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Inferno Producers Willing To Move Film To El Lay For Lindsay

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Is this the best idea??

Producers for Lindsay Lohan's upcoming film Inferno say that they don't want to lose Lindsay for the part of Linda Lovelace so they're actually willing shell out the money to move production from Louisiana to El Lay.

And with Lindsay's impending hearing next month - which could send her back to jail - the filmmakers are ready to make the change.

A source close to the movie says, "We're staying [in Los Angeles] — good for the movie, but also the best way to deal with travel restrictions or other hijinks."

Hmmm, seems like the producers are more interested in getting publicity than you know, actually making a good movie.

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Inferno Producers Willing To Move Film To El Lay For Lindsay”

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  2. 2

    How about NO ONE in Hollywood takes this project seriously? No other actress wants the part. These producers are wannabes whose only profile is tied to the rollercoaster that is Lohan's career. With all her problems, unless the movie is 100% self financed, no insurance company will bond the film and it will never get made. They are probably using the publicity to get other projects set up because the chances of this getting made are …

    Then they will be all over the press again when they are suing her for dropping out of the movie. And she will drop out. Then they play up how they stood by her during all her troubles and delayed the movie and she is a horrible person (surprise!) for leaving them in the lurch.

  3. 3

    And as IF this role would any stretch for the coke snort'n WHORE SKANK TRAMP. I mean…She has slept with half of HollyWeird (both sexes), and has done every drug out there. WHO CARES .. ? Her current life is more…what is the word ? Intersting/Sad/Pathetic/TrainWreckish as Linda Lovelace's life was. Throw in the characters of Dina, little Ali, and that UGLY half-man, half woman creature Sam, and Lind's life is actualyy a better movie. I say Amanda Bynes should play Linds ! Linds is not insurable to play her own life….she would be coked up half the time !

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  5. 5

    This sucks balls for us in Louisiana. Anytime a film does it's thing down here it's a boost to our economy. Yet another thing this selfish brat has ruined. She needs to get her life in order. All this INFERNO crap is doing is being yet another of her enablers and encouraging her to keep acting out in the most horrific and self-destructive of ways.

  6. 6

    okay here's the thing the producers aren't grasping…

    anyone from Lindsay's generation doesn't know/care who Linda Lovelace is

    and anyone who is old enough to know who Linda Lovelace is, doesn't care about Lindsay

    and there you have it.

  7. 7

    This would be terrible role for her emotional and physical state. All of her legal battles, she needs extended therapy, and oh, let's have her suck cock and get F***ed day in and day out for a trashy role. That'll get her straightened out! Her management is a bunch of dumb asses who don't care about her well being! I think she needs a year in a remote area and try the simple life for awhile.

  8. 8

    sweetm that is one thing you definitely hit the nail on the head. This Inferno must be some BS Lindsay put out that is to keep her name relevant as any publicity is good publicity or something. I can't believe it, but otherwise I really don't understand any of this. I don't know anyone that wants to see this dumb movie. I know I don't. I pretty much have resigned myself to seeing Lindsay in obits on any given day anyway, and I pretty much won't be crying. I wonder how many people will at this point. Seriously if this movie was for real I have a feeling there would be some very pissed off people.

  9. PDS says – reply to this


    If the chowder heads on this site actually did some CHECKING instead of talking stupidly about things they don't understand, they'd know that the company producing *Inferno* is an established Hollywood film production company that has made such films as, "Freeway," "American Psycho," "The Virgin Suicides," and many more critically acclaimed and commerciall successful films.

    As for the validity of a making a film about the struggles of a famous Seventies porn star, keep in mind that Martin Scorcese's brilliant film, "Raging Bull," was made in 1979 and tells thes story of a Fifties boxer. The 20-somethings here who think the world didn't exist before they were born may be shocked to learn this — Oh. My. God! — but a great story is a great story, regardless of whether you lived at the time of the story or not.

    What most of you are missing is the fact that a Hollywood production company is staying loyal to a troubled actress, a rarity in this town and, based on comments I read here, a rarity in many of your empty, shallow lives.

  10. 10

    Thanks to the pre-production pictures of this movie Lindsay learned to stick her dirty fingers in her mouth and try to look seductive. That's about as far as it's gone. That's probably as far as it will go. This won't even make it straight to DVD.

  11. 11

    This isn't even "B" movie material. Nobody cares about the Linda Lovelace story, and that's not meant to knock Linda Lovelace because she had then and has now more class than Lindsay ever could or will.

    Yep, old 70's porn stars have more class than LL.

    And where is this low budget "studio" (somebody's garage) going to get the money to insure her?

  12. 12

    lol what the fuck is up with her lips?

  13. 13

    3rd page and yet another story about Lohan. Why all the ink?

  14. 14

    Ummm…why? I'm out of work and not a drug addict…I'll play a porn star for some money. Jeez. All her films since Mean Girls have bombed…why is she even considered a working actress…she is a former child actress, now a dopehead.

  15. 15

    Is it just me, or does she look like a duck?

    As for Inferno, this must be one heck of a film (cough cough) if they are so desperate for a "star" (washed up or otherwise) that they are willing to wait for Lindsay Lohan. This one ought to be a gem.