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Kid CudIDIOT's Drug Charges Are Dropped

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Looks like idiotic Kid Cudi's idiotic drug charges were dropped. Congratulations CudIDIOT!

On Friday, Kid CudIDIOT pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug possession in NYC from a June drug bust, where he was found with liquid cocaine!

As a result, he is not allowed to get into trouble for the next six months, and he must complete 2 days of community service!

2 days?!?!?!?!? Paris Hilton got a sentence of 200 hours of community service for HER drug bust.

Yours seems a bit measly in comparison, huh Cudi?

How about this, CudIDIOT…why don't you take some initiative and do more than 2 days of community service on your own accord! Do that, and we can re-assess your idiot status, bb.

Do U think 2 days of community service is an adequate punishment for possession of liquid cocaine?

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Kid CudIDIOT's Drug Charges Are Dropped”

  1. 1

    Yeah, black guys get all the breaks! So unfair that Paris got the book thrown at her. Laughable…fat jerk

  2. 2

    you childish pig.
    CudIDIOT is not funny…

  3. 3

    Oh brother… your childish rants are getting annoying…

  4. 4

    you better watch it, fatty!!!!!! i'm sure you'd hate to get punched again.

  5. 5

    Honestly perez, I love coming to your site. I check it probably 100 times a day. But you need to get off your high horse, i'm sure kid cudi doesn't care about what you think of him. Lindsay Lohan doesn't either, so stop please stop preaching.

  6. 6

    I think it's hilarious how much of a hypocrit you are, Perez. You talk shit about everyone else not taking responsibility for their actions, talk shit about people with drug problems but yet Paris has been busted NUMEROUS times and NEVER takes responsibility for it (unless there's a plea deal on the table and she'd be fucked to not take) yet your head is so far up her ass you can't even see straight. So tell me, just how much exactly did she pay you?

  7. 7

    I think any punishment at all for only hurting himself is way over board…

  8. 8

    I'm sure the court was lenient due to the fact that he called your ass out, you swine.

  9. 9

    CudIDIOT is not funny. What is funny is that you dislike someone for calling you out and showing you for what you really are.

    You know, you'd have a lot less problems with people if you'd pull your head out of your ass and started acting like an adult.

  10. 10

    hah so sad kidcudi basically said what everyone thinks about you and now u r on his case well i see another punch in your future.

    And speaking of which lady gaga ADMITTED that she took cocanie and ur head so far up her head her shit comes outta ur mouth why dont u bad mouth her huh?

  11. 11

    hah so sad kidcudi basically said what everyone thinks about you and now u r on his case well i see another punch in your future.

    And speaking of which lady gaga ADMITTED that she took cocanie and ur head so far up her head her shit comes outta ur mouth why dont u bad mouth her huh?

  12. 12

    cudidiot? really? that's fucking stupid. he's a great artist and has lots of talent unlike you.

  13. 13

    liquid cocaine isnt actually cocaine…alcohol

  14. 14

    you mad perez? kid cudi is awesome especially for calling you out.

  15. 15

    btw it WASNT liquid cocaine. it was powder cocaine in a jar. he talks about it in that complex article. do more research. love you perez but don't go after kid cudi, you just look petty. AND DO NOT MENTION "LIQUID COCAINE" AGAIN.

  16. 16

    you are the biggest ugliest stupidest idiot known to mankind. ESPECIALLY, and i TRULY mean this, since you are a HUGE hypocrite. get your ugly head OUT of gaga's ass and start maning up to the fact that you PRAISE some celebrities for actions while going PSYCHO on another for doing the SAME thing. im pretty sure you posted an article with lady gaga ADMITTING that she does cocaine and you called her and i QUOTE an INSPIRATION. yup im sure shes VERY inspirational doing cocaine. and ur just pissed because kid cudi was spot on about you. i think he even mentioned how you were up gaga's ass and i TOTALLY agree with him. as does the entire world.

  17. 17

    cudIDIOT doesn't even make sense..stop hating on him seriously hes the best and most creative rapper out there.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Stop being such an ass, Kid Cudi represent

  20. 20

    You're just mad that he called you out.
    Paris was caught MULTIPLE times with drugs.

  21. 21

    Well thank goodness cuz hes coming to my university to perform for our homecoming on sunday woot woot!

