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So Sad! Greg Giraldo Family Had To Pull Him Off Life Support!

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What a devastating decision to have to make!

Sources are reporting that following his prescription drug overdose, Greg Giraldo slipped into a coma and remained as such for five days. The family was alerted by doctors that there would be no way to resuscitate him, so they made the decision to end the comedian's life

Just an awful situation, but at least now, Greg is at peace.

Our condolences go out to his family, friends and fans.

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “So Sad! Greg Giraldo Family Had To Pull Him Off Life Support!”

  1. 1

    Well, it is sad, but surely they could have afforded to keep him on life support a little longer. Doctors have been wrong before….. Too bad they were in a hurry to unplug him………

  2. 2

    I remember his short lived tv series way back in the day where he played a lawyer and which was what he studied to be in real life. I thought he was a cutie but hadn't seen him mentioned till this tragedy. :(

  3. 3

    again! I didnt find him funny, not at all. It's not like some comedy genius OD'd on pills? Who cares. Next!

  4. 4

    Sad. But I don't really buy the whole "accidental overdoes" story. DId he not know how much he was taking? Did he not rememeber hey I already took x-amount. He was an adult he knew what he was doing.

  5. 5

    uggghh that sucks…RIP Greg….He was FUNNY AS HELL!!!! He was the funniest one on the David Hasselhoff roast IMO..and maybe the other roasts too (Greg and Lisa Lampanelli).

  6. 6

    he better show up to the next roast. corpse or not. still funnier than jeffrey ross.

  7. 7

    perez! you listed this under silly! not exactly the category i would choose!!

  8. 8

    Doctors are wrong all the time…one week doesn't seem like a very long time to wait before cutting life support.

  9. 9

    WTF I can't believe he's dead

  10. 10

    RIP, very funny on next comic standing Next Comic Standing (timing is everything… a very sad loss) sad that most talented/ funny/ charismatic people often have deep seeded issues……..

  11. 11

    They never gave this guy the same respect as other comedians, always referring to him as latino this latino that instead of just calling him a comedian.

  12. 12

    After working in the ICU for years, it was extremely rare that anyone comes out of a drug overdose coma and when they do, they are vegetables with no quality of life. Because of the use of the drugs, the body is worn out long before the overdose. It's possible he took the same amount he always did and his body said "fine, we're done."
    His family didn't end his life, he did. They simply allowed nature to take its course.

  13. 13

    Re: HeatherIsOnFireRe: HeatherIsOnFire
    just wondering - who is funny to you ?

  14. 14

    Accidental DEATH is more like it. The dumbass like SO many other dumbasses out there was probably trying to get high off his medication so purposely overdosed on it.
    Fucking morons.
    I'm sorry that he died, but him along with all of the other idiots out there brought it on themselves by fucking with prescription medication to try to get high.

  15. htown says – reply to this


    wow that sucks

  16. 16

    Oh now. That's so sad! RIP.

  17. 17

    Re: HeatherIsOnFire
    This is for HeatherIsOnFire and Lurchetta. How fucking dare you. Greg Giraldo was my uncle and whether you liked him or not, you better watch what you say. You don't know who's reading these and to @Lurchetta, we weren't in a fucking hurry. We had no choice. You weren't there, and nobody is "in a hurry" to pull any life support. I wish you could've seen his mom. You would instantly eat your words you fucking douschebags.