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Your Daily Ry-Ry Goss!

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We like them apples!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled postings of Daily Zacquisha and Daily RPatz to bring you the hotness of Ryan Gosling.

Ryan is in the midst of filming a new movie with Carey Mulligan called Drive. Inbetween takes, he was spotted taking a seksi stroll around the lot and enjoying a bit of fruit to munch on.

Hmm! We know something else he could munch on!


P.S. - We will get back to Zacquisha and RPatz as soon as they take Bics to their hobo faces!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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7 comments to “Your Daily Ry-Ry Goss!”

  1. 1

    LOL yeah Zac and Rob really need to shave their faces. RYRY is hot!

  2. 2

    Oh it's horse face himself.

  3. 3

    why do men insist on dressing like that? it is so FUG

  4. 4

    You really ruined an awfully meaty picture there what with that heart. DAMN YOU PEREZ HILTON! lol

  5. 5

    I'm very into Ryan Gosling. He's hot because he's not physically perfect but instead has real talent and intensity. Christian Bale has the same quality, but he's almost perfect. Mmmmm to them both. I love deep, brooding men!

  6. 6

    Disgusting Perez … putting a heart over his crotch … you are sick.

  7. 7

    I can't fucking see his bulge because there is a piece of shit over his crotch!