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Emma Watson Trying To Steal R-Patz?

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According to sources, K-Stew thinks that Emma Watson is trying to steal R-Patz away from her.

Emma and R-Patz are rumored to be staring along side each other in the new film Dark Arc.

K-Stew sees this as a threat.

"Like all girls, Kristen can be very jealous and possessive, and in her mind Emma poses a threat,” said a source. "Rob has commented before on how cute he thinks Emma is and Kristen worries that he would have more in common with her because she’s British."

Or maybe R-Patz has more in common with Emma because she’s not a douche!

To make things even worse for K-Stew, Emma recently called Twilight out for “selling sex.”

Said an insider:

"Emma really took it up a notch when she made that comment, like she’s telling the world Kristen is a bimbo and she’s a real lady with poise and talent. She hates being thought of as a sex symbol or being valued for that over her talent, so Emma got her right where it hurts."

This whole story seems doubtful, but maybe if we wish hard enough it will be true! C’mon, Emma, steal R-Patz!

[Image via A. Miller/Ross Robinson/WENN.com.]

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116 comments to “Emma Watson Trying To Steal R-Patz?”

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  1. 1

    i would choose kristen stewart over emma watson any day. emma watson is sweet, but not sexy.

  2. 2

    Emma Watson is a classy girl!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I think Kristen and Emma has a hire chance of hooking up.

  5. 5

    dont believe this at all
    but dont really care that much either

  6. 6

    "She hates being thought of as a sex symbol or being valued for that over her talent." - Please. What talent? Having said that, I don't believe this story for a second. Silly gossipy stuff.

  7. 7

    Oh come on, emma probably has someone. AND she wasn't dissing Twilight. She was just pointing out the differences between the two series-that her character and ron had this lead up to a kiss for over a few books and twilight dealt with sex. Harry Potter is more family and Twilight is for teens. THAT IS WHAT SHE WAS SAYING AND IF YOU BOTHERED WITH THE MOVIES, SHE ALREADY KNOWS ROBERT, HE WAS IN HARRY POTTER, IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE AND HE DIED.

  8. 8

    Starring not staring Perez… Spell-check can be your friend.

  9. 9

    now this is just effing ridiculous.
    first of all, this movie isnt even being made, let alone are rob and emma attached to it.
    second, rob and emma would never happen. NEVER.
    this rumor is just simply a lie all around.
    i fucking hate the press and their "sources".

  10. 10

    I hate to agree with you , but GO EMMA! What a gorgeous classy couple they would make. Trash the trash Rob! And ignore the horrific haircut Emma has at the moment. God knows you put up with puss faces bad hair for so long.

  11. 11

    Neither one of these tricks can act. But I like both of them

  12. 12

    emma can do sooo much better than r-patz :/

  13. 13

    Fuck off, Perez.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    PLEASE let it be true! emma watson is adorbs! kstew ado…uche!

  16. 16

    Hahahaha!! Oh I sincerely hope that this is true!

  17. 17

    Um… this story was made up by YOU.

  18. 18

    Uhhhh… young people should date a lot of people before settling on just one. Robert and Kristin will be so tired of each other in 50 years, so let's just ignore gossip and rumors about dating let them know they need to get out see other people a little bit more.

  19. 19

    Emma seems like a classy young woman, but her comment about Twilight was just dumb. How are they "selling sex"? They don't even have sex in the movies or even talk about it!

  20. 20

    Well obviously Emma is far more classy and talented and articulate than Kristen Stewart could ever hope to be, so she deserves the better guys. However, she is still dating George Craig from One Night Only, so I highly doubt she is trying to steald a grease monkey like Rob Pattinson (although he did look quite good in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).
    I don't think there is any merit to this story. I just think Emma is better than Kristen.

  21. 21

    didnt they already both star in a HP movie harry potter and the goblet of fire or something i mean you OBV dont know your movie history :)

  22. 22


  23. 23

    EWww….why would emma ever want that DOUCHE UGLY FACED RETARD, he can stay with stewart how long he wants, emma is way too awesome

  24. 24

    Well Emma is single…her and George broke up months ago. But I doubt this is true. From Rob's actions a few weeks ago, I think he's more worried about Kristen leaving him.

  25. 25

    … DONE!

  26. 26

    TEAM EMMA!!!
    waaaaaaayyyy hotter than K-Stew.

  27. 27

    If this story were real I'd be Team Emma all day everyday! She's just BETTER.

