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RiRi Talkin' Trash!

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Oh, shiz!

These are some fightin' words!

Rihanna was on Radio 1 this morning, and for whatever the reason was, she decided to talk some serious trash about her fellow pop stars!

She said:

"I don't want that generic pop record that Ke$ha, Katy or Lady GaGa could do."

Unjustified, bb!

Well, at least regarding Katy and Lady GaGa!


What do U think?? Is RiRi talking out of her ass??

Listen to the interview (above)!

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153 comments to “RiRi Talkin' Trash!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    I thought her and Katy were friends. HA!
    Rihanna needs to stfu! Her music no different and just as generic, simple and stupid as all the artists she mentioned. Hypocrite. You know, fuck all of them! Kesha's 15 minutes are almost up and I bet you a million dollars the rest of them won't even be relevant 10 years from now!

  3. 103

    Well considering she is Katy's maid of honor I don't think she meant it in a shitty way. I think she might have been saying that she wants a different sound. That being said…she's got one and it's one that fails next to Lady GAGA and Katy. She has the occasional hit but her cds never cell like the other 2.

  4. Aple says – reply to this


    If you listen to the actual quote, its clear that this was taken out of context (classic Perez Hilton Bull Sh*t). However, Rihanna should know better and should choose her words more carefully. She should already know how the media likes to spin things and create drama.

  5. 105

    You are an idiot. She was saying she wants to be unique, and not do something that anyone else could easily do. She wasn't dissing them AT ALL.

    By generic pop she didn't mean they ARE generic pop, she means a generic pop song can be sung by any artist.

  6. 106

    Her song "Only Girl" is probably the most generic, outdated, sad excuse of a song i have ever heard.

  7. Nenns says – reply to this


    Some of you people need to LISTEN!!! She said she said generic pop and not that they are generic!!! She clearly said her album will have a West Indian vibe to it and that's where she is unique from others! Her Caribbean tone!!! She's friends with Katy Perry and Ke$ha so why would she diss them?! And then she went on to gush about the party she threw for Katy Perry!!! You guys are just making this out to much more than it is!!! Get over yourselves!!! Ughhhh!!!

  8. 108

    she said she wanted songs for her–ones with a west-indian vibe in it. i don't think she was trying to bash.

  9. 109

    I don't know. I'm not a fan of Rihanna, but the way she said it, it sounds like she didn't mean for it to sound rude.

    To soften the blow, she could have said something like "I want my record to stand out." Instead of calling heir peers' records "generic" (which they are, by the way).

  10. 110

    Stop dissing Ke$ha, Perez.

  11. 111

    HAHAHA so true, Lady Gaga, Kesha and that other girl are not good!

  12. kever says – reply to this


    WOW…..RiRI, talking TRASH becasue she IS TRASH and a HAS BEEN!! She couldnt tour, as tickets werent selling but blame it on teh recession she says. HHMMMM..GA GA & Glambert had NO PROBLEM selling tickets…because they HAVE TALENT. Maybe go back under your UMBRELLA and re-think yourself, casue girl, you are sliding down the celb slide to nothing-dom!

  13. china says – reply to this


    nail on the head regarding caca.

  14. g1 says – reply to this


    Rihanna is what Ashlee Simpson was 10 years ago - a talentless, ugly, "real rock and roll" artist(?) who got really really lucky because some 10 year old girls were duped into believing they were "different" or "unique" and not pop. HAHA.

  15. 115

    she use to be so fresh and beautiful. now she is a cartoon imitating gaga's style and katy's blue hair with this red wig thing.

  16. 116

    I'm so glad you put this interview up as she says 'she doesn't just want a dance record with lyrics over it' (not quote for quote) and I was just wondering what on earth Only girl was?…. sounds to me like a dance track with lyrics over it?

    Time to deflate that huge ego of hers, she is generic pop.

  17. 117

    she doesn't want to do a generic pop record…? I'd say she is way too LATE.

  18. 118

    OMG, all of her shit sounds the same. Her voice is monotone on the best of her songs and she is a self-obsessed tramp with fat knees who needs to stop wearing all that short, ugly-ass garbage she considers fashion. She thinks waaaayyyyy too much of herself!

  19. 119

    Not really, shes saying she wants her music to have more substance in the future and not saying anything bad about good artists seen as shes friends with katy an went on tour with kesha an obviously she isnt gonna slag off gaga, she knows better

  20. 120

    I think everyone is misinterpreting what she said. She's not saying these artists produce generic pop songs or that they are unoriginal, she's just saying there are some songs anybody could sing and that Gaga, Katy or Ke$ha could all have success with such songs. She's just saying she wants to make a song that only SHE could sing and be successful with.

  21. 121

    Katy Perry's music is the definition of generic pop. Ke$ha as well. Lady Gaga less so…but it's still pretty generic.

  22. 122

    she probably only said that because she's katy perry's ugly friend

  23. 123

    she's jealous Lady Gaga is relatively new to the scene and yet 10x and successful as her.

  24. 124

    Chris Brown might've hit her head too hard. RiRi forgot that ALL OF HER SONGS WERE GENERIC POP.

  25. 125

    isnt katy perry her mate? awkward

  26. 126

    Plus…isn't she buds with Katy? I wonder how Katy feels…about this statement…
    Plus…Ri's done POP before, right???

