 24

    This makes me sick to my stomach that a television show would stoop so low to air something so disgusting all for profit. These women are BRAINWASHED!! If the shoe was in the other foot and a woman had four husbands I'm sure that wouldn't be the same because you DONT SEE THAT DO YOU!?!!! This man gets four women for the rest of his life, using the term religion to justify his actions and theirs. Yeah I want to screw a lot of women and make them my property and call it religion, get the eff out of here you nasty pig you should be locked up and your children should be taken away and raised with families that teach REAL MORALS!! Go back to the damn trailers you were all raised in - what you believe in will never be accepted because it's DEGRADING DEMORALIZING DEMEANING DISGRACEFUL.

  25. 25

    jesus that is fried up!

  26. 26

    To those comparing gay marriage to polygamy: They are not at all the same, nor are they similar. Gay marriage is a union comprised of two people who are of the same gender. Polygamy is a union comprised of one man and his numerous wives. Gay marriage and heterosexual marriage may be compared in that they both consist of two people - it is a MONOGAMOUS relationship. Whereas polygamy is, as its name suggests, a POLYGAMOUS relationship involving multiple partners for one man.

  27. 27

    man that guy is so CREEPY! the looks hes giving are so weird..and the bitches are dumb as dirt.

  28. 28

    I have no problem with this.

  29. xONEx says – reply to this


    Re: jkjfhshh

  30. 30

    so can one of these women have multiple husbands?
    thats only fair

  31. 31

    Sister wives…sharing a husband…sharing yeast infections…sharing UTI infections..ah sounds wonderful.

  32. 32

    Well for everyone that keeps asking "why aren't they arrested" and "isn't' this illegal"…if you watched the video, they clearly say that only his FIRST wife and him are legally married. What does that mean? That means LEGALLY he is only married to ONE WIFE. The other wives are unofficial. It is not against the law to live and have sex with more than one person. It is, however, illegal to LEGALLY get married to more than one person (i.e. people that marry someone in CA, then marry someone else in Texas). Its common sense people. Its not rocket science. Pay attention.

    ALSO, Perez, you are such a hypocrite. Equality for all, right? How's this weird but you boning a dude in the butt not? Just saying…

  33. 33

    gorgeouschick7: actually, in a lot of states, it is still on the legal books that adultery IS illegal…so it IS illegal to live with and have sex with anyone other than one's wife…

  34. 34

    livin'learnin'- Of course it is not the same situation, but it is the same type of rights. What it comes down to is allowing all kinds of alternative marriage, not just the politically correct types. Of course, the main issue with polygamy is the sects that take young underage wives, and that is horrendous- there are emotional, mental, cognitive reasons why marriage is not allowed under the age of 18 (other than late teens with parental permission), which should never be changed. But if all of these people are adults and they all choose this lifestyle, what is the big deal? It is certainly not a lifestyle I would choose to live, but if others want to, who cares?

  35. 35

    I am sorry, I just cant wrap my head around this, You have a guy who can put in it 4 women, then have kids. So are they brothers and sisters, cousins..What? I think there is a moral compass that is missed. I dont want my husband doing my sister. Are they raising our future thsat will be forever trying to figure out what the deal is. I am lost..Help me out with this PH fans.

  36. 36

    My man better not watch this shit. I don't want him to get any ideas! Two women in my house is one too many! I'll fuck a bitch up!

  37. 37

    The fact that I choose to share the man I love does not make me slow. Not that credentials mean much anymore, but I graduated from an Ivy League college and I'm the CFO of a medical supplies company. I am certainly not slow. This is simply the type of relationship that works best for me. All three of us (not 10 other women) are commited to one another. Whether or not I am legally married to him has nothing to do with the fact that he is always there for me, completely supportive of me and any decisions I make and we are commited to each other. We don't need to be married to show commitment. He alone is not my priority; OUR family is my priority.
    And to those who say it's a problem because taxpayers are supporting this lifestyle, that is not always the case. My family is a three income household that can fully support everyone. We are just like all of you other taxpayers and working parents. And we would never consider ourselves "polygamists" to begin with. We associate with the polyamorous lifestyle in the sense that we are all open to loving more people. And no it's not always opressive to women; my husbands wife has a long time boyfriend as well and we consider him part of our family. Families come in all different sizes and dynamics.

  38. 38

    lol @ Meredith getting the last word in.

  39. 39

    I think everyone should be able to live how they want, consenting adults and all that, but my problem with this is the whole "faith based" thing. The situation is just so degrading towards these women. This faith comes from a time when women were basically livestock.
    What I would like to know is if one of these women fell in love with another man would she be able to marry him too? Because that would make sense if they truly have no problem with loving more than one person at once. If not then this is just misogynistic faith based bullshit.

  40. 40

    Faith based my ass. What faith? They surely aren't Mormon women wearing jeans and all. He's only legally married to one woman, I wonder if he supports all the kids or, like Mormons, the other three are on welfare.

  41. 41

    Tomorrow I'm beginning to look for my next husband.

