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Lindsay's Freedom Comes With Lots Of Strings Attached!

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She got a very lucky break from an appeals court judge on Friday, but Lindsay Lohan has to…..

- Pay $300,000 bail.
- Be fitted with a SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet within 24 hours of her release.
- Must refrain from drinking.
- Must not take or posses any controlled substances.
- Not allowed to hang out with or around known drug users. Does that mean Dina can't be near her????
- Not patronize nightclubs or places where alcohol is the "chief item of sale."
- Submit to search by law enforcement officials at ANY TIME.

She better not fuck up AGAIN! She's already been given too many chances!

P.S. This is totally a case of celebrity justice!!!!

If she were not Lindsay Lohan, would an appeals court judge have heard her lawyers appeal SO QUICKLY?????

Probably not!

[Image via WENN.]

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124 comments to “Lindsay's Freedom Comes With Lots Of Strings Attached!”

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  1. 1

    Oh for fuck's sake! SHE WILL NEVER LEARN.

  2. 2

    it won't be long til she f*cks up again… but the girl needs serious help, be it jail or rehab.

  3. 3

    It's too bad, regular people's entire lives are ruined DAILY over drinking problems and mistakes. My ex still doesn't have his license back over 2 drinks, and he wasn't even drunk. His head light was out and he was right around the corner from his home. It's been over 3 years now. He's done hours and hours of community service, never missed an AA meeting, paid his fines… still nothing. How is that fair…
    This girl keeps doing it and NOT SITTING in jail for it. That's the only way its going to help her, is sitting it out and getting over her addictions. She's wasting tax payers time and money!

    Keep letting them take the easy way out. I want my justice if I ever make a little mistake and end up in court then too. Not fair!

  4. 4

    If Jail is good enough for George Michael it is good enough for this no mark..Who only does 1 line of Coke..ya light weight !!LOL

  5. 5

    what bullshit! how can they possible expect her to learn her lesson and get better if they keep letting her off!? what dumb fucks!

  6. 6

    oh LINDSAY LOHAN, you FUCK UP. I had such high hopes for you after your previous jail and rehab release i actually thought you were gonna get your career back by starring in your slutty films with your poor acting skills yet no the second day you get released you buy yet another MERCEDES to crash yet again while under the influence. you are such a fuck up, i dont understand why you do drugs. .. you knew this was coming to you, why the fuck would you snot cocaine up your boogery nose when you know you get tested for random drug and alochol substances ? i dont think youl ever get back to where you were, your only famous for the controversy you cause and the drugs you do, when someone thinks lindsay lohan they think drugs and alcohol, no acting no singing no nothing. you look like some cracked out used up 40 year old lady. and how the fuck do you make money? call paparazzi out to take photos of you and get paid by them ? you love the attention whore. your sick you FUCKED up even more then your character in georgia rule . i have no hope for you, i hope you keep getting fucked and that you never make money become poor and only star in pornos. DISGUSTING your not even pretty dear.

  7. 7

    this is an outrage!!! my cousin who is the same age as her..and lives in los Angeles, had a drug problem and she did her time.. plus rehab… she been doing good..and clean.. she moved location.. and missed a probation appointment.. and she was thrown to jail for three months and again put in rehab..when she in fact was clean..and this bitch gets away with again.. f__ck the corrupt system!

  8. 8

    I can't believe that she's already out.. it would have been good for her to spend time in jail to understand wtf she is doing and that she can't do it without considering the consequences. But thats what happended. I think she should have been in jail for four weeks.

  9. 9

    I am not a big fan of the Lohan family, but you had better watch what you say about Dina (or any celebrity, for that matter). Insinuating that she is a drug user could land you in some hot water, buddy.

  10. 10

    wow, speechless

  11. 11

    nice double chin for 23.

  12. 12

    Really what kind of fuckery is this. If it was any regular person they would have been thrown under the jail, but because its this brokedown bitch she just keeps getting away? Apparently there is a problem. Granted there are people out there that deserve a secomd chance, but what is this, her 15th? SHE DOESN'T WANT TO GET HER LIFE TOGETHER. So fuck it there are more important things to worry about in this world that this crackwhore and her failed attempts to stay relevant in Hollywood. Holla at me when she actually does something productive.

