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128 comments to “50 Cent Is Full of Shit Says His Twitter Remark Wasn't Anti-Gay”

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  1. 1

    That was funny in a way… people shoud have distance to jokes etc.

  2. 2

    The gays need to get over themselves. He was talking about heterosexual guys who won't go down. Not everything is about the gays!

  3. 3

    I don't think he meant anything by it. You guys shouldn't be so touchy.

  4. 4

    im not 50 fan…but i didnt take his comment in any bad way.
    you can clearly tell what he was talking about, but it got twisted because someone had to make it into something.

  5. 5

    I really do not believe he was making a gay joke. Get a sense of humor not everything is so serious.

  6. 6

    I'm much more inclined to believe him than you Perez.
    First because it genuinely looks like it was a joke, 2nd because you're a paranoid arsehole, 3rd because in terms of credibility… you're nowhere near 50Cent and he's a rapper. Shows how sad you are.

  7. 7

    He was completely fine by posting this comment. There is nothing wrong with it., everyone just tries to cause more drama and make these small comments into something they are not. GO 50!!

  8. 8

    I honestly don't think he meant anything against gay people by saying that. People just want to associate negativity with everything anyone says anymore. Not every comment someone makes pertains to you! And I say this without even liking the guy! Chill the fuck out!

  9. 9

    You're wrong, Perez. There's still a stigma about the activity that Mr. Cent was alluding to (especially in the African-American community). He was simply saying that men should perform that act on their ladyfriends.

  10. 10

    Clearly it’s a joke Perez. No fucking straight guy enjoys eating a girls cooch. Stop being sensitive all the time and America, please stop being so stupid.

  11. 11

    Perez, why don't you just take it for what it is - he made a statement so thats the end. I understand your gay and that but so are millions of others all over the world. You dpn't need to keep getting your back up every time someones makes a remark against people, it happens get over it. People take their own lives, you can ignore words.

  12. 12

    I have to Agree with everything I read this comment before and I thougtht it was funny and not anything about gay people

  13. 13

    I think it's terrible how everything gets turned into racial or sexual oriented comments when they are not meant to be. Anything can be taken out of context and you just take one snippit of a convo and turn it into a controversy for your site. I remember you making a very nasty comment using the word F*g#ot . Shame on you for causing problems where there are none.

  14. 14

    He didn't mean anything by it…just chillax.. See straight people don't think about things like that…where as a gay guy reads it and is like OMG…so yea, find something else to hate on plz :)

  15. buck says – reply to this


    ok maybe he should have said ' if you're a man over 25 and don't eat pu**y or suck another mans cock then you might as well kill yourself…there, feel better Hilton.

  16. 16

    I dunno Perez, I think you read way into this one. I never took it as anti-gay. I took it as towards selfish straight men

  17. 17

    I love how he says 'people who CHOOSE an alternative lifestyle' yeah cause people choose to be gay…

  18. 18

    OH PLEASE!!!!! That was far from a gay comment. Maybe you should eat some and you'd understand mario! Again your parents didnt do the job they needed to turn you into a secure male so of course you wouldn't understand.. go dance in some panties fruit!

  19. 19

    not anti-gay in my opinion

  20. 20

    It was never about homosexuals. Get over yourself.

  21. 21

    seriously perez you need to be shot nine times wtf does that have to do with being gay chill, he's directing it toward a straight guy if he has never done it, obvioulsy not a gay person cause they dont do that stuff, seriously calm the fuck down, if wasn't offensive towards being gay, until you brought it up

  22. dodo says – reply to this


    Gay or not, there is nothing funny about encouraging people to commit suicide.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    I'm a gay man who loves to eat puss*y. I'm a straight man who loves to suck cocks.

  25. LH says – reply to this


    That wasn't a anti gay joke. He's talking about dudes who expect every chick to go down on them but they won't go down on the chick. . . . little too sensitive buddy.

  26. 26

    my boyfriend doesnt eat me out. im a girl. im straight. i think this statement is being directed at all those bfs who dont eat their GIRLS out. see.. at first fiddy did say some ant gay things, like the gay wedding shooting. but now youve compromised your own validity by going on a rant about something that WASNT anti-gay.
    looks like someone just wantrs to be a HERO and CELEB themselves.