    Harry Potter >>>>>>Twilight

  28. 28

    Fake and boring…you still trash kristen any chance you get right.


  29. 29

    Re: justtfax – I KNOW!! I mean if you wanna go there she kinda knew him first!!

  30. 30

    Re: critique_fame
    Selling sex doesn't mean literally sex scenes, but taking off your shirt on every scene, or going to watch the movie to see an teen idol, or the so called sex symbols.
    You cannot possibly expect that young girls go watch this movies for the performances of this "actors" ,right?
    I would believe this for Daniel Day ,Meryl ,DiCaprio or Adams.

  31. 31

    fuck off perez, this is bullshit and you know it. Emma has a type and it ain't Robert. And robert has a type, and it ain't Emma. All's well in harry potter land. lol

  32. 32

    Nah, this is just to boost Kristen's hetero street cred.

  33. 33

    Emma is cute, but she looks uptight. Kristen has more fuck game in her, it's obvious look at their faces. Sparkle tits is always shadowing her cause her fuck game is evident in her smirk and ass.

  34. 34

    Emma and Kristen are both lovely, no need to put them in a catfight. But Kristen and Rob are more compatible obviously, they're like twins at this point.

  35. 35

    I wouldn't kick either out of bed, but Kristen is sexier and raunchier.

  36. 36

    Aw, they are both wonderful girls. Please, they are too cool to be fighting over boys, they let the boys fight over them!

  37. 37

    Yum, a threeway with Hermoine and bella swan

  38. 38

    it may not b tru but emma would be an epic upgrade from ewstew.

  39. 39

    Oh shut up perez, this was already debunked by gossip cop. Emma is adorable and classy, but I think Kristen is a more natural choice for Robert. I doubt Emma wants Robert anyways, she called him odd when remembering him on the Harry potter set. LOL

  40. 40

    Kristen's way hotter. Emma's cute though, she just has no body.

  41. 41

    Kristen Stewart would have to be sexy to sell sex. She is not. Kristen Stewart is boyish and boring.
    Emma is pretty. But why the hell would she want that twilight douche who doesn't shower? She can do better.

  42. 42

    Kristen's got a great little body you just want to bend over. Emma's more like the girl you want to do a science project with cause she's smart.

  43. 43

    only emma watson looks like a long haired boy, like her or not kirsten stewart is sexy

  44. 44

    I'm not buying this. Emma has known Rob for some time.

  45. 45

    Emma is way too good for anyone who has had something to do with Kristen Stewart. She's classy.

  46. 46

    You're always bashing people for cheating, but it's ok here? What a fuckin hypocrite. I can't wait until you get your face caved in again. I'll do it myself if I ever see you.

  47. 47

    Emma can do so much better than him. Also, they have already met, they did Goblet of Fire together. And Kristen is 1) not sexy, and 2) has no talent.

  48. 48

    Emma's nice, Kristen's naughty. No brainer which one to pick

  49. 49

    They're both tasty. Kristen's got more tricks up her sleeve though, Emma's just been hanging out with ginger nerds her whole life with Harry Potter.

  50. 50

    Emma used to be hot, but then she cut her hair off and looks like a ten year old boy now. Kristen's way hotter and her ass is fucking amazing

  51. 51

    oh god, why must we pit two awesome girls like kristen and emma against one another all for a boy? Nice way to move the women's movement back about 40 years.

  52. 52

    wow perscuz i smell a pulitzer for your first rate reporting…. "a source"… an "insider" …..you must feel so special to be so close to a story. I hear that the tinkerbelle and the lucky charm leprechan are dating, oh and pinochio was caught in a threesome. I'll get my "sources" right over to you and you can post it to you all important blog too.

    Come on perscuz, drop off the face of the earth. Maybe it will come true if we all wish hard enough.

    I can hear Jiminy Crickett in the background "when you wish upon a star …. Perscuz will get hit by a car …when you wish upon a star Perscuz drops dead!

    la loca is you!

  53. 53

    emma watson is so much better looking even with her new horrible hairstyle. befor she cut her hair she looked like a goddess now she is just looking like a super hot girl.

    i would choose her every time over the nasty looking kristen stewart.

  54. 54

    Re: critique_fame – Have you not read the books? The whole series is based on SEX. From the very beginning, she wants to fuck the guy, and he wants to hold out because he's old fashioned (aka a Mormon writer) and the whole series is built on the sexual frustration that goes on between them and her and Jake and in the last book they screw like mad dogs so I am sure there will be sex in the last one. The whole Eclipse movie had three way sexual tension in it…not to mention the fact that half the dudes in the movie aren't wearing shirts. You've got to be kidding me by asking where the sex is.

