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Teen Mom Star Investigated For Assault!

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Bitch is out of control!

On Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom, Indiana natives and teenage parents Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley were caught on film in a vicious argument that ended with Amber ruthlessly beating on her baby daddy, right in front of their baby! She hit him, she kicked him and to top it all off, she punched him in the face! Gary never physically reciprocated, just stood there and took his beating like a man.

The pre-taped incident was so severe that the police are now looking into the family and investigating a possible assault charge. The police reportedly got two anonymous e-mails urging authorities to look into the incident.

Ah, MTV has started to get clever, we see! Nice touch, alerting the police like that!

Look forward to this future special episode of Teen Mom, where MTV will follow Amber as she gets tossed in jail!

Watch this crayzay bitch lose it in the clip above!

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197 comments to “Teen Mom Star Investigated For Assault!”

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  1. 1

    She should definitely be charged with assault! Never okay! Who the hell does she think she is??

  2. 2

    Amber is a selfish little bitch! She is just waaaay too demanding & Gary would probably do a better job raising that little girl on his own. I hope it does get investigated & she gets what she deserves.

  3. 3

    This made me SICK. That girl is the most miserable, mean, vicious, abusive thing I've seen in a long time. She needs to be formally punished. She is out of control - completely.

  4. 4

    Wow she should be ashamed of her self acting that way in front of her daughter. I dont understand how mothers think it ok to do this kind of stuff in front of their childern it will leave a negative afftect on their lives for sure.

  5. 5

    Correction: The baby wasn't there. The baby was at Gary's parent's house. Just an FYI

  6. 6

    She is one crazy bitch! i cant believe she is even still on this show! that poor baby and dad that have to live with her seriously i hope Gary does get custody. you can even tell watching the show that Leah hates her mom and adores her dad its not about letting a kid get away with stuff its about treating them right and they will listen. this is the main reason younger kids should not be having kids.

  7. 7

    She should go to jail but we all know what will happen. She’ll start crying an get off.

  8. 8




  9. 9

    I can't stand this bitch!! she is so mean and evil and most of the time ignores her cute little baby. Actually this incident did not happen in front of the baby because Gary the dad was smart enough to get her out of there but she has done this plenty of times in front of the baby. She even kicked GAry in the back as he was leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to tell her to get a freaking book and read it to her baby and stop acting as if she is tough because she can hit on a guy who can't hit her back!! She doesn't deserve that little girl at all.. she is stupid, ignorant, mean and needs to get some serious help.

  10. 10

    She is the trash, most definitely.

  11. 11

    It's about time! In Every other episode she is beating him up! I also think that cps should take away her baby because who knows what she will do when her daughter is older and starts to misbehave?

  12. Cobi says – reply to this


    About time!!! She is mean, cold spirited and a total brat. I get that Gary does things that upsets her but she asks too much from him that I'm surprised he's still there. I wouldve left her butt a long time ago and just focused on Leah. He's a good father and understands Leah is a baby. That episode where she told him Leah needed to get spanked was insane. The one that needs a good spanking is her to remind her it isn't all about her. She needs serious help and Leah should not be around someone like her mother. That's child abuse

  13. 13

    Her house?? And what high paying job does she have that maintains the bills at "her house"? Anyone else tired of seeing these irresponsible teens get ahead in life because they popped a kid out?? Makes me sick… While hardworking people get to pay for their mistakes through the welfare system… someone please put that girl on birth control, and take the baby she already has and give it to a family that can raise it to be a productive member of society.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    That was a horrible episode, however, Leah was not there when she was hitting him and kicked him down the stairs. Gary had already taken her.

  16. 16

    very ugly to watch- feel bad for the gent

  17. 17

    take the kid away from her. If it was him abusiving her like that..the whole world would scream and yell..abuse. She does not have the right to abuse the father of her child like that. As for him..it shows that he needs help too..his tolerance for all of this abuse shows me that..he is used to getting beat up as well..maybe from childhood.. Dr Drew..you should help these people get their act together..

  18. 18

    That was really messed up, but the baby wasn't there at the time…she was at Gary's parents' house.

  19. 19

    I watch this show religiously, Ive seen every episode, and gary never does anything wrong, he loves her and his baby. She got really out of control. She need's to calm down for her sake if she wants to keep her cute baby.

  20. 20

    she is vile..always laying in bed or eating in bed while the baby screams…that baby should not be in her care..she is violent..hard to watch

  21. 21

    my parents always told me if someone hits you, hit them back. maybe if he would've defended himself instead of being a little bitch she wouldn't have continued with her sorry antics. women (or teenage little girls that think they're women) that abusive men like this deserve a good ass kicking. I would've laughed if he tossed her dumb ass across the room………

  22. 22

    That is soooooooooo sad…:-( If it was the other way around he would have been in jail already!!!! She needs anger management for sure. Violence is NEVER the answer!!!

