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Team Oksana Is On Our Last Nerve!

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Ok, seriously now! Why the fuck do we need to know every g-damn detail about this bitch?!

For fuck sakes, it's like breaking news when she takes an effing crap! We're so done with this! Stop leaking EVERYTHING!!!

But in case you care, Mel Gibson's baby momma Oksana Grigorieva's legal team is now crying extortion. Remember that mediation back in May which brought to light all the awful things Mel said/did/screamed at Oksana? According to her legal team, Mel's people attempted her to get her to sign a document that gave her $15 million dollars should she agree to dispose of all her evidence. (as in, all the incriminating recordings that have scarred everyone for life.)

A source explains:

"It’s clear that Oksana was the one extorted, because she went to the mediation understanding she was there to discuss child custody issues and to amicably resolve questions about her and Mel’s child, so that there was no public exposure of their personal life. Yet what it turned into was a barrage of threats for her to sign an agreement which turned over evidence of crimes by Mel Gibson against her."

So yeah, extortion. Get it? Feel sympathy for her because that is really all she is after at this point.

We're so ready for this shiz to be done!

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28 comments to “Team Oksana Is On Our Last Nerve!”

  1. 1

    The more I hear about her, the more I empathize with Mel here.

    Someone make her go away.

  2. 2

    ~~ there is YET to be a truth made known to the public. ~~
    ~~~~ OR IS THERE! ~~~~~
    ….. It must realllly suck to be someone who is famous, your dirty laundry sells! However— if he really did put his hands on her then I say throw the book at the fucktard and kick his ass into jail where he belongs!!

  3. 3

    Now you know how we feel about you reporting on every single thing Lindsay Lohan does!

  4. 4

    Why does ANYONE care about these two? Mel is OLD and one cranky old man. His looks are gone and his personality is vulgar. There is nothing appealing about this racist old dog. No one cares that he really is an evil bastard. One thing I can say is that these two are way too old to behave in this manner-especially him. His life is almost done-he is nearing the end (sorry but we all will be this old (hopefully) and there is a time to just rest and enjoy your life. The fact that he is still having babies is disgusting BUT what is really disgusting is how evil he is and at his age. I'm sure she is not saint (how can she, for letting this monster on top of her) These two just need to go away. Leave us the hell alone. Freaks

  5. 5

    good lesson for u, never stand on some bitch's side blindly just because she looks like a victim~~

  6. 6

    Then stop talking about it.

  7. 7

    I feel bad for Mel and the baby. If there wasn't a child involved I just say these two deserved one another. It's obvio she was looking for a bank account to vacuum and he was looking for a trophy woman.

  8. 8

    If you're so done with it, stop blogging about it, you stupid ass.

  9. 9

    If Mel would not have hit her and threatened her, they could have quietly parted ways. Mel has friends at the police dept and THEY are helping him by dragging their feet on her case while Mel creates a case against her. He should just go to anger management classes, pay her a fair child support to provide for their baby and all would be cool.

  10. 10

    Do you not see the irony in (rightly) condemning Gibson's verbal attacks on her, and then calling her a bitch?

  11. 11

    Mel Gibson is not being taken advantaged of….he met Oksana and HAD to have her so he left his wife of decades, went to the church and tried to get his long time marriage annuled and couldn't….he has a violent temper, ask any of his adult children, we heard his violent rants on the phone and I have no doubt he slapped Oksana around. He's a pig and should pay Oksana a good amount for child support. Please, stop calling her a whore. We are all whore's.

  12. 12

    either you have developed some anger management issues, or your ghost writer has some issues. It's not that serious perez. If you don't care about this woman, then stop blogging about her.

  13. 13

    Kind of amazing Mario, NOW YOU ARE SAYING SHE IS LEAKING EVERYTHING. Why don't you take a little tiny look at some… naw, how about ALL THE PREVIOUS POSTS about them. You know, where you are defending her and calling him all sorts of things? Not so clear now, is it? Got to remember, there are, at the very least, 3 sides to every story and with this one, seems like a bulldozer can dig for months and the truth will NEVER BE FOUND. I just find it amazing though, how MUCH MONEY SHE NEEDS TO CARE FOR THAT BABY.

  14. Wrenn says – reply to this


    I loathed this gold digging whore from the very beginning. Mel was an idiot and she played him like a fiddle. He's been in this game a long time…and should have known better.