  42. 42

    The guy said four words the entire interview. Poor bastard. hahaha…

  43. 43

    I didn't find their answers unsettling at all. I think anyone who doesn't live that life everyday would consider it foreign and wouldn't understand. I think a lot of the people who support state and federal bans on gay marriage and DADT generally feel about openly gay people and couples the way Perez felt about this family.

  44. 44

    It's nice to see so many relatively open-minded and accepting comments here. If they don't have a problem with it, then why the hell should we?

  45. 45

    Re: Risque Cakes
    I know, right?! LoL ~ I'm on board!

  46. 46

    And Americans like to look down their noses at Muslims? Ha ha ha. What hypocrites.

  47. 47

    Re: UTfan88 – Which states, dumbass? Really? I'm sure its illegal IF the spouse finds out and presses charges because that person broke up the marriage (i.e. Fantasia's situation), but its not against the law if the other party is part of it - hence swingers. These people are no different than swingers or people with open marriages. THAT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. So….what else you got?

  48. 48

    livin'learnin':Thank you for saying this, I am guessing a lot of people flunked comparisons because polygamy is not the same as same sex marriage at all!

  49. 49

    They're adult women and should be allowed to do what they like. They aren't children being forced into a marriage. This should be legal!
    Re: fulana – It's illegal to be legally married to all women. If they have a religious ceremony and live together without cheating the tax or welfare systems, I don't believe there's anything that can be done. They're consenting adults, so there shouldn't be any issues with what they're doing.

  50. 50

    Re: jkjfhshh – I think it's disgusting that xONEx is trying to judge the way you live your life.

  51. 51

    Re: Susie-Q – Are you stupid? As a Mormon girl myself, we are allowed to wear jeans! What kind of people do you think we are!? We're just more modest about our clothing choices. But jeans are fine. Get your facts straight before you go mouthing off.

  52. 52

    So it's more like wife and three girlfriends than sister wives, huh

  53. 53

    Re: xReallyLamex – hell yea well said especially from a guys a point of view too, like it

  54. 54

    Re: Wens – It's illegal to have more than one wife, meaning, by that the you sign a wedding certificate, and all that stuff. The other three women are not legally his wives, therefore there is nothing illegal they are doing. They are only "wives" in the eyes of their faith and to them.

  55. 55

    Re: tnieblas – LOL

  56. 56

    Bottom line: CONSENTING adults can do whatever they want. Children, animals and some mentally challenged adults cannot consent or make adult decisions and they need to be protected by laws and by all of us. Adults that can serve in the military, vote, and be handed adult consequences for their action are responsible for themselves and should be able to make any decision they wish, whether it be marrying 25 other men or 25 other women. If they are all happy, no one should judge them. It doesn't affect you. People really should mind their own business when it comes to other people's personal decisions. When you are making decisions that affect ME, that's when I get to judge you.

  57. 57

    I am too jealous to ever do something like this, and maybe that is my own flaw and not a flaw of polygamy. But I also think it's degrading to women to assume that this is the norm and a woman with 4 husbands isn't. I would NEVER raise a daughter allowing them to see this lifestyle (without seeing a comparative lifestyle of a woman with three husbands) because I wouldn't want them to think that they have to settle for one man and three sisters. Unfortunately, I cannot control how other adults raise their children. I agree with all the previous commenters that pointed out that faith-based polygamy is a serious problem when it allows children to marry children. But again, unfortunately all we can do is let the law step in. For now, having a child is an inherent human right, and the parents of that child are the ones that raise them, in any way they see fit…racists have children and breed more racists, religious zealots do the same, republicans & democrats do the same. Yes, a few children are smart enough with an outside influence to break the pattern, but not the majority.

    I do think they should keep the institution of legal marriage between 2 people for a few reasons including the history, legal/tax implications, etc. But if 85 people want to pretend they are husband and wife, I don't really give a shiz.

  58. 58

    Hmmm…..Mr. Tolerance and "equal rights for all" finds this unsettling. Interesting. So you DO draw the line somewhere. Sounds hypocritical to me. Just sayin'.

  59. 59

    I don't see anything wrong with this video or their way of life. As some people have pointed out, why should the government have a say about this? They are all adults and have made a rational decision about the way they want to live.

  60. 60

    To everyone saying that this is a “lifestyle” and the choice is equivalent to those who “choose” gay marriage, you are mistaken. You do not choose to be gay. Therefore you are not choosing a lifestyle. Same sex marriage is the union between two individuals, two men or two women. Just like heterosexual marriage, it is a monogamous relationship. So, stop telling those of us who are gay, that we are being hypocritical for not supporting polygamy. There is a very distinct difference between having the right to marry one individual for whom you love and want to be in a committed relationship with, and merely wanting to marry multiple (usually) wives. The latter is a chosen lifestyle. They justify polygamy by throwing religion into it by claiming that it is a faith based decision, but yet none of them can support that argument. Other then, the whole child bearing argument, but lets take a look at another TLC show, showcasing the Duggars, a marriage in which they have been committed to one another and managed to produce 19 children; many more then this gentlemen with his 3 wives. You want to have multiple sexual partners, and you want to claim that it’s because you want to produce a lot of offspring, then that’s fine. But, DON’T GET MARRIED. Marriage is the union between two consenting adults who wish to be in a monogamous relationship with one another. The end.

