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Pain-In-The-Ass Is A Beer Wench!

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She just makes it too easy sometimes.

That obnoxious Pain-in-the-Ass has apparently descended upon Germany to terrorize the poor inebriated souls at Oktoberfest, and as you can see, she showed up to the festivities with her father boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko dressed like the common beer troll wench we've always known her to truly be!

What a skanky vision!

HA! We're going to just let the pictures speak for themselves!

Drink up, bb! That way, everyone can focus on what a trainwreck you are, instead of your clear daddy issues bizarre penchant for older men!

[Images via WENN.]

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55 comments to “Pain-In-The-Ass Is A Beer Wench!”

  1. 1

    They're such a weird looking couple! Not even cute, she looks like his daughter!

  2. 2

    Urgh. I am totally in agreement with Perez on this.

  3. 3

    Why do you hate on her so much all of the time. So what, the dude is a little older… She is legal, if she wants to date someone older good for her…

  4. 4

    I don't get why she's a pain in the ass? What is with this guy's obsession over this hottie? What did she do, steal your boyfriend Perez?

  5. 5

    Wow she is tiny and he is super tall, intimacy must be either great and or awkward.
    I know i am 5'0 ft

  6. 6

    Were is it that she is a trainwreck? Perez calls her a trainwreck but I dont recall her doing anything remotely worth that title. So she dates a older guy and he's tall? Where is that a crime and wrong? I dont get how Perez picks certain celebs to just bash on constantly. Does he put their names in a hat and pick one and thats the one on the shit list? Does make me laugh a little though cause this man has no right to bash anyone. He's the biggest famewhore out there.

  7. 7

    I'm not understanding the hatred towards her. I don't care either way, I just don't get it.

  8. 8

    Why are you putting them down for what they wore? EVERYONE who goes to Octoberfest dresses up like that. You are such an idiot!

  9. 9

    Forgot to add that you diss on her for being with an older man, and him for going after someone younger, but every day you drool over young and sometimes minor boys on your website.

    You are such and idiot!!!

  10. Merab says – reply to this


    why so much hate? I don´t know much about these people …

    but one suggestion: invite her boyfriend for the interview, Perez,honey…
    …repeat everything about them to him-u know ,everything you said here…hehe

    Are you not about honesty and openness…and standing for your own views,honey?…

  11. 11

    Little girl, go get some therapy. Your daddy issues are getting on my nerves.

  12. 12

    Perez, what's your fucking damage when it comes to this girl? Did she like piss on your parade one time or something?

  13. 13

    shes a really sweet girl Perez is gelisssssssss hahaahahahahaa. He will never get a cute boyfriend ever. Who would want a person that is ugly INSIDE and out.

  14. 14

    Um..that's kind of what people do at these festivals…they go out and have a good time.

  15. 15

    No wonder she's with him. He's not that old, have a good body and he's rich.

  16. 16

    again, please explain your hate for this girl?

  17. 17

    that dudes daughter is skanky

  18. 18

    Hmmmm .. i always though she was kinda cool. And hey, so she likes em' BIG… jealous PEREZ???

  19. 19

    i'm noticing a trend here. perezs hate for sexy hollywood starlets. it must really burn you up to see these CELEBRITIES enjoying their lives amongst the cool crowd. it must really light the fire under that fat sloppy ass of yours to see this hot young tart hugged up on that handsome man knowing that you will always have to settle for garbage. goddamn your an ugly nightmare.

  20. 20

    Kinda wish u Bumped into the BF MARIO , maybe we all get lucky and he beats your ass.

  21. 21

    honestly, if they're happy who cares.

  22. 22

    this is the only promiscuous thing this girl did
    and it really aint that bad
    shes so cute!

  23. 23

    Still hating on the girl for no reason.

  24. 24

    stop hating on girls that are prettier than you, perez.
    oh, i forgot ..

  25. 25

    Well here it is, the key to understanding teh court jester : Perez hates all female celebs who a) aren't squealy fucktards, b) are involved with, or pursued by non-metrosexual men, or c) aging gracefully. In other words, THINGS IN THE WORLD WHICH WILL FOREVER ELUDE HIM. (You gotta admit it's been funny seeing him try to decide how to categorize that Oksana ho)

  26. 26

    I don't know what the problem is. It looks like the opening scene to any Bavarian porn movie I've ever seen.

    And Wladimir Klitschko is built like a brick shithouse. The man is a towering side of beef sex. You can not hold him accountable for the fact that Hayden is a midget.

  27. 27

    Since when is it 'bizarre' for a young woman to date older men? If they're happy together then who cares about the age difference? Do you know what's bizarre? A middle aged gay man who bases his career off of his jealousy for young Hollywood starlets.

