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New Couple Alert?

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Well, well, well. What do we have here?!

It looks as though Demi Lovato might have found a new man in Rob Kardashian!

The two, we were first seen together at Nick Jonas' birthday, were spotted ALONE and affectionately walking arm in arm into Pinz Bowling alley in Studio City today, before grabbing a bite to eat at delicious In N' Out Burger!

Very curious indeed!

Maybe someone's trying to keep her new romance on the DL after her last one blew up in her face because she wouldn't shut up about it!


What do U think?? Are these two together??

[Image via Limelight.]

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55 comments to “New Couple Alert?”

  1. 1

    Not being biased, but MAJOR DOWNGRADE!

    Also, what is it with Rob Kardashian and Latina Disney stars?

  2. 2

    According to their friends they are only using eachother for publicity.
    Robert is learning how to fameho from big sis!!!
    A friend of kim kardashian is now telling:
    Kim har done multiple plastic surgeries. Rhinoplasty, cheek implants, liposuction,facelift and breast augumentation. She says the funny thing is that before kim did botox on tv she had never done it before. She just said she did it to cover up all rumers of her plastic surgeries.
    Regarding her all her boyfriends, she has never cared…she just used them to get famous!!
    She cant act,she cant dance, she sings like a little girl in kindergarten and her posing is soulless copying from top models.
    She has no talent whatsoever!!!Even her sextape was acting.
    She is the most selfish person. She only cares about her self.
    Her dream all her life was to become a princess!!
    She is a 100% famewhore and absolutely good for nothing.
    Nobody lies more then kim, she says!!
    Kim kardashian, soon you will be disliked for who you really are!!
    She doesnt understand that hollywood is lauging at her!!
    Crash and burn, useless famewhore!!!

  3. 3

    Re: truthabove – All right. Calm down.

  4. 4

    Her can is starting to look a little thick.

  5. 5

    gross isn't he like 30 ?

  6. 6

    She might want to skip the next outing to In and Out Burger…Kinda young to have a dumpy looking ass….

  7. 7

    ugh gross. Demi's better than that, no offense.

  8. 8

    Damn if demi gets with rob… she will be a homewrecker. Rob already confirmed in the Kardashian show that he's with malika. So let's hope they are just friends.

  9. 9

    He got the Kardashian butt, I see…

  10. 10

    what about Malika?

  11. 11

    Does he shave his legs? She looks like a bull dog.

  12. 12

    Anyone who thinks Kim K has had glut implants just take a look at the only male Kardashians ass!! LOL, he looks like he might be a bit hung over! A couple of you think Rob is a downgrade from Nick… I think he is at least on the same level if not even a tiny step up, BUTT that's just my opinion!

  13. 13

    Re: scottsgirl2 – - Haha, totally hadn't caught that before! But now that you mention it… Ya know, it's just kind of awkward in general. She doesn't seem like his type (from what I've seen of the show). Hm, funny how this comes out after we see Selena and Kim all buddy buddy…

  14. 14

    Re: HaileyB – The truth about kim is about to come out and we are looking soooo mucho forward to it!!

  15. 15

    Like two days ago, you were blaming 'Jemi's' relationship on Joe's 'douchebag-ness' and now you're blaming it all on Demi.
    Please, take some medication and go to therapy.

  16. 16

    Gawd, look at her fat cottage-cheese flabby ass; just like his sister's & mother's asses!

  17. 17

    EW major DOWNGRADE. Demi is waaay to good for him.BTW wtf is Rob Kardashian doing hanging out with little Disney stars? How old is he again like 25?..perv

  18. 18

    aaaaaawww, little robbie loves disney girls!!
    Isnt that adoooooorable or creeeepy as hell!!
    He is just like his sister…..living in a fairytale!!!
    effed up family….bruce, youre the man!

  19. Misa7 says – reply to this


    Cheetah girls and now Disney's teen!!
    Rob love Disney that's all!!

  20. 20

    umm Demi is not fat… she has a NORMAL body unlike some of these skinny teen stars

  21. 21

    Her ass is HUGE!

  22. 22

    Dont really care but these disney stars sure do get around.

  23. 23

    wtf he is wayyy too old and not famous for her

  24. 24

    Old news… You also might want to add that rob took the two younger Kardashians to her and the jonas brothers last concert… Kylie even tweeted about it, not too long ago

  25. 25

    Ooh, Demi's porkin' out !
    And daaaamn, he's got the biggest arse I've ever seen on a man!
    If they are together and someday start a family, their kids will have GIANT arses. No Joke.

  26. 26

    Who the hell are these two fat asses?

  27. 27

    again, getting your panties in a twist over a teen-aged girl, honestly perez ,are you that jelous?

  28. 28

    I don't get it… She going out with a Jonas brothers, right? A supposed virgin couple? If this story IS TRUE, I dont think that Robert K. is the type of waiting for marriage…. She hangs out with the jonas kids( super virgins) and now, she's suddently is seeing with this liberal guy..

