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42 comments to “It's Too Soon, Gilbert!”

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    death isn't a negative thing and shouldn't be viewed as so. you must find humor in every situation in order to overcome it.

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    Greg would have loved it.

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    I'm sure that in the comedy world, this was a befitting good-bye. This is how they roll.

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    That is not at all offensive or to soon. That is exactly the kind of thing he would say himself, and yes, this is how comics pay tribute to each other.

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    anyone who knows Gilbert knows that is the height of love for him! He is socially backwards- that is crying for him! Greg would have loved the bust.

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    Greg definitely would have found it hilarious. Gottfried said himself he doesn't do well with showing emotions. He's a comedian and this is how he deals with it. I agree with those who say Greg probably would've done the same himself.

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    There's no "too soon" in Gilbert Gottfried's mind. Remember his legendary telling of the Aristocrats joke? He was prompted to that after telling a 9/11 joke soon after September 11, 2001 and being booed for it. In an effort to win the crowd back he went for an epic Aristocrats jokes and nailed it. It's never "too soon" for Gilbert and I'm sure he made this joke about Giraldo with love. Comedians always make light of death, why stop when someone actually dies? In fact, that's the perfect time to make light of it especially if the deceased is also a comedian.

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    When I die, people can make jokes like that, I wouldn't be offended! And yes, I agree–Greg would have loved it!

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    People should just get over it. They were both comedians, and this is what they do. Greg would probably do the same thing.

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    are you kidding - this is what comics do and Giraldo would totally appove!

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    Anyone who has followed Greg would know he would have appreciated this. He and Gilbert were friends, and this was a fitting send off from Gilbert.
    R.I.P. Greg. You are already sorely missed!

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    I don't think it's to much. We all grieve differently and I think he is trying to show love to him. RIP Greg Giraldo.

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    Gilbert is a freaking riot, that's a great joke and Greg would have loved it.

  15. Heh says – reply to this


    I agree, its how they deal..what a shame this is.. very sad

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    Some funny stuff his brother in arms would have appreciated

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    Speaking in terms of being respectful to Greg's family right now, then it may have been too soon to launch a grenade like that indeed. But if you think about Greg Giraldo himself and how very much he enjoyed anything crude and irreverent, then Gilbert's comment was not out of line at all! He may have just been thinking of Greg and that he would have been entertained by it and that's all. Too soon, but still in line with the kind of guy he was. I don't think anyone out there is trying to undermine the tragedy of the situation, so try and give Gilbert a break, people.

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    Drugs bad.

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    Giraldo definitely would've loved it. Not too soon. That's what these guys do. I love Gilbert

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    Wow, heaven forbid one comedian does something like use COMEDY to remember another one. What a concept?! Seriously people, this is part of their lives, so why shouldn't it be part of their deaths?

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    Giraldo would have joked to the same severity about anyone else's death.
    There's a reason he killed himself.

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    Jews are heartless!

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    I think his comments are funny. Greg Giraldo is down there somewhere laughing >:)


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    Okay, that was tasteless and very funny.
    And you know what? Greg would have laughed his ass off.
    The only reason Greg would be pissed is because HE didn't come up with the line first.
    RIP Greg and keep staying funny, Gilbert.

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    To everyone saying that's what comics do - are any of you comics? I am, and no it's not. Gottfried is a shit comedian and Greg wasn't. Maybe he would find it funny, but to a lot of the people mourning his death, it's disrespectful. Contrary to popular belief, not everything in the world of comedy is a joke. A lot of comics are affected by this loss and don't need morons like Gilbert Gottfried trying to use it as a way to get a laugh.

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    greatest tribute to a comic is laughter … way to go Gottfried!!!

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    Re: Arizona26 – You're definitely not a comedian.

    Fact is, nobody knows how Greg would react because he's dead and can't tell us. I'm a young comedian (4 years in) and wouldn't dare make that joke, because I'm not even close to that level. I don't mind a joke coming from one of his peers. I get offended when small timers (like Arizona26) try to dictate what is right or wrong in this situation.

    Here are my credentials and proof that I'm a comedian.

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    Gilbert is a very miserable person and I'm pretty sure Greg knew that. The fact that he is dealing with this with humor is a huge step for him, and speaks volumes.

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    Re: Mad Dog – damn straight we are! DO NOT FORGET THAT.

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    Re: Arizona26 – you're an asshole.

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    I think Giraldo would have LOVED it.

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    Greg would understand

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  35. pj88 says – reply to this


    Fully support Gilbert… Greg would approve. This is the comedy world and death and tragedy can be dealt with by comedy. I really hope they roast Greg… he deserves a nice send off, whoever the fuck the scruffy faced bastard was. Peace Greg.

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    That's Gilbert and it's Funny!

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    Re: Arizona26 – Have you watched any of the roasts they did together? They were both in the business of ripping into each other as hard as they could- that's what they were great at roasting. Of course his death is sad, but that is what they do- all of them…it doesn't detract from the fact that he will be greatly missed. That is obvious.

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    Re: HAHAHAHA2 – Went to your site and watched your clips. I never said GREG wouldn't but amused, if you read my post. Also, to refer to me as "not a comedian" then a "small timer" is contradictory - especially coming from a comic like yourself who has only been in the business for a short period of time and hasn't established a national name. In the grand scheme, most of us are "small timers." However, I work with some of the heavy hitting national names, and I can assure you most would have the same reaction I did to that joke. I know comics joke with each other, but Greg is dead and it's impossible to be directing it at him, so I think just the platform was in poor taste. You don't have to agree with me. TBH, my reaction to the comment isn't nearly as extreme as the backlash I received for making it. I'm doing just fine, making a living off comedy, and genuinely wish you the best of luck in this extremely competitive but exciting business. Love, A Seven Year Veteran (with a Web site)

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    Re: Natanya – I get it. He asked what we think. My comment is what I think. I also don't think having an opinion is wrong. You're certainly entitled to yours, but please don't argue mine.

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    Re: Arizona26 – must be crazy competitive out there in Arizona….come to the big city whenever you're ready :)

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    Re: Arizona26 – I'm completely messing around man. Just trying to drive traffic to my site like the self promoting whore I am. In all seriousness good luck out there.

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    Re: HAHAHAHA2 – I've never even been to Arizona. I was drinking an Arizona Iced Tea when I made this and decided to pay omage. Best of luck to you my friend.