  13. 13

    If she wasn't famous, she would still be in jail. The whole thing about her being entitled to bail is BS. You're not entitled to it, when you violate your probation. I work with someone who went through something very similar, in the exact same court and they went to jail within hours of failing one drug test, which was for pot. They were in jail for 27 days, which was when their court date was. For their original case, they also were only let out 10 days early and they did their full stint in rehab and all they ever did was drink occasionally & smoke pot. They've never used prescription drugs or cocaine. They also never missed any court dates and complied with everything else they were ordered to do. So much for fairness. The CA judicial system is a joke!

  14. 14

    If she had NOT been a celebrity, she would not have been sent to jail. Know the law, Perez, before you make accusations. A judge cannot refuse bail on a misdemeanor in the State of California.

  15. 15

    she always gets away with this bs whatever they have some Justice system out in LA huh?

  16. 16

    Get this pathetic idiotic has been out of my face. Next week shes going to be picture doing a line and she'll get away with it. Pathetic. Absolutely disgraceful. At least man up to your mistakes you dumb bitch.

  17. 17

    for fucks sake keep this bitch in jail or send her ass to rehab! how many times are they going to let her break the fucking law and get away with it? i guess until she finally kill's someone while she's out on one of her daily coked up drives! and her parents need to have their ass beat and thrown in jail, they have completely failed her!

  18. 18

    i just have to say this…lots of you out there give an example of a friend of family member that has gone through something and that this is unfair…and i will say this…i have some friends that have had several dui's or drug possession charges but because they are rich and white, nothing happens…its not because she is a celebrity, its because she has some disposable income or someone that she knows has it…and she's white…

  19. 19

    OMG - She should come & live w/ my best friend & i. We have TONS of fun and are totally alcohol/drug-free. We still get in trouble but it is SOOO SATISFYING to tell people, "No thank you, we don't drink" & "No - I'm square." Guys still trip all over us.

  20. 20

    so it is okay for me to come to USA and do drugs, get caught doing drugs or under influence and I won't go to jail??

  21. free says – reply to this


    Exact same conditions as last time

  22. 22

    Lilo NEEDS to go to jail. She need to go into "population" not "isolation." I know it will help. She will see people facing the same demons as herself. I think she will get off of her high horse. Once your freedom is gone, it is gone! Jail is not like "OZ." You will not get ass raped! It is jail NOT prison! Big difference! She has been given too many chances! Do your time! You have no one to blame but yourself!

  23. 23

    Sorry Perez… the law is the law. The judge had to give the option of bail, which is why the other judge got involved. I guarantee that if Lohan was not a celebrity, she wouldn't have been sent to jail in the first place.

  24. 24

    i don't really care if she learns or not, but seriously! if it was me i would have been in jail a long time ago, and not just sitting in a cell able to do whatever i want, and see whoever i want, whenever i want. i would be in with everybody else!

  25. 25

    So that means stay home watch TV all the time.

  26. 26

    This is just an example of how the justice system is a complete joke…and basically if you have money you can live above the law.

    the fact that she is put in a special safer place when she is in jail is also unfair…there are other 'normal' people who would have just as much of a chance of being hurt if they are put in with everyone else, but they never get special treatment as they are just 'normal' and not a 'celebrity'.

    the fact that the attention to her case is so speedy is also demonstration of special treatment. she should have to wait in the same line up that everyone else has to.
    but this goes to show that in north america if you are famous or have money you are considered to be more important than everyone else…is like the new aristocracy or royal class. people just fail to recognize it until they see situations such as these.

  27. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I read that VEGAS is taking bets to when her SCRAM bracelet will “` go OFF “` next!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Fear not my fellow Americans “ LiLo has a court date on Oct 22. She could be ordered to jail for 30 days, (at least) for breaking probation with a cocaine reading“`. Knowing her“ she'll fuck up again and get more time. I'll sit here on the side lines and watch this play out“` once again.. booo whoo Just hope I don't read her OBITUARY in the near future“` b/c that's where she's heading.

  28. 28

    I Hate her so much … NOBODY have this kind of treatment !!!!! She's a looser … I'm so upset about the fact she associate with britney spears teams ….

  29. 29

    Unbelievable. The court system disgusts me.

  30. 30

    Who cares about this cooze? I'm sick of hearing about her.

  31. 31


  32. 32

    wow that bitch is lucky big time. how many times in her stupid life will she be doing this ? when will be grow up in that little fucked up mind ? I bet that dina her mother is giving the cocaine to Lindsay and I wouldn't be surprised news flash dina, Lindsay is your fucking daughter not your friend. WAKE UP BOTH OF YOU.

