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Lazy Leo Rides Electric Bike

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Leonardo DiCaprio apparently doesn't have the energy to ride a normal bike around New York, and instead scoots around on an electric bike.

That's not very green, Leo! Plus, you look sorta dumb on that thing! Get a real bike!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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28 comments to “Lazy Leo Rides Electric Bike”

  1. 1

    I want one of those!!!

  2. 2

    Electric? Not very green?
    Who writes this fucking shit?

  3. 3

    it is fucking green, you, fuck face!

  4. sonny says – reply to this


    The stupid thing about environmentalists owning electric cars and bicycles is that whenever you plug into the power grid, 40% of it is generated by burning coal!….which is much more polluting than fuel/gas. We all know environmentalism is a religion and most in it aren't really interested in learning facts. It's all emotional. Trying to save the planet by using that ceramic cup? It takes 1006 paper cups to equal all the power, water, shipping, energy costs to produce that stupid ceramic cup. It would take you 5 years of using a paper cup every single day to pay for that one cup.

    Whole foods eliminated plastic bags…but recycling paper is much more polluting on the environment. Try and save the earth but it's not going to save you.

  5. 5

    holy cow Perez…are you retarded? Also, when was the last time your ass was on a bike? Idiot

  6. 6

    Electric is Green, dumbass! Who writes this crap? It gets worse every day.

  7. 7

    Um.. electric… green… is the person typing this crap actually having a valid thought process while doing so? Meth kills..

  8. 8

    It is completely green if the power to load up the bike comes from a green source..

  9. 9

    Last time I checked electric IS green! He is not emitting any exhaust fumes (hydrocarbons) into the atmosphere. *sigh*

  10. 10

    This actually is very green. They use very little electricity and that is a much better alternative then gas. They can go pretty far and expend so much little energy compared to a car and emit much less waste product. You people need to educate yourself before making blanket statements about something not being green. Furthermore, we have no right to judge that he's not actually riding a bike. Who knows how far he had was going or what else he did that day. I commend Leo. This is a great green choice. Get informed people before casting your ignorant judgements.

  11. 11

    Is everyone stupid? Sure electric is greener for cars or whatever. But a traditional bike requires zero gas, zero electricity, zero everything except man power. Apparently he has none of that.

  12. 12

    lmao….. around where i live in queens ny…. i've seen sooooooo many. what is this… the new trend. i would get 1…….. lols

  13. 13

    Dumb, Mario? Leo looks like the a huge dipshit. I mean how fucking lazy can the high priestess of the environmentalism religion be? I guess lazy enough to ride an electric bike. If Leo was any lazier he'd be Barry Obama.

  14. 14

    If he were driving a car would he be lazy? Jeez. Get a grip. And it seems kind of green to me. No fuel burning.

  15. 15

    Ummm I think it's a whole lot more enviro friendly than a car, no?

  16. 16

    He is a rich fat slob!

  17. 17

    Man, you really are fucking stupid. Maybe you should do some research before writing these posts. Electric bicycles are green, dipshit. Also, to the people who wrote that a regular bicycle is more green, of course, you are using only your own man-power. But, these bicycles have been developed to encourage commuting and traveling even further distances than you would typically on a regular bicycle.

  18. npc25 says – reply to this


    how is an electric bike NOT green?

  19. 19

    Electric bikes are not like scooters. If you used the power exclusively, they wouldn't go very far. The electric power assists the man-power. You still pedal, and can use the power assist for inclines or when you next to recover after a long stretch. They are much greener than cars and since Leo is supplying most of the energy, I wouldn't call him lazy either. It would help you not look like such a raging slobbering idiot if you did some research before you slammed people.

  20. 20

    because you work out all the time, right?

  21. 21

    This comes from someone who isn't even an inch as close to be green as leo is.. I guess when people are good looking, good at what they do and care for more than themselves -it's your job to give them critique huh? I smell something, did you fart? No, wait, that's just you, reeking of jealousy! Shame on you!

  22. 22

    why not get a real bike?

  23. 23

    It's not green? Are you retarded?

  24. barb says – reply to this


    you jealous f*** he rich hot and very very famous, what are you? Blogger on the internet with a few side jobs. You really need help.

  25. 25

    It's electric, how is it NOT green?

  26. 26

    Just hearing one of those things coming your way is enough to send you to high-pitched hell. Just use your fucking legs and pedal all the way, you dont actually need a motor on your bike

  27. 27

    A real bike is much greener.

  28. 28