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Snooki Is An Author!

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Pretty impressive considering we didn't know she could read!

Jersey Shore's Snooki will be penning her own novel. Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books will publish A Shore Thing, a novel about a girl looking for love on the boardwalk full of big hair, dark tans, and crazy fights.

"I'm pumped to announce to my fans a project that I've been working on for some time," said the reality star. "This book will have you falling in love at the shore. It’s ‘A Shore Thing!’”

The novel (aka her life story) will be released January 2011.

Jennifer Bergstrom, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Gallery Books, said "Who better than Snooki to write a fun, sexy novel about a single girl looking for love on the Jersey Shore?”

Well, we're sure it'll have plenty of pictures!

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Snooki Is An Author!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    And I know wonderful, serious writers who can't get publishing deals! This is disgusting - dumbing down as never before!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Sigh, yet another wannabe celebrity that pretends they are a writer. Just because your name is on a book, doesn’t mean that you wrote it.

  5. 5

    I just don't see the STYLE here….

  6. 6

    At best it will be a pop up book.

  7. 7

    wow..didn't know her fans could read.

  8. 8

    Snooki is going to make millions. Move over Tolstoy. Snooki will be taught in college classes next to Wilde, DH Lawrence, and Shakespeare? Move over Anne Rice, we have a new blood sucker in town and she ain't just sucking blood from the neck. Snooki the Poet - Take advice from the poet, Shakespeare, keep playing your part well, and you will retire in Cannes, France with your own restaurant along the Mediterranean Sea.

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    Donald Trump Wigs and International Trade

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Let me guess, next thing she'll be dropping a song?

  11. 11

    Lets not forget the Ghost writer… Make sure they get enough credit from this Oompa Loompa

  12. 12

    Soon will be the clothing line, the record, fragrance. Maybe an exercise video too LOL

  13. 13

    And what idiots will actually be buying this book. *barf*

  14. 14

    I wouldn't fuck that for practice!

  15. 15

    Good luck with that Snooki. But rest assured Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls have nothing to worry about.

  16. 16

    She has really bad skin. she looks like a hot 65 year old in Miami

  17. 17

    go away you fat fucking ditch pig

  18. 18

    yeah, sounds like a laugh riot.

  19. 19

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    The democratic administration has down the following, passed the financial reform laws to regulate Wall Street, passed the initiative to keep teachers, firemen and local/city government employees from being laid off (republicans been in they would have gotten pink slips) and extened unemployment benefits for those down on their luck. The Democratic Party has been encouraging businesses to create jobs and keep them in the U.S. but this past Tuesday the republican party blocked a passage of the OFFShore bill that would have denied tax breaks to those companies sending our jobs over seas.

    by the way Snooki good luck on your book.

  20. 20

    k u rave about that oompa loompa. and now ur dissing her saying u didnt knowe she could even read? wtf is wrong with u, ur such a piece of shit and should be shot. thanks

  21. 21

    No no no, please say it isn't true.

  22. 22

    What will the title be?


    CHAPTER 1 -How to get so drunk you get alcohol poisoning and live
    CHAPTER 2 -How to get the best deep orange spray tan

  23. 23

    I have friends in the trailer park who would rather chew their fingernails down to the quick than to have a 10-year outdated nail job like that.

  24. 24

    I cannot stand the Jersey Shore or the trash that 'stars' on it. Snookie and company are disgusting-I mean, just look at the pic above-so gross!

  25. 25

    She should get a book named "how to apply my make up" you can see the concealer under eyes!!!! awfull

  26. 26

    Who cares, she's such a wantabe celeb, she's on the same Z list as Omarosa.

  27. 27

    ahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  28. 28

    She looks like she has a subtle skunky kind of stink about her

  29. 29

    ill wait for it to hit the $2 rack shouldnt be too long

    but ok snooki is cute shes cute lil thing and i want a snooki doll that i can make fall over in the sand drunk

    i used to want a donald trump doll now i want a snooki doll

  30. 30

    That is a bunch of bull shit. She can't write or read for a matter of fact. She isn't writing the book. She has someone doing it for her. I just hope it's not Perez's sister helping her cuz she can't spell or write a decent sentence if her life depended on it. Oh and by the way, I won't be buying this book and what a big waste of a beautiful tree to print this book on paper.

  31. 31

    that's going to be the best coloring book…..EVER!!!

  32. 32

    Girl..i urge you to hire a new manager..because you have lost some money yet again…

  33. 33

    I'm waiting for the edition that comes pre-cut and wrapped on a toilet paper roll. That'll save me some time.

  34. 34

    Hello ghostwriter! She's definitely going to need one! Remember when she was typing up the note for Sammi? Horrific spelling/grammar… but hey, Pauly's getting a TV show, the Sitch is… pretty well set, so naturally the Snooks has to do something too!

  35. 35

    Will it be available in the Junior Fiction section?