  33. 33

    and another thing dina should be tested too for cocaine 'cuz she's probably the one who has the drugs has no one ever thought about that one before huh, Michael, Lindsay's father ? and also Ali what if she's also doing drugs she does now look like her age she looks like she's 22 or something by the time Lindsay and Ali be actually 30 or 40 they will be 70 and 80 years old if they keep this shit up.

  34. 34

    She's a drug-addled dummy, who will never learn, who gets continuous special treatment from the courts. If that were "one of us", we'd be locked up in the smaller for God knows how long, with no "chances", and no opportunity to get out early. Disgusting. Why is she above the law? And clearly, her addiction is much more severe than they are treating her for, so perhaps she shoold be ordered to rehab for an extended period of time.

  35. 35

    lol ye's this is celebrity justice BUT well know she's gonna fuck this up within…3 days maximum.

  36. 36

    Re: istudythelaw

    She's not really white. She kind of a pasty artificial orange with darker orange polka dots.

  37. 37

    HOLY CRAP. what the hell, seriously? who else in this world is allowed to constantly mess up like that and get in trouble with the law and basically get away with it? 300,000 is nothing to her. im sure she has millions. and she was already supposed to be staying away from all of those things in first place. what is new here? nothing. this makes me want to be a judge, id love to have people like her in my courtroom.

  38. 38

    this is an unjust world…we can really do anything sadly.
    just go on with your day people

  39. 39

    Re: Sony Murillo – Good for your cousin for trying to get better

  40. 40

    Doesn't anyone get it … with all those restrictions she is in jail. She just doesn't have a shitter next to her bed.

  41. 41

    I wouldn't be hurt if she just died off. Seriously, she's a waste of humanity and is completely ungrateful for the money she has and the allowance she gets with the law. She has nooo clue what real life is even like, big fuckin baby. So what if she has mental problems. WE ALL DO, at least she has the money to pay for a damn good doctor and get the help!

    Just get help or stop existing, you're fucked up Lind and quite frankly, we're all bored with your 'troubled widdle life'.

  42. 42

    Oh… and see kids? She looks at least 50 years old… see what drugs do to ya?

  43. 43

    It's not that bad. The SCRAM bracelet is like being in prison anyway since it prevents her from getting what she wants. That thing gets just a whiff of booze and it screams bloody murder.

  44. 44

    This just makes me sick to my stomach. It's very clear that she will never learn. That monitoring bracelet will do no good. She should have gone on to jail………………….the ultimate cure.

  45. 45



  46. 46

    She's out?! For fuck's sake.

    Oh well, if I ever get an uncontrollable urge to become a hopeless drug-craving slut and to carjack strangers and chase down people in it I'll make sure I leave England and do it all in L.A.

    She's over. No-one respectable will hire her and most of the public won't like the celeb justice she's received again.

  47. 47

    Wow, I would be checking these "judges" bank accounts, someone had a VERY big payday! It definitely pays to be a celebrity judge. :)

  48. 48

    This is the kind of "justice" that makes me look for jobs in other countries. The United States Justice system is so fucked up.

  49. 49

    Can't say as I'm surprised. I knew this would happen. When will Celebrity Justice end? This is totally unexceptable. This girl is NEVER going to get over her additions. They're just feeding into her additions. They're a major reason why she keeps getting into trouble. If they'd just put her in jail or rehab for 6 months a year, I bet she'll be better! This isn't going to be any different. She's going to get into trouble again. I give her 6 months before she's dead! I won't be surprised when that happens!

  50. TdubC says – reply to this


    She isn't technically getting off easy. At this point all she has been convicted of is misdemeanors so she shouldn't have to serve jail time. That first judge was just an vindictive bitch!

  51. 51

    Would the appeals judge heard her lawyer so quickly if she wasn't Lindsay Lohan? Probably not. But I don't think that it has so much to do with them wanting to go light on her as it is them feeling compelled to address it right away because of the media attention it is being given. If they have a high profile case and they think they ruled out of the boundaries of the law, they are naturally going to feel inclined to rectify asap. But personally I think the court is just itching to see her go down. And rightfully so.

  52. 52

    Celebrity justice? Perhaps, but if she were not famous, her behavior may have gone unnoticed in the first place.

