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Modern Family Finally Features Lackluster Gay Kiss!

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That's it?

After months of anticipation - and even a campaign on Facebook - Modern Family's gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, finally got their first on-screen kiss (above) and we think everyone can agree that it was pretty UNDERWHELMING!

We didn't expect or want anything gratuitous or out of character, but to have a PECK in the background?

A little disappointing!

Hopefully now the show will feature them kissing more regularly, and without a fuss!

What do U think?? Were you disappointed by the gay kiss on Modern Family??

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56 comments to “Modern Family Finally Features Lackluster Gay Kiss!”

  1. 1

    this sounds ridiculous and stupid…………complaining because 2 men didn't kiss long enough or passionately enough for you……..really though, what straight people complain because 2 people didn't kiss "good enough"……..

  2. 2

    What's the big deal? You're always complaining about shows that don't even feature gay characters so what does it matter if and how they kiss? Great episode as usual, and I think it fit in with their characters perfectly.

  3. 3

    It was sweet and tender. What do you want porno? It's how married people kiss

  4. 4

    omg i think ure soo annoying perez. like when it comes to gay stuff you get so dramatic. who cares how the kissed?!?! ugh.

  5. 5

    Boo! lol

  6. 6

    I thought it was sweet and genuine looking.

  7. 7

    I was extremely disappointed with the kiss. I wasn't expecting them to go at it, but to be put in the background when it was the main point of the episode is an insult to the characters, the fans, and to gays on television who are unrepresented.

  8. 8

    I thought it was just enough

  9. 9

    This website is truly becoming the gayest place on earth.

  10. 10

    It was perfect, you asswipe. What is your problem? Unless it was some sort of ratings stunt it wasn't worthwhile? It was perfect for the characters. The issue should be a non-issue and it's people like you that keep trying to shove it down people's throats that cause our community to be shunned. Not everybody goes to the Santa Monica pier to get blow jobs in the back seat of a car, Mario. No, we'll save that distinction for you.

  11. 11

    Nope. That's what I want. For a gay kiss to just BE. Not be a big deal…just another kiss we want to see between another couple we love. I loved that it was about Mitchell's PDA issues because of his dad, instead of about being gay or showing gay PDA.

  12. Ooch says – reply to this


    I think it was fine…no need to be all sexual and passionate. It worked for the script…the show…and the type of couple they are…what'd you want them to que the porn music and start making out so you can get off? Awesome…keep representing the gay community like this and next time you appear on a political talk show, people will take you seriously.

  13. 13

    Who gives a shit whether or not they kiss?! I mean really. I'm just looking for a laugh, not a real life portrayal of life

  14. Mimsi says – reply to this


    You make too big of a deal about this. I think this was sweet. Sure the gay kisses on the daytime saops are hotter, This one was sweet. Don't FUCK IT UP

  15. 15

    Its a comedy show not a fucking soap opera. It was sweet and genuine and I actually smiled when I saw it. Its a gay kiss not a side show. Its how normal people kiss when they want to show affection while not trying to seduce each other in front of other people. As far as I know that's how people kiss in front of others, they weren't in their bedrooms about to get it on. Get over it, it was perfect. There without being too in your face, people already make a big deal about straight couples getting too raunchy in things that aren't movies or pornos, why should homosexuals be any different? Leave the hardcore stuff for the L word and the porns. No one wants to shine a further negative light on homosexuality to make it look more perverse. They made it look as normal as possible which it was and is. You need to shut up Perez, seriously. I'm sure they'll kiss more in future episodes.

  16. 16

    I thought it was brilliant! Just what I would expect from this great show! I don't need to see them kiss to know they are two gay characters in love…everything about this show is 'understated' and works perfectly how it is…which is why it wins awards. Great episode!

  17. 17

    WTF Perez?! Not everybody think is necessary to flaunt one's sexuality like you, moron! The show was great last night and very right to the point. Sometimes I wish you would just shut up with your stupid comments! Asshole!

  18. 18

    I thought that it was perfectly done!

  19. 19

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! You're the one that said things like this should just be considered the norm, and that people shouldn't make a big deal when something like this goes down on TV and that's EXACTLY what they did. They didn't make it some big huge spectacle, they did it as if it were a straight couple kissing. Don't push for equality and then bitch when a gay kiss on TV is treated like any other TV kiss. I thought it was done perfectly, it was tasteful and integrated into the show like any other kiss between a couple would be.

    You disgust me.

