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Are You A Fan Of Tattoos???

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CLICK HERE to look at a super rad photo gallery of some inked folks from a recent tattoo convention!!!

CLICK HERE to look at a super rad photo gallery of some inked folks from a recent tattoo convention!!!

CLICK HERE to look at a super rad photo gallery of some inked folks from a recent tattoo convention!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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43 comments to “Are You A Fan Of Tattoos???”

  1. 1

    NO. tattoos are for the ghetto people/ trailor trash people. Noone else. tattoos= trash

  2. 2

    No NO NO NO - not a fan - permanent - painful - like branding an animal - defacing an already perfect creation…..

  3. 3

    Just think how stupid they'll look when they're old and saggy skinned…

  4. 4

    Re: trout360 – the same as you when you're old and saggy. only cooler.

  5. 5

    it's 2010 you old-fashioned fucks. tattoos = art. miley cyrus = trash

  6. 6

    The older i get the more and more happy i am i never got ANY tattoo's..They just look trashy and gross. And i've seen old people with tattoos and trust me they don't look cool, they look discolored, blurry, and no one cares what they say when your 86..One of the cadavers i dissected for human anatomy had tattoos and you know what? we cut right thru them for dissection to the muscles. Tattoos are for people with no real accomplishments who want to be cool on the outside because they have no substance inside. Look at peoiple like Kat Von Dee a total sell out who was once a fat chick who was a nobody. Tattoos did mean something at one time thousands of years ago to native tribes and uncivilized people, today its just another fad..eww..

  7. 7

    how come tatted-up folks look so miserable all the time?

  8. 8

    I have had it with tattoos. Get a life people. Why all of the tats and piercings? It just looks disgusting and will limit you with job opportunities for a number of years until the idiots with the tats and piercings are in control of businesses outside of tat and piercing salons. A higher being should step in.

  9. 9

    ugh, stupid bigots and your idiotic views on tattoos. its no different than a woman putting on make up to enhance their physical features but this time it happens to be permanent. and guess what? They have permanent make up too. Cultures from around the world have tattoo'd themselves for millenia and why is it so horrible to do something like that now? there are a lot of people out there that get tattoos for a specific reason, and some get them for the hell of it. There's nothing wrong it. In fact, I think what's worse is some of the so called fashion that people wear nowadays. Guys, seriously get a life and get out of your little bigot bubbles.

  10. 10

    Look, There are intelligent, enlightened and successful people with tattoos and there are people with tattoos that act low-class and trashy—just like people without tattoos. Learn to look beyond appearances people. Have you ever heard the old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover?" Well it may be corny, but it's stood the test of time for a reason. But keep hating, it just makes me that much more glad that I'm one of them and not one of you! I have a few tats, when I need, or want, to cover them I can, and when I want to flaunt their artful and meaningful beauty I can do that, too. Yes, I can have my cake and eat it too!!

  11. 11

    Hello good day for you ..
    I like your weeb site..

  12. 12

    Tattoos are lame. Maybe they were cool at one time, now its just soccer moms and douchebags with their chinese symbols, barbed wire, kids names etc. They're trendy and fuckin lame.

  13. 13

    Sooo freakin happy I didn't get one. I got a piercing and hate it now. But I get to take it out-imagine if it was a tatoo.

  14. 14

    seriously… who gives a fuck what you look like when you're 70 or 80. by then your fucking old and ugly anyhow! enjoy life, get tattooed if thats what you want to do… its what i do! and #1mileyfan, your beloved miley has a few tattoos of her own and have you seen her brother?! #1mileyfan = ignorant asshole.

  15. 15

    Re: Araceli Chapa – Very well-put.

  16. 16

    Not for me, tattoo overkill is just gross.

  17. 17

    I am a fan of just about any artistic expression! The problem with tattoos is that they are permanent, this quite stifling. Would get claustrophobic, since I change furniture arrangements, clothes styles and etc fairly often. Too unchanging for me. I would scream in about two to three weeks, "Somebody get this off of me! I want a change!"

  18. 18

    Gotta love the stupid ignorant judgmental idiots on here. Tattoos ARE NOT permanent. With technology today you can get one lasered off in 2-4 treatments and it cost a couple hundred bucks. Also tattoo ink has also come along way..They don't turn green after a while like they did in the old days. People assume just because they see a bunch of 50+ year olds when not only was the ink as advanced as it is today but the tattoo machines used to do it has also gotten way better doesn't mean all tattoos are going to look like crap. I'm not to big on tattoos and it really all depends on the spot its at and if it has meaning…

    This is to all the girls saying negative things about tattoos..