  53. 53

    I am so over this girl. She doesn't care & continues to do what the F**k she wants because she knows she's only gonna get a slap on the wrist. Happy Judge Fox tried to keep her in jail, but because shes got $ & good attorneys, she's out again. I have NO SYMPATHY for her or her f****d up family and I wish she would just GO AWAY. If she wants to continue her bad behavior, let her, maybe if she OD"s or injures someone people will stop giving her another chance, after another chance, after another chance…

  54. 54

    This bitch gets away with breaking the law again. She doesn't have to pay the piper like the rest of the world does and that is just not right. Again, in a picture taken when leaving jail she has this smirk on her face. Boy, I sure want to slap that smirk right off her face. I don't wish her the best. I hope she fucks up again and again and I hope that someday one of those judges in her county will stand up and do what should of been done a long time ago and throw her untalented trailer trash ass in jail where she belongs. She takes that Adderall cuz if you don't have ADD it gives you a high. That is the only reason she takes it and the judges fall for this shit. UNBELIEVABLE

  55. 55

    This idiot will NEVER learn, until she OD's…then maybe, just maybe she'll start to grow the F up and appreciate the life she has.

  56. 56

    The CA Penal Code states that a person has a right to a separate bail review if he or she asks for one. If she were not LiLo, it all would've happened the same.

  57. 57

    I feel sorry for the girl, b/c IMO opinion she was raised WRONG and her mother is living vicariously through her. However, this is celebrity justice. Didn't the 'I had a bad childhood' thing lose it's foundation about a decade ago? Everyone has baggage from their childhood, but most of us choose to move on. Jail would have probably been best for her, because I do not think this will change her behavior a bit. Particularly with that leach, Dina, around.

  58. 58

    so whos makin bets on how fast shes gonna be back , ill give like a 2 weeks until she fucks up again :)

  59. 59

    Re: mustbenargles – So sorry. My hubby went through a similar thing, but the cop was nice enough to give him a DWAI. IT still presents HUGE challenges in this sucky job market though, so I feel your pain. I realy think a cop would give a DWI to a little old lady who took athritis medication.

  60. 60

    Oh for christ sake ! somewhere down the road when this kid od's everyone will be saying "poor lindsay, what went wrong?" The celebrity treatment thing has me confused…. all she's known for at this point is bad behavior and bad acting. the media should leave her alone and let her kill herself .. there are a lot of other train wrecks out there. Ya think she wouldn't mind being in general population in prison, her dance card would certainly be full. Am I the only one who thought it was her mother in that photo for a minute ?? she looks 20 years older than she is. that sounds like some kind of perverse justice to me . oh well, on to more important things ..

  61. 61

    Re: mustbenargles – There isn't a state in the union that will take away a driver's license for 3 years for DUI unless the person has multiple DUIs or injured someone while getting the first DUI. Some states will suspend it for 3-5 years if it is the 2nd DUI, some for 10 years if it is the 3rd. It varies from state to state. But I can guarantee you he has more than just one simple DUI if he doesn't have his license back after 3 years.

  62. 62

    I'm thinking LA needs to secede from the US if they're gonna keep making up their own ideas of justice

  63. 63

    I am so sick of these rich, spoiled "princesses" getting away with everything!!! If this had been a normal person they wouldn't have even been given 1 chance let alone 3 (or is it more now???). Her ass belongs in jail! She violated the terms of her probation plain and simple. And she did it within 2 weeks of being released from her reduced jail/rehab stint. Shame on that damm judge who let her go! We all know she'll be sneaking drinks/drugs within a week! If people keep letting her get away with this she'll never learn and she'll be dead!!! Stop enabling her people!!!

  64. 64


    IF YOU'RE FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO ROTTED IN JAIL COULDN'T AFFORD THE BAIL, THAT'S A DIFFERENT ISSUE. she has already paid many hundreds of thousand of dollars in bail this kid.

  65. 65

    and applying the apparent standard for misdemeanor cases in california, she can violate any or all of these conditions without being held in custody. and of course when sentenced on any violations will be gated in and out of any custodial sentence because of overcrowding. it really is at the stage where i say get over the probation and we can get back to the fun lohan…the one who is falling all the time and that way she can expedite her fall from hpllywood status as a celebrity and become a walking joke like tara reid. they can hang out together and get rejected at the clubs.

  66. 66

    Does she even have $300,000 for bail? To watch this poor girl flush her life down the drain is exhausting….

  67. 67

    yes perez- i work at a courthouse- and everyone's bail appeals are heard the same day, sometimes within a half hour. so no. its not celebrity justice. in FACT, its fucking ridiculous that the first judge ever held her! as the appeals judge said, on misdemeanor cases, bail is a RIGHT. CELEBRITY INJUSTICE.