  22. 22

    You sound SO childish. CudIDIOT? That makes no sense and makes YOU look like an idiot. And if your going to try insult someone, at least be original, bb!

  23. 23

    haters shake my hand but i keep the sanitizer on deck. he knows whats up

  24. 24

    LOLing at the sheer absurdity in your "statement" comparing him to that nasty flea-bitten friend of yours suffering from a serious case of crotch-rot! Maybe if she weren't so hated by so many people and didn't thumb her nose at the repercussions of being caught, OVER and OVER again, she might "get" more underseved chances to make things right but she's too STUPID to just sit the fuck down. You're an idiot for even putting those two in the same category. What is her talent again????

  25. 25

    Re: Eyes Crying Purple Tears – I know, right?!?! It's only a matter of time before he gets busted in the mouth again. I've got a feelin'! :-)

  26. 26

    Seriously? can you get out of Paris' @ss for more than a minute???? She's been caught numerous times. It had to catch up with her sometime. Regular people, get the "3 strikes" rule/law…..Celebs can "F" up as much as they want until they O.D. SMH…….

  27. 27

    cudidiot just looks and sounds fucking stupid, you're making urself kinda pathetic..

    ”yet Paris has been busted NUMEROUS times and NEVER takes responsibility for it”

    and back in june it was cudi's first time when he got busted of liquid coke.. and i guess he didn't have much.. i think 2 days is good for him and he's black! soo i guess all the black ppl uses some stuff every once in a while.. and it's ok. but in beverly hills when a rich daddy's little girl uses coke often, it's not okay! and she's very famous so ofc they wanna use her as a target, why would they use cudi? bohoo paris, i'd happy if they would put her to jail for a years! same thing with lindsay.

    ps. cudi's lyrics are fucking mashing and he appearance to 'how to make it in america” and guess judge's has seeing it and loved it like we did:)

  28. 28

    It wasn't liquid cocaine, first of all. You're just trying to make him look bad, but seeing the comments, it really didn't work.
    Paris has been arrested and trashy for years now, with how many semi-pretty mugshots? She's the NUMBER ONE reason there are all these little bitches running around thinking they can get famous for being rich and slutty. She created a corrupting, social monster. We should try her at the Hague!
    And, what, Cudi said that you're an asshole, which everybody thinks, and you tear him apart? His music is amazing, his style is amazing, he's on an amazing HBO show. So maybe he talks shit sometimes about other rappers, you do it for a living, and you have no discernible talents to prove yourself with unlike him. His first album pretty much saved the year from being a bust for a lot of people. You started hating on him because GaGa dropped him from the concert… HE didn't do anything to HER, so, your precious Gagita is fine. Wtf's the problem?
    You should watch out because Cudi might fuck you up, and this time not just a tiny little scrape that you can over-exaggerate in a crybaby video.

  29. 29

    perez shut up do you think Cudi gives a flying fuck what you have to say about him? hes already called you out on being a twofaced littled bitch so if anyone looks bad, its you.

  30. 30

    uh perez. shut up. just calling cudi an idiot makes you look far more idiotic. i don't get why you have so much hatred toward him. he's much more successful than you and very talented. i'm sure it's more jealousy than hatred. you may think cudIDIOT is clever but it was a very weak attempt and a failure.

  31. 31

    "cudiDIOT" isnt even close to being clever. shutup perez. this is his first offense so he's not getting jail time..unlike these other hollywood heffas that need to be locked up for their multiple offenses..i dont think you realize how rascist your are.

  32. 32

    Perez you are a hypocritical asshole. Cudi was right to call you out. At least he owns up to his mistakes and admits them. You talk so much shit about everyone on the internet, thats what you make your living doing, instead of something productive like making music like Cudi, but the second you meet someone in person you kiss their ass. You make such huge deal about Kid Cudi and Paris Hilton getting busted for cocaine and call them idiots and druggies, but when your precious "wifey" Lady Gaga (and I am a Lady Gaga fan, but I'm sick off you treating her above everyone else when she does the same things) admits she used to be addicted to coke and still uses sometimes, you don't say a word about it. You are a fake shittalker and you look stupid for trashing Kid Cudi just because he called you out on all your bullshit.

  33. 33

    Kid Cudi can do whatever the fuck he wants as long as he keeps making music.