  27. 27

    Maybe it actually was a joke. It really doesn't seem like he meant anything against gays.

  28. 28

    His statement wasn't remotely gay, he was referring to heterosexuals.

    Perez, you are hindering the gay movement, whether you realize it or not. You insist on "outing" people - look what happened to that poor Rutgers student who was "outed" online in the most heinous way. He killed himself - not everyone is ready to come out. Maybe his tragic death will make you re-evaluate how you deal with your fellow homosexuals. It is callous and potentilly harmful, especially in Hollywood where it can ruin a man's career.

  29. 29

    I read this yesterday when you first posted it. I thought it was funny. I didn't even think it was gay related. Now that it has been pointed out I can understand why someone might think it was about gays, but come on! The only reason this is big news is because of the 5 teens who have killed themselves because of gay bullying. If this was said a month ago no one would have cared. He has clearly stated it's not a gay statement so let all just drop it!

  30. 30

    Everyone knows he was joking around and it wasnt about gay people so you need to shut your fat ass up. YOU called his little son a "cocksucker" and a "bastard". Your a hypocrite just like gay teens get bullied in school YOU bully others even children you asshole.

    YOU are a 30+ year old moron who sits behind his computer eating twinkies and talking shit about artists who arent lady gaga. I hope 50cent kicks your ass like Will.I.Am did.

  31. 31

    "I have nothing against people who choose an alternative lifestyle"
    Curtis you are so stupid.
    Im gay. I didnt choose to be gay anymore than I chose to have hazel eyes or then you chose to have black skin.

    its how youre born, its hard wired, not chosen.
    Who would someone choose to be hated by most of the world.

  32. 32

    Really?? Being gay is a "lifestyle choice"??? idiot

  33. 33

    Again, the nazi gay's, like you fatboy, think it's all about you. This is why people ridicule you you fucking idiot. He was talking about straight men who love blowjobs but refuse to return the favor. His mother was a lesbian, as he says, and he loved her. Shut the fuck up, and finally realize you do more harm to the gay community than good. Every time I read your site, it makes me a little less pro-gay that I used to be. Keep up the good work idiot.

  34. 34

    Aside from his comment just being gross, he is such a racist. I don't see why anyone likes him period.

  35. 35

    Ok, I saw no anti gayness in his remark. He was talking about straight guys or thats what I thought when I read it. I in no way thought "gee, he hates gay men". I think Perez just loves to jump on any whom in his mind is anti gay. That god this ass is not a lawyer, he would try to sue everyone. Perez is a disgrace to gays and the type of man who should never represent a lifestyle.

  36. 36

    Why do gays think everyone is out to get them? Perez, STFU and get over yourself.

  37. 37

    Dear Mario and 50 Cent,

    If you're educated in an English speaking country, over 25 years of age and you can't spell or construct a grammatically correct sentence, stop posting idiocies on the internet. The world would be a better place.

  38. 38

    He "sucks" at life in general? He worked his ass off and is worth $500 MILLION. how much are you worth piggy? 2 twinkies & 1 cents? 50 cent is set for life while YOU on the other hand have to sit behind your computer making fun of celebrities for the rest of your life to make a little $10,000 a year. You are completely full of shit moron.

  39. 39

    Don't be that guy who turns every comment into anti gay. Seriously, you know how many guys don't go down on their girl (esp in the African American community…

  40. 40

    Well saying "people who choose an alternative lifestyle" is also anti-gay. Dumbass. Wonder when he "choose" to be hetro….

  41. 41

    Obviously Perez, you and your team need to further educate yourselves about communicating with yours readers. Don't you read these comments? Do you not see what everyone is saying? I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt in your first post about 50 Cent's tweet but now with a second post, you have attempted to twist statements and pin someone as anti-gay. Stop being so self-involved and paranoid. There are many people who fully support the gay community. And the bottom line here is, the comment was OBVIOUSLY directed toward heterosexual men…so should a bunch of heterosexual men actually kill themselves because they don't eat out? No. It was a joke.