  15. 15

    Oh, Perez!
    I said it was extortion from the VERY BEGINNING! And you believe her fuckin' shit.
    She was fucking around with him and pressing his buttons.
    Mel's an ass, but this bitch beyond.

  16. 16

    This is where it's obvious that PerezHilton is written by more than one person.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nice try. It's always the one holding career messing scandalous stuff over the other's head for X amount of money that's the extortionist. You can't twist this enough for a judge to ever consider Mel to be the extortionist, in my humble opinion; but it's up to the good judge. Man, she should have handed everything over and taken the 15 million. Greed is a vice, and one of the seven deadly sins.

  18. 18

    Am I the only one who finds it really offensive that anyone could mock someone in Oksana's situation? I personally don't agree with airing dirty laundry in public, but Mel Gibson needs to be made an example of. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence, and far too many women are killed by their partners. Hollywood has already decided that confirmed rapist Roman Polanski is too talented to face up to what he did, and I will be so angry if the same thing happens here. Put Mel in jail and show people that violence is completely unacceptable. No wonder this is being dragged out - domestic violence can competely destroy lives and I'm sure no amount of money will help the psychological damage done to Oksana.

  19. 19

    Someone, Perez? is out of their depth.

    What you descrie is NOT extortion, not amymore than it's corn on the cob.

    You didn't understand whatever you think you read and it's unfixable.

    It isn't even blackmail. It's, well, it's gibberish.

  20. 20

    Re: backfire

    Mrs. Gibson filed for legal separation 3 years prior. They had a discreet arrangement to stay married , but live separate lives.

    Oksana ANNOUNCED the pregnancy publicly, humiliating her. THAT is when filed for divorce.

  21. 21

    well if you are "so ready for this shiz to be done" then stop fucking posting shit about it you asshole! this is your fucking site and if you don't want something on it, then don't post on it…jeez, it's really not that complicated

  22. 22

    Re: backfire – um I'm not a whore….but I guess if you want to go around calling yourself a whore, then well, good for you….whore

  23. 23

    I don't think Mel Gibson is any kind of angel - I know he has fought with the booze for years and done some dumb and hurtful stuff when he was on it and he seems a bit toward the zealous side with his Catholicism - BUT, more than once I have heard about men who have taken a Russian partner who they thought was one creature only to find out she was a manipulative and cold user, adept at treating her partner terribly and convincing others that she deserved the sympathy - not him.

    Mel is no angel but I think this woman is toxic and together they were super toxic.

  24. 24

    Re: blsdjan
    are u freakin nuts? why dont u try reading up all the info first thats coming out b4 u start accusing mel of paying off the cops. way back b4 things started to turn around, practically erveryone was accusing mel of nearly killing her despite the fact that experts have already said that the tapes were edited and the pics do not show signs of a a punch or black eye. and if u were that stupid enough to actually think that a baby pimple constitutes to a bruise from being punched by a fully grown man the size of mel, then no wonder u still keep thinking oksana is the innocent one here. when did mel ever say he hit oksana, and words like sorry or hows ur tooth or u deserved it do not translate to an admission that he hit her if those words were taken out of context. and if this was always about child support then mel was more than fair. but thnx to the greediness of the mother, 10k was not enough, even though mel already provides them a free place to live in, a car, and a nanny all at his own expense! the agreement that she had signed was more than fair, but her own greediness got the better of her and thus she has been rightfully exposed for the scheming con artist that she is.

  25. 25

    I feel sorry for Mel and the innocent kids.
    Maybe this will teach middle aged men to stay faithful to their wives and stay away from trash like Okslutka!

  26. 26

    I can see her egging and egging and egging Mel on to the point of no return. She KNEW what buttons to push and she pushed them hard. This was all done as a set up to make sure she had all her ducks in a row to frame his ass big time for the big bucks. I said it before and I'll say it again, Mel should go for full custody of that child so she doesn't get a dime of his money or live in that house that she is so accustomed to living in. That would really be a slap to her fugly face. No money, no house. Mel isn't thinking. Hire a couple of nannies and screw that bitch in the ass one more time Mel.

  27. 27

    Offering someone money to turn over incriminating evidence to you isn't extortion, it's an attempted payoff at best. Using incriminating evidence to take money FROM someone is extortion. You know … what she's been trying to do to Mel from day one! This bitch just never quits does she?!

  28. 28

    euro trashe gold digger