  68. 68

    Can't say I'm surprised but I am disappointed. Not serving her time in jail is not helping her at all. She broke the law and she should be punished just like anyone else would be. If she wanted to bail out then the condition should have been that she check herself into rehab until the 22nd of October, not let her roam around free to be out and about. That's ridiculous and the judge should be ashamed. She's already shown that she has no respect for the law so why would the judge have encouraged her lack of caring? This is a sham and a mockery of the law and the judge should be thrown off the bench. Obviously he was acting like a groupie instead of a judge who wanted to follow the law. I wish Lindsay luck but I don't see a happy ending for her unless she takes her addiction seriously and does something about it. It's sad to watch someone so young throw their life away.

  69. 69

    After all of those conditions I wonder if she's considering prison instead :P

  70. 70

    She doesn't need jail or rehab. she needs an island where she could be only a girl and not lindsay lohan. Far far away from "friends", "family" and media. I would put her there for at least 2 years.

  71. 71

    Total B.S! She should have been doin all of that as soon as she got out of rehab! People, places and things!

  72. 72

    Hollywood needs a go to mess up and Lindsay is it. Before her, Robert Downey Jnr endured the same backlashes every time he fell off the wagon. In Lindsay's drug raddled mind, she thinks she is in the same acting chops category as Robert was and that the public will ultimately forgive her. She is not in that class. She was a child star who made a couple of mainstream movies that were hits with young adults. Her fan base has now moved on with their lives while she continues to party, party, party. As I said, Hollywood sees her as a f@#k up and no longer mind her taking the heat off anyone with real talent who might be going down the same road. She is NEVER coming back now, N E V E R!!!!

  73. 73

    Perez, your beating down on Lindsay is going overboard. It is excessive. I have two words for you and I will keep repeating them:
    Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton.

    You show complete favoritism to a no talent little snot who bought ALL her publicity, and whose sense of entitlement allows her to buy "just-us." Paris is a pig. She is also a vicious, mean, spiteful, nasty girl who ruins people's reputations just because she can. Her crowd, the Brad Davis drug crowd were your buddies. Perez. There was a time, when you were older than Lindsay is now, and you probably couldn't do what this judge is asking her to do.

  74. 74

    Re: aliealie – Exactly!! You cannot refuse bail for a misdemeanor, parole violation!! People keep saying she's getting preferential treatment!! I think not!! I think that judge tried to do this to her because of who she is!!

  75. 75

    Re: devon20 – That's a pic of DINA!

  76. 76

    Everyone should IGNORE this bitch! Hollywood producers and casting agents: DO NOT HIRE HER FOR ANY ACTING PARTS (she's such a fucking mediocre actress anyway). Hollywood nightclubs and restaurants: DO NOT ALLOW HER ADMISSION AT ANY COST OR BE SUBJECT TO THE LAW. I would shave her head along with that other fucking moron, Paris Hilton (along with her bitch, Perez), put them all in a cage on public display at The Grove with a sign attached that says "FUCKING LOSERS."
    What happened to California's "3 Strikes and You're Out" law?

  77. 77

    Re: samdavid

    "This is just an example of how the justice system is a complete joke…and basically if you have money you can live above the law."

    No you imbecile, this is an example of how the justice system is SUPPOSED to work. Fox was wrong in not allowing bail. Get over it. Fox can do whatever he wants to her AFTER her actual probation violation hearing in October. The reason why idiots like you think this was OK is because you personally detest Lohan (something that should not be taken into account in a court of law), and that judges routinely pull this kind of unconstitutional shit with people that DON'T have the money to appeal it - hence the reason why people are crying "if this was a minority, they wouldn't have let him out!", because most of the time said minority is poverty stricken and can't afford a lawyer, so they have a shiteous public defender who could care less if their client is in jail - they get paid the same either way. And THAT sort of judicial abuse is what you should be really outraged over.

  78. 78

    What is excessive is the media feeding frenzy and then these asshole judges chasing headlines trying to show how tough they are. What is happening to Lindsay is overboard because she was charged with a misdemeanor in the first place. If she was NOT famous, they would not have been treating this at all. There are real crimes and real criminals happening in L.A. while judges "perform" for the media circus.

  79. 79

    Hey Lindsay, how does it feel knowing that hundreds of thousands of people hate your skank ass.
    You are no longer relevant. Go back to Long Island and get a job at the Gap.

  80. SeeMe says – reply to this


    With this release, I think they will find her dead within a month. Jail was her only way to survive and keep away from her family. Very, very sad.