  27. 127

    shes not bashing, shes expressing how she feels about her music. katy perry and ke$ha have some shitty ass music anyway so its not that unjustified.

  28. 128

    i don't think any of her songs have any substance. what a bitch

  29. 129

    I heard the interview, there was nothing bad about what she said at all. Katy is her very close friend.

  30. 130

    what a bitch…. shes fading though and it seems like she knows it.

  31. 131

    wait, excuse me, WHAT?
    this is a joke.
    Go sing about getting burnt alive or getting penetrated by a Rude Boy.

  32. 132

    Rihanna doesn't want a genetic pop record? LMAO Excuse me while I go barf!

  33. 133

    shes a pop+r&b+whatever crap singer
    please dont tell me she wannna be a rockstar

    im offended

  34. 134

    Katy Perry and Kesha are both generic. Yes. But Lady Gaga is anything but. Rihanna can't even sing that good! She's autotuned to the max!

  35. 135

    RIHANNA YOU ARE A DUMBASS!!! How can you even compare you music to LADY GAGA's????? You are NOT an Artist you are mearly a SLOT machine for DEF JAM RECORDS and you do not in any way represent anyone from the Caribbean NOR our music! You are in no way or form a unique singer and your music SUCKS!! you went from Pon the Reply to Im a Rock Star? Please Help me understand what you even bring to the music industry Oh and BTW why dont you stop making records and try donating something back to your home country bitch!!!!!!

  36. 136

    fuck u rihanna u got SOME good songs but most of em SUCK ASS!

  37. 137

    Wow Rihanna went to Katy Perry's bachelorette party right? Bee-yatch.

  38. 138

    watta shit talker lol

  39. 139

    sounds like latin trash. i wonder how many times she rehearsed this lil speech.

  40. 140

    Okay, so…Rihanna says something that seems to be more mean-spirited than anything you perceived Christina Aguilera to be IMPLYING when she talked about Lady Gaga, and you decide to just laughingly scold her. Meanwhile, you have been on a relentless crusade to end Christina's career for what feels like the past 10 years. The fact that you give Rihanna special treatment and threw Christina under the bus is just further testament to the fact that you are very artistically-challenged, at the moment.

  41. 141

    Atleast they write their own songs, rihanna basically sings with her mediocre voice and strips and stimulates sex on an umbrella

  42. 142

    Rihanna's first 2 albums were cool, she had that caribbean sound with a summervibe. But then she changed and got more serious but good girl gone bad still is her best selling. I agree dance music isnt something new. I do think rihanna is bit reserved as a person. But i do think she is the best artist on the scene right now. Todays music is really crap but rihanna is the only one with beyonce that you can take seriously. I mean with gaga you never know what to expect, i just dont like gaga. She does everything to get attention, with her weirdo clothes and behaviour. And they said that michael was crazy! No one ever says that gaga is crazy because she is! Her fans are all brainwashed. She only gets number 1s because there is no music today. If she had released her music 10/20 years ago she would have never been this big. What is gaga's message? To be yourself? Like she is herself? SHe is a weirdo person who lives in another world. ANd why talking about gays all the time, gays arent that weird today anymore. Keshas message is only to get drunk and to party. We know those types already.
    Katy perry isnt doing new stuff, i dont like to watch her because she reminds me of an evil bitch from my high school. I do think they also should stop with copying gaga, one is already too much.

  43. 143

    All four of them are terrible.

  44. 144

    Perez, I think it's ignorant for you to twist the words of Rihanna just to start a little drama. If you listen carefully, she mentions that she wanted something tailored just for her that no one else could do. It doesn't seem like she was making a dig at any of the ladies mentioned, but was trying to emphasize that the music wasn't generic for anyone to sing. Please do a little better and stop contributing to the rumor mill.

  45. 145

    But…her music is generic, too. Idec that someone called their music generic, it's just funny that it's coming from HER.

  46. 146

    Really, Rihanna? Hav you heard YOUR songs? Pre-ass kicking you were the definition of generic pop music. Now you're trying to act all 'badass' well guess what. You didn't win the fight.

    AANNNDDDD Gaga is not generic pop. She has a point.

  47. 147

    Too bad RiRi sucks ass so does her music… and she looks like a clown's prostitute every time she goes out in public… I hate GaGa… but sorry little precious RiRi… you are talentless! and your red hair is fucking stupid…

  48. 148

    Rihanna has delusions of grandeur! She wishes she could be as musically talented as Katy Perry and club music is nothing new!

  49. 149

    oh please, lady gaga has stated herself that she is bringing back pop duh!! and rihanna is just jealous that her music sucks the only way shes popular is by doing a song with someone who's more famous than her so she could get some attention and she becoming rediculous with her dumbass red hair and costumes trying to stand out in public "hey photographers im over here!!"

    geez you would think after getting out of an abusive relationship she would change for the better to show chris brown shes strong but shes made herself look like a dumbass n her career has gone down the tubes and shes only in spotlight for her comments, collaborations or costumes. chris brown probably laughs at her.

  50. 150

    Re: g1 – yep!!! now if only riri would go away and stop making music like ashley simpson

  51. 151

    Te estas volviendo mala riri!

  52. 152

    Rihanna eres lo peoor!
    creida no más!

  53. 153

    I think she definitely didn't mean to talk trash. She just meant that only she could perform it and it couldn't be written for just any singer. It's like if someone else tried to sing Bad Romance, they'd sound ridiculous.

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