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Did Oksana Accuse Ex Timothy Dalton Of Abuse Too??

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We don't even know who to believe anymore!!

Sources allege that Oksana Grigorieva accused actor Timothy Dalton, the father of her teenage son, of abuse, apparently complaining to both Mel Gibson and her lawyers that she was the "victim of Dalton's 'rages,'" including physical abuse.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, they actually have an email from Oksana to Mel where she admits that Dalton had physically abused her.

Oksana's lawyer Daniel Horowitz is doing damage control though, saying that all the allegations are false. He says:

"Dalton said that he spoke with Oksana and they both agreed that anyone claiming there was abusiveness in the relationship is a liar and it is a complete fabrication. That is a complete lie. I challenge anyone making this claim to show their face. This is an attack on Oksana and Tim's son, because this is going to hurt him by false allegations that his father is a loser the way Mel Gibson is a loser. Tim Dalton is not Mel Gibson. He's a fine human being."

Horowitz also says that Dalton told him, "Oksana and I are still friends to this day."

Oksana has spoken out on the claims, showing much love and appreciation for her baby daddy:

"Tim is a wonderful father. We have a great relationship. Any implication that he ever struck me is untrue. He is a very private person and I would like people to respect his privacy and to recognize the sanctity of the love of my son for his father. This is just another vicious attack on my family."

So who really wrote the email? Oksana or Mel's team?? This story just gets more and more intense.

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11 comments to “Did Oksana Accuse Ex Timothy Dalton Of Abuse Too??”

  1. 1

    FISHY, FISHY, why is it that Mr. Dalton has not come forward himself to say anything in her defense. It is all stuff that he supposedly said to other people. her lawyers and such. This was all a flippin set up. I have said it all along and I am proven more correct everyday. TEAM MEL

  2. 2

    If an email does exist then either way it hurts her credibility. It goes to when was she lying about the abuse when she wrote the email or now when she denies it and says she never said it. At one point she lied

  3. 3

    more grampa burgers

  4. 4

    this street walking cocksucking piece of shit will do and say anything to try and get money out of her johns or mels and tomothy's LMAO she needs to go back to sucking cock in russia the whore.

  5. Jai says – reply to this


    There is no low that Mel Gibson will not sink to in his efforts to discredit and smear Oksana. He is a scumbag.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    If she and Dalton 'agreed' on that, it could be because she was afraid that Dalton would find out what she's been up to, which sounds like Oksana playing all sides of the fence to benefit Oksana. If Mel's camp has an e-mail, the cat's out of the bag if its origin can be proven. Her camp drops a dirty about Mel almost daily. If she can't take the heat, she should have stayed out of the kitchen.

  7. 7

    please of course she would say that about her ex its all part of her big plan to get cash but seems like mr dalton isnt as tempermenal maybe as mel and keeps his cool a bit better… tho mel has just divorced his wife of 50 or so yrs has family disstention cuz of it..shes a GOLD digger LIAR wh only wants money…sooo obvi PEREZ why cant you see this??? dont believe her shes a money grubbing liar shes done it before…2 kids with 2 famous guys…please see this girl for what she is already and anyone who defends her in this is WROng…mels not a scum bag its all part of this evil chicks game

  8. 8

    not surprised

  9. 9

    Of course she did it is in the gold digging skank manual.
    She follows it to a T

  10. 10

    Re: Jai – BWHAHAHAHAHAHA you forgetting she's a gold digging trailer trash whore.

  11. 11

    I have hated this bitch from the moment she appeared at Gibson's side and said she gets knocked up by famous wealthy actors for a living. She'll do it to Mel Gibson too. Because I remember when Timothy Dalton was in the news with her. He was Bond and he was hot. Then he disappeared for a while because she attacked his character in Hollywood. She's a gold digging immigrant. Who can't sign for shit. And I have said fro the beginning there is another side to these tapes. She is an extortionist. It has been about money from the beginning. Mel Gibson had a fit of 60 year old former sex symbol insecurity freak out and bonked this bitch. Puhleeze. She's a lying whore. He's a screaming ass. Sort of made for each other.