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Anyone Want To Direct Superman With Chris Nolan?

| Filed under: Film Flickers


Because he is in a need of director!

Warner Bros. Studios has said that in the next four weeks, the studio will be releasing a lot of news about some big superhero flicks going into production. One that is being actively talked about is the resurrection of Superman, under the guidance of Batman director, Chris Nolan.

Only problem is he is in need of a director. Supposedly, he's got a good list going, including Tony Scott, Let Me In director Matt Reeves and Sucker Punch mastermind Zack Snyder.

But slowly and surely, the movie is making it's way into being a reality, which is really the news fans want to hear.

Are U excited by the prospect of another Superman flick?

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14 comments to “Anyone Want To Direct Superman With Chris Nolan?”

  1. 1

    yes very excited but my cute (new ) bf wants wonder woman in movies and if he doesnt get it hell tantrum then ill have to pat his head to sooth him
    …where are all the female superheroines gone…

  2. 2

    Me I'll do it lol

  3. 3

    i hope they dont recast! i LOVE brandon routh as the man of steel!!

  4. 4

    B Routh is good! As long as the story is good : Superman Returns was AWFUL!!!

  5. 5

    Is this another remake (a'la Spiderman)? If so, I hardly care. Stop remaking films that aren't even 10 years old here. Good grief. Hollywood is committing suicide here.

  6. 6

    WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    carrot-top must direct this movie!!!!!!

  8. 8


  9. 9

    im confused brandon did a great job as superman.

    spiderman was /is toby.

    i cant see spiderman as anyone except toby

  10. 10

    Wonder if Brandon Routh will keep his nose attached firmly to Chris Nolan's ass until he is signed as he did for the first Superman flick. He wouldn't let Nolan out of his sight at parties, casting gatherings, etc….up until the time he signed the contract.
    Lots of gossip and rumors around Hollyweird about what he did to make sure he would get the part too….just saying. And God knows he wouldn't be the first.
    And anyway, he was the best thing about that boring movie.

  11. 11

    Thats great but what about Wonder Woman? They need to get on that

  12. 12

    as long as they have Brandon Routh to play the part with no underwear, yeah.

  13. 13

    Chris Nolan is a fantastic director but it really depends on who plays Superman. Bale was a terrible Batman and I don't know that I would watch another on if Nolan wasn't attached. (That and Heath Ledger made that movie). But if you want to commit to a true franchise, choose wisely. Crossing fingers for Joe Manganiello

  14. 14

    Superman has been remade too many times!