    KSTEW is El Doucho and will always be. Emma is a classy girl but I doubt the story is true and could care less who these tardos hook up with. But the comment in the story of that said Kristen would rather be appreciated for her talent above looks really gets me because what looks? And more importantly, what talent? lol Have you seen her act in the movies? She looks like a constipated twit so if she's looking for someone to give her an Oscar nod, I'd say up her acting and material lol. Because Yep, those actors who have REAL talent really go towards material like Twilight lol.

  55. 55

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've read all week! LMAO

    Emma is so much more classier than that, and I'm sure she has ZERO interest in hobo looking Rpatz.

  56. 56

    Re: Northshore – Yeah, Kristen and Rob are both very awkward.

  57. 57

    Emma Watson is too smart for someone like Rob.
    But I would choose Kristen if I had to choose between the two. Emma is cute - don't get me wrong, but Kristen is just effing hot.

  58. 58

    Come on Emma, steal him already!!! Emma&Rob would be the ultimate couple!! They are perfect for each other!! She is beautiful, classy, intelligent, very well educated, mature & super funny!! Come on Emma, save Rob from that awful twi queen!!

  59. 59

    emma watson has nothing on Kristen Stewart. K-Stew is sexy, a brill actress and rob's :) no stupid silly roumors are going to change that. Im british but OMG i hate the British media !!!!!!!!!!

  60. 60

    what utter bull. Honesty do people really believe these things? nearly as bad as that bad photoshop cover of Kristens 'baby bump'

  61. 61

    So if Twilight is "selling" sex…then what is Harry Potter selling? How to become a Satanic Occultist well versed in the Dark Arts and Demonology? I think it's sad that in this day and age women are still portrayed as needy and helpless without a man. Both of these young women have millions of dollars, successful careers and here you are speaking of them as though they're 13 year old girls at a Jr. high school dance dance fighting over the most popular boy. Pathetic! And look at the guy you're talking about. An overrated, dirty, womanizing drunk who'll be an alcoholic has been in less than 10 years. Run ladies…run!

  62. 62

    i love kristem. amazing actress. don't know why you don't like her, perez.

  63. 63

    C’mon, Emma, steal R-Patz!
    what the fuck? if someone stole YOUR girlfriend (oh wait you don't have one because one, you're fucking gay and two, no one would want to be your girlfriend) how would you feel if there was this big fat ugly guys who posts shit for a living encouraging another person to steal away your man?

  64. 64

    Surely the fact that emma and Rob have filmed together and didn't get together then, suhould be plenty assurance to K-stew that they won't get together this time round!!

  65. 65


  66. 66

    Re: critique_fame – yeah but in the books there's a lot of tension and passion and in the last book they have sex ALL THE TIME.

  67. 67

    Robsten!! Can't wait for Breaking Dawn to start!

  68. 68

    I say go for it - I would rather see Robert with Emma than with Kristen.

  69. 69

    Wow this article is beyond lame. Anything source says the following is an idiot: "Like all girls, Kristen can be very jealous and possessive…"

  70. 70

    Haha, that's just ridiculous, why would Emma want to "steal" Robert? She has her own boyfriend, life and better things to do than just play this childish game about who will win the boy.

    But on the other hand… Other than Kristen, Emma is clever (just say BROWN over acting). She is a good actress, not biting her lips (which looks kind of disgusting) everytime she thinks about her text or shaking her head everytime she FINALLY remembers it. She has facial expressions, is pretty and able to actually smile, she's thankful and apreciates what life and her fans gave her which makes her all in all so much better than Kristen. And she actually does say what she likes about Potter, promotes it, etc.
    What does Kristen do? She says in interviews that she doesn't get, why people adore Twilight, admits that she didn't even read the books when she got the role (yeah, SUCH a great actress, puts so much affort into her job) and she is not thankful AT ALL for what she has got. So smile, when she gets a price, and doesn't even try to look like a friendly person in front of paparazzi. Just get a go, girl. There are so many more talanted actresses in Hollywood. Go and be happy with a normal life, but don't annoy us with this crap.
    Maybe it would be a good thing for Emma to "steal" Rob. So immature.

  71. 71

    back off, wench. K + R = forever!

