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Lohan Miraculously Granted Bail From Jail After Other Judge Intervenes!

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This is crazy!!!!

Like out of a movie, a judge said that Lindsay Lohan was shafted when ordered to jail without bail and threw her a Get Out Of Jail Free card Friday evening!

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg cleared the way for the hard-pAArtying actress' release from jail on $300,000 bail just hours after another judge sent her to Lynwood Correctional Facility without bail for failing TWO drug tests recently, a violation of her DUI probation.

The reversal came after La Loca's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, filed an appeal arguing that Lohan was entitled to bail since her underlying case is a misdemeanor.

"There is no question that Ms. Lohan is entitled to bail while her alleged probation violation is being adjudicated," Chapman Holley said in her writ of habeas corpus.

Judge Schnegg agreed, saying: "This is a misdemeanor probation case and the defendant is also entitled, as a matter of right, to bail pending the outcome of the probation revocation issue."

Lohan's bail bondsman said earlier in the day he was prepared to spring the cocaine lover with bail as high as $1 million.


[Image via WENN.]

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61 comments to “Lohan Miraculously Granted Bail From Jail After Other Judge Intervenes!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Looking good Lins, finally decided to get some botox!

  3. 3

    Be nice RussellBrand. Coke is a serious drug

  4. 4

    This is getting way too old…. this is the point where this news is not news at all, its just sad. Its time to focus on someone else. Until she gets her life together, there is no point in hearing about her and her family.

  5. 5

    How sad that she gets the easy way out AGAIN. How can she ever learn?

  6. 6

    wow the justice in USA is insane this isnt missdemeanor, she violated her probation
    this is just stupid, i read somewhere else that she will have to use the scram thing again, how long will it be to hear again she used drugs again, i dont think she will hold a month clean until the real thing happens

  7. 7

    What a crock of shit! Don't these people know they are hurting this girl by setting her free? I hope that judge loses her job when Lindsay ODs.

  8. 8

    What's not to believe? She will keep getting granted bail until she comes out, OD's and dies and then thankfully we'll never have to hear about her again!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    It is amazing how she's getting out of all these snares. She is working the system like a total pro! How is she doing it? as Perez would say–"AMAZEBALLS!"

  11. 11

    While I do agree that the girl needs to spend some substantial time behind bars, I also believe that no judge has the right to step out of the boundaries of the law. If the statutes allow for a bail, given her particular scenario, then she should be granted her right to bail. Plain and simple. He can sentence her during her official hearing.

  12. 12

    This kind of justice only happens to white female celebrity drug addicts. Thank heavens she's not a poor black or Hispanic drug addict; they get ripped away from their kids to serve their time with no hope of some cushy rehab somewhere.

  13. 13

    thought her and her family were broke or something? does she even have that kind of money? she can be a coke whore hhahaahah im sure some guys would pay her for sex. and probably some girls too, and she likes that hahaha

  14. 14

    I just wish she would get better, she has so much talent that is being wasted that other people literally are depressed that they don't have. she needs a person in her life that does not want her fame, but to actually help her grow up.

  15. 15

    YES! She will get out and over dose on her favorite! She's so nasty, no one wants to see her anymore.

  16. 16

    Lindsey needs the papz. Just od girl! You will be famous for like 3 days.

  17. 17

    THIS is why she keeps doing it. Self entitled mentality that is encouraged every time people let her get away with bs after bs after bs. She's only going to stop if she wakes up, or OD's or something. Just…wow.

  18. Mr T says – reply to this


    I've been recently trying to stop drinking coffee - result: after 3 days terrible headache that goes away only by…drinking coffee. Never done drugs but I presume the 'coke' is few times more addicting than coffee. So, unless that poor girl gets some REAL HELP (not jailtime but the actual help) nothing good will happen.
    If she's been using drugs on regular basis I presume going between complete zero and some 'normal' usage could easily cause the situation like OD..simply ’cause it's difficult situation for anyone's body to handle.

  19. 19

    what a fucking joke!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Re: Mr T – Mr T you're dumb. But then again…you're Mr T hahaha.

  22. 22

    Just goes to show you the absolute BIAS of the US judicial system towards those with money. No wonder she has no regard for the law, it simply does not apply to her. Pathetic.

  23. 23

    Good for Lindsay; the HORROR the county is putting her through!

  24. 24

    Perez, you are an idiot.

    She gets punished AFTER TRIAL. California law says those that commit misdemeanors are entitled to bail, and the US Constitution also guarantees a right to bail for the accused. Lohan is no different than anyone else. Bail is supposed to be something that is used to ensure a defendant returns to jail for violations misdemeanors, and some felonies, and that's it. It is not, and was never intended to be used as punishment or to be set unreasonable high or flat out denied on shit like this.

    The real problem is for people that don't have the money for attorneys and cannot afford to fight for their rights. They end up stuck with no bail for similar charges, because they have a shitty public defender and no money. Judges routinely flout the law to "punish" destitute alleged criminals by unlawfully denying bail all the time, and that is why most Americans think no bail for her was OK.