  42. 42

    shudddduuuuup and stop being so touchy about every small detail. im fully for equal rights, but i totally agree with what he has to say. guys that dont go down on girls after a certain age should be shot! share the love guyss. mayyybe you should get a sense of humor :)

  43. 43

    get over it not everything is meant to hurt the gay community ! most of people love them no matter what you say but sometime a fat joke is just a joke ! love you my gay friends and guess what yes i laugh at this stupid statement :P

  44. 44

    Posts like these are the reason people roll their eyes and ignore gay rights issues. Because they assume its something stupid and so out of proportion like this. He didn't mean anything by it and he clearly doesn't have an issue with alternative lifestyles.

  45. 45

    I think because of what's been goin on with the suicides you're hyper-sensitive. Mario, it was not a ant-gay remark. Follow the thread and you'd know exactly what he means. Which brings up another issue, you're trying to be taken seriously when you talk about social issues and have people listen to what you say, however, there is a pattern emerging. You are now consistently take sound bites and manipuating them to support your agenda. I get it gets done. You however do it more most and its going to backfire. Its like the boiling a frog theory. you turn the heat up slowly and the frog never knows he's in danger until he's dinner. They way you deal with people, you're lack of honesty, will end of curoding what you're trying to build.

  46. 46

    No, YOU are full of shiz, monkey-face. You fabricate all kinds of shiz. I'd watch my back if I were you - you don't fool with the likes of 50 Cent! Just sayin.

  47. 47

    Geeeeez Perez,
    Not that I think 50 cent's remark is funny, as it reeks of sexist pig, but come on.
    Do you really want to become know as the Gay Gestapo? You are such a gay alarmist and I think you are pushing the envelope in general.

  48. 48

    Re: thanasphere – Perez Hilton should get over himself. If anyone remembers the infamous Will.I.Am incident you will all know that Perez is apparently the spokesperson for gays everywhere and only he gets to decide what is a gay friendly statement and what is anti-gay.

  49. 49

    People don't "choose an alternative lifestyle" as he says.

  50. 50

    i think perez was the only one who believed it was an anti-gay remark

  51. 51

    Also I didn't take offense to it either… perez is hyper gay and he would make a big deal of it. I can easily say any male who hasen't sucked dick is missing out! LOL LOVE IT!

  52. 52

    The guy is an idiot and the remark was crude, but it was absolutely not anti-gay. You're a paranoid moron, Perez.

    It's time that gays be treated with compassion and acceptance! After all, homosexuality is a serious mental disorder. Stop that hate!

  53. 53

    Mario you're nothing but a stupid self righteous turd. I'm not even a homosexual and I'm embarrassed by you. And I'll ask you again, why was it okay for Katy Perry to insult transgendered people?

  54. 54

    I called Interscope Records, they distribute his music, here in Los Angeles and the person that answered the phone said the statement had merit because lesbians were not killing themselves. When I demanded to speak to his supervisor, he said there is freedom of expression and to call the legal department

  55. 55

    I was thinking about it… I read it and know there was nothing anti gay about it. But I think it was all just bad timing.
    I believe it was interpreted this way:
    Men who dont eat p**** = gays
    should kill them self = gay suicides which are happening like crazy right now.

    I completely understand how that could have been misinterpreted. I am a straight woman and I KNOW this had nothing to do with gay guys. It was a shout out to ladies and to men who don't have what it takes to handle them.

    So lets give 50 a break on that one…. BUT lets not forget about the problem we all have right now. A person gay or straight who commits suicide affects the entire community. Lets extend a helping hand however we can.

  56. 56

    Did you just watch Milk last weekend, you're back in your puesdo gay-rights mode, when are you going to go back to being a WeHo stereotype that says catty shit?

  57. 57

    Perez, your pro-gay fascism is out of control! You are embarrassing the hell out of gay people. STFU for once!

  58. 58

    You are pulling the Gay card because you want to. There was nothing homophobic about that comment. Get over yourself, everything is not about hate.

  59. ass says – reply to this


    Not one person I know thought it was an anti-gay comment. Quite perpetuating hate Perez!!!

