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Lilo Only Pulls $10,000 For Photo, Stages SCRAM Paparazzi Shoot

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This is depressing. Lilo’s struggling to even pull in $10,000 for a photo nowadays.

"Lindsay Lohan was calling around the pap agencies all weekend trying to get $10,000 up front to pose up in the SCRAM bracelet," says a source. "All of the major players passed, and she ended up doing the setup with a small agency."

"She was pimping it out all weekend, looking for 10 grand, but who wants to deal with that headache?" adds the source.

Pull it together Lindsay! Just posing with that bracelet on doesn’t say anything! You need to get your life back on track!

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Lilo Only Pulls $10,000 For Photo, Stages SCRAM Paparazzi Shoot”

  1. 1

    Well, atleast you can live on $10,000.

  2. 2

    I.R.S. - Is the IRS tracking Lohan's money? Is the IRS tracking her accounts, auditing her attorneys, finding out where Lindsay's parents have hidden the money? Switzerland, off shore, somewhere on a boat outside the Cannes Film Festival?

    Audit Lindsay Lohan!

    Keep those jail doors spinning in circles!

    Thomas Chi
    Selling Sex in San Francisco by Marilyn Chambers

  3. 3

    I wish she would leave her lips alone.

  4. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Can we say ““““ LOSER!!! They are not biting anymore LiLo. We've ALL seen your scram anklet before, so what's the difference now?? Get YOUR ASS back to rehab and clean UP your ACT once and FOR ALL. And even at this rate“` IT MAY BE TOO LATE 4 YOU SWEETIE!! So DEAL!!

  5. 5

    I would love to be payed 10k for a photo of me, you snarky, out of touch, hack

  6. 6

    she obviously loves the life she leads or she would do other things.

  7. 7

    It shows you just how NOT serious she really is about getting better! Wearing an SCRAM bracelet should be an embarrassment - not something you want to profit from. This girl is a LOSER…a failure…beyond sick. It's sad to say but as much as I think her father is a waste of skin he does have a point that she needs to be ordered back to rehab not jail and not hollywood.

  8. 8

    POS STOP LYING about Lindsay's financial situation. She's a successful Fashion Designer and she just made over $10 million from her E*Trade settlement. PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! PEREZ STOP LYING!!!! Fucktards stop believing the shit he say's!

  9. 9

    you have to be straight up sick to profit off this mess..if i couldnt care less before now i really could give two shits. im wasting tax money on this whole loser family…gtfo!

  10. 10

    taco bell is still hiring

  11. 11

    I don't believe this story. Perez makes up the stupidest stuff.

  12. 12

    She's so gone, there's just nothing left to say. I have to believe that mother Dina is a raging coke-head/alcoholic herself - otherwise, she's a horrific parasite who's knowingly watching her daughter die.

  13. 13

    How can you people not believe this story?? This chick has been scrounging for money for a while now (staging pap shots, selling her swag, stealing from photo shoots..). And any cash coming in is going to the collectors or up her nose.

  14. 14

    Ya, she can't get the million for her post jail interview now because she's still a mess.

  15. 15

    what brand of sunglasses is she wearing?

  16. 16

    those lips of her's are lookin' more and more like what happened to Michael Jackson's nose. scary

  17. 17

    She is gross

  18. 18

    how sad that she drags her minor sister in the photo with her to share her shame.

  19. 19

    This girl has an illness. She is an addict. It's an illness. She is not thinking clearly because of her illness. Unitl she is clean and sober for one year or longer, it is impossible for her to make logical, clear-minded decisions. If everyone would just completely STOP giving her press and caring about her life, maybe she would then focus on her own life and her real life. I'm not defending her but people fail drug tests all the time. People have a terrible time staying sober all of the time. She is not "special" because she is famous. She is a young woman with a problem. Stop giving her the "attention and fame and money" for being sick and maybe she will stop being a dumbass and get her life on track. THEN, give her the press she deserves.

  20. 20

    BOOOO HOOOO!!! It's so sad! you know it's going to the crapper from here!!