  23. 23

    Having worked in Child Protective Services in Ohio…Domestic violence that occurs in the household, even with the children being asleep is considered endangerment. I believe that she has hit him while the child has been in the household before (although Leah was not in the house this time). Watching it last night, I wondered why the police were not looking into this situation prior to this? I am glad that the police are looking into this as an assault. I don't think that either Gary nor Amber are equipped to raise this child at this time. I agree with another post that says that most of the time (at least the clips that they have shown) show Amber ignoring Leah, putting her into the crib most of the time. Did anyone notice that MTV started putting a PSA re: domestic abuse during the episode?

  24. 24

    Re: msloriga – I AGREE!!! She flies off the handle or whines about every single thing in a heartbeat…especially when it comes to Gary!! She is totally out of control! I remember she was yelling at Gary because Leah was playing with a glass candle holder, but yet when he pointed out she left a steak knife lying around after eating dinner, she had nothing to say. She definitely has anger problems and needs to up the meds.

  25. 25

    I can't stand that B! I couldn't believe it, and I don't believe in a man hitting a women but I swear that if Gary would have responded and hit her back, i would have cheered him on. I want to knock the B out. Other then sleeping she doens't appear to do anything, and he seems like he tries to be a good father.

  26. 26

    like, i haven't watched this season of teen mom, but i watched the one before and he was REALLY a jerk with her. i don't know how things have been for this season, but honestly, from the other one, he totally deserves it. but it's just my opinion based on the season before, not on this one!

  27. 27

    I think they both blow as parents but Amber has no patience. Unfortunately this tends to be the case when your family is unstable, (her dad is sick and I dont think she is in contact with her mom) and I believe she holds a lot of resentment towards the much elder Gary who SHOULD have been charged with statutory rape considering she just turned 19 I believe and he is 23!!! She did not hit him the second time with Leah there but she should not be at all really I understand. The relationship is doomed already. But poor Leah is doomed no matter where she goes. She will end up a fatty if she stays with Gary's family (brought her "dinner" from Wendy's?) and she will end up a head case if she stays with Amber. UGH

  28. 28

    I would imagine that her mother acted like that while she was growing up, so she thinks it's ok to act like that.

    Once a piece of trash, always a piece of trash.

  29. 29

    Their baby wasn't there with them when this happened…but either way this bitch is CRAZYYYY!!!!
    I feel bad for Gary and Leah.
    Not to mention the disaster that her house is. All she does is lie down, sleep and complain.

  30. 30

    It upsets me that MTV has continued to allow Amber and Gary's storyline to be a form of entertainment. The other 3 moms (and fathers when applicable) have been a examples of making ersonal sacrifices for their children. Amber has physically abused Gary on the show multiple times, including last season when Gary "wasn't respectful" to her dad. This needs to stop, it makes me sick to my stomach.

  31. 31

    and also, what happened for her to lose control like that? now im curious and gonna have to start watching it hahah

  32. 32

    she treats her baby as if its just a pet and just in her way in all the episodes gary is the only one that is a good parent to the little girl according to all the episodes… who knows what happens behind the cameras but she should be charged with assault on gary and mental child abuse for always starting arguments, cussing, hitting, and screaming in front of the baby and yelling at the baby when it just cries or gets out of her sight

  33. 33

    umm amber, YOU are trash. Children Protective Services should be called to investigate. If this is how you deal with stress we should all be worried about that little girl you conceived as a child yourself. Umm yeah…… let's say it all together, TRASH! This is why you're suppose to wait to be an adult to start a family. Come on Amber pot calling the kettle black? heehee I happen to think Gary is quite responsible for his age, situation, and having to deal with the likes of you. He can certainly do better. I hope for the sake of your child you go to anger management.

  34. 34

    i don't like amber at all, but the baby was not there when this happened. get your facts straight before you post them perez.

  35. 35

    crazy b*tch

  36. 36

    either tht or anger managment

  37. 37

    1st … Leah wasn't at the house and I think both, Gary and Amber, need counseling and to grow the fuck up!!

  38. 38

    Please take that baby away from her!!!

  39. 39

    Re: Alana Bates – they fed WENDY'S to a BABY? she's gonna end up with 200 pounds at the age of 5. hahaha

  40. 40

    "takes it like a man"??

    Youre fucking disgusting.

