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GOOPY Gwyneth Gets A Scooter!

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She would.

Gwyneth Paltrow decided to embrace her inner pretentious hipster, so she went and bought herself a scooter!

The pain in the ass actress was snapped driving herself around on it all over Londontown!

We're sure she'll be updating GOOP any day now, talking about the refined benefits of such a vehicle in comparison to a car!


[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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20 comments to “GOOPY Gwyneth Gets A Scooter!”

  1. 1

    What makes her a pain in the ass?

  2. 2

    i think you should have drool on your mouth… you keep blatantly stealing from the UK DAILY MAIL. o_O

  3. 3

    When she talks out of hers…

  4. 4

    Isn't it a moped? Oh but you're trying to make it sound more stupid by calling it a "scooter." Right.

  5. 5

    Oh Perez…where have you been? Gwyneth had a scooter for so long I cannot even remember!…Actually you don't need to be a hipster to get one. This is not about being hip, you stupid ex-fatty! I am getting one myself, living in NYC, I need it! Good for her! No need for fancy cars! Go Gwyneth! Perez is a moron!

  6. 6

    I'm all for "scooters"… we actually need more of them on the roads. If anything it is a very intelligent choice…

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    You try paying big bucks for the privilege of driving around inner London, never mind parking. This scooter is a great, great thing.

  8. 8

    she's a bitch!

  9. 9

    At least she's not complaining about childbirth or her numerous HEALTH conditions. She looks like a boney free range chicken on her scooter.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    The only pain in the ass is Perez Hilton and possibly the not so attractive sister. She's had a scooter for ages. And yet you thought it was something new? Old, stale news as usual.

  12. 12

    Hun, she's been riding scooters for years :) Oh, and I'm still trying to figure out why you hate Gwyneth…

  13. 13

    1. she's had a scooter forever
    2. isn't she doing something good for the environment on her scooter rather than driving an escalade, Hummer or whatever?
    3. since when is a scooter pretentious?!

  14. 14

    Well, at least she's making the change everyone in Hollywood always say needs to be done.

    Also, having been to London several times, I can assure you the scooter is the better option than a car any day. Parking in London is skyhigh. Gas in Europe is expensive…the $3-4 we pay for a gallon is crazy cheap in comparison. There are also crazy restrictions about driving in the city. Traffic there makes me cringe. With the scooter, you can easily go places a car couldnt, and takes minimal parking.

  15. 15

    Re: europeansarepedophiles – She certainly is!

  16. 16

    you just call her a pain in the ass because she's a woman and she's beautiful! envy at it's fines! you can turn into a woman easily, Mario, but beautiful… mmm… not even after 5 overhauled incarnations!!!

  17. 17

    Aren't we ignoring the bigger issue here? In that doesn't looking at this woman make you want to scream an gouge at your eyes? It's obvious I'm a big fan….

  18. 18

    seriously, are you knocking someone for trying to do something proactive for the environment? you will praise someone for giving money to charity, but chances are, that person still drives a fucking SUV. gwyneth isn't saying "look at me, I am so green!", she is simply going out of her way to help. it takes a lot more than money to suck it up and ride a scooter. GOOD FOR HER! and anyone else who chooses a scooter, bike, public transportation, or WALKING!

    (and yes, it is a scooter, not a moped. moped literally means motorized and pedaled. they are bikes you can wind up with the pedals to help you up hills, or just ride regular like a bike! they are QUITE hard to find, in good condition.)

  19. 19

    have fun getting all the tangles out of your hair after that gweny

  20. 20

    I dont get it..Why's this a big deal? And why is this a headline?