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New Good Charlotte!

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Check out their just-release video for Like It's Her Birthday (above).



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36 comments to “New Good Charlotte!”

  1. 1

    wow i really like it! good for them

  2. 2

    Ugh! I hate seeing/hearing Selena Gomez every time I watch a video!

    The Good Charlotte song - I think it's okay but it's not going to earn a spot on my Ipod.

  3. 3

    I think it sucks. Their first three albums (self-titled, Young & the Hopeless and Chronicles of Life & Death) are so much better! Gone are the witty, insightful lyrics and now it sounds like Joel went through a rhyming dictionary to create this oh-so-charming ditty. Honestly, this song sounds like a 10 year old wrote it.

  4. 4

    Yeah !Great song for listening and dancing :o ) its gonna do really well . I can see them now with their Moon Man statue next year !

  5. 5

    they should be ashamed of themselves. they make shitty music now that their fans can not relate too.

  6. 6

    this is a piece of crap. i don't even have to explain why

  7. 7

    Um..note to self never listen to this song again. If it ever got stuck in my head I'd have to shoot myself.

  8. 8

    I'd have to care about this shat music to have a thought….

  9. 9


    witty lyrics? Good Charlotte? ……really?

  10. 10

    Joel Madden is a TERRIBLE singer. Seriously. He's just awful.

  11. 11

    Generic and boring. Blah.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    I love GC hence my screen name riot girl!

  14. 14

    Island25 u need to shut ur mouth he is an amazing singer n I have seen them live 4 times n they dont lip synch or shit so…Their music has helped me through alot n I love this band to death though I will agree their past albums have been better.

  15. Eris says – reply to this


    This is sooo disappointing when compared to their songs from the Chronicles of Life and Death! Go back to your roots please and stop doing this shitty pop "rock".

  16. 16

    Re: shortyrulesall – well, i was thinking of "lifestyles of the rich and famous" when i was writing earlier. at least it made a point and had some meaning other than "party party party".

  17. 17

    I love it! diff from the other stuff but I still dig it. Dear Lord Joel Madden is by far the hottest man I have ever laid eyes on!
    LOVE GS!!!

  18. 18

    Now everybody can be a singer with Auto-Tune, even the Madden Brothers…

  19. 19

    Good to see they are still staying completely irrelevant and making shit music..

  20. 20

    I can't even listen to this. They suck. They used to be good. Not anymore.

  21. 21

    The best part of this video are the cameos from Boys Like Girls members Martin Johnson and Paul, and from The Maine John O'Callaghan and Kennedy Brock. Delish.

  22. 22

    If any of you have been fans for the past 10 years, you would know that every cd that they do is a different style. examples,
    Good charlotte- punk rock
    Young and the Hopeless- pop rock
    Chronicles of life and death- more emoish
    Good morning Revival- Dance
    Greatest remixes- Rap remixes/ techno remixes
    Cardiology- More alternative from the couple of songs I heard.
    If they were going for commercial music they wouldnt have scrapped the other cd they had, I have it and it sounds more like blink 182. If they wanted to make it "big" again then they would have released that cd.

  23. 23

    EMBARRASSING … wow … derivative … lame and awful … it's as if maroon five had a baby with kesha and that baby was retarded and wanted to play music.

  24. car says – reply to this


    no thanks good charlotte.

  25. 25

    i like nicole but joel is an dbag, he threatened to drop kick some lady's dog! wth?

  26. 26

    I'm shocked that 4 of the original members are still there.

  27. Busta says – reply to this


    Re: petey plastic – where did you get a copy of the scrapped album??

    I love that they happened to release the video the day before my birthday too lol

  28. 28

    You no life, jealous hater monkeys!! good charlotte is fucking amazing and if you dont like that then dont even comment on the videos you dbags!! fucking grow up!!

  29. 29

    I don't hate it, but I don't like it either… It's just weird

  30. 30


  31. 31

    I could care less about the song dem Madden boys sure look goooooooooooooooooooood

  32. RAINE says – reply to this


    mmmmm I LOVE the song ! but I didnt like the video but i dont hate it … its just WEIRD LOL!

  33. 33

    god they suck so incredibly bad

  34. 34

    are they serious???

  35. 35

    this music is SHIT i mean i liked their old stuff where you can basically relate to it not this crappy music -___- why do bands now a days have to make pop crap D:

  36. 36

    its alright. dont hate it.
    but they used to be soo much better. i dont understand what happen to them .
    they used to be my fav. band.