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They're Having Fun At Chrysler!

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WOOOO HOOOO!!! It's a pAArty in Detroit!!

Watch this insane video (above) showing Chrysler employees drinking and smoking marijuana during their lunch breaks at a local park DAY AFTER DAY.

Several workers are shown to be drinking heavily and smoking pot as early as 11:00 AM each day. When the men were approached by a local news reporter asking, "Hey, guys I hate to be a buzzkill, but shouldn't you be building cars?" the guys are shown running to their cars and speeding off!! The scary part is that they were probably drunk and stoned off their asses while driving and then went back to work and continued to build cars!!!


When Chrysler's senior vice president Scott Garberding saw the video, he replied:

"I'm very, very disturbed about what I just saw in the video and I want to make it clear that we at Chrysler take it very seriously. For us this behavior is totally unacceptable and will be dealt with swiftly. In fact, we've already identified a few of the people involved in this incident. Each of them has been suspended indefinitely, without pay, pending further investigation. We'll continue to pursue this in fact, until we're done. "

Good!! Get these guys off the streets!!

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46 comments to “They're Having Fun At Chrysler!”

  1. 1

    No wonder my Chrysler LeBaron blew up…

  2. 2

    Nothing will happen to the employees because the Union won't let Chrysler do anything about it. Research the GM employees that built a bomb…. yes a bomb with GM supplies while on the clock in the KC plant and did federal time for the crime and then GM was forced to give them their jobs back with back pay. It's CRAZY!

  3. 3

    Nice hit piece by our government's 4th branch aka mainsream media, they potray all

  4. 4

    You really think this is something crazy? This happens in every car manufacturing place. This is nothing special at all, this is the only way to keep the day from dragging and the work from eating your mind away.

  5. 5

    This will be a great example of why unions suck
    I bet not one of these guys gets fired, the union will step in claim they have medical/mental problem, need counciling etc
    Maybe let them take some early retirement,
    I think for each car made about $3,000 of it's cost go to union benefits
    and we the people get no benefits , other than shoddy cars made by drunks and druggies

  6. 6

    R u KIDDING ME??!! WTF??? This Is Why The UNION SUCKS!!!NONE of these people will EVER B Held Accountable!!SHAME!!

  7. 7

    WOW ….Did James Cameron quit directing movies and doing news reporting now? LOL

    "Find thousands of new jobs from major companies on www.careerDaddy.com'

  8. 8

    Nice hit piece by our Government's 4th branch aka lamestream media, they are trying to say Chrysler's entire workforce is guilty of misconduct, when they didn't even produce one fact, this video was produced to create guilt or justify our Government using TAXPAYERS MONEY to ship the last of American production/jobs to China,Mexico and Canada.don't fall for it America, just quit feeding the troll by turning the Television PROGRAMMING OFF!

  9. 9

    While the drinking would cause adverse reactions, the pot is not that big a deal. Perez, I wish you would fight for all causes smothered in ignorance and bigotry. You'd realize your marijuana bashing is aiding in the criminalization and dishonest stigma of the substance.

    I'd much rather my car be put together by a pot head than a drunk. And I'd rather someone stoned drive me around (studies have proven that marijuana does not have an adverse effect on driving abilities, the opposite in fact) than have someone drunk drive me into a wall they "didn't see".

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Multiply that by almost every workplace, every lunch, and there's almost always a faction of employees who slip out and light one up together. You'd have to be blind not to see it.

  11. 11

    woo haha, funny! email me treetm22@yahoo.com

  12. 12

    LOL, This no surpise to anyone that lives in Michigan. ALL the UAW guys do this. Ford, GM, Chrystler. It's been happening since before I was born. These are blue collar workers. They take their checks to their wives, and the wives take care of the finances. As long as the Husbands have lunch AND lunch(liquor) money. everyone is happy.

  13. 13

    So glad we saved their jobs in the bail out.