    Anyone who thinks it was just for her to be denied bail doesn't know their own fucking constitutional rights, and I hope THEY get locked up for some po-dunk reason before being convicted too.

    After she gets her violation hearing, then I could care less what the judge does, again, as long as it follows the letter of the law.

  25. 25

    None of this matters because true to form she'll get out free and do it all again. I think we need to move on to other news. This is tiresome.

  26. 26

    I feel that her special treatment and lack of drug rehab treatment will soon lead to her death from overdosing. She thinks she's above the law and can get away with whatever she wants.

  27. 27

    everyone calm down, she's just out on bail until her hearing where she'll most likely and hopefully be put in jail for at least 30 days without early release as well as a long stint in rehab if there is any justice in this world.

  28. 28

    Re: cockmeatsandwich – I agree with you. It's so unfortunate that so many feel that Lindsay "did not deserve" to get bail. That's ridiculous and the fact that she is going to jail for doing drugs is ridiculous in itself. Yes, drugs are illegal, but with people like Lindsay Lohan, it's an addiction. She is addicted. No matter how long she stays in jail, it wont stop her addiction. She needs real help. People should see this. Hopefully, no one believes that "going to jail" solves any addiction WHAT SO EVER. So for all those people bitching about how she should go to jail to straighten up, it won't happen. It will never happen. She needs help in a controlled, comfortable environment, which is the only chance she gets to fighting such a serious problem. I'm rooting for Lindsay Lohan 100% and they gave her a scram bracelet again, great… you know how IMPOSSIBLE it is for someone to be on drugs, then to go straight to no drugs at all. This is an impossible task for her. I really hope she goes to rehab and truly wants to better herself.

  29. 29

    I wish someone would test your tweaking ass! Better yet stab your fat ass with a big fucking knife, gut you like a pig.

  30. 30

    This girl has habitually violated probation and parole her ass should be in prison

  31. 31

    That's funny. A friend was in a similar situation and got a shit load of time to do. Oh it pays to be a semi-rich has been of television and movies.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Re: obbie doobie! – Hey girl you said it right!

  34. 34

    i honestly don't even have words for how angry this makes me!i swear i hope this bitch now either kills herself or someone else because she will suffer no consequences until it gets to that point,then again she'd probably get away with that too!!
    americas justice system where money talks & bulls&^% walks…this is BULLS*&^!!!thanx for the great example ur setting judge!!

  35. 35

    Forget Lohan we need to get energized to keep the RepubliKKKans who destroyed our economy from gaining seats in November. The RepubliKKKans are the ones who belong in jail from George W. Bush on down. Wake up kids the RepubliKKKans DO NOT have YOUR best interests in mind!!!!!!!!

  36. 36

    She is a person, she should have the same rights as everybody else. Yeah, what she did is horribly stupid…but that isn't the point.

  37. 37

    300,000 She only has to pay 10% of that to "post bail" unless her bail was 3 million then 10% would be 300,000 … So if her bail was 300,000 then she only had to front 30,000 ( a day or two of shopping for the girl)

    Also … The law is the law…no one is perfect…. I am happy that the judicial system followed the laws of the land…and it also states that the first judge who sentenced her did so in haste and in a sense gives me* the impression that he had his decision decided even before hearing any testimony from the Lindsay and party…

    Lindsay…this is your chance to sober up….You can do it…Your a beautiful girl a privileged girl REMEMBER that… So make us proud… When you feel the need to do a drug or drink work out… I think you should try to go back into singing your last album "RAW" had great songs on it…you have talent… Work it out…

  38. 38

    What BULLSHIT. If this were a rapper they would lock him away in prison right away. She is never going to learn her lesson how can she when they make everything easy for her. They should have locked her in prison for 60 days and make her go to rehab for 1 year if she doesnt complete rehab send her back to prison for 5 months

  39. 39

    I cannot help but wonder if were me…Would I be released? Would a judge overturn anothers' ruling? Would I do way less than half time in jail and rehab? The saddest part of all of this is Lindsey is quickly going down the same road as Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, etc. The judge that did the overturning just signed her death certificate. This has become an annoying joke. It's like ok you've told that joke a 100 times come up with a new one. I don't even know why so many care?? she's not a relevant artist. It's kinda like the Kardashians. Why???

  40. 40

    I cannot help but wonder if it were me…Would I be released? Would a judge overturn anothers' ruling? Would I do way less than half time in jail and rehab? The saddest part of all of this is Lindsey is quickly going down the same road as Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, etc. The judge that did the overturning just signed her death certificate. This has become an annoying joke. It's like ok you've told that joke a 100 times come up with a new one. I don't even know why so many care?? she's not a relevant artist. It's kinda like the Kardashians. Why???

