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15 comments to “Gael Garcia Bernal Having Another Child!”

  1. 1

    Who gives a shit? This guy is a big fat nobody. I've only seen him in one foreign movie where he was naked for like 60% of the film and frenched another guy while being blown….Come to think of it it was actually quite enjoyable…

  2. 2

    I would suggest you watch his other films before you start calling him a "nobody." If not being a mainstream actor in the US makes him boring to you that's unfortunate.

  3. 3

    Re: wiggi12 – Sorry love, but this website isn't Señor Hilton, it's Perez Hilton, with most readers being of western society. If the majority of people in western society don't know who you are, you're a nobody. Fact.

  4. 4

    why is it that when a someone does not know the person in the article they take the time to write, "who is that?" "i don't even know who that is?" well if u dont then look it up, and if you r writing that to prove the person is as you would say. "a nobody" well then that is really stupid!!! for those thinking that, Gael, apart from being super gorgeous is an amazing actor, and yes in foreign films, but some of the best foreign films! Y tu Mama Tambien, Amores Perros, El Crimen Del Padre Amaro, Motorcycle Diaries, and Babel ALL OSCAR NOMINEES!

  5. 5

    one of my favorite movies with him is dot the i

  6. 6

    He's a talented actor. I don't see the point in posted "who is this guy/girl" since you so "obviously" don't care. U_U

  7. 7

    Gael is a very talented actor. I love him! :)
    Re: Gagalicious_x – You are a dumbass.

  8. 8

    He is very talented and hot and his wife is gorgeous.
    Gael we need more movies PLEASE!!!!

  9. 9

    Re: Gagalicious_x – Please stop posting nonsense your making yourself look dumber and dumber and Senor hilton…. WTF??? NO it's PEREZ P-E-R-E-Z does it sound latino to you ??? FYI his site is international

  10. 10

    he probably f@cks the way my brother's chihuahua humps my leg hahahaha

  11. 11

    Re: Gagalicious_x – ahahahah EPIC FAIL…. Perez… Spanish name.. so he has the right tp post about his heritage. And he has named all the fucking actors from all different countries. Wow.. its so unfortunate that people like you live in this country and are so self-centered. Most Americans actors are way too over exposed. Why not hear about what other countries find entertaining? Every damn country i have been is all American entertainment, and they don't bitch about it.

  12. 12

    Gabriel is A well Respected Actor In Spanish Speaking countries as well as in the US. he is Actually one of the best of his generation. Stop watching movies with megan fox and Audrina Patridge in them and Watch actual films then you would know who he is

  13. 13

    gagalicious_x is a doughnut fahker. And about as "nobody" as they come.

    But WTF is up with babymomma's dress? She's darling, but that dress came from the So Bad The Congregation Laughed So Hard They Almost Blacked Out Bridesmaid Collection ("You Can TOTALLY Wear That Again!") at Goodwill. Not one inch of redemption on that sack of shit– not the color, not the collar, not the length. Hideousity.

  14. 14

    Um - basic rule of biology. It's actually his PARTNER (you know - the female) who is having the child. DUMB FUCK as usual Perez.

  15. 15

    yaaaaaay i love latinolicious! but it's doloreS, not dolorez :)