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Judge Dismisses Charges In Anna Nicole Smith Case

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We can't say this makes us very happy, though we're glad to hear there is some resolve to the case regardless.

This morning, the judge overseeing the Anna Nicole Smith case dismissed some of the charges against Howard K. Stern and two doctors. The trio, who were accused of illegally providing Anna Nicole with prescription drugs, were cleared of two charges.

The first went to Stern for supposedly obtaining the drugs for Anna Nicole through means of fraud and deceit. (The charge still stands against Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.) A second charge was dropped against both parties due to insufficent proof.

The remaining charges against all three defendants will all go to the jury. Hopefully, by Monday, this whole thing will be over with.

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13 comments to “Judge Dismisses Charges In Anna Nicole Smith Case”

  1. 1

    All those videos showing Anna drugged and Howard talking to her and controlling her. Justice was not served.

  2. 2

    id like to dig up anna nicole smith's body and "do" it.

  3. 3


    whomever was giving her drugs, SHE chose to take them. its her responsibility. if she didnt get them from howard or those docs she would have gotten them elsewhere

  4. 4

    Um they doped her up they should go to jail, Howard the longest.

  5. 5

    right on.

  6. 6

    Did you ever see the video of Anna in clown makeup? Howard deserves to rot in prison for that.

  7. 7

    May the public heckle Howard K Stern as long as he shall live and walk free. SMARMY MURDERING JEW!

  8. 8

    The bottom line is choices. We all have choices and we make them. Nicole was accountable for her life and she was responsible for it. Instead of enjoying her beauty and the luxury of fame and money she leaned on drugs and took them with her son who eventually overdosed and died. I think that is what really killed her.

  9. 9

    The world is doomed as long as there are people that want to keep placing blame on others instead of accepting personal responsibility for their actions. No one held a gun to Anna Nicole's head & forced her to abuse drugs. Anna Nicole chose to use large quantities of medication & even found people to help her aquire the drugs. If any of you ever saw more interaction between Howard K. Stern & Anna Nicole other than what was edited for shock value you would realize she was the one in the power position. She was very demanding & threatened those around her that wouldn't comply with her wishes. A person that wants to abuse prescription drugs will always find another individual that will help them get what they want. If we start becoming culpable for the consequences of poor decisions made by others we are all in deep trouble. Where do we draw the line? Do we start blaming the parents of teens who commit suicide & prosecute them for causing or failing to prevent the suicide? Do we prosecute anyone that serves alcohol in a bar if a customer later gets killed or kills others by driving drunk? What if the alcohol is served to a person for several years that is a known alcoholic & they die from liver problems? Will the family of the deceased be able to sue or seek criminal charges against the bartender or bar owner? Responsibility comes with enjoying the freedom to choose what we put into or do to our own body, at what point do we pawn that off on others?

  10. 10

    It has become too easy to say, "I wouldn't abuse drugs if my doctor didn't prescribe them, my friends didn't give me any, I didn't have a rough childhood due to my parents spanking me, if I wasn't sexually abused, or if I didn't have to grow up in foster care." This type of bs has become widely accepted, & yet people question situations like that which Lindsay Lohan continuously finds herself in. Those closest to her blame everyone but Lindsay. We know Dina Lohan is a poor excuse for even a lousy mother & Michael Lohan isn't any better but how long does Lindsay get to use that excuse? She is a grown woman & at this stage in her life she is the only person to hold accountable for the hell that it is currently. The tweets about her relapse were so transparent, she fully intends to keep using. She can continue putting on a big act & pretend she has had some profound revelation but nothing will change, she will keep going back to drugs. Until she quits blaming others her self analyzing will continue to be as fake as we've seen in recent tweets. As long as she can spout some memorized acceptance that she read in a 12 step pamphlet she will be able to fool anyone that subscribes to the notion that personal accountability is not important or even needed.

  11. 11

    This "judge" should be removed from the bench, obviously he was bought and paid for by the defense. He wouldn't allow info that showed that they killed her into court.
    And for those saying it's about choices, while I agree w/that, I bet your the same one's who want Dr. Murray strung up on a cross for MJ, when really it was also MJ's choice.
    Howard is guilty as sin and I hope that he and this "judge" rot in Hell together.

  12. 12

    I'm sure Howard is the saddest of anyone that Anna Nicole is dead. He obviously cared for her deeply. Watching her reality show it was so apparent how he felt about her. She stomped all over him and he took it. He would never try to kill her and he just did whatever she wanted. He is not to blame, I'm glad he is not being held responsible for her death, it would be ridiculous really, smart judge saw the truth for a change.

  13. 13

    @OhBigDeal Are you an idiot or do you just have issues with being consistent? Either you agree she was responsible for her own choices not Howard or you believe he is responsible, you can't say you believe both. No I don't believe anyone but Michael Jackson is responsible for his own death. That's called believing in something, it doesn't change just because the people change. It apears the world is headed to a new territory where no one is responsible for their own actions. When we get there I hope you enjoy being put on trial & prosecuted for the actions of other people! When it happens at least you'll be able to look back & see where this nightmare first started occurring.