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68-Year-Old Woman Vs. 12-Year-Old Boy

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You don't mess with a woman's windows! The mischievous 12-year-old boy should have known he'd get shot.

You heard right. After WAY too much harassment, and after the boy allegedly threw a brick through her window, 68-year-old Chicago woman Margaret Matthews called the boy's parents shot the troublemaking boy in the arm.

As a result the woman is facing ZERO charges. The boy on the other hand, may spend a year in juvenile detention. This seems a bit twisted to us…then again, so does the entire story!

Apparently, the police thought that gunfire against a 12-year-old boy qualifies as acting in self-defense.

The boy's grandmother and neighbors are skeptical. They're claiming he wasn't the type of boy to vandalize property. Here's what one neighbor had to say about it:

"He wasn't the type of little boy to do that, to throw a brick in an old lady's window like that."

We're thinking he probably WAS harassing the woman, but we're also thinking that maybe she could have explored other avenues before shooting the pre-teenager in the arm.

Whose team are U on? Team 68-Year-Old Woman or Team 12-Year-Old Boy?

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129 comments to “68-Year-Old Woman Vs. 12-Year-Old Boy”

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  1. 101

    As a Chicagoland resident, I'm only appalled at her aim and the fact that she didn't go pistol-whip the kids "parents". For whatever reason, the majority of the kids around here SUCK and their parents/guardians are completely oblivious to it.

    IF that old woman had been a gay man, would this have been extreme?

  2. 102

    Team old lady all the way. She should have shot the little prick in the head.I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

  3. 103

    Fuck that brat and GO GRANDMA!!! If everybody had guns and everybody else knew about it, the crime rate in this country would PLUMMET!!! Gun control only works against law abiding citizens. Criminals don't give a fuck about any laws, much less anti-weapons laws. Therefore, those of us who are law abiding citizens need to have guns to make sure others are law abiding citizens.

    YAY Margaret! Too bad she didn't just take him out all together. If he's already this much of an asshole at 12, and has an obvious enabler family, there's not much chance he'll get any better.

  4. 104

    Old women's side. Kids these days are assholes. Every parent thinks their child is a perfect little angel.

  5. 105

    Teachers should start packing heat. I bet there would be no more out of control students.

  6. 106

    Team old lady. Kids like that deserve to be put in there place or else they'll never learn.

  7. 107

    Re: crazyny – fuck you dumbass. do you need proof or what? yea just keep thinking children are little angels and it'll be your kids out there next going around breaking the law.

  8. 108

    according to CNN many folks in the niehgborhood said the 12 was a holy terror and had been bullying this woman and busting her windows for quite a while. the 12 yo and a 13 yo threw bricks at HER.

    so hell yeh shoot the little shit.

    and people saying he's a good boy are probably the idiots responsible for bringing the little monster up!

  9. 109

    I'm from Chicago. The gangs run these neighborhoods. The woman called the cops, the cops left and the kid came back to harass and threaten her. This has been going on for a long time and the woman felt genuinely in danger. Don't hear "12 year old boy" and think about your typical 12 year old kid. There are 12 year old kids shooting and killing other kids in the city every day. Your version of this story v's the numerous here in Chicago is laughable.

  10. 110

    i blame the parents. but i'm on team grandma!

  11. 111

    that kid is an idiot…she should have shot him in the head…one less criminal in the world…

  12. 112

    Re: crazyny – I'm racist for tellling you you are an idiot on a different post?
    You are an idiot.. you proved it on the anderson cooper post.. and you made yourself look less credible here.. considering I am in no way shape or form racist..
    I work on a committee for civil rights you moron..
    I just think that a scared little old lady protected herself from a terrifying young kid who had no consequences for his actions..
    but thanks for your useless opinion anyway.. i needed a laugh

  13. 113

    Re: crazyny – by the way.. read any of the other posts… you are alone on this one… and you should go read the real story as well and if you still agree with your current opinion.. you should just do us a favor and jump off a bridge

  14. 114

    im sure the little brat was up to no good. sounds like his parents didnt/ dont want to take any responsiblity , much like most parents today. they probabl;y turned the other cheek and say the brat is an angel.

  15. 115

    All Miss Margaret's neighbors confirmed the boys taunted and harrassed her. It figures the parents would stick up for him. What assholes. If they had been watching their little angel, he wouldn't be in the hospital with a bullet in him.

  16. 116

    Sadly 12 isn't 12 any more. Kids are getting too exposed to things, too smart and not in a good way. I hope she will find a new place to live to just have some peace.

  17. 117

    That IS self defense you stupid fuck. Lol. If someone fucks with your shit/your property and they get shot, they fucking deserve it.

  18. 118

    Go Granny, that should teach the kid. If not go for the kneecap!

  19. 119

    it's not like she killed him. it was his arm. and she obviously is a damn good shot.

    that little fucker probably deserved it.

    long live gun toting granny!!!!

  20. 120

    Good for Granny!!!!!
    She probably asked the police for help and they would do nothing!
    They always say they can not help you unless you are attacked.
    She was she shot the little freak.
    He deserved it too.
    Do not believe the family they always say 'He is such a good boy" "We had no idea he was terrorizing an old lady" yeah because you never know where he is anyway.

  21. 121

    She should've shot him right in the testicles.

  22. 122


  23. 123

    Team Woman.

    The ghetto parents do nothing but make excuses for their children's bad behavior all this "My son aint never done nothing wrong" crap. It happens again & again.

  24. 124

    Team 68! =]
    The boy needs good home training.

  25. 125

    On the other hand, while the woman thought she was doing right, there is probably a better way to handle a kid that bad.

  26. 126

    He desrved to be shot, adults and society are way to easy on these punks, bet he won't do it again.

  27. 127

    Do you people watch the news? Kids are killing people these days. How was this lady supose to know how far they were going to take the pranks? Put some responsiblity on the mom who can not control her 12 year old. He had been bothering this lady for over a year. If mom would have beat his _____, I bet you he would have thought about his actions. We have to goven our kids before the courts have to. We are talking about neighbors. She wasn't watching her child that's why he had the time to do this. The mom has the nerve to comment on the lady's actions, but yet to say anything about her son. I wouldn't show my face. Glad he is not dead. Hope the couirts will give him community service at her home. Like mowing the lawn, emptying that trash he loves to burn, and any other task she may have. Mom count your blessings, he's a live could be attending a funeral!!!!!

  28. 128

    the kid def deserved it. i bet this isn't the only person him and his friends have harassed. hopefully he learned a lesson from is because next time the shot might not be to just his arm…

  29. 129

    as far as exploring other avenues before shooting the kid, the report i heard said she called the police after the bricks were thrown through her window. Police came out and left, nothing was done. Then the kids came around and she pulled the trigger so to speak. i've seen men killed for less.

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