  14. 14

    Hey guess what. This is old news. This goes on at Ford and GM too. I"ve seen it for myself. Doesn't happen at Honda or Toyota overseas. Hmmmm maybe that's why they build better quality cars. This is why I always buy foreign cars. I WAS SICK OF TAKING MY NORTH AMERICAN BUILT TUB OF SHIT BACK TO THE DEALER EVRY 6 MONTHS FOR REPAIR!

  15. 15

    Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention the auto unions. designed to destroy industry

  16. 16

    Take the blinders off and WAKE UP

  17. 17

    this reporter is a patronizing ass. he obviously doesn't know what working is… pathetic excuse for news, as with everything that comes from fox..

  18. 18

    I grew up near car assembly factories, they all do this and have for decades, its collective bargaining at its worst. Its why all American cars have been shit since the 70's

  19. 19

    Re: The Dahlia Post

    this is such a lame rational, I want to get killed because a pot smoking driver was goin so slow that he caused a car to swerve into my car, or get hit by a drunk driver? Its either or, you should not be driving under the influence of anything. Can you site that study please?

    You cant, the one you are probably talking about was done in Austalia and wasnt really a study it was a researcher who took antedotal information and formed in into an article. In addition, Professor Jack Maclean did state: "There is no doubt marijuana affects performance but it may be it affects it in a favourable way by reducing risk-taking."

    What that means is, that you dont take risks, but it doesnt say that you are better driver. Pot smokers are slower drivers, which Professor Jack Maclean points out that "The next most common drug, but much less, was marijuana and about 48 per cent of the people with marijuana were judged to have been responsible for their crash."

    I think pot should be legal, but you would have to be an absolute idiot to think you should be allowed to drive on it.

  20. 20

    eh.. the uaw will get them their jobs back..

  21. 21

    This is why I will never, ever buy an American car.

  22. 22

    Unions suck???
    Dont let a few people generalize an entire workforce - my father has worked for this company for 43 years
    he has paid for my entire college education with the HELP OF HIS UNION which gave me scholarships, and book reimbursements.
    My health insurance until I was 25 was given to my family with the help of HIS UNION
    Workers should be given even more through any type of organization in which they put their lives in the midst of dangerous equipment everyday, just so your fat ass doesnt have to walk to Subway, you hypocrites!

    Of course rich people dont want unions because they want people like me from a first generation family to continue to be in the tax bracket below them, slaving in factories and working shitty hours with no benefits.

    So before anyone decides to make generalizations think about all the employees and their children who have benefit from unions.

    You so called Americans dont even know what your own Constituition entails!!! hilarious.

    think about HUMAN RIGHTS to an education, to health care, to LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!

    I am not affilated with ANY political party - I dont believe in them, they dont work.

    Have a good day.

  23. 23

    I live right where this is taking place and I can tell you this has been happening
    since i was a kid and I am in my thirties, I also know a lot of friends who's families are in drug abuse and physical abuse situations because of the problems their husbands/boyfriends have and these problems are starting at work because they start drinking at lunch and don't quit. This economy is in to bad of a place here in MI and to many people need jobs who wouldn't be doing the stupid shit these guys are doing and what many other Auto workers here in MI have been doing over the years they would not take their job for granted and put the safety of people who are buying the cars at risk so they can catch a buzz on their lunch break!

  24. 24

    Re: Thomas Norman – I'd like to get away from the daily grind of cleaning and the cooking and the kids and bills and lawn work etc etc but it's NOT right to me that it's made ok for them to get drunk to do it, they should get through their day like the rest of us have to and have their drink at the end of the day when they won't be endangering people with their buzzed building and driving

  25. 25

    Re: The Dahlia Post – I don't have a problem without he weed not after all the rage that has happened at a lot of these Auto plants, that should keep them calmer,lol but the drinking NOT cool, I live where this is happening and to many bad things are happening with the families of these men because of their drinking they come in from work like raging bulls drunk off their ass

  26. 26

    First I was angry because I recently saw a huge boondoggle that sales execs at Chrysler had at a local Ritz Carlton - full weekend getaway with $500/night rooms + $100 dinners - all effectively billed to taxpayers. Now I'm angry with the factory workers. What is going on at that company???