  41. 41

    Re: Leonard McNair – people like u just dont get it. she needs to go to jail FOR BREAKING THE LAW. she broke the law so she needs to go to jail, then she needs rehab AFTER jail. its not just about her addictions, its also about her breaking the law. why is it so hard for some of u people to get that?

  42. 42

    How long before she is dead. I give it less than 6 months. She is the biggest waste of human space. I wish the media would just leave her alone. SHe has no desire to get help. She is an addict, and her time will be up soon enough.

  43. 43

    Vomit… she makes me want to kill myself. This stupid ass fire crotch keeps getting the "go ahead?" I mean I'm pretty sure she sucked at acting… the only decent movie she had was mean girls and that was a joke so please let's all move on and hope this girl od's! She obviously could care less just like her pathetic mother and wannabe father! I'd slit my wrists and make sure it worked! Pathetic people and the media is wastin its time on these wastes of space! So whats going on in Afghanistan and the Gulf Coast? Give me some real fucking American News and not this celebrity bullshit!

  44. 44

    Re: cockmeatsandwich – California the whole state is a joke… this dumb bitch is wasting our time as did Arnold! Let's be honest if there were a choice between LA an NYC LA would gladly disappear along with those young AWFUL kids that call themselves actors aka Lindsay Lohan. Did I mention that "Mean Girls" was the only movie I ever witnessed and even that movie "your eyebrows suck!" Kill yourself and make it easier on us! I mean I hate to say that, but you are wasting our time!

  45. 45

    I HATE THE LOHANS!!!!!!!!! People Lindsay has no desire to get help and I'm sick of all you fucktards saying she does! That dumb awful wannabe actress does this every time. Her goal is not to get high, but to let everyone including the paparazzi know what she's up to! FUCK HER AND THE MEDIA! Thank you Perez for wasting any space you have writing about the biggest piece of shit waste of space ever! Even more so than Paris Hilton and she isn't even an actress!!! Hey Lindsay come to Nashville and hangout! We'd love to have you and your awfulness… p.s. you suck at life and you're a waste of my time.

  46. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Somebody “““ got paid!!!!!! She will get 30 jail & more rehab for a dirty test come Oct 22!! Bank on that!!

  47. 47

    Re: kcampuk – But you're commenting on a CELEBRITY website, ya dumbass!

  48. space says – reply to this


    how can her lawyer say her probation violation was "alleged," she admitted it! this is one lawyer that needs her degree taken away from her

  49. 49

    Perhaps you can change your banner to appear correct. Another Judge didn't "intervene", she was asked to hear a bail appeal and it was granted. You really need to look at facts before reporting them erroneously.

  50. 50

    Re: kcampuk

    What the fuck does any of that have to do with what I said about her getting bail?

    Here's your sign…

  51. 51

    When the attorneys can't/don't look at the t.v. cameras and go off on "constitution principles", due process, etc.,. that is when normal people become aware of what a b.s/full of crap system the legal racket is.
    I think unless you/we enjoy posting about what a hopeless case this young lady is we are better off spending our time getting the popcorn ready to watch her totally destroy herself.
    Don't empath her- laugh when she strokes out or kills five people when she runs a stop sign and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life…

  52. 52

    Just wow…..

  53. 53

    While she may need help, the Judge needs to follow the law. She couldn't be denied bail. Stop bitching.

  54. 54

    yay she'll probably overdose and die now! now everyone will get what they want. no more videos of her pretending to be annoyed by the paparazzi, and no more….oh wait, that's all that she is good at.
    how long before she diesssss?!!! everyone place your bets! i say within 3 months:)

  55. 55

    Re: Liberacex – obviously why she trolls these sites and IS SOOOOOO CONCERNED w/the media being in the court room!! It's all BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T CARE WHAT WE THINK! What joke! *LMFAO* :D

  56. 56

    This so-called JUDGE needs to be FIRED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're supposed to be trying to SAVE a life here……….

  57. 57

    I agree about the bail because that is the law, but she is in jail for DUIs. Those are crimes. I am sick of hearing she is an addict as an excuse. Yes, she is an addict, but she could have easily killed someone while driving on drugs and alcohol. If someone you loved was killed or injured due to someone driving on drugs or alcohol, would you be saying that person should be in rehab or in jail? She hasn't killed anyone yet, but why should she get off with only rehab?

  58. 58

    If she's legally entitled to bail, she should be offered bail. I'll tell ya though…that rehab they put her in sucks for letting her go early when she wasn't even strong enough in her sobriety to stay sober a couple of weeks upon release.

  59. 59

    can we please be granted some peace and quiet from this story……enough already…………

  60. 60

    This is why this country is so fucked up!! Why is it that another judge can come in just the day after and overturn what another judge just did?? If I were the first judge I'd be pissed as hell. He/she made an ass out of the first judge. Lindsay should be in jail just like ANYONE else who violated their probabtion. This is ridiculous.

  61. 61

    Good she should be in rehab for 3-6 months not jail!
    She has an illness addiction treat that.
    She is not a bad criminal the state has real criminals to go after that commit serious crimes.