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MileyBird Goes Clubbing

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We knew it was only a matter of time before she went the way of the Lohan!

SluttyMiley Cyrus was spotted pAArtying at Voyeur in El Lay on Thursday night. And that is quite the outfit for a 17-year-old to be wearing!

Where are you, Momma Tish?!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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152 comments to “MileyBird Goes Clubbing”

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  1. BEfan says – reply to this


    jeez, why are you americans so conservative. first of all … she's 17! (nearly 18) not 10. and second… kids here go out and have fun all the time, they start when they're 14, 15. they don't drink, they just go out and dance all night. what's wrong about that???????? let her enjoy her teenage years, she won't be young forever! and btw, the outfit is totally fine with me.

  2. 102

    well the answer is if her daddy doesnt let her do what she wants she threatons to tell about their relationship or to cut him off from his live in peice of ass on the side.

    meaning her.

    why are people surprized she acts like a whore thats all she has learned do whatever to make them happy and then get paid big bucks for doing it.

    she will do porn befor she is 21 no boubt

  3. 103

    Re: angelwolf333 – you are a reallly sick person shes not going to be doing porn my god

  4. conf says – reply to this


    you're such a loser Perez! you so wish that was you in front of that camera

  5. 105

    Jesus Christ. What kind of parent would let their 17 year old leave the house in that?!? I know! The kind of parents who live off their teenage daughter's earnings and let her live with her boyfriend so they can still cash in!
    Don't piss off Miley or you lose your meal ticket, Billy Ray!

  6. BEfan says – reply to this


    Re: Serena Loves Mario – whats wrong with that outfit? Southern California is a hot place. kids dress like that here when theyre 15 and its hot outside. come on!!!!

  7. 107

    Just wait when she turns 18. And she looks like a 12 years old.

  8. 108

    Looks like it's photoshopped.If it's real then she looks like a baby with slutty clothes :-)

  9. 109


  10. 110

    Miley is the next Lohan!

  11. 111

    OK…this really pisses me OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen to the person that says Perez is the biggest hipocrite on the face of the earth… Whoever said her thighs are getting big.. F*&K off A-HOLE!! That is f'in reason girls are bulemic & anorexic!! And Perez…. stop your bullying!!!! She's a 17 yr young lady growing up, learning who she is & expressing herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 112

    I'm waiting for her first run in with the law. It could happen any day now.

  13. 113

    Miley is a teenager and that is what they wear.Looks hot on her.The ones it doesn't look hot on is the so-called cougars.Leave her alone and let her grow up.She's a beautiful young lady and an inspiration to millions of teenagers!

  14. 114

    there is NOTHING wrong wrong with her outfit. all of you are a bunch of prudes, honestly.

  15. 115

    she looks like a strung out hooker. seriously, does she not understand the concept of age appropriate?

  16. 116

    miley, your beautiful

    you dont need to dress like that to be "mature" or "grow up"
    it just makes you look more childish.

    dressing doesnt make you more mature
    its your attitude.

    and give that outfit back to the 90's

  17. 117

    andd that outfit doesnt look good on anyone
    17 25 or 30

    it really does like a hooker outfit

  18. 118

    she looks high and drunk and she's not even 21 yet

  19. 119

    Bad Photoshop

  20. 120

    shock horror, a 17 year old acting like a 17 year old. neeext!

  21. 121

    Oh, I get it now, Mario. You only consider it bullying if the person being bullied is gay. Come on now. Don't come on national TV talking about how wrong it is to bully people, and then bully a 17 yr old within the same week. HYPOCRITE. ("Slutty" Cyrus… bullying at its best.)

  22. 122

    Re: RockabillyUK – exactly!

  23. 123

    kids at my school wear outfits worse than that
    stop overreacting shes having fun and shes fricken 17!!

  24. 124

    she's so ugly. could she please stand up straight?! if she stood up straight and stopped trying to bamboozle people into thinking she's still a virgin, that might make her look 90% better.

  25. 125


  26. 126


  27. 127

    PEREZ answer me this…ur promoting this IT GETS BETTER thing which is to stop gay bulling but also bulling period….yet u do it all the time on your website lets say Miley had a bad day and is feeling very down or something and she sees what u write on here and its like the finall straw for her…and she just wants to die…

  28. 128

    People still care about her?

  29. 129

    She's not a whore/slut, she's a little girl who for all intents and purposes…has no parental guidance. She makes ALL the money, so I'm betting that when she says she wants to go out, she goes out. I think you pretty much give up all control when your daughter pays your mortgage. It's very sad, as the similarity with Lindsay is serious and it's very obvious that this is the road she's headed down.