  72. 72

    Each of them are a yummy screw! Team either! hahaha

  73. 73

    Oh, and Emma's right about Twilight.
    It's a LOVESTORY, a stupid girl, not special at all, between two guys. Making out with the poor guy who loves her, even though she JUST got engaged with her man. Happy end, more than perfect, boring.
    J.K. Rowling created a UNIVERSE. A totally different world, she invented things and dindn't just copy a story, someone else already had told. (Twilight – Vampire Diaries and others) She wrote 7 books, without repetitions or things getting boring. She creates a puzzle that is put together in the end, there is actually SENSE behind it. What about Twilight? Hahahahahha, Meyer should have stopped after the first book. I mean, are you serious? Girl being pregnant, even though vampires can' get kids? Edward is DEAD, it doens't make any sense that they can have sex and then even get children?! And oh yeah, Bella doesn't even have problems as a newborn, why should she have? I mean, there was only this one "rule" that newborns are hard to control. Well, seems as if rules weren't made for Bella & Edward.
    Yes, Twilight sells sex, makes girls give up their lives to be with a man and gives them the illusion, that everything ends up perfectly, without any loss.
    Guess, that's just why Potter is better.

  74. 74

    Emma Watson defeats KStew in both talent and beauty IMO!!!

  75. 75

    This is real BS.
    Why would he want Emma when he could have Kristen? Sure she is pretty but she ain't not Kristen.
    Emma was right about Twilight selling sex but that isn't Kristen's fault. The story comes from a sex dream and they guys, is Taylor allowed to wear a shirt?
    He isn't in to douche, sorry Perez, that cuts you out. Kristen ain't a douche, Robert has said she is really nice and all that.

  76. 76

    Re: marialucia – Awful, have you met her? She isn't awful from what I know and she is a great actress and hot as hell.
    Twi queen? >Robert is the Twi king then.

  77. 77

    I have it on good authority that Emma Watson is a douche … a big one

  78. 78

    Re: The Pretty Flawless – What makes you think Kristen isn’t cleaver? Met her?
    Kristen is a great actress and she gets amazing critics from Roger Ebert for one example. She maybe bites her lip but that doesn’t make the acting, Bella is also like that, bites her lip a lot in Twilight if you have read Midnight sun. Looks disgusting? Then you are grossed out easily, I bit my lip a lot too. She maybe does it in other movies but not a lot.
    She shakes her head when she tries to remember her text, not in every movie. Only in Twilight and once again, it’s Bella in the script.
    Kristen has facial expression, Twilight isn’t the best but almost no one was good in it. Watch other movies with her and don’t lie, she is good in them with the acting and the face.
    Kristen is pretty and she does smiles, just not on every picture which of course Perez picks. I don’t smile either on EVERY picture that is taken of me and she has a lot more cameras in her face. Plus she has said she doesn’t smile a lot because of insecurity, don’t blame her, I think most people is like that, famous or not, she tries her best. She was thrown in to it, Emma grown up with it and she maybe had more confident.

  79. 79

    Re: The Pretty Flawless – She is thankful; she said so in a filmed interview, her words get twisted in written once. She has said that she thinks it’s crazy plus some fans but that was in the beginning when they didn’t know how big it was going to get and they heard fans camped outside and screamed for them when they hasn’t even seen the movie. She wasn’t the only one that said that.
    The reason Kristen doesn’t say what she likes about him is because then people will throw questions at them if they are dating or not. She did say what she liked about him after Twilight but then she had a boyfriend.
    Kristen didn’t say that she doesn’t get what people like about Twilight; just that she thinks it is a little “crazy” that it has become so big. She didn’t read the book before she got offered the part, she read the script and liked it and then the book and wanted the part. But she hasn’t read the other books in them from what I know. But from what I’ve heard Robert didn’t read any, he just wanted the part because of Kristen was going to play Bella.

  80. 80

    Re: The Pretty Flawless – She is very thankful for what she got she is just annoyed with the papz and all those lies. Just like High School, rumours about you and mostly mean once, it doesn’t feel that good.
    When she gets a prize, she is nervous about talking to that big of a crowd. Like me, I’m really nervous about talking to my class about something as my self but I’m in a acting class and when I’m on stage I’m not nervous at all because I’m not me. Get it? You can still be nervous if you are a actress which she wants to be, not a movie star. She is annoyed with the papz and annoyed that it is like 10 papz around her when she isn’t even on the red carpet.
    Go away yourself and don’t complain yourself about her. She is a very talented girl on acting.
    Because you are annoyed then don’t bother then. Just saying lie you did.
    BTW, the pretty flawless? No one is flawless.