  81. Alesi says – reply to this



  82. 82

    Re: mustbenargles – You always have the harshest opinions about everything. This girl is sick. Yes, she's an idiot for constantly ruining her chances, but I think the one to really blame is the judge who keeps giving her bullshit sentences and letting her out early. Lindsay is a drug addict and therefore is not in the right state of mind and will never learn on her own. Her family, the judges, and her friends need to step up and make her stay in jail or rehab for a long period of time. Thats the only thing that will help her.

  83. 83

    This SO isnt fair! Had this happened to any noncelebrity Joe, think they would get the same treatment?? HELL NO…just goes to show, if your famous enough or have enough money, you can buy your way out. She SHOULD be in jail right now, she has learned NOTHING…other then she can get away with anything she wants. Just a matter of time til she kills herself. STOP wasting the courts money and time and let her get on with it…

  84. 84

    Re: PearlyPaige – The POWER of free speech, baby. DINA helped cause her own daughter to be what she is today. Shit mother and a shit father made a shit daughter. I'm not scared to say it…Dina does drugs and shared with her children. Insinuating? You bet!

  85. 85


    karma is a bitch though, watch her 2-3 months from now she will fuck up and will NOT get any special privilidges.

  86. 86

    It's ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL what they are doing to Lindsay!

  87. 87

    The 300G bail says it all! The lesson is if u have $-u can buy your way ot of trouble Unfortunately-the lesson for Lindsey is that there are no consequenses for her actions.She needs REAL rehab to get clean-and soon asit could save her life!!

  88. 88

    yes when you have money you can afford a more capable lawyers. Thats why rich prosper more with legal issues. She shouldn't be in jail anyway because she is an addict…Did you ever meet an addict? Ever had addict friends? The fucking up part is completely normal. Everyone around addicts tells them they are going to mess up again….so they do. I know its the media and perez hilton are completely in capable sincerely looking at the issue instead of profiting off it or making it a joke. Matt Lauer is the person in the media who looked at the situation seriously.

  89. 89

    Yeah, that Lindsay is a real dangerous criminal! Lock her up and throw away the key! Paris and Lindsay should hit Las Vegas now and see what happens.

  90. 90

    she'll eff up again like she always does. its not fair this girl gets a free pass with everything. i look forward to seeing her new mugshot next month and with all these mugshot pics she can have a calendar out soon LOL

  91. 91

    We love you Lindsay!

  92. 92

    The 12-Step Religious AA/NA Cult will DESTROY your life if you REFUSE to convert!

  93. 93

    I'm the same age as LiLo and trust me…my ass would still be rotting in that jail cell from last time…and I probably wouldn't get to go to a fancy rehab 2 days later due to "over crowding"…I don't understand why she is getting special treatment…it ain't 2004 anymore…and no one cares.

  94. 94

    This is LESS than she had to do before, when she blew it! At least then she had to do AA and therapy like DAILY, now, she is right back to just the scram! So, they remove a bunch of the 'strings' to her freedom!? If she would have had to spend all her time at AA or therapy, she might not have so much FUN being free!! I am so sick of this. I KNEW that I would look today only to find that she was being released. No question in my mind. That fing Holley ought to be ashamed of herself!

  95. 95

    Um, if she WASN”T a celebrity, she wouldn't have been sent to jail for a misdemeanor charge. They're trying to make an example of it, and I think she's getting unfair treatment. Paris Hilton gets caught with blow, and she doesn't get any jail time at all. Explain that?

  96. 96

    fuck that girl. i wish she'd just kill herself at this point. why should our justice system be the one that has to get the fucking bitch sober?! WHY SHOULD WE, THE TAXPAYERS BE THE ONES TO HELP LINDSAY GET SOBER!!!!!???!?!?

    fuck that girl, fuck her family, and fuck all of this news about her. i don't care if she lives or dies.

  97. 97


  98. 98

    PLEASE LINDSAY END OUR MISERY AND JUST OD ALREADY!!! You haven't done anything mildly entertaining in about 5 years and I doubt after all those drugs have turned your brain to mush that you even have the capability to act or sing anymore… Just please I'm begging you GO AWAY

  99. 99

    yes someone else charged with a misdemeanor could get out if they had the money for a good lawer..
    but… a non-celebrity would not have been charged with a misdemeanor after abducting people and taking them on a high speed chase against someone else while on cocaine.. does everyone forget what this girl actually did!!!
    Hello, she is lucky she didn't kill someone!!!!!

  100. 100

    Or, what? She'll got to jail for like, a minute? This is redonkulous!

    Look at her parents - that's why she has no respect for authority figures.

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