  30. 130

    im gonna laugh so hard when i see her "career" ends, yes, its about time

  31. 131

    She's SO ugly! EWWW!

  32. 132

    Re: kimrob444 – Her and Lindsay have nothing in common Miley's parents aren't Dina and Michael Lohan.

  33. 133

    you people are so ridiculous! wtf do you think 17 year olds in the real world are doing?! you all sit here and judge but think about when you were 17..were you sitting at home watching movies?! don't think so. and if you were, then you were probably a loser.

  34. 134

    slutty and ugly!

  35. 135

    shut up perez. have you seen what 17 year olds wear to clubs these days. this is actually alot of clothes compared to some of the ones ive seen.
    plus she wasnt out taking drugs and drinking she was having fun. leave her alone. what the hell were u doing when u were 17? sitting in church praying. i doubt it

  36. Alsi says – reply to this


    anyone one else wondering why she's dressed up in an outfit from the 90's????

  37. 137

    Re: SelenaHomez – did I say anything about her drinking or doing drugs? no…. but I do think she could be going down the wrong path. There is no proof, but I question everything. And I may not be a "hard-core" fan, but I do like her. Who says I have to support everything she does just because I'm a fan?

  38. 138

    Re: Sniffles358
    Really? You HOPE? What kind of ass r u ?

  39. 139

    I love miley and i dont think this is a bad thing. people younger than her like 14, 15, 16 dress like that everyday. Its no big deal. Get over it. And she doesnt look drunk or anything. Probably just a bad picture. : )

  40. 140

    dont worry, she'll be gone soon….just like the jo-bros, she dont have the talent to cross over……its just a teen fad thing….wont last……..

  41. 141

    oh ya, …. and she sure looks like a voodoo doll with those tiny shoulders and that massive dome.

  42. 142

    Oh the ignorance….Come on people -although it's not the most classy outfit for a 17 year old…it doesn't mean she's a "slut".
    I think the main issue here is: Why is she going/allowed to go to a club at 17?? Just because she's successful at a young age, doesn't mean she should be allowed to do what ever she wants….am I right, Dina Lohan?

  43. 143

    i love miley cyrus but i think she has alot to learn, besides she still discovering herself and its just been put into the public.!

  44. 144

    Ugh, I used to like her…. Now she's just being slutty. What about those little 10 year old girls watching her show. What she is wearing is not even attractive

  45. 145

    Do any of you remember what you were doing when you were 17? And most if not all of you were not constantly being judged by the masses or followed around by the paparazzi. Seriously, I'd like to see her stay true to her roots and stay that nice little girl but the fact is, she growing up and we were all there once, mistakes and all.

  46. jelle says – reply to this


    This picture doesn't even look real, the head is WAY to big, seriously this is so photoshopped. Perez you're lame

  47. 147

    anyone who uses their eyes and common sense can see that this pic was from a long ass time ago.. her hair is way longer than that now.. look at the other pics above. i think i remember something about her going to the club at like 15 or 16.. there areeeeeee underage clubs out there.. who says shes going into an adult night club?? the paps?? yeah thats a real accredited source. pfft. leave her alone. shes just a normal teenage girl trying to find who she is and wants to be. people are sooo quick to condemn her for her mistakes when there are wayyyy bigger problems in our world than what miley cyrus is wearing and where shes going.

  48. 148

    i think we view this picture as trashy because we aren't used to seeing 'hannah montana' dressing like this. we all can't give up the fact that she is growing up. does it flatter her, no. do i think it sends off the wrong message to youger girls, yes. do we really know what miley's life is like, no. i love her, but i hate seeing her grownup and dancing all over girls and guys and flashing her vagina to millions of screaming fans. whatever, i don't hang out with her everyday, i'm not her friend, i'm not related to her, she owes me nothing…so i think i'm gonna stop caring. she's really not hurting anyone…if she really is hurting herself..then she'll learn. so far all that has happened is that she gets really hot boyfriends, tons of money, and a lot of hate comments. oh well.
    do your thing miley, i don't always like it…but who cares!

  49. 149

    who cares if she goes to clubs im only two months older than miley and clubbing isnt bad depending on wat u do in the clubs her outfit is fuckin uglyy she looks like a slut walkin the streets and she looks like she is on drugsssssss

  50. 150

    This is not slutty, half the teenagers these days walk around like that. well where i live they do. and they arn't called sluts its called fashion.

  51. 151

    no matter the age. that outfit is so not approprite for anywhere..
    not her best look.

  52. 152


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