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Lindsay's Mom Attempting Conservatorship, Claims Estranged Father Michael Lohan

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Damn it! A conservatorship, really? Haven't the two of you done enough damage?!

Lindsay Lohan's latest stint in the slammer didn't just reopen the flood gates for scrutiny. It also provided her father Michael Lohan more ammo to keep talking! (Thanks a lot!)

Today's deranged topic is Dina Lohan allegedly seeking a conservatorship over her daughter, similar to what Papa Spears and Brit-Brit have going on. Dina, as well as Lindsay's business manager Lou Taylor, would be given control over LiLo's finances and her over all well being. She's certinaly done a bang up job so far!

Calling Dina out on her devise "plot", Michael is suggesting that his ex-wife is adamant about getting LiLo into a rehab not so she will get better, but in the hopes that she might be able to secure the rights to a conservatorship while LiLo's in there!

And Michael is jealous he didn't think of this first! He explained to sources:

"I never wanted to get control of her finances. I wanted a conservatorship for her so that I could weed out the bad people in her life. The way Dina and Lou want to do it is to get a conservatorship, line up a bunch of projects for Lindsay when she gets out of rehab, make a lot of money off of them so they can control it and make their due."

And exactly what would you do differently, douche bag?! Don't give us that crap about you care, because we know you don't. Your whole spiel is getting so old!

But then again, we IMPLORE the honorable judges of Los Angeles County NOT to give either parental unit control of LiLo's life like this. It would a huge mistake, to say the least!

Just send her to rehab and lets see what happens!

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22 comments to “Lindsay's Mom Attempting Conservatorship, Claims Estranged Father Michael Lohan”

  1. 1

    Dina's the perfect choice. *rolls eyes*

  2. 2


  3. 3

    How much is Michael Lohan paying you to post about him, Mario?

  4. 4

    mario, you don't know your ass from a whole in the wall
    she'd be better off with her father………

  5. 5

    Her mother is probably hoping to get a paycheck like Britney's father.

  6. 6

    I totally agree with you. Her mother and father not only used her as their chief source of income for years but made sure they got a taste of fame in the process. They are disgusting and should profit no more. Lindsay has been in such a fog for years that she almost doesn't understand that her career is all but ruined. So sad, too little far too late where the parents are concerned!

  7. 7

    Giving either one of these assholes conservatorship is like Putting Katy Perry in charge of dress attire for business BAD IDEA!!

  8. 8

    Dina is a HUGE part of Lindsay problem. Niether of her parents should have a conservatorship, but Michael would be much better suited for one than Dina.

  9. 9

    Get Poppa Spears! Dina? I can imagine her as a conservator: "So Lindsay, take your meth NOW!"

  10. 10

    thanks perez for fanning the flames on this. i am disgusted with you and anyone else who thinks conservatorships should be used like tylenol. thank you for suddenly being against the idea. it's takes a bit to get of drugs and people should be allowed to recover-or not- at their own pace.

  11. 11

    Michael brought the conservatorship up months ago and Dina responded that MICHAEL just wants Lindsay's money. Maybe Lindsay wants Dina in charge. Lindsay loves her mom. She hates Michael.

  12. 12

    Because Lindsay has no-one who actually cares about her, they need a court appointed conservator from outside her circle of users. Then have everything closely monitored by an independent management firm.

  13. 13

    This would be a great move for Dina - conservatorship over Lindsay would give her direct access to Lindsay's drug dealers. Cut out the middle man.

  14. 14

    This man is a train wreck for sure, but as pathetic as he is, he doesn't make any money off of his daughter. Mom on the other hand, whores her out to make a buck. That is why the kid is so screwed up, zero parenting when she was a kid. These two monsters created another monster.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Honestly Dina Lohan becoming her conservator would be ridiculous. Not that I think her father would be considering she hates him so much, but honestly at least he seems to understand she does have a problem. Dina not so much.

  17. 17

    How Perez Hilton will not concede that Michael Lohan is the better parent and actually cares about his daughter, is beyond me. Must be some personal vendetta that Hilton has against Mr. Lohan. Meanwhile, if Mr. Lohan were to become Lindsay's conservator, I firmly believe it would be in Lindsay's best interest, same as Mr. Spears being Britney's conservator has benefited Britney and her children. Dina, however, should not be allowed in the same breathing space as Lindsay, imo.

  18. 18

    This caption made me lol!

    I don't know what it is about this guy, but something makes me think that he really wants to see her straighten up for her own sake.

  19. 19

    He's disgusting, but at least he's not an enabler and calls Lindsay out on her shit. That's why she adores her mother and can't stand her father.

    Hello, has anyone seen the latest pictures of Lindsay's little sister Ali. This is under Dina's guardianship.

    So, they both suck, but I still think Michael would do a better job.

  20. 20

    How many times has Lindsay been to rehab? On average how long did it take her to relapse after she got out? Although both of her parents have problems, I think Dina is a major enabler in her daughter's drug problems. She may love Lindsay, but she isn't a good mother and despite Michael's many problems, i've seen him speak out more about getting her the help she needs.
    If Dina does get conservatorship I wonder how that will work out..she already has her other daughter modeling in some racy outfits at 16..do they go to school? Shouldn't they be looking at colleges?

  21. 21

    I don't think Dina is as terrible as she seems. Sure, she is definitely aiding Lindsay in her issues, and it doesn't seem she is making the best decisions for her Lilo's well-being…but parents aren't perfect. Lindsay is out of control..and she is an adult. Dina cannot make her do anything. Yes, they are all banking on her fame, but her mother does seem genuinely worried. Michael is the one mooching. He has a comment for EVERYTHING..if he truly had Lindsay's best interests in mind he would keep his mouth shut.
    It isn't like Dina can just take Lindsay's money when she has control over her finances, her and Lou would be getting everything under control, probably putting her on a budget…and then setting up jobs, which will not only help with Lindsay's income but also help her get her life back on track by giving her something positive to do.

    Get over it!

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    This jackass is always stirring things up in the public press, and none of the things he says (or blames others of) are ever positive. He's a divide and conquer kind of guy. Firstly I doubt there will even BE a conservatorship, but he wastes no time trying to turn Lindsay against her mother. No wonder Dina won't go near him. Toxic, imo. If a conservatorship even happened, neither deserve it.