  81. 81

    If KStew were in front of me I'd shake and say "let that skittish skinny twerp go! Your not losing anything here!" Honestly, KStew can do alot better that RPatz—like Taylor Lautner, for example!

  82. 82

    Re: K-StewFan
    I'm not flawless and that's not what the name is meant to say. It has a private story behind it - in fact I'm far from flawless and I don't want anybody to think anything like it.

    Yeah, you are right, Twilight is not the best example for her acting skills(the only movie I thought she was good in was In The Land Of Women), but she does this lip-biting / head-shaking in maaaany movies. And yes, I did read all books including Midnight Sun, because I don't want to start reading sth and not knowing all about it, no matter if the novel is great or not. (Twilight WAS great, had the perfect end, assuming that Edward is going to bite her, but after the first one it just was senseless)

    And about being nervous: Yes, of course one can be nervous in front of a crowd, but she has also been growing up with this business (Panic Room), but she had a lot of time to work on this problem. And I still think that she is far from great and an awesome actress, there are too many small things that are not correct - not even one major fact she has to work on, but it's the small things.
    I also get, that she is annoyed, but don't you think that other stars and celebs are, too? If she doesn't like this major attention she should stop acting in movies and go to theatre or like it. There are many girls who would love to take her place.

  83. 83

    Re: mariscos
    He doesn't like her, because she doesn't pander to him and kiss his ass. Any celebrity Perez talks shit about, or claims he doesn't like, actually DO NOT like him and wouldn't give him the time of day. These celebrities include Hayden Panettiere, Ashton Kutcher, Avril Lavinge, Mischa Barton, Demi Moore, Kristen Stewart, Gwenyth Paltrow and on and on and on.

    They learned from the little John Mayer fiasco to stay the fuck away from Perez. Cuz the bitch is as toxic as tequila and quaaludes combined.

  84. 84

    pretty flawless-please take your meds. If you write a whole novel on a perez thread like you just did, you're exposing your crazy.

  85. 85

    Well Emma and RPatz do have some kind of history together shooting Harry Potter.

  86. 86

    Kristen gets me hard just giving that bitchy smile she always gives. She'd be amazing in the sack, you can just tell

  87. 87

    People actually like Kristin Stewart?
    All of her acting is exactly the same, in every single movie she's been in, it's basically no acting-just speaking like you're either really bored or really dumb

  88. 88

    Re: halotop – Haha, that's a good one. Well, maybe I'm just somebody who likes to say what's on my mind :D And I'm not crazy or anything. Just gave my opinion, if you're not fine with it just ignore it.

  89. 89

    isn't this the same person?!

  90. 90

    THIS is the DUMBEST made up news story I've ever had the misfortune to come across!


    First of all, Emma Watson hasn't even been in the same ROOM with Robert Pattinson since 2008!!!
    Second of all, EMMA is interested in GEORGE CRAIG!!! So, if she were going to be dating someone it would be HIM!!!!
    Third of all, EMMA would NEVER date someone as daft as ROBERT! She's too SMART and TOO classy for someone that idiotic!!
    Fourth of all, WHY?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!

    Seriously, do these people even care about reporting something that's remotely true anymore??? I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!

  91. 91

    Re: critique_fame

    Okay! Listen! When someone says "selling sex" they're NOT talking just about the act of actually having sex! They're talking about the marketing around a certain PRODUCT!! When it comes to twilight, the main focus of selling that garbage is how ATTRACTIVE the actors are and how many times they kiss each other and which one has a SEX TAPE or NUDE PICTURES or blah blah blah. The story itself is a ROMANCE, so there are A LOT of kissing scenes in the movie. So, when a film like HARRY POTTER, which is not a romance, has a kissing scene…the media goes into a frenzy and ask the actors about it nonstop and the fans get all excited to see it and hope they do it right, because Harry Potter does not have a lot of kissing, because the characters are focused on MORE important and life-threatening things! THAT WAS EMMA'S point!!!!

  92. 92

    Re: VallyGirl

    I know I'm shocked too. I try not to dislike people that I do not know, but everytime I TRY to like her she makes it so difficult. If she's not saying something DUMB or whining about all her misfortunes or comparing having her picture taken to being raped or being a sourpuss on the red carpet or stuttering her way through an interview or pretending that she's actually talented or just getting on EVERYONE'S fucking nerves…I forgot where I was going with this…but you get my point.