    So you say just because someone has a tattoo they are white trash,etc.
    But its ok for you to put on a pound of makeup to look prettier? When you wipe off all your makeup would you like some guy going "Wow you're ugly as fuck keep your makeup on"..Im guessing no. Makeup is no different than a tattoo.

  19. 19

    Having a tattoo that is hidden to me is not only sexy but STYLISH…

  20. 20

    No, I am not a fan of tattoos. Tattoos are for sailors, convicts, bikers and carnival workers. Most average, everyday people will regret them later on.

  21. 21

    This whole tattoo/piercing fad is just primitive.

  22. 22

    if they mean something and they're in a responsible place (i.e. can be hidden when necessary/appropriate), no problem but if it's some random unicorn you thought was cute that ends up on your neck - that is most definitely trashy and an attention grabber……….
    that said, these people that are covered in ink (like von d and mcgee) are just trashy and/or bored……….
    if tat's were so great you wouldn't be turned down a job d/t having them………

  23. 23

    I've never cared for them. They're actually a turn off when I see them on a cute girl, especially when they're on her lower back. It just screams out trash to me.

  24. 24

    Re: AynRandy

    "Learn to look beyond appearances people. "

    So if I woke up and decided to not take a shower or comb my hair people would look beyond the fact that I'd look like ass? Wrong. Appearance is the first thing that you notice about a person. You see a person before you can speak to them. A person's appearance also tell a bit about what the person personality may be like. If people don't want to be judged based on their appearance then perhaps they should be a little smarter about how they choose to look. I'm talking about tatoos here, not things that a person doesn't have any control over such as birth defects.

  25. 25

    I LOVE tattoos and I can't believe how much ignorance there still is on the subject. Hell, I recently had my septum pierced and I was forced to remove it to get my job as a CASHIER. My boss even said that she didn't mind it, infact, she thought it looked good, but I had to take it out because she knew people would be ignorant. Imo, there is no reason to remove piercings unless you work with food and that's just for sanitary reasons. (Just like you're not allowed to wear rings, necklaces, ear rings, etc.)

    I think the reason people are still so close minded like this is because of people like my boss. If the people who think it's gross/trashy/whatever saw how many normal, well adjusted and even successful people have tattoos and piercings, maybe the social stigma wouldn't be so bad.

  26. 26

    so gross, that paki chick in the pic is obviously just rebelling against her paki pappi's paki fucked rules!! LMAO!! every time i've met a tatted up freak, they've always ended up being drug addicts/dealers and usually think they are hot shit!! tattoos=trash!!

  27. 27


  28. 28

    I can't stand tattoos. I will never understand why anyone would want to trash their bodies like that. I know it's personal choice so live and let live. Also, anyone I've ever known who did get a tat at a young age has said they regretted it later on in life.

  29. 29

    Re: Scatter

    Brilliant post, thank you..

  30. 30

    So not a fan of tattoos. It doesn't make me ignorant. It just means that I have an opinion.

  31. 31

    Re: gutterpunk – i love that comment. thank you for saying it.

  32. 32

    Re: April 20th – well thanks for your useless opinion.. I'm so glad you approve of my tattoos becuase they are able to be hidden.. now i can sleep tonight..
    ignorant people and their views of tattoos are ridiculous..
    tattoos are beautiful on many people it is a form of personal artistic expression.. yes mine have to be covered for my job but there are many jobs that do not care.. my financial aid officer at my university has sleeves and a tattoo coming up his neck from his collar.. it kinda makes me wanna take his shirt off to see the whole canvas lol..
    anywho.. tatts are awesome… and out here on the west coast they are more common than someone not having them.. it's not a shock factor anymore it's just beautiful..
    it's 2010 people get over yourselves
    btw.. KAT VON D IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
    and her tatts are awesome
    you are right about that bombshell bitch though she is nasty..
    it's not the amount of tattoos that you have it is the quality of the work

  33. 33

    Re: djnv2009 – Hey, could you try sounding a little more hateful and racist next time. Thanks

  34. 34

    *A* tattoo is fine…something that's not obtuse and has meaning. That thing up there is just a cry for help.

  35. 35

    Re: amandaloveperez

    So people are ignorant because they don't like tattoos like you do?