  60. 60

    the only moron i see perez is YOU and u are probably the only gay person that GOT offended keep messin with fiddy,that punch from the bep manager gon seem like a prick in the hand u ever come in contact with him

  61. 61

    It's obvious you're taking that statement out of context and twisting it to mean something it doesn't. He was obviously speaking to straight males when he said that - it's not anti-gay to promote eating pu**y to heterosexual guys. He's straight - so he's thinking about straight guy sex. That doesn't make him a homophobe. you're out of control.

  62. 62

    pffft w'eva…. it's obv a joke get over it

  63. 63

    You all can play stupid is you want to. Gay people will get the last laugh, 50 is already feeling the heat which is why he's recanting. We run Hollywood and we can shut you down. So keep playing GAMES.

  64. 64

    it's really not a big deal.. he was joking. hes not very smart so don't take anything he says too seriously.

  65. 65

    Wow. Are ALL gays so overly sensitive, quick to talk trash and unforgiving as you? Get over it! If you want to be accepted, be acceptable.

  66. 66

    perez, you're the one thats completely full of shit…you're a moron…

  67. 67

    I think it was a funny statement and at least he made an effort to resolve the offense that some people took. He was cracking on straight guys and it was pretty clear to anyone who isn't obsessed with homophobia. chill.

  68. 68

    Oh please-get over yourself and your sensitivity. I always was the first person to stand up for everyone's individual rights, and i still agree everyone has them. Power to the gays, different races, different sexes, all of it. However, some of those same people i've defended now seem to make everyone out to be against them like they have some to prove. It was a joke. Crude-yes. Funny to some- yes. offensive to gays- UM no.

  69. 69

    Personally, I believe he didn't mean as an anti-gay remark. He was just making a statement about men not going down on their chicks. Maybe he should have said put the word "straight" there so people who get offended easily or like to find ways to be offended wouldn't get the wrong impression. I'm sure he thinks the same of lesbians who don't go down on their girls. If you don't go down, WTF?!

  70. 70

    Once again people take something someone says out of context. This is clearly NOT an Anti-Gay statement. He is refering to straight men that want women to perform oral sex on them but won't recipriocate. Not everything people say has to be a damn issue Perez.

  71. 71

    umm thats not against gays at all.. he is talking about how guys that dont go down on women when women go down on them are dumb.. haha what the hellllll not everything is anti-gay jeeze..

  72. 72

    Wow! I didn't get homophobic from that at all. I thought he was just making fun of stupid guys who think giving oral sex is gross. The "kill yourself" part was harsh, but I just don't think that it was a gay joke. I think it was twisted.

  73. 73

    I think he was actually aiming at the fact that most straight men expect far more oral sex than they give. I happen to be lucky and have an awesome boyfriend. Things are going to get taken out of context all the time.

  74. 74

    Oh christ, take a pill..

  75. 75

    Why does anyone give this no talent douche bag the time of day? Just another ugly ass blowhard who thinks he's an "artist". And christ, 50 cents is waaaaaay more than he's worth!

  76. 76

    He only meant that little boys don't reciprocate… there was obviously nothing anti-gay about it….

  77. 77

    As a woman who has a husband who doesn't eat p**** I must absolutely agree with 50 cent! Can you imagine being a gay man who is married to a guy who refuses to suck d***????? IT FCKING BLOWS!!! If you are straight and don't eat out then just go be gay and suck c*** cuz your worthless to the females!!

    And really .. you can't preface everything with a politically correct preface. It's like that poem where the guy ended up censoring his own letter so bad he put himself in prison. Don't jump to conclusions.

  78. 78

    It seem pretty obvious, no matter how dumb 50 is, that he meant to say "heterosexual over 25". You gotta stop looking for trash when there is none.

  79. naima says – reply to this


    Perez, i love the gay community and i support them but, think about this, if 50 even publicly stated that his own mother likes women and he is not embarrassed about it, why would he be making homophobic remarks? That's the same thing when people say about a woman who reaches a certain age and is not married, people tend to make those kind of jokes all the time.

  80. 80

    I totally see how this could be taken as offensive; it's very obvious. However, I really don't think it was meant in the way people are taking it. He OBVIOUSLY could have worded this better.

