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68-Year-Old Woman Vs. 12-Year-Old Boy

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You don't mess with a woman's windows! The mischievous 12-year-old boy should have known he'd get shot.

You heard right. After WAY too much harassment, and after the boy allegedly threw a brick through her window, 68-year-old Chicago woman Margaret Matthews called the boy's parents shot the troublemaking boy in the arm.

As a result the woman is facing ZERO charges. The boy on the other hand, may spend a year in juvenile detention. This seems a bit twisted to us…then again, so does the entire story!

Apparently, the police thought that gunfire against a 12-year-old boy qualifies as acting in self-defense.

The boy's grandmother and neighbors are skeptical. They're claiming he wasn't the type of boy to vandalize property. Here's what one neighbor had to say about it:

"He wasn't the type of little boy to do that, to throw a brick in an old lady's window like that."

We're thinking he probably WAS harassing the woman, but we're also thinking that maybe she could have explored other avenues before shooting the pre-teenager in the arm.

Whose team are U on? Team 68-Year-Old Woman or Team 12-Year-Old Boy?

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129 comments to “68-Year-Old Woman Vs. 12-Year-Old Boy”

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  1. 1

    i think it's hilarious - if more people in the city around here did that, the crime rate wouldn't be so high.

  2. 2

    Boys are monsters, especially at that age. Sounds like his relatives don't want to take responsibility for what he did. At any rate he probably did do it, and he probably would have continued if the older woman didn't retaliate. Shooting the kid is a little extreme though…

  3. 3

    What a load of crap Perez… Kids have no fear and are extremely disrespectful. The little hoodlum deserved what he go and is lucky to be alive. Good for the Grandma and she should practice her aim!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    Wish she'd been a better shot…

  5. 5

    All media articles I've seen have been pretty explicit - with witness statements as support.

    - the boy was harrassing her for over a year
    - when she got home all her windows were broken, she chased the boy away and called the cops
    - the boy returned, threw a brick that hit her in the chest
    - she called the cops AGAIN
    - finally was too terrified and brought out her weapon
    - she lives in the highest crime neighborhood in chicago where crazy ish happens everyday. she had every reason to believe 1) that this boy would harm her and 2) that the cops wouldn't respond.

    check your facts, perez.

  6. 6

    A 12 year old can do as much damage as a 21 year old with the same brick idiot .

  7. 7

    She has been complaining to the cops for over a year! Plus this incident she came home to find her windows broken - she went inside and the TWO pre-teens returned and threw more rocks at her home and her person. She did call the cops - they took an hour to arrive at her home. Chicago 12 years olds are NOT normal kids. Most of them are tough and mouthy. Their parents defend everything the rotten/bored kids do and ALLOW them to join gangs. I feel soory for the old lady - I'm sure the parents of the 12 yr old will retaliate in some way. Probable sue her and take her home from her.

  8. 8

    uhhhh..seriously? i think that gma took it a little too far. There are other ways to solve a problem rather than shoot someone..especially a child.

  9. 9

    Shooting him seems a bit harsh…I mean, thank god she had good aim and hit the arm, otherwise she could have killed him.

  10. 10

    she had been harassed multiple times. they were seen fleeing her property before the incident occured, they came back soon after hurling bricks through her window. self defense is a legit. should it have gotten that point? probably not. morally, if i were a neighbor there, i would have stepped up and mentioned something long before it reached this point.

  11. 11

    the 68 year old lady was defending herself. the little brat had been harassing her from before. what if the bricks he was throwing would have hit her on the head?? she got fed up and took action. i bet that kid won't think twice about doing anything to her now. and thats one neighbor you quoted. the rest of the neighborhood said that kid was a trouble maker. how would u feel if a 12 year old punk was thowing bricks at your mom?

  12. 12

    I say she should have aimed for his head, kids that start out doing things like that at such a young age usually don't get any better and just cause more problems for the rest of the world.

  13. 13

    Team Woman.
    12 year old boys think they're 20 years old now a days.
    A few years ago an 11 year old broke into my house when I was home asleep and stole money and fireworks from my little brother's room.
    He also gathered a gang of high schoolers to beat up my then middle school aged brother when he got off the bus.
    The KID had just gotten off probation from calling in bomb threats to school when he broke in our house.
    So the age thing is BULLSHIT.
    Now his family has tried running over our dogs in our yard, have tried running over my little brother on his bike, and they've broken our car windows with rocks.
    All because their kid broke in our house and stole our stuff.
    /end rant.