  41. 41

    Actually, there were two incidents on Teen Mom. The first one involved Amber yelling and shoving Gary a little in front of the baby. Gary then left with Leah. The fight which was physical was when Gary came back to speak to Amber and left Leah at his mother's home. This set Amber off and she began removing Gary's items from the home and she became physical with Gary. Never ok and Gary was right for finally taking Leah. Amber always wants to sleep and put Leah in the crib. Then she gets mad when Gary takes her out to let her be a kid and play. Just saying Perez get the facts before you type a story. Leah wasn't there for THIS round of physical abuse.

  42. 42

    Re: SassyCass – The baby was in between the two of them at one point.

  43. 43

    Re: SassyCass – The baby was in between the two of them,crying at one point.

  44. 44

    This is not the first time that she has hauled off and hit him; I think that her plan is to have him hit her back so she can get him thrown in jail and screw him on visitation/custody of the baby - but the plan is backfiring on her. He could probably go to court with the footage and gain custody himself.

  45. 45

    First off the baby was definitely not there… secondly, Gary deserves it because he's a fat chilidish slob. TEAM AMBER

  46. 46

    She is such a bitch! Gary shouldn't let her hit him like that but unfortunately I think they're still together. This wasn't the first, and won't be the last time she does this. I do hope someone presses charges against her, it seems like her daughter is starting to realize what's going on and Amber is really stupid if she thinks she's being a good mom while doing this to her daughters father. People like Amber should never be allowed to procreate in the first place.

  47. 47

    Take that sweet baby away from her!!! Sassycass, the baby was crying in between them at one point.So sad.Someone needs to do something.

  48. 48

    she is seriously a crazy bitch … i dont know how this hasn't happened sooner - they both always annoyed me but now i feel really bad for gary … hope he can get leah out of there …

  49. 49

    don't care who the fuck it is, if tha

  50. 50

    her baby was not there he left the baby at his mother's house. In the episode right before the fight she says "Gary's coming over without Leah which is really pissing me off" than she takes his stuff and starts throwing it outside her door than he comes in which is when the fight starts. My point is that the baby was not at the house, which doesn't justify it because that baby has been around so much screaming and fighting already.

  51. 51

    Amber is one of the worst mothers I've ever seen on television. She leaves her baby to cry in her sheetless crib ALL the time and gets annoyed and angry at her within seconds. Her place is a disaster area and she treats herself better than she does her daughter bc she is selfish. Also the fact she physically, mentally, and emotionally abuses gary is completely not ok. She needs to seek professional psychological help and gary needs to get his shit together and get a place for him and his daughter.

  52. 52

    don't care who the fuck it is, if that bitch hit me like that I could have cold cocked her right in the face.

  53. 53

    Not ok. Another example of why people should wait until they are older to have children, the maturity level is higher and they are able to deal with the situation a little better!!!

  54. 54

    This girl doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself.
    The apartment looks like a pig pen and they both appear
    lazy. Her parenting skills blow from the way she lifts the
    baby up by the arms are puts her in her crib with blue juice
    when she doesn't want to deal with her which seems to be
    most of the time. Amber whines and acts like a 5 year old
    herself. She has tons of growing up to do. She is super
    abusive and yells ,strikes and cusses. The baby should not
    be with her period. Very disturbing. I can't believe she even
    did it with cameras on her. That shows how stupid she is.
    It is a great thing because there is proof now ! I hope
    something good comes out of this I feel so so sorry for
    that little girl.

  55. 55

    The way they edit Teen Mom makes Amber look like a terribly negligent mother to her child.

    That entire episode was her just sitting on the couch complaining that her child was crying, and her beating up Gary. I am so tired of her.

  56. 56

    Re: koots_bc – no could have about it, i absolutely would have and put that little girl right in her place.

  57. 57

    Someone please save that poor baby from her mother.

  58. 58


  59. 59

    It should have been looked into the day that it was filmed.
    I think CPS should be involved too. The baby never gets any attention from her mother.

    This girl is too lazy, selfish and controlling to be a parent.

  60. 60

    Re: bluephoenix – i wouldnt call her little

  61. 61

    She can't even control herself for the sake of her OWN child and to call him a fat ass…
    Atlease he can loose that fat…. Her FLAT ASS if FOREVER !!!!!!
    She needs someone to give her a GOOD ass beating….
    Gary needs to be a man and walk away with his baby in his ARMS AND LET THAT crazy bitch go PARTY because that's what she really wants anyways….