    Again, I don't care what you put on your body. If you get a nice tattoo and it's covered then good for you. But if you get a tattoo that isn't covered and people can see it guess what, people are going to form opinions of it and you just like they would of any other picture that they see.

  36. 36

    Re: NookiesWA – #18 I don't know about where you live but I can tell you firsthand it isn't all that easy. I have a lot of tats, all of which can be hidden under my clothes, but nine years ago I got a beautiful rosebud tatted on my hand, stem, leaves and thorns from the palm side of my thumb to the rosebud near the tip of my index finger. It's almost 10 years down the road now and I'm having it removed because I'm too old to have a tattoo on my hand. I pay $150 a pop to have it lasered by a dermatologist, and that's a good price, it is about a 20 second pass that feels like a cross between an small electric jolt and getting splattered with bacon grease. My skin stinks, chars, and burns for about two to three hours afterward. I then have blisters for about a week. Nice yeah? It's going to take about six of these treatments to get rid of it. It isn't as simple as you make it out to be.

  37. 37

    I'm all about artistic freedom and expression. Adults should be able to ink or pierce their own skin in anyway they want. It's a personal choice.
    I'm very happy I never got permanently decorated, but I support the rights of others who choose to do that.
    I can't help but notice that so many tattoos I see just look like their skin is dirty, but whatever. It's your own body.

  38. 38

    I do not like tattoos. They're really not my thing! But you have to admit the people at the convention are screaming for attention. It's not just the tattoos. It's the clothing, the hair, the piercings and all the jewellery. They seem pretty narcissistic, especially the ones wearing the PVC bikinis. In my opinion, they're just as bad as models strutting around like they're God's gift to humanity because they're so good looking. The people at the convention are all about what is on the outside, but instead of blending into society with make-up and fashionable clothes, they think they're rebelling against society by standing out physically, when in reality, what they're doing means very little because it is so superficial. Trust me. Self-esteem and self-worth come from within, not from what's on the outside. Ink doesn't give you value as a human-being, just like designer jeans and diamonds don't. What you think about yourself does. Even if you have to dress the part to get a good job, if you don't fell good about yourself, then the clothes mean very little. Not even getting the job for your appearance will make you feel better about yourself. In my opinion, that's where inner beauty is important.

  39. 39

    Re: km0000 – Making a general statement like that makes you sound just as ignorant as people saying tattoos make you white trash. Tattoos may equal art in your eyes, but not everyone feels that way, and if you can't accept that, then you're just as narrow-minded. Also, tattoos aren't as easy to remove as everyone thinks they are. You have to go through several treatments that cost quite a bit of money, and not all pigments are easy to remove, especially white pigment. Also, not as many people get tattoos as everyone thinks. People with tattoos are still in the minority. They just stand out more today because there are more people who have them than 20 years ago.

  40. 40

    Re: gretel
    Thanks for being honest. You
    # 36 Gretel
    Thanks for being so honest .. you couldn't be more correct! Tattoos are okay ONLY IF YOU'RE CERTAIN YOU WANT THEM FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. People need to remember how PERMANENT they are.
    I'm happy for you that you can afford to get yours removed. Good luck with the rest of your laser treatments.
    I'm so curious .. will your tattoo be completely removed? Will you be able to see an outline, or a "shadow" of the tattoo? Again, GOOD LUCK. Your post was interesting.

  41. 41

    Also, some people get tattoos to shock other people. What is so artistic about a skull with bloodshot eyeballs popping out, and a tongue hanging out with saliva dripping from it? These are tattoos that I see on some people, and they aren't beautiful or artistic. Neither was the tattoo I saw the other day of a black and white baby's face puking red blood. That doesn't scream art to me. That screams gang affiliation!

  42. 42

    Re: Scatter – exactly you are ignorant for not listening in kindergarten when your teacher told you not to judge a book by it's cover..
    tattoos are like accessories but they are forever.. but actually i was talking about the actually ignorant comments about how tattoos are for ghetto trash or people without real jobs.. they are ignorant judgemental fucking idiots and should try getting out of middle america once in a while
    …and to the idiots claiming that they look saggy and wrinkled when you are old.. everyone looks saggy and wrinkled when they are old.. who freakin cares.. YOU'RE OLD!!!!!!
    Right now we are young and people should be free to express themselves however they please.. without fear of judgement from others

  43. 43

    piercings and tattoos are so late 90s