    That kid probably deserved 100% what he got.

  14. 14

    Team 68 hands down. The kids these days as well as adults tend to pick on the ones that can't defend themselves. That women can't chase that kid down the road. It's a sad world out there for the elderly and it makes me sick. They have worked hard all their lives and deserve to live the rest of their lives in piece. Maybe this will detour others from doing the same…..

  15. 15

    Re: Kelly Jesberger – Shut up, you stupid hatemonger.

  16. 16

    Love it. All kids should be shot. In the arm. Before they hit 14 and then hopefully it might save us on keeping them in prison. I seriously think this could be the way forward, harsher punishments for small crimes. Break a window, get shot in the arm. Steal, get shot in the leg. Murder, shot in the head. You get the idea.

  17. 17

    Elder abuse and child abuse are both terrible. Both are vulnerable people in this society. Some 12 year old boys are bigger and stronger than a little old lady. Children have not reached full mental development and elderly have had some mental decline so I need to view these 2 people as somewhat equals. Therefore, I will side against the instigator. I'm on the old lady side!

  18. 18

    WHAT OTHER AVENUES YOU MORON???? We have a sweet, angelic, blah, blah, blah, 13 y.o. old in MY NEIGHBORHOOD that goes to Mass Every SUNDAY, and is MISUNDERSTOOD and PICKED ON by the neighbors, ACCORDING TO HIS PARENTS. His understanding parents presented him with a BB gun for his birthday. He shoots EVERYTHING IN SITE and goes off to the woods to shot squirrels, birds and teens. (my son). He shot at the next door neighbor's house, and an insurance man who was there (and ran). MY neighbor called the police, but since he DID NOT SEE him do the exact shots and again, the insurance man ran, the police will not bring charges. (can't prove those BB marks are his and his mama SWORE he was in the house). We would have to catch him on film since his parents keep LYING FOR HIM.

  19. 19

    I actually read this entire story yesteday on the news. The woman had tried to get help with this from other avenues, and it had been going on for a while. She did call the police, they came out, and after they left it was reported this boy went back to her house and threw the brick. It said she felt unsafe and defended herself because the police didn't deter him.

  20. 20

    At least in the US you can protect yourself. The kid is a more and likely a little shithead, and hopefully he will learn that his actions have consequences.

    As for his parents etc., the lady should sue them for the repairs and mental distress the little shit caused.

  21. 21

    This kid is lucky he didn't get shot in the head. It's best this idiot learns his lesson now instead of when he's older and hurts someone.

  22. 22

    Team OLD LADY all the way! It's about damned time someone stood up to these punks! No charges are being pressed against her, but the boy and his friend are both being charged with elderly abuse! LOL
    Take note Chicago, we need more ladies like this!

  23. 23

    So, when you have a 'sweet, innocent mass going kid who would never do something like that and is always home and an OLD DECREPID LADY, other avenues DON'T WORK MARIO. The police in most areas of this country are afraid of being sued. Not like when, and I know people hate hearing this, WHEN I WAS A KID. And more than likely, when something like this, the kid is white, cause, I know it sounds racist, but police will lean on black and hispanic kids before they will go put the fear of God into a white kid. AND IF THIS WOMAN WAS ABLE TO SHOT HIM, he was definitely close enough to her window, wasn't he, mario?

  24. 24

    something very similar happen here. A really young boy broke into someones house. The owner of the house shot and killed the boy. The owner has not been charged with any crime.

  25. 25


  26. 26

    AWWW i really wish all the americans would think like most of the ppl here who left their comments….then the country would become a much better place..seriously!

  27. 27

    She didn't shoot him because he threw a brick through her window (I would have), she shot him because he threw a brick at her chest while she was waiting for the police to arrive. This is why he was charged with assualting a senior citizen.

  28. 28

    My brother used to get stabbed with pencils all the time on the school bus and you know what the principal said…"They go to my church, they would never do that". I believe what the woman says and I believe she did the right thing.

  29. 29

    Re: Gagalicious_x – i don't necessarily think that would've been a bad thing.

  30. 30

    TEAM OLD LADY! Kids these days NEED a good ass whuppin (or shot, you know - whatever!)

  31. 31

    she probably had just watched Gran Torino, paybacks a bitch!