  27. car says – reply to this


    holy crap. the only thing i have ever made is a bird house and i venture to guess I would do a better job making cars than these a** holes

  28. car says – reply to this


    Re: The Dahlia Post
    I kind of get what you are saying in cases such as people like myself who use medical bud, but perez didnt slam on people doing things while just "high" he was saying they were a effed up combo of drunk and high.. not good.

  29. 29

    You know what really pisses me off? I am a eff-in UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN graduate, a university known throughout the world, and I got there after working my ass off through a half-ass high school in Metro Detroit. Know what I'm doing right now? Working at an eff-in daycare. Fire them all!!!!

  30. 30

    Hmmm…..this is not uncommon in any job or profession. Every time I. Push a button its like the words r tryin 2 b erased or I have 2 go back n shit but not every1 in the automotive industry r drug addicts or what ever I don't work at chry. But I am a uaw worker and I value my job so much I luv what I do. Please think about all the people uve heard of drink n drug n and then research the ceo s and congress people and past presidents .. what happened 2 that national security guy that gave an under age girl his info.¿?????

  31. 31

    And you sho' can't fire these people because they are protected by unions. It's not only banks and corporations that got a bail out but public and private sector unions as well. Americans with no pensions got to pay to make sure the UAW members kept theirs. There are plenty of Detroiters/Michiganders that would love to have these people's job and would be more than happy to work for half of what these pigs at the trough make. No amreican should be forced to join a union as a pre-requisite for obtaining or retaining employment as this violates freedom of association. The National Labor Relations Act is unconstitutional(it was ruled constitutional for purely political reasons in 1937)as it violates the individual workers’ freedom of association thru forced representation and forced payment fees.

  32. 32

    Yeah, buy American everybody.

  33. hgb says – reply to this


    This clearly republican propaganda to make an attempt to sway the ignorant population of America lean right. I am surprised you supported it by posting it.

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Stephy0509 – What's your major? You might have to move.

  35. 35

    This went on in the brokerage firm I worked in for years… but substitute cocaine for mj.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: hgb – lol me to

  38. 38

    Oh THIS really pisses me off to NO end!!!!!! I live in the Detroit area and just let me say that these people should be thankful and kissing the ground that they even have a job in the auto industry. There are thousands and thousands of people that have been laid off of work and they would so love to have that job that these men so easily laugh at!! These people are drinking and smoking pot and then they go back to work drunk and high? They could injure someone or worse yet kill someone like that!! Then their building the cars that you and I buy to keep them employed? I am just sickened over this!! I'm glad they've been suspended. I'm sure that this has been going on for years and years too. What a disgrace!!

  39. 39

    who the fuck cares? a 40? a joint? sounds like my lunch break!

  40. 40

    There was a bong in my cup holder when I bought my last Chrysler

  41. 41

    WTF else is there to do in Detroit… been there average home price is 80k the small townships look like ghost towns and who is buy Chrysler anyways

  42. 42

    I think it is a joke that all employers say that they do "random" drug/alcohol testing. Notice how every single time the HR staff say they have been tested quite a few times? I have worked at my job for 29 years and never, ever asked to be tested…but my boss said he was required 3 times! Hmmm. Random drug testing in the workplace is a scam!!!!

  43. 43

    you have to be stupid if you watch FOX news….

  44. 44

    sad but true … while in college, I worked a summer at a GM plant as vacation coverage, night shift, and this happened ever single day. Some folks spent every lunch break smokin' and drinkin' in the parking lot. Just hope your new car was built before lunch!

  45. 45

    Its not a big deal. Guys have always drank at lunch. Even white collared guys. Its been that way since the 1800 hundreds.
    Them guys work 12-15 hour days. I live down the street from the plant.
    The cars are shitty now because they are rushing on making the cars just for money. That's the white collared guys doing that not the blue collared ones who just build them. If u think Detroits the only place that happens your blind.

  46. 46

    Gotta love those unions! Those folks would have to do a lot worse to get fired!