  81. 81

    geeeezzz, is everything everyone says some kinda unethical racial slur?? thats enough already, it was a joke!! its like everytime you say gay, its directed negativly to a homosexual, black is negative to afican americans, beans & rice negative to hispanics….lol jk but com'mon already!!

  82. 82

    Dude! Take a chill pill. Are we SO freakin in a hurry to have something to be pissed about that THIS is going to be twisted into a 'gay' thing? Get OVER yourselves, everything is not about you. A lot of heteros don't like 'reciprocating' but they love the bj, he was simply saying, if you are a grown man and don't enjoy 'reciprocating', you are a fool! You got nothing to live for! Just a comment man, GOOD GRIEF everybody has to apologize about EVERYTHING these days, it is getting SO old!!!

  83. 83

    RE-FREAKINLAX!!! This is totally not an anti-gay comment. The fact that is prefaces the statement with "if you are a man over 25" makes it clear to me that he is talking to heterosexual men who have a problem with going down on women. There are so many men that are like yuck, I don't do that..and 50 a=is an advocate of the cunni, because I have heard him talk about it in songs too. I am not some crazed 50 fan, but I had to comment simply because I feel like he's being stoned for no reason. I am so happy that my honey is down with the cunni..cause the world is truly a better place, especially if the guy knows what they are doing..or girls for girls, whatever..get the point?

  84. 84

    Lol that wasn't anti gay.

  85. 85

    wowwww you didn't post my comment dickhead.

    oh whoops is that a gay slur?? oh no i must be a homophobe too! lol perez you're an idiot

  86. 86

    He apologized so fucking leave it Perez.

  87. 87

    Re: thanasphere – truetruetrue so very fkn true

  88. 88

    Re: NedNedNed – woot woot

  89. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't think he was being anti-gay. Sometimes it isn't all about you.

  90. 90

    wow, Mario. your idiocy knows no bounds. that had nothing to do with gay people and was about selfishness. which is ironic, because you think the whole world is out to get you because you like dick.

  91. 91

    you are sooo sensitive.. :/ i believe him more than you.

  92. 92

    I don't think anyone as famous and (seemingly) competent as 50 Cent would consciously make a "gay joke" to such a large public following. It's obvious he just didn't think about the statement from another perspective. Everyone makes mistakes, and it's clear he was trying to put STRAIGHT men down.

  93. 93

    OMG he was not saying anything anti-gay for fucksake!!!! TAKE A CHILL PILL. You can't say anything these days without someone taking it up the wrong way. You're anti-straight Perez, I'm offended U R FULL OF SHIT MORON!!!! See works both ways!!!!

  94. 94

    your just trying to make shit worse perez, he meant nothing of it, stop being a fucking douche and get over yourself

  95. 95

    omg perez. it wasn't anti-gay at all. calm the fuck down. you're so fuckin annoying. this is why everyone hates you.

  96. 96

    I am totally used to people being gay and I love everyone no matter what their sexual orientation is but OMG you are making it more difficult for gays than anyone else out there.

  97. 97

    Ok, I need to preface this with a couple things. I am fully against anti-gay comments. And I have pretty much no idea about 50 Cent's usual opinions on the matter. But I have to agree with these guys.

    It's just a comment on mature men (25+) who won't go down on girls, or in other words, return pleasure. I don't think its an anti-gay comment at all, but I understand sensitivity on the issue… It's a sensitive issue for sure, how can it not be?

    But I think in this case, it's unrelated.

  98. 98

    You've all bypassed the issue at hand: 50 Cent is gay. This is just PR stuff to throw you off the scent.

  99. 99

    Taking this comment and clearly making it into something it's not really undercuts the gay movement. It makes you (yep, you Perez) look hysterical and overly sensitive… in other words, hard to relate to. If you really want to win over the general public (so all your beloved causes will come to pass) then you're going to have to come down to their level of rational thought. Just sayin'

  100. 100

    Its not anti-gay at all, you fucking moron. Its directed at straight guys. Stop being such a snippy little catty BITCH.. Its NOT all about gays in this world, fruit fly

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