  32. 32

    Re: jerkstore – how was that hateful????
    totally team old woman, i agree shooting is a little extreme but she is an old lady she can't exactly defend herself physically..
    bet no one will go after her house again..
    good for her.. little boys can be little disasters.. i think they are more dangerous than the older boys becuase they know Juvi is the worst they will get.. plust they think they have something to prove.

  33. 33

    Find out ALL the details: It has been widely reported that the kid was throwing bricks AT the lady.
    I applaud her for defending herself. I, and all of you, would be terrified to have anyone, 12 years old or not, throwing bricks at us.

  34. 34

    If the boy is black, I'm on the grandma's side.

  35. 35

    If you lived in Chicago and that particular area of Chicago — you would understand. You don't have the whole story! Neighbors in that community have said that little boy has been a menace for weeks–and the police have been called with nothing being done. With crime and random people getting shot in Chicago she was trying to protect herself. It's the family that is saying he is not a trouble maker (of course it is–no one wants to take responsibility anymore!) Control your children or don't have them!!!! This is almost a 70 year old woman who was being harassed go granny!

  36. 36

    I live in Chicago, and that poor old lady has been harrassed by those boys for months. They have set fire to her garbage cans. Thrown bricks not only at her windows but at her in the past. Whats she suppose to do? She lives by herself.

  37. 37

    We live in an armed and dangerous society. She was smarter than me, I would have chased his ass down and beaten him and then gone to jail. Nice to know I can just shoot his ass.

  38. 38

    If some young punk did that to me I would take out my gun and shoot. Not to kill but to make a point. Probably better she did that maybe he will learn his lesson.

  39. 39

    I think that all youth that are trouble makers should be executed! The parents of this child should held responsible for any and all things he did and they should have been shot also. This child is a lost cause and should at least be beaten beyond recognition!

  40. 40

    2 summers ago i had three TWELVE YEAR OLD BOYS AND ONE EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY break into my house, trash it and take electronics. yes, that's 12 and 8 years old, and trust me if i was home i would have shot them all. the only way they got caught was when they went to rob 3 other houses and one of the homeowners was actually in the house. they know right from wrong at that age and still got no punishment when we went to court. what a bunch of shit. parents need to keep their kids under control and stop being so fucking lazy letting your kids run around town like they own the place.

  41. 41

    Team 68-Year-Old Woman

  42. 42

    Damn, she only winged him.

  43. 43

    Team 68

  44. 44

    Re: amandaloveperez – Hatemonger.

  45. 45

    Team Grandma all the way. Perez, before you report on a story requiring some legal knowledge, perhaps you should consult a lawyer no? The woman had been terrorized for months by these two teenage boys. She came home to find them IN HER HOME. They fled. She called police. They came back and started throwing bricks at her and threatening her. She became frightened then scared them off with her gun. That little brat got what he deserved. perhaps if we stopped coddling kids so much, we wouldn't have to deal with them throwing bricks at 70 year old women and thinking that's okay because their daddy left home and their mommy works. Boo hoo.

  46. 46

    Team Grandma!
    Can you imagine the terror she went through having a young man stalking her?
    If this were my mother I would have shot him myself regardless of the consequences

  47. 47

    the old woman, hands down, any day of the week.

  48. 48

    I'm sure he is just a perfect little angel

  49. 49

    A person has every right to protect themselves and their property!

    The Shithead deserved it! So what if he's twelve. Kids these days need a wake up call early in life so they know breaking the law is no joke.

  50. 50

    Good. That kid will learn now. I hate it when people always say that "he was a good kid" blah blah blah. if he was such a good kid he wouldnt be in this predicament.
    Old people don't play! LoL

  51. 51

    Can you say Eddie Haskill? Two sides to this kid and I'm sure she was in the right.

  52. 52

    Re: justtfax – i feel for you! it's that way almost everywhere.
    sometimes i think i am the only one.

  53. 53

    Re: jerkstore – okay you are either mentally disturbed or just horriblly redundant.. get a life.. if you have nothing to add keep your retarded comments to yourself!
    Re: BallinHater – and to you… I really hope people like you get hung.. that's right hung.. you, mel gibson, and all you other little racist bastards! Hung in public so everyone can watch

  54. 54

    Growing up in Chicago my whole life, I have had encounters with the CPD. Only, and that is ONLY if you go to the police station and dont expect them to do ANYTHING for you. You can call the cops and call the cops and they just NEVER show. There pretty much is no police force here. They only come along after someone is dead and then clean up the mess. This woman called the police repeatedly about this same little bastard, and of course the CPD did nothing. We all here are left to defend ourselves, and in a town this rough Im glad that lady has a gun. I just wish she had better aim.