  20. 20

    It was perfect…….you missed the point Perez….it was not supposed to be a "big" thing…..
    I think the point was that it SHOULDN'T be a big thing to have a male couple kiss…that it should be treated the same as when a heterosexual couple kiss.

  21. 21

    It was nice to see the ease in it. It did not seem contrived or over the top…It was boring just like when other couples share a kiss. lol

  22. 22

    Who cares?? Honestly i wouldnt watch it if they got into any longer. I love all my gay friends i just dont like to see their pda just like they would rather not see mine.

  23. 23

    Hahaha. You don't approve of a kiss…too funny.

  24. 24

    It was absolutely PERFECT!!! Just the way it should have been, if you blinked you could have missed it one of th most organic kisses on TV the way it should be. And once again Fatez you prove all that cheap dye you use on your hair is killing your brain cells.

  25. 25

    IM SURE PEREZ was hoping for the first fisting in broadcast tv history.

  26. 26

    I think the fact that it wasn't obvious and it was underwhelming is what made it perfect! Making a big deal of of the gay kiss would have taken away from the ENTIRE episode and show in general. The whole shoe isn't about 2 gay characters and them kissing. The people on Glee made SUCH a big deal that there were two gay characters on a "hit tv show" that skated around kissing on air!!! REALLY Glee, REALLY? Love the show, but get over yourself!

  27. 27

    None of the other characters do anything other than peck. Why should Cam and Mitchell do anything more just because ooooooh its a gay kiss. I thought it was so touching and beautiful.

  28. 28

    seriously. can't take this anymore. why do you constantly harp on being gay 24/7? it seems that is all you post anymore…well, your interns, at least. can't believe this day would come, but here it is. deleted from bookmarks.

  29. 29

    why is this such a big deal… i mean im gay and like thats just how the show is i dont remember claire and phil kissing either maybe they have but i just dont recall that.

  30. 30

    I thought it was a sweet and sincere moment between a married couple. I was surprised that it was in the background, but I felt it fit with the storyline. It was by no means a Will & Grace moment, but it was appropriate for the family show it is. Loved it and love Cam and Mitchell!

  31. 31

    Well the whole theme of the show is like its suppose to be a reality show so their not suppose to put on a spectacle for the camera their suppose to act like 'themselves". If this was like a daytime soap THEN it would be exected for them to makeout like crazy people in front of the camera. Even the straight couples dont do crazy passionate makeout sessions. We should just be happy ABC decided to add something that should be considered normal to an already great show!

  32. 32

    I don't enjoy watching straight people kiss on tv….i hope they don't make this a regular thing. There are 24 minutes to the show, spend the time on better things.

  33. 33

    I thought it was perfect!

  34. 34

    oh shut the f*ck up. It was just fine, all I ever do is peck my bf when my parents are around. We aren't tongue lashing in front of anyone ever

  35. 35

    i actually think this is really sweet. i don't follow the show every week, and i didn't see this show. but i know mitchell and cameron are devoted to each other and their daughter. exploiting their on-air kiss would be a betrayal to their characters. my boyfriend and i don't make out every time we kiss. and i think after you've been together for a while there comes a time when a loving little "peck" as you called it is typical and normal and still conveys intimacy. i'm not sure if it was necessary to do otherwise with two characters on a show, or that there needed to be this spotlight on their on-air kiss to begin with.

  36. 36

    i thought it was clever!! they do not need to make out. the episode turned out to be deeper than mitch not liking pda at the end and it was not turned into a special just because they are kissing. definitely better that it was not a big deal and it was sweet. i do not understand why this is such a big deal, this was the first time gloria and jay kissed too and their kiss was simple but sweet too.

  37. 37

    Is it 1991? Havent we all seen gay people kiss by now… Who cares!

  38. 38

    I think it is silly to worry about the whole kiss thing. No one on the show is shown kissing all the time. I thought they handled it with a cute story line

  39. 39

    Are you kidding me Perez? I've actually created an account just to comment on this…read what everyone else is commenting!!! Are you never happy??? You need to stop pushing your own personal agends and stop being so critical or you will lose readers.

  40. 40

    Sssooooo, it wasn't hot enough for you?! WTH - name another sitcom w/ long, drawn out straight kissing. Can't think of one? Neither can I, b/c IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. Believe it or not, the show doesn't rotate around Cameron & Mitchell, the *DUN DUN DUUUN* Gaaaaaay Couple - they're just another couple like Claire & Phil and Jay & Gloria. Isn't THAT the point more?!? To show that gay couples are just like straight couples & lead normal lives?! Jeeez, you're really dim & short-sided.