  28. 28

    How is she a 'trainwreck'? They are definetely a weird pairing though.

  29. 29

    I don't think I've ever seen a more ridiculous pair in my life! Can these people look more tacky? Thank you, Perez. for the pictures. I haven't seen these idiots anywhere else!

  30. 30

    This looks like this guy is taking his grandma for a day of good fun.

  31. 31

    I would pay to see a sex video of those two. That would be some hot porn.

  32. 32

    why do u care so much about her love life?!!! so what if shes younger and shorter than him?? i bet they have hot sex. and im sure youre dying of envyyy.

  33. 33

    i have nothing bad to say about her.
    but my last girlfriend had daddy issues but she admitted it to me. i was only 8-9 years older then her. i was about 31 and she was about 23.

    but after we quit seeing each other i found out she really had a daddy issue she married her dads best friend because her daddy told her to.her dad is in his 50s so is his best friend that she married after 6 months of dating him.
    me and her are still friends and i make fun of her for this all the time

  34. 34

    That guy is gynormouse! Why do you hate her? Can't figure that one out.

  35. china says – reply to this


    it`s tradition to dress up like that at oktoberfest, dumbshit. of course you wouldn`t know that. is every girl in bavaria a "common beer wench" then? stick to your brainless tranny caca and leave decent people alone.

  36. 36

    not a fan of this girl. she is annoying.

  37. 37

    hey Perez, you need to chill out with your beefy beef against this girl!!! its getting seriously annoying!!!!! so what if she dates an older guy and so what if she's drinking beer and getting out of control….its freaking OKTOBERFEST dumbass….eveyone is doing exactly the same . I know, I've been there and its fun. You say she looks like a wench because of what she is wearing…does that mean every other girl there wearing dirndl is a wench? WATCH YOUR MOUTH SON!!!!YOU JUST INSULTED MY CULTURE BITCH!! i though you were supposed to be tollerant of all race, culture, belief etc! your a HYPOCRITE!!

  38. 38

    I would LOVE to be a pain in her ass. I promise I would kiss it better after!!

  39. 39

    Mario, your constant bashing of this girl (and others) can be easily translated into this: "WAAAHWAAHWAAH I'm a fugly gay man that even other gay men don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole, and women get to date these hot dudes whose cocks I desperetately want in my ass but I can never have so I'll just bash the girls because I am such a loser! WAAHWAAHWAAH!"

  40. 40

    If a young guy is dating an older woman = She's a cougar. A young girl dating an older man = Daddy issues. For fuck's sake people. If they're happy together then why do you have to complain?!

  41. 41

    So they have a 14 year age difference. Brad Pitt is 12 yrs older than Jolie but you have never had a problem with that! Hypocrite! BTW, my sisters husband is 18 years older than her and they've been married for 21 years!

  42. 42

    whats with all the hate towards her

  43. 43

    Um, Perez, have you ever even BEEN to Oktoberfest?!?!? Obviously not, because then you'd realize that thousands of people are dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing at the event, and Hayden's drndl is pretty tame compared to some others I've seen. She's having a great time, so what? The Germans know how to effin party!

  44. 44

    The whole point of going to the oktoberfest is to dress up in a drindl and lederhosen. so how does that make her a trainwreck? she doens't take drugs, she's not an alcoholic, as far as I know she doesn't even smoke! plus, she's making movies and works for the sake of animals so what the HELL is wrong with YOU???

  45. 45

    Why is no one else wearing costumes? Was she paid to be at this event wearing a costume that you could by at any Samhein store? Is she that relevant? Just wondering.

  46. 46

    You all wish you were as happy as she looks with him.

  47. 47

    I do agree, however, that who she dates is nobody's business but her own.

  48. barb says – reply to this


    Kim K was beautiful last week, but she is a wench with the same kind of dress and beer mug, your just a hater because she won't kiss you ass.

  49. rory! says – reply to this


    why don't you like her?! I just don't get it!

  50. 50

    I bet he just splits her open every night; now that's a Size Queen"!

  51. 51

    so what if they look different together. Thats her problem not ours, no one should give a shit, i certainly don't

  52. 52

    my husband is 15 years older than me and we are HAPPY…don't be haters

  53. 53

    dude she is 21 let her be and have fun. She doesn't even look skanky.

  54. 54

    they are awkward looking for sure, you can't deny that. But opposites attract somtimes…but why hasnt anyone commented on THE DUDE'S PANTS LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE 2 DICKS STITCHED ON…..WTF

  55. 55

    Oh this is getting ridiculous bitch! And what I mean by that are your little jibes and comments made towards others regarding who they like, date, marry and so on YA FUCKING BOY LOVER! YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING DOUCHE' BAG!!!