  55. 55

    Go team Grandma!
    Parents these days think their punk ass kids are angels and back them up no matter what, even if they have been caught beating someone on camera. I am sure that kid was looking for trouble and a fight - and he got one.

  56. 56

    team 68 year old! teach those hooligans a lesson!

  57. 57

    Re: ann2010 – These isn't your typical kind of "child". In the city they run about in packs and are TOUGH. Then when it comes back to them they are the boo-hoo victims.

  58. 58

    Fuck 12 year olds. Kids are fucking dumb. I woulda shot his little punk ass too! Then I'd drag him by his wounded arm to his "mother's" house, throw him on her doorstep and kick him in his one descended testicle.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    Go Grandma that kid deserves it after a year of hell from that little boy! The boy even burned her grill up! Where are the kids parents??

  61. 61

    The Catholic Church would like you all to know that we are 100% behind the 12 year old boy.

  62. 62

    Totally on the side of the old lady. I doubt kids in that neighborhood will throw bricks through anyone's window anytime soon. Then again….

  63. 63

    Of course, families of criminals always say the same thing "no, it's not him, he would never do that blabla " each time the same shit. We all know how reality is, we all now those parents who said "no, my son would absolutly never do that" (when know exactly that he is stealing o doing any shiz he can) and claiming that high and bright…until he got caught hands in fire.

    I don't know those people, i'm not even living in america, but come on…seriosuly, we all know how it is. Enough of these stupid brat with education. And personnaly, i'm rather surprise that justice is doing good. Because normally, every time a kid is involved, it's always the other one wich is the culpit to their eyes, even if he did nothing wrong and the child and his parents everything wrong.

    That's why, we should be thankful. But the family will probably charge again the old woman, do the whole i'm-crying-so-pity-me in the media and won the whole thing. Or the child will come back with friends and put fire to the house. Who knows wilth deliquents.

    It would be probably better if she aimed the head, but heh…

  64. 64

    "Team 68yr old" Perez get the facts str8. The little boy admitted to the police that he was throwing bricks at her windows then came back and started throwing bricks at her. This boy and his friend both ADMITTED it wasn't the first time. Police have records of previous calls made from this woman in regards to similar incidents happening on different days. Neighbors had been witnesses to what was going on and had known this children were causing trouble in the neighborhood. Of course the childs family is going to deny that the raised a bad seed. Everybody is like that. And it is self-defense, the woman was in her home being attacked by someone alot younger then she was, how else was she going to defend herself and her home???

  65. 65

    Re: Crystallewis60 – Really ? That's surprising…well, maybe justice in america is not that crappy after all.

  66. 66

    Uhm Perez if you read the full story you would've seen how she called the cops when her windows were broken and then the boys came back yet again after the cops left! She put up with it for a year the kid got what he deserved. I hate how little thugs like this always have the relatives denying they would do such a thing. they should be locked up too.

  67. 67

    Yeah to bad Perez reported this incorrectly!!!!! The boy not only threw one brick in the window was also threatening to throw them at her. Come on she's 68 years old and was clearly defending herself. If I were her I would have done the same thing. Really, what was she supposed to do?????

  68. 68

    She probably just shot out of self defense, not knowing it was only a 12 year old boy. You have a right to defend yourself, and I am actually surprised and happy that in this case they are taking her side. Usually they try everything possible to say that we shouldn't be able to have guns and should just rely on the police to protect us. Obviously that doesn't work, when Obama was governor of Illinois he supported the gun ban, and Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the US.

  69. 69

    Re: The Catholic Church – .. Whoa-ho-ho! Now that's hilarious! And so true!

  70. 70

    Re: April 20th
    so you find shooting a young boy amusing ? You are a real piece of work ! Slag

  71. 71

    Do not know where you live Perez but 12 year old boys can be mean and evil as one comes, no morals, no regrets, nothing that pulls them back. Especially today where they feel like they have to grow up fast, they go especially insane. Not all of course but those that do, they go all the way. I really cannot say I feel one bit sorry for the little bast*rd.

  72. 72

    Re: Snowbunny5
    thats right if people's children misbehave we should shoot them - WTF - you're fucking crazy and I don't buy your story

  73. @v@ says – reply to this


    Team senior citizen.
    Neighbors were quoted as saying that these little sh*ts had been delinquently harassing the whole neighborhood for quite some time.