  93. 93

    Re: VallyGirl – People like you? Why? That's a hard one to figure out why.

    Kristen can act, don't put Twilight against her, that was a really bad movie and she is amazing in other movies, Just watch the critics she gets for it.

    We all like deferent things but don't say anyone doesn't like her because many people do.

  94. 94

    Re: insertsobriquet – She didn’t mean rape as in forced sex, wow, and you are calling her dumb. Rape has different meanings, not always forced sex but some sort of abuse and it is. She just choice the wrong way to express her self with haters and people like Perez around.
    She doesn’t and she doesn’t have to pretend she is talented because she is. She shutters right, only when she is nervous and I do that too and so does many other people. She is just afraid to have her words twisted, she wants to say them right. She isn’t a sourpuss on the red carpet, she doesn’t smile on every picture but I don’t think you do either. I’ve also heard from fans that she is the nicest of Robert, Taylor and her, she was the only one that was really talking and taking pictures with her fans and Robert and Taylor also took pictures but they blearily talked to them. I heard it in a clip when they met them.
    She goes on everyone’s nerves, not mine and not everyone’s wither, just haters and up tight people.

    You forgot where you where you where going with this? Doesn’t surprise me, you are just wanting to hate her; you don’t try to like her from what I can see.

  95. 95

    Re: The Pretty Flawless – I just pointed it out because it sees like everything she does is wrong and that stuff, all negative.
    You should watch her as Runaways, many haters (not saying that you) have said that she was great in it and they where wrong to put Twilight on her. She is great in it.
    She has had time to work on it but not on such a large base she have know, she got an less of a chock, I know I would and I think other would too. Some other stars have been betting up paparazzi and many gives the finger to them too, not just she and she don’t beat them either.
    She likes doing her work and she loves her fans very much and is really nice to them, it’s just the paparazzi she is annoyed with and the mean rumours and she isn’t the only one there. I’m just glad she isn’t a fame whore that tweet to write where she is and where she is going and then complain about being followed.
    She never complain like she hates every part of it, just some and I can understand that. I would want to hang out with my family and friends too without being disturbed. You shouldn’t have to stay home for that.

  96. 96

    GO EMMA! She's gorgeous. I'm sure Kristen will be sexing him up so he won't forget about her.

  97. 97

    RE everyone whos saying this was taken from gossip cop who published it 12 hours ago..

    i read an article on my lunch break today from a magazine called Heat in the UK, it contained all of these quotes and was released yesterday. meaning it had to have been written at some point on monday, latest?

    BOOM. but i love perez.

  98. 98

    OMG SHUT UPPP! this is such bull. Perez is the one who takes things from context and causes celebrity feuds.

  99. 99

    Wow K-STEWFAN,
    I understand you like her but aren't you getting a little obsessive trying to pick a fight with people over the internet? You've continued to post on this specific topic a number of times just to bitch to random people. And if you actually had taken a minute to process my comment you would know that I didn't say nobody likes her, I honestly did not know she had many fans (especially such unhinged ones) because everyone I know, whether they like Twilight or not, don't seem to care for her acting. And again, I am not just talking about her acting abilities in Twilight, in fact, I always found the idea of Twilight to be stupid so I never cared to watch it, I'm talking about all the other movies I've seen her in from when she was younger until now, and all the way through she consistently has sucked in my opinion.

    Next time read carefully before you try to defend her or yourself. And yes people like me, I'm sure it's hard for you to figure why, especially since you don't know me. If I had to guess though I'd say, by the way you act towards most people you've addressed on this post, no one likes you and it's easy to see why. Quit getting so defensive just because others don't share your opinion.

  100. 100

    Re: VallyGirl – I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone, I try to have an argument but it’s not easy with everyone on here. I also defend her because most things people say about her (negative) I can see myself as the things they say, if you get what I mean. You said “do people like her” like it was the news of the year or something. You didn’t know she had many fans, are you serious? There is a reason why people are that big in the business, you have to be good and liked. How many people do you know then? MOST people that HATE her is because jealousy or their hate against Twilight or they like Twilight so much they hate the movies. BUT people that DON’T LIKE her don’t bother because they have their head on the right place and understand that there’s no pint wasting your time on someone that you don’t like and they also respect the fans of her/him/they/it.

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