  41. 41

    Disappointing? Perez, I'm not sure what you were looking for in this kiss, but I think it was completely appropriate. It did what it was supposed to do, get across the love the two characters have for each other. If it had been the daughter who went and kissed her husband like that would there have been an issue? or did you expect dry humping?

  42. 42

    It's a comedy, not a drama or romance show. To make such a big deal about a small gay kiss when I don't even pay attention to the hetero ones is silly. As long as there's Sofia Vergara, I'm happy.

  43. 43

    lol i love it

  44. 44

    The creators/writers/producers of Modern Family would be absolute fools to start incorporating more "gay" moments simply to prove a point. This show is very popular and is coming off of a best comedy award. Don't fix it if it ain't broke. If they push the envelope, millions of viewers will stop watching, like it or not.

  45. 45

    lol that Perez seems to think that everyone agrees that it was underwhelming. It turns our that everyone agrees that it was just right.

    Oh and also that Perez is the worst.

  46. 46

    um…yah….WHO GIVES A RAT'S ASS?! the kiss is exactly what it should have been, nothing more than an edearing gesture in passing. would you much rather of had them go at it full tongue if front of thier entire family?! you are such a frickin drama queen.

    and i am still trying to figure out what the hell the big issue is with these two characters kissing?! it's not exactly groundbreaking having 2 dudes kiss on tv…have you ever seen a little-known show called WILL AND GRACE?! eric mccormick got lip service regularly from tay diggs and bobby canivale when their characters were on the show - and not gratuitously either.

    find another senseless cause to champion you idiiot. leave the gays alone - they are doing just fine without your tired ass.

  47. 47

    What the hell did you expect them to do? ZOOM IN and have them do some tongue action??
    It was natural for the characters in the setting they were in. They were sitting there with family around them. They weren't about to have a full on makeout session.
    Anyone complaining about this is a RETARD.

  48. 48

    It really was incredibly smart and funny how they handled this. The kiss was never supposed to and shouldn't have been a big deal, it was the media (like you Perez) and other advocates (Ryan Murphy) who blew it out of proportion. And I do think there was a subtle but well-deserved "fuck off" to all the complainers… the fact that the real "big kiss" moment was between Mitch and his dad and not Cam I found to be priceless.

  49. 49

    I thought the kiss was nice and tasteful!!!

  50. 50

    I watched the show and didn't even see it. If i was for perez I would have missed. If ABC wants me (a gay man) to support there sponsors then they need to support me. THATS WHAT THE BIG DEAL IS! and married couple don't kiss like there kissing there grand mother for all you liars out there. I don't care how long they've been married. They kiss or they don't!

  51. 51

    I come from a VERY conservative, republican, christian, etc. family. that being said my parents absolutely LOVE mf. it's a show that everyone can relate to. So far this show has been great to the gay community because it has caused people like my parents to rethink their views about gay marriage, adoption, and biblical doctrine. this show makes gay normal. not a shove it in your face "forcing" of the gay agenda. 9as my parents would call it). I understand how people who are already gay or gay supporers would be dissapointed with this kiss, but i'm willing to bet that the majority of people watching this show still have their reservations about the issue. I think by making it just a "normal" we're married kiss it makes people slowly start to accept that gay people are just like normal couples. my parents were dying of laughter during this episode because my mom hates any sort of pda with my father. that connection made her relatable to a gay person, which is why this show is the best thing to happen for gay rights.

  52. 52

    Another idiot posting. Modern Family wrote it perfectly for those characters. Thank god they didn't bow down to a bunch of idiots like Perez and

  53. 53

    I dont see why people had to campain to get them to kiss. They are gay, married and have a kid they have obviously kissed before. Its stupid that the writers were pansies and didnt have them kiss when the show started.

  54. 54


  55. 55

    if u want a real fucking gay kiss, rent a fucking gay porn dvd. so the kiss was in the background. the only people who wanted it up close in your face with sloppy spit is the straight community who wanted to bitch about it later. a gay kiss should not be a "must see tv event". it should come as natural as a straight kiss would. and u wonder why teens are killing themselves over being gay.

  56. 56

    i love my gays, but i'm also a fan of the show. the two other couples on this show rarely ever kiss, and if they do, it's normally just a peck, as well. seriously, this is an emmy award winning show that features a gay couple in a loving relationship and raising a child together. what more do you want?