  74. 74

    I believe the lady had every right. Breaking her windows with bricks could have killed her. Also, she's already called the cops who did nothing.

    Go Granny!!!

  75. 75

    good for the women. Kids nowadays are getting worse and worse. I see cars egged all over my neighborhood and broken windows. He deserved it

  76. 76

    Team 68 yr old woman!

  77. 77

    i would have shot him on the head

  78. uyeah says – reply to this


    What next after the brick? He probably would have killed her next!

  79. 79

    Team Grandma, his parents should whoop his a** not defend his behavior what happens if the brick they threw at her caused her to have a heart attack and die then what?????

  80. 80

    The old lady hands down. People need to be more responsible parents and get involved in their children lives. I hope she sues them as well if they cause any more trouble for her.

  81. 81

    I am soooo on the old lady's team. Today's youth seriously lacks respect for the older generation. The crazy things you hear nowadays involving teens and pre-teens harrassing, beating up and stealing from the elderly… Recently here in the Netherlands there was this 13-year-old Moroccan boy who raped (!) a 92-year-old woman. I mean, how crazy will it get?! This 68-year-old woman had every right to shoot this boy. She did not kill him, she just gave him a good warning of what happens to bad people. Hopefully he will learn something from it! Go Granny!

  82. 82

    Team old bat!

  83. 83

    Re: The Catholic Church


    Team Granny though.

  84. dodo says – reply to this


    Mario, I think you should have the boy move in with you. I am sure you deserve each other.

  85. 85

    She made her point… The brick could have hurt her or anyone else/living animal in the house or even a valuable posession… He's a little shit that should go to juvey! To do that to someone's property only shows what he's capable of later in life!

  86. 86

    I'm with the old woman. That little prick

  87. 87

    Re: kimberlydianne – HA! Love it!

  88. 88

    Re: amandaloveperez
    And a lot of us here hope we don't have to keep putting up with the real racist here meaning you - you nasty twat - You couldn't be compassionate or reasonable if you were paid - Go play in traffic Slag !

  89. 89

    It's good for the lil punk!! Go granny!!!!!! People will only take being bullied and harassed for so long! what yall thought was gonna happen!?

  90. 90

    You have NO idea how bad the violence is in Chicago right now. Those children are like monsters at 12yrs old, nothing is being done. I think she was acting in self defense after being harassed numerous times by this boy and his friends. Clearly by your tone you don't agree, but you have no right to judge as you hang out with Lady Gaga living the good life.

  91. 91

    Bet he won't throw bricks anymore!

  92. auds says – reply to this


    that's awesome! she probably should have started with a bb gun or something, but in any case, he won't be bothering her anymore! sounds like his parents/family are in terrible denial, he must have really pissed her off! wish all trouble making little shits were treated this way, crime wouldn't be so high!

  93. 93

    Self- defense is not murder. im pretty sure the old lady could have killed him and she still wouldn't have gotten charged!. but its nice to make sure hes alive just by winging him. that way he can tell all his other little punk friends that people do not take shit from no one anymore! it's ok tho. someday everyone will learn..

  94. 94

    Old bitch gotta do what an old bitch gotta do. The squirt was askin for it……

  95. 95

    I have a house, and work my ass off to pay my mortgage. Team 68-year old woman!

  96. 96

    Good for granny!!! The brick could have hit her in the head and killed her. She did not know if he was going to throw more bricks or had a knife or gun either. All relatives of criminals state they were not the type to do the crime they just committed.

  97. 97

    Well being from Chicago and seeing this on the news yesterday it didn't surprise me especially because the 68 year old lady said it was a continuous thing and she has asked him to stop harassing her…its like some of those movies that used to be scared of the old lady who lived by herself because her husband was dead. thats so messed up! Shame on the kids! plus the neighbors vouched for the old lady on the news and said they have seen the boy and his friends tormenting the woman because she was widowed and shit.

  98. 98

    team old woman! 12 year olds are big these days! She was probably scared! No one should have to deal with harassment in their own home, serves him right!

  99. 99

    Re: jerkstore – YOU should have shot that punk! thats someone who deserves it.

  100. 100

    it all depends on the occasion, perez stupid ass. if he had a brick in his hand and was about stick it to her face with no glue she could use a gun to defend herself. don't talk about it if you don't know te details, sooooooooopid!

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