  62. bus says – reply to this


    Ok, let's get something straight here. She's a white trash teenage loser who's focused on herself and nothing else and he's an over-weight dumbass who keeps provoking her and has absolutely no self-respect. He obviously cares for his daughter but if that's the case, do what you can do get her out of that disfunctional home and somewhere stable. Both of them need to get their priorities straight, separate from each once and for all and do the best they can to provide a decent stable home, actually, homes with a fucking s meaning plural since those two should obviously have the least amount of contact possible. Violence is never right and I don't mean to blame the victim but if that dipshit had any since, he wouldn't have knocked her up, he wouldn't have stayed with her through the pregnancy, he wouldn't be with her now. He would have acknowledged he's the father, left the one sided relationship with the white trash loser and done his best to maintain some sort of stable situation for his child. Just because you make a mistake with a white trash loser like her doesn't mean you have to try and salvage the "romantic" relationship you have with her. Be a man… Do whats right, provide for your child and if that involves giving the primary caregiver, if that happens to be the mother, money to provide a decent home for your child, then you fucking do that but you don't let your child stay in a home of violence and hate. Both of these dipshits are responsible.

  63. 63

    I am so glad she is being investigated!!! I hope Gary gets custody of his baby girl!

  64. 64

    he need to grab leah and get her out of their because god knows what she does to leah when the cameras are off

  65. 65

    If that was the other way around and the man was doing the slapping and hitting, he would be in jail.

  66. 66

    this bitch needs to be put into a nuthosue or rather jail instead.

  67. 67

    i'm sick of not only seeing this stupid broad beat up her daughter's father
    but seeing her SWEARING in front of her daughter constantly.

    she should lose custody of her child immediately.

  68. 68

    Re: April 20th – yeah and look at what happened when Chris brown didn't just stand there? He is now a 'women beater' while sweet riri is the victim….

    this girl is vile trash.

  69. 69

    AND YES!!! She's a fucking high risk for the baby! Showing this on a local TV, having all these people watch this and MTV won't do anything about it???!!! It's their obligation to get that baby away from her!

  70. 70

    Re: TaffyJones – Totally agree! My husband and I work and some of these girls have better cars than we do..and how does Macy afford her car AND apartment?? You are right about Amber too..since when is it her house when she lives in an upstairs dump and welfare or MTV is paying the rent..the bitch don't work!!

  71. 71

    Might want to get your facts straight, the baby was not present because Gary had taken her earlier and that was why Amber was so upset.

  72. 72

    i dont know if you guys know the full story behind this little fight so here goes:

    basically gary and amber broke up and gary had no where else to go (he doesnt get along with his mom's new husband so cant stay at home) so even though they broke up gary was staying with his daughter and baby mama. gary's mom comes over to ambers place to drop off leah cuz she had been watching her and also brought some new "crib sheets" cuz the crib that leah slept in had no SHEETS on it and was a filthy mess when the camera showed it. Amber is pissed that gary cares about his daughter enough to tell his mom "hey were poor and irresponsible, can you help me with some crib sheets" amber thinks gary told his mom that amber is a bad mom…which is obviously the case. so she basically loses her freaking mind and just hits poor gary.

    the ppl who say gary needs to man up and wever….trust me. as a man i can truly say this….to show restraint and patience takes a lot more courage than to just give into the heat of the moment and knock the girl out. cuz look at gary…he WOULD DESTROY amber if he wanted to. but hes a good guy in a really tough situation. he needs to get his daughter and leave ASAP.

  73. 73

    The lowest point for me was when she kicked Gary in the back as he was leaving…WTF?? She needs a good ass whipping and I would love to be the one to do it.

  74. 74

    wow. when i saw that episode it literally made me sick to my stomach. just because you push a child out does not make you a MOTHER. she is such a pos. gary is so lazy and a slob but he doesnt deserve that. i hope to god that she pays for what she did. and they way she yells in front of that child is just sooo wrong!!!!!

  75. 75

    Gary can be annoying and a jerk sometimes, but Amber is such a bitch!

  76. 76

    I feel sorry for Gary. He's a man and Amber is the piece of trash. Gary should get custody of the little girl and Amber should only be allowed supervised visitation. Plus that mouth on her in front of their daughter is trailer park trash!

  77. 77

    While baby Leah was not there during this particular incident, she HAS been there PLENTY of times before when Amber is beating the shit out of Gary. ALSO, every time during an argument, Gary wants to leave because Amber gets out of control. He always says he's going to take the baby with him, but Amber won't let him. Then as Gary leaves, Amber repeats over and over again to her daughter, "Daddy is leaving you again. Daddy doesn't love you." What a HORRIBLE excuse for a mother. Gary may be an idiot at times, but he's right. She's a horrible mom and needs to get her anger in control before she should be allowed to be around Leah. She's ridiculous and needs help.