  29. 29

    Re: truthabove – we know.lol

    the kardashian family will do anything to stay in the spotlight

  30. 30

    hes a fuckin loser.. the whole family is.. not one of them has an ounce of talent n they walk around all high n mighty with their disgusting smirks…bruce has talent but he aint a disgusting kardashian…this family deserves the hate.. i dont really give a shit if im labeled a hater.

  31. 31

    MMMMMMMM In N Out burger….

  32. 32

    nick never dated demi

  33. 33

    Rob is a loser. He still hasn't discovered who he is beyond being connected to his famiily.

  34. 34

    omg every single one of you needs a life! lol its really not that serious…Rob is actually really nice and if you've seen Demi in real life you'd know that her body is definitely on point. None of you actually know what goes on in their personal lives. Keeping Up was filmed a while ago so Rob might not even be with Malika right now. And just because you see two people hanging out does NOT mean they are together. Has no one learned for the whole Rob/Angela Simmons thing. There is such thing as friendship. If they are together i think they are cute. Everyone should just leave them be. Geeze people calm it down…haters.

  35. 35

    Rob doesn't have a job or his own home. his family is famous for being famewhores. Everything they do or say is in the spotlight. To who Kim is dating or what her 14 years old sister pose in a way. It's annoying.

  36. auds says – reply to this


    oh good lord… WHAT is it women see in Rob? isnt he like 10 years older than her? HES SO DAMN UGLY & SKUZZY! i'd never expect her to go for trash like that, SO disappointing, she could do SO MUCH BETTER!

  37. 37

    it would seriously be the most random couple ever. rob is apparently into disney stars. haha. how old is he anyway?

  38. 38

    Re: truthabove – take it easy….my god…you seem to have a rage against Kim Kardashian that is NOT healthy…seems to be eating your soul. Please get some professional help tomorrow…or tonight depending on your time zone. I can imagine the letters on your your keyboard busting off as your chubby fingers composed such a hateful post.
    Kim might be a fame whore but she is successful, earned or not. Cry.

    On another note…Demi's ass looks like it could be Betty White's.

  39. 39

    phat arse.
    whoops! i meant fat arse.

  40. 40


    Most men that I've ever talked to LOVE women with bigger butts. A woman actually having CURVES and not being a fucking size 0 is ATTRACTIVE and NORMAL. Demi is absolutely FAR from being fat. FAR FAR FAR FROM IT. I am PROUDLY a size 6 and have a BIG BUTT and my man LOVES me for it!! I love my curves and people like you calling any woman who isn't a size 0 fat are FUCKING STUPID. Get a fucking life. I'll take my body over a model's twig body ANY fucking day of the week.

  41. 41

    His ass is as big as Kims!

  42. 42

    Re: SunsetxCruising
    her ass does not look fat to me…looks shapeless

  43. 43

    Haha, isn't it funny that female and male celebs can't even be friends, hug each other and go for dinner?
    I think it's ridiculous to see a possible relationship just because boy and girl are alone. Wohooo, they might make out, there might be more than just friendship, they might…. Yeah, MIGHT.
    Well, I have many male friends and we even hug each other or kiss the cheeks. All my male friends once had dinner with me, alone and this was nothing but an act of friendship.
    Maybe Demi has a crush on him, maybe not. But it was just one time and one shouldn't overdo this whole relationship thing, guess Demi has just a normal life with normal friends and does teenager stuff.

  44. barny says – reply to this


    Demi is getting a nice looking big ass.

  45. 45

    Re: kathie! – Kim kardashian is making this world a stupider place to live in. I am just trying to protect my people from cheep prostitutes like her……btw, everything i wrote is true….so whats your problem???

  46. 46

    how you guys do not know she is dating travis clark is beyond me.
    really? come on. everyone knows demi likes band dudes, and she in fact dating we the kings lead singer travis clark. they have been together for a bit now.

  47. 47

    thts gross.

  48. 48

    Wow, so a girl can't hang out with someone without being bothered with dating rumours?
    Why can't they be friends? Why do people immediately assume they're together? Demi probably has loads of guy friends, doesn't mean she HAS to be dating one of them.
    Also why is everyone calling her fat? What the hell? Is this how shallow our world has become? Because she is definitely not overweight.

  49. 49

    she's hot. he's hot. She's going places, but he's not. Oh p.s i would kill for a body like Demi's.

  50. 50

    Last time i checked, men prefer a woman with a figure like Demi Lovato's . What man seriously likes a size 0? Keep doing your thing, Lovato.

  51. 51

    I'd love me some Rob! ;) Gett it girrrrl

  52. 52

    "After her last one blew up in her face because she wouldn't shut up about it!" … HAHAHHAH You're so funny! Now she wont have any problem on making her life public! Hahhaha

  53. 53

    could just be friends. have you ever gone to get a burger with a friend?

  54. 54

    No way, these two could never make a good couple. Besides, Just watched the newest episode tonight and its totes obvious Rob in infatuated with Malika, and its clear she has some sort of affection for him too. They should get together, If they arent already, they would make the cutest couple!

  55. 55

    what gucci sunglasses is she wearing? does anyone know.. style code or something? they arent on the website?