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128 comments to “50 Cent Is Full of Shit Says His Twitter Remark Wasn't Anti-Gay”

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  1. 101

    Re: Milk Dud – maybe you don't cause you don't know how to do it right.

  2. 102

    Re: blahblahblah87 – Maybe you're just as stupid as Perez and should THINK about what he said. He could've meant choosing to come out, not be gay. God you're an asshole. Wow, you're gay…get over it. Stop hindering your own movement for equal rights…it only makes people not want to listen to you when all you do is bitch.

  3. 103

    I'm soooo glad none of my gay friends are whining bitches like you Perez.

  4. 104

    honestly perez all black men say this in new york.. this is no way an anti-gay remark smh. he is simply saying that males who have girlfriends or significant others should perform oral sex to their girl

  5. 105

    Yeah, people joke around all the time. And yeah sometimes gays believe everyone is out to get them. Perez jokes around all the time and makes fun of people and now, he feels offended by this? it's ridiculous!

  6. 106

  7. 107

    Re: buck – LOL yeah that have shut him up!

  8. 108

    P bad call on this one, back in the day black guys (for the most part) did not go down on the ladies, and even some black women were not into it, I remember talking to a girl who said her boyfriend was joking about "eating the tuna" and she said she cussed him out. He does not say gay men, he just says men who don't eat the kitty

  9. 109

    It was a tweet for God's sake, not an analysis of human sexuality! His audience (straight men obviously) need to be schooled: go down boys! Right on 50!

  10. 110

    he wasn't talking about gays some gay people have a way of making statements MENT FOR STRAIGHT people all about them get over yourself perez you did too much in your comments to him way TOO MUCH

  11. 111

    " I have nothing against people who choose an alternative lifestyle " WTF !!?? This N-igger forgot that been gay, bi, lesbian is not a lifestyle . Nobody choose to be gay ….. Sexual attraction can't be taught !!!!

  12. Bree says – reply to this


    He is completely right. It was a joke about oral sex that people twisted into being anti-gay. I didnt see it as an insult to gays in any way, shape, or form. I know this site is run by a homosexual, and I have nothing against the gays, but its being put in my face more and more and more and I can't stand it anymore.

  13. 113

    Way to take it out of context simpleton.

  14. 114

    This is so stupid and blown out of proportion… He wasn't even talking about gay men.. he was talking about straight guys that don't go down on their chicks… get the fuck over it for real…

  15. 115

    If anyone should kill themselves, it should be him; his 'sense' of humor is very disturbing. I have a weird one myself but hes fucked up. I wouldn't mind him just being gone.

  16. 116

    It always amazes me when you witness a group that has been historically disadvantaged put down a similar group that experiences similar systemic barriers. It's people like him that revive the use of the N word. Go back to the projects you fly-on-the-cheek has been. In other words, if you're going to dish it, you better take it.

  17. 117

    I can't believe I am about to do this: But I agree with 50 cent. That's not anti-gay. It's obvious he's talking about straight men who want blow jobs but don't return the favor. I get it. Grow up and go down on your woman!

  18. 118

    omg perez please shut the hell up its obvious he was joking and omg i would love if you said this shit to fifty's face cuz your ass would be ko'd and fifty wouldn't let you be standing like that lil bitch Will.I.Am or whatever. I can't even take you serious when it comes to standing up for gay rights because not only do you use the homophobic slur yourself, but are a self hating disgusting sexist who hates on girls half your age! i only come on this site to read the comments of other smart users who call you out on your bullshit

  19. 119

    fuck the gays lol not everything is about you gay people lol and perez eat lady gaga cookaa already and STFU

  20. 120

    'choose' an alternative lifestyle? I wonder if he chose to be… probably shouldn't say those words…

  21. 121

    He was referring to straight MEN. My god, people are fucking idiots if they don't clearly see that.

  22. 122

    Re: boricuas4669 – and obviously human decency can't be taught either. you are a fucking idiot!

  23. 123

    I'm gay, and I didn't even read into his comment as being homophobic. He's obviously talking about the art of cunnilingus. Sure, the "kill yourself" comment was inappropriate, but my guess is he hasn't been paying attention to the state of current affairs when he made this statement. He's never been one to be politically correct, and if his comment was anti-gay, he'd say it was.

  24. 124

    Whether it was about gays or not telling someone to kill themselves even as a joke is incredibly wrong.

  25. 125

    This ugly loser says " Chosen lifestyle". Those words right away tells you if someone is a bigot or not and using "chosen lifestyle" is always bigoted because people are born gay and those who are too radical,bigoted or uneducated refuse to acknowledge that because it eases their guilt about homophobia. Another black male for equality ,please note the sarcasm.

  26. 126

    Re: jerkstore – stfu bigot,

  27. 127

    i hate 50 first of all… but how can you be soo stupid to perceive this as a gay comment?!?! seriously?! its soo obvious that he is referring to men not growing up! dont get me wrong the things that have occured recently are horrible and disgusting!!! and those people should be severely punished for what they have done to peoples lives. it shouldnt matter to anyone what another person does in their bedroom… seriously!!

  28. KimS says – reply to this


    I don't care if the comment was gay or not, 50 sucks cock. His music is shit&he looks like a fucking monkey. He can't even move his mouth when he sings…I hope he gets shot&dies. Oh&please don't say I'm jealous, why would I? He isn't even hot.

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