  61. 61

    "Faith"? That's convenient. If God meant for man to have 4 wives, the birth ratio would be different. SAD and backward. I never watched Big Love, and don't intend to watch a reality version of it either.

  62. 62

    Just like Americans are required to obtain a Marriage License, these "consenting adults" should be required to have a "Parenting License", because NO child should be raised with such a sick example of a family. The mistreatment of women in this "faith" is terrible and these sick f*cks try and justify it with religion. These consenting adults can do whatever their sick selves want to do behind closed doors, but don't involve innocent children.

  63. 63

    Re: jkjfhshh – You're extremely insecure that's whats wrong with it. I hope that you won't have any kids because you're a really bad role model for them. Re: rosebud99 – Very nicely put , kids shouldn't be put in such position, nothing good will come out of it.
    I wish they would stop promoting them so much as 'normal' and 'who cares'.
    I wonder if you would be so cool if it had 1 woman and 4 husbands lol oh God no, she'd be a massive whore !!!

  64. 64

    each to their own

  65. 65

    People keep saying that if the shoe is on the other foot, that if a woman had multiple husbands it would never fly, but in many countries it is socially excepted!! Seriously, the U.S should stop trying to impose their beliefs on the entire world, this practice started CENTURIES ago all over the world men with multiple wives, women with multiple husbands. Everyone has a right to practice what they want, it's a cultural right!!

  66. 66

    Re: fulana – You can't legally marry more than one person. If being in more than one relationship was illegal think how many cheaters would be in jail.

  67. 67

    Re: ParalyZzzZzer

    I am actually very secure in who I am. That is part of the reason why I am able to share the man I love. I am confident in myself and I know that I am unique and special just like everyone else is. Choosing to share my husband is not something I do because I think I can't find someone else. I share because our relationship dynamic works for me and for all of us. I love him and I love her as my best friend. And I love our kids. He and his wife have one daughter and I have two daughters with him. I doubt you would find anyone who knows us who would say that we are bad role models to our children. We are actively involved in their schools and clubs and afterschool activities. Our kids have no problems in school and are regularly praised by their teachers for their hard work in school and in the community. I find it very judgemental of you to assume that we are bad parents and role models simply because of our relationship. Our kids are very well adjusted and have never had any problems concerning our relationship. I can say that all three of us want the same things for our kids as any other family wants. We do everything in our power to make sure they are happy, healthy, safe and well rounded. Our kids are probably a lot more open and well adjusted than any children you have would be; passing on your intolerance makes you a bad role model.

  68. 68

    Re: jkjfhshh – HE ISN'T your husband! Stop calling him that. you are his sideline whore

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Re: avatar88 – Soooo, you are saying that because people are born gay, it is ok, but because people choose polygamy, it is wrong? WTH? There is nothing wrong with a CHOICE, provided you were given a CHOICE.

    It is the same concept. Same situation, no, but definitely the same concept.

  71. 71

    Re: rosebud99 – I agree with you 100% about letting adults make their own decisions -providing they hurt no one else. I am interested in how old the youngest wife was when he married her 16 years ago. Was she the consenting age of 16 in some states, or 18. I have no idea how old she is; however, if she fell in love with this man & then 'married him at such a young age, is it not possible that their could be some brain-washing involved or rationalizationon her part? And if this is truly 'faith-based,' why do so many polygamists seem to only take on younger 'wives' with each marriage? I try so hard to respect relgion even though I am mostly Gnostic, but that scenario just seems fishy to me.

  72. 72

    Re: fulana – My thoughts exactly. It appears that the Government has taken a backseat -no, a nosebleed seat - when it comes to poligamy. Look at what happened in Tesxas a few years ago. Dozens of polyigamists living on a gated compound with multiple wives & children. Some wives as young as 13. And what did they do? Almost nothing. Raided the place only to return most of them later. Do they really think that the boys and girls growing up in this society (particularly in a compound with almost no contact with the outside world, it's variety of religions, peoples & beliefs), aren't going to become brainwashed or fear for their physical and spiritual welfare if they leave? Gated compounds where women and children are almost 'captives,' if you will, are usually refereed to as 'cults.' I think we all know how the US Government handles those. Why the special treatment here?

  73. 73

    Re: ladyolivia – They do? Not to be rude, but I'm sure not all of them do. I am also sure a lot of them do. Do you have stats on this (again, not being rude, just curious)? And yes, I find this to be mostly related to libido and brainwashing. Common Sense.

  74. 74

    Re: dialysisdarlingRe: BetterFasterStronger – Amen. I would never want to replace my husband, or add another. And where is the 'faith' arguement in this? I know I didn't get a decent explanation.