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WTG???? What The GLEE???

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We thought last night was supposed to be the Britney episode????

So why did Lea Michelle bust out and start singing Paramore's Only Exception???

It didn't make much sense, but Princess Lea did do a lovely job with her version!

Check out the very pretty cover (above).

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40 comments to “WTG???? What The GLEE???”

  1. 1

    of course it makes sense…..the whole episode her and fin were going back and forth with their relationship and in the end things were good…. so this was her song to him…. plus the assignment for the glee club was to bring in an adult contemporary love song…but her's was more young adult.

  2. 2

    couldn't they get someone semi-attractive to play this girls part??

  3. 3

    Did the episode end with her singing this? Damn DVR cut off near the end of this song!

    Also you are seriously slowly making me hate this show. OVERKILL.

  4. 4

    I loved the whole episode. I am so glad they sang this song at the end. She sang it so good. I have never seen this show but i am now hooked.

  5. 5

    don't you get it? it was THE ONLY EXCEPTION

  6. RC says – reply to this


    Honestly I'm glad they did do this song because her rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time was not all that. She sang beautifully on Only Exception. I guess everyone has their limits and their strong points, because Heather Morris was definitely the headliner last night.

  7. 7

    did you only WATCH THE LAST SONG MARIO? EVERY OTHER SONG WAS BRITNEY, BRITNEY BRITNEY. and didn't they kind of prove, britney is only good for your fantasies, but you have to get back to the real life? I am getting tired of her and fin going back and forth. AND I was like her in HS, still am. I am waiting for him to say, 'hey, you're right, I AM BETTER THAN YOU, BYE BYE'

  8. 8

    illegal!! Copyright infringement??? Seems to be filmed off of a TV. tsk tsk

  9. 9

    I think it was completely appropriate…Paramore is awesome and Lea Michele sounded GREAT singing it! God forbid there be one non-Britney song on the Britney episode…

  10. 10

    What's with that ugly ginger jew ruining every other episode of this show?

  11. 11

    who cares? You're hurting for news this morning, eh?

  12. 12

    The hype was NOT worth the show. They could have done a whole lot more with it. I thought it was weak.. I think Im over this show already.

  13. 13

    This show is so fucking cheesy.

  14. 14

    lea michelle is very fuglyyyyyyyyyyyy. i dont likey her like at all!

  15. 15

    Did you miss that when you posted a preview of all the songs? It was on there.

    You're so slow…

  16. 16

    Eww!!! Definitely do not like it!

  17. 17

    UM HELLO…??? I'm thrilled they didn't OD on Britney! And that was a nice departure.

    BUT I hated the Rachel character this week.. weak, weepy, pathetic. Psycho gf.. ugh eww.

  18. 18

    Re: vanity_vicious – In all honesty, I didn't get that til you just said it. Thanks, haha.

  19. 19

    I watched Glee for the first time last night. What a monumental waste of time! This Lea Michelle person is sooooo offensive, I can't stand her! She makes the creepiest faces with those weird lips and nose. Her face looks like it's made out of rubber. WORST ACTRESS EVER = LEA MICHELLE!

  20. 20

    What in the hell are you talking about!? They butchered that poor song to pieces. Lea is an okay singer; she should stick to show tunes, though. I didn't really like her rendition of Baby One More Time. The whole thing just seemed "off" to me. And Paramore is barely "contemporary". They have only recorded 3 to 4 slow songs, ever. So labeling the band as creating "contemporary music" bugs me. Coldplay is contemporary. Death Cab for Cutie is contemporary. Paramore, however, is not.

  21. 21

    I think they should have done one if Brits more adult contemporary songs like Everytime or something…also does every episode have to end with a rachel solo cuz she has learned her lesson…its getting old and I can't stand rachel this season shes so annoying

  22. 22

    It was the only exception, DUH!

  23. 23

    Uh..the title of the song answers your question you idiot.

  24. 24

    i can't stand lea michelle. if it weren't for sue sylvester i wouldn't even watch for real

  25. ONIT says – reply to this


    The song title is 'Only Exception'. Guess what the meaning iss. ;)

  26. 26

    I watched this show for the first time because of the Britney Spears genre and I have to say the most annoying part of Glee is Lea Michelle and the character that she plays. If I had to imagine what Adam Samberg (from SNL) looked like as a women, it would be Lea Michelle. Is there a possibility that Adam and Lea two are related? Just pointing out the obvious.

  27. 27

    Re: CaliCoyote – ditto! she can't wact or sing well…oh kinda of like britney spears! i watched about 5 minutes of this show and wanted to shoot myself. don't see what all the hopla is about

  28. 28

    Baby One More Time was awful… didn't fit her voice at all.
    The blonde was awesome as usual though.

  29. 29

    her face is so UGLY.

  30. 30

    Good god, this ugly bitch can't sing to save her life!

  31. 31

    Since when does Perez love Britney so much?

    I remember him raking her over the coals during her mental breakdown and horrible "comeback" performances. Why the love? She's still mediocre. Also, I thought Perez like people who can actually sing. I'm confused.

  32. 32

    Re: Veruka Salt – This proves that you have no ear for talent. Lea's voice is so beautiful and so much better than most of the crap on the radio today that people are trying to pass as pop music.

  33. 33

    Paramore is nothing but wanna be rock shit Pop Punk.

  34. 34

    i do NOT understand why ANYONE watches this show its so over rated and has butchered music i mean lea cant sing for shit and butchers every song -____-

  35. 35

    she looked better before she started trying so hard to look good

  36. 36

    She did a fantastic job!

  37. 37

    It was the only good thing about the episode as was her solo last week for the premiere. .I think they are believing their own press. Where's my Glee?

  38. 38

    AGREED! How perfect would "Sometimes" have fit in with the whole Rachel/Finn thing?!?

  39. 39

    I thought this was rather lame. She sang it great of course but Finn and Rachel are really boring to watch after just 2 episodes I'm like GOD get over each other please! I'm finding the whole Tina/Mike/Artie relationship more interesting which is weird because I adore Rachel but eh! Hopefully they end that debacle soon

  40. 40

    this song was the worst of the episode. x_x I didn't think it was the right fit for her voice.. sounded very unpleasant to me.