  78. 78

    The baby was right there the whole time Amber was violent and screaming profanities.

  79. 79

    Poor Gary :( (i wonder what he did??)

  80. 80

    She makes me so mad. If it wasn't for MTV no one would really believe poor Gary. She is a lazy mother and a man beater.

  81. 81


  82. 82

    You can't have it both ways, if he looked at her cross eyed he'd be in cuffs, and it's premeditated because she went and took krav maga classes for this purpose and bragged to her friends about what she could do to him….

  83. 83

    Re: MissBellBx – I totally agree with u. I think she does it on purpose to get a rise out of him in hopes he hits her so she can get rid of him for good.

  84. 84

    Sadly, only a matter of time until she turns her temper on her child. Just the right time, being mad just enough and she will hit her child. If she is SO willing to hit Gary on national tv, just what would her temper allow her to do when the camera's arent there and she is upset with that baby….

  85. 85


  86. 86

    She should be sitting in jail!

    If the tables were turned and he was beating on her like that, he'd be behind bars. Will they wait until she goes off on her kid like that?

  87. 87

    Re: SassyCass – She has beat him on more than one occasion and throughout more than one season. She needs that baby taken away. One of her fights with Gary was even about how she thinks Gary needs to hit her kid more! She is an idiot and doesnt deserve the title of Mother.

  88. 88

    Re: carolhellton – No one EVER deserves to be assaulted.

  89. 89

    I like how she can afford her trashy Forever 21 clothing, but not a crib sheet for Leah and gets upset when Gary's mother buys one…Next episode, she finds a new boyfriend…I hope Gary gets full custody. He may not be the most ideal guy or always have a job, but at least he loves his daughter and has help taking care of her!

  90. 90

    that gary guy is a fat piece of shit but i guess he didn't deserve that right hook to his jaw lol. amber is like 17/18 … what does she really know she's a child herself… the ultimate outcome is they shouldn't have had a baby that early and not with each other.

  91. 91

    Re: Greatdane/ – brown went to far, retarded riri's face was totally busted, however, if i was this guy in the video, that's a chance I'd take. apparently her own mother didn't beat her ass enough………..

  92. 92

    Uh, yeah, nobody told you to go get knocked up in your teens, you bum! Don't take it on anybody but yourself for being a losery ho

  93. 93

    Damn!! She was fucking him up. It's really not funny though. He could've busted her ass and I bet she would have been crying. Unacceptable.

  94. jsto says – reply to this


    Re: carolhellton – OK how can you say somethin like he deserved it when you havent even seen every episode? Watch the season and then you can talk. He doesn't deserve somethin like that

  95. 95

    yea, the baby wasn't there but even when the baby was there she would yell at him and just go lay down and leave her daughter in the crib crying. I know she gets frustrated with Gary but a mother has to leave that aside and move on to be a great mom. This girl is not ready. Gary do the best you can

  96. 96

    Re: Nicolette Beach – Exactly!! I ABHOR the fucking double standard concerning violence!! Too many females think they have the right to abuse males without any consequence. It's ignorant assholes like Perez who say dumb shit like "… stood there and took his beating like a man" who contribute to this rash belief. UUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!
    So Perez, do you think Rihanna should have just taken her beating like a grown woman? I think not! FUCK YOU!

  97. 97

    What a bitch! This should be investigated. She loses a little weight and takes a boxing class and thinks shes the bomb all the sudden?? wtf.. That little girl needs to be taken off her immediately! If this was a guy beating a girl …boy would it be a different story!

  98. 98

    I saw this episode and have watched last season too. While I agree that Gary can be lazy at times, I really feel bad for the guy. I think Amber has a real mental problem. If you noticed (I think earlier in the episode when she was freaking out) - he kept asking if she had taken her meds. He at least knows when to try to get his daughter out of the situation, and he tries to walk away when he sees Amber getting out of control. It may seem weird because Gary is a big guy, but when there is abuse….unfortunately it is often hard for the person being abused to leave. He doesn't do everything right, but he definitely loves his kid. With some help and counseling, he could be a good dad. That episode almost made me cry. I really felt horrible for him, but he really did show constraint and even though he may not be a go-getter - he's definitely a stand up guy for not hitting her back. That would have been very difficult to take.

  99. 99

    Amber is a fucking BITCH! I hope Gary does get full custody of their cute little baby Leah!

  100. 100

    Re: SunsetxCruising – I completely forgot about that! She also told the baby " Daddy is a cheater!" She is stupid if she doesn't think that her baby understands. Kids understand way before they can actually speak. And no one is doing anything to help that